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TICE, DONALD C.: Files, 1987-1989


International Programs and Technology Affairs Directorate, NSC


Box 91570

NSDD 45 - International Broadcasting

Radio Modernization

RFE/RL (July 1986-December 1986)

RFE/RL (January 1986-June 1986)

IBC (1987) [International Broadcasting Committee]

IBC (1986)

Inter-American Foundation

21st Century Fund

Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Center for International Private Enterprise

USIA Budget 1986 and 1987 Radios

P.41 Political International

International Books

Telecom WARCS

International Telecommunications Policy


Box 91571

November 1988 Chron File

December Chron 1988

January 1988 Chron

Function 150 - FY87 Supplements

Security Assistance

FMS Debt Restructuring

Telecom General 1987

Presidential Commission on Communications and Public Diplomacy


West Bank

Iran Trade Controls

Chron Files: March 1987

Chron Files: April 1987

Chron Files: May 1987

Chron Files: June 1987

Chron Files: July 1987


Box 91862

October 1988 Chron

September 1988 Chron

August 1988 Chron

July 1988 Chron

June 1988 Chron

May 1988 Chron

Chron File April 1988

Chron File March 1988

Chron File February 1988

Chron File January 1988

Chron File December 1987

Chron File November 1987

Chron File October 1987

Chron File September 1987

Chron File August 1987

Function 150: General 1988

Function 150: Refugees

Function 150: UN Funding

Function 150: G-R-H

PL 480 - Food Aid

Function 150 - Citizen's Network

Telecom: General 1988

Telecom: Separate Systems

Telecom: Plenipot[entiary]