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THOMAS, EDWIN W.:  Files 1981-1982


Office of the Counselor to the President


OA 2996

Ed Thomas Personal Papers (copies), News Summaries, 01/20/1981-09/03/1981


OA 3226

Action Items for 1981 and January 1982

EWT Chron for 1981 and January 1982

Misc A


Anonymous Letters

Association of Trail Lawyers

Misc B

Sam Bamieh

Joseph Bertain

EWT Biographies and Photos

Sallybeth Berger

Congressman Robert Badham

Thomas A. Bolan

(Senator-MN) Rudy Boschwitz Meeting 03/18/1981

Boy Scouts of America [Empty]

Allen Breed

Earl Brian

Peter Brieger

Monroe Browne

Anthony M. Bruno

Misc C

California Bankers Association

California Center / California Journal

Terry Chambers

Circus Saints and Sinners

Congressional Recommendations

George A. Conn

Arthur Costamagna

George Cowie

Crime Victims Handbook

Jim Crumpacker

Misc D

Larry Daly

Diane Dal Santo

Congressman William Dannemeyer

Elizabeth Dole Staff

Jean Duffy

Misc E

Karen Edwards

Tom Ellick (Meeting 03/19/1981)

Herbert Ellingwood

John Erthein

Misc F

Federal Judges Selection Process

Orrin Finch

Sara Shiels Finn

Ford B. Ford

Garrick Memoranda

Phil Gavin (TV Documentary)

Larry Goldberg

Glen Alpine Springs

Myra Goldwater

Allen Grant

Grumman Aircraft Meeting 03/10/1981

Bill Gruver

Misc H

George W. Haley

Lydia Hall

James Hayes

Health Cost Containment

Health and Human Services

Al Hill (CEQ)

Holocaust Council

Hoover Institute

Norman Hughes

Arthur Hughes

Misc I

Inter-American Foundation

Inter-Departmental Task Force on Puerto Rico

White House Internships / Fellowships

Misc J

Japan / U. S. Farm Exchange

Misc K

Karpe Meeting - HUD


OA 3227

Maurice Kohan

Steven Case KVIT

Misc L

Laxalt Meeting 03/10/1981

Legal Services Corporation

Dick Lesher (Chairman of Commission)

Toye Lewis

Misc M

Curtis Mack (CFTR)

Kenneth L. Maddy

David W. McCormick

Reverend Martin J. McManus

Peter McPherson - AID

Paul Meany

Morality in Media Inc.

Museum Meeting with Seybolt, 03/18/1981

Minority 2


Donald Mulford

Misc N

Native Hawaiian Study Committee


NSC / Bud Nance Memos

National Labor Relations Board

News Articles

Clarence Newton

New York Power Commission

Misc O

Oceanic Educational Foundation

Office Security

Misc P

H. Ross Perot


Roy Pfautch

Philbil V.Turnage

Phone Call Negotiations

Politics and the Oval Office

Presidential Personnel / Resumes to PJ

Price Waterhouse Meeting, 03/11/1981

Alan Pearlstein

Questeck (SBA)

Misc R

(VP) Reg Relief Reports


Reagan Oceanic Doctrine

Reorganization / EH


Frank Reynolds

Right to Life

Misc S

South Diego Gas and Electric

Governor Ray Shafer Meeting, 02/25/1981

Bernie Seigan

Bill Skelton

Jim Smith (AG Florida)

Vern Sturgeon

Glenn Summers, Jr.

Misc T


Thank You's - EWT

Dick Turner

Peter Tweedt

Chuck Tyson

Misc V

V. A. I. G. Meeting, 03/11/1981

Veterans Groups

Veterans Hospital, Lionel Shouppe

Misc W

Waste and Fraud / EH

Waste and Fraud Meeting, 03/12/1981

Dean Weckstein (USD)

Weyrich / Phillips Meeting, 04/01/1981

Cliff White (ACIR)

Wick, Conkling, Robinson Meeting, 02/27/1981

Williams, Hosea (1)(2)

Misc X - Y - Z

Yorktown Bicentennial

Clifford O'Dell Young

White House Conference on Youth

Mark A. Zimmerman


OA 6048 (True OA)

Correspondence, Incoming, 02/09/1981-03/18/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 03/19/1981-05/12/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 05/13/1981-06/03/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 06/04/1981-06/10/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 06/11/1981-06/16/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 06/17/1981-10/14/1981

Correspondence, Incoming, 10/15/1981-11/12/1981

[Action Items – Edwin Meese III]

[Appointment Requests]

[Ed Thomas Invitations – March 1981]

[Budget Cuts/NY Public Schools]

[CH 2M Consulting Engineers]

[Defense Department Overseas’ Dependents’ Schools]

[Liquified Natural Gas Meeting with Secretary Lewis]


[Retired Officers Association Meeting]

[Senior Staff Meeting 06/26/1981]

[“Understanding the Congressional Budget Process”]

[Welbilt/Bob Wallach]

Regardies, August/September 1982