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TILLMAN, JACQUELINE: Files, 1984-1988


Latin American Affairs Directorate, NSC


Box 90499

A Proposal to Investigate the Preservation and Destruction of Public Order in Central America

Jackson Plan

C-24 [Committee of 24]

PR [Puerto Rico] Terrorism

PR [Puerto Rico] UN Issues

PR [Puerto Rico] Strategic

PR [Puerto Rico] Memo

Israel & Latin America

SELA [Sistema Economica de Lationo America]

Special Cables


RR OAS Speech on CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative]

UNHCR - CR [United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees - Costa Rica]

Diaz Alejandro Kissinger Comm.

LA Election Schedule

US Veto / UN



Chile Undated

Chile July 1978-11/10/1981

Chile 11/11/1981-11/13/1983

Chile 11/14/1983-11/07/1985

Colombia (1)(2)


[Material re: Bolivia & Dominican Republic]







Box 90500

[Envelope: Receipts for NSC Records Sent Back from Agency Record Center]

Sea Shells

Dominican Republic


Grenada Urgent Fury (03/03/1983-10/21/1983)

Grenada Urgent Fury (10/22/1983-11/04/1983)

Grenada Urgent Fury (11/05/1983-11/28/1983)

Grenada Urgent Fury (11/29/1983-12/18/1983)

Grenada Urgent Fury (12/19/1983)

Grenada Urgent Fury (12/20/1983-01/24/1984)

[Mexico] (1)-(3)

Mexico: Human Rights

USICA Research Rpt: "Media Use by the Better Educated in Major Mexican Cities," Office of Research, US International

Communication Agency

Briefing Book, Amb Kirkpatrick Visit to Central and South America, 02/03/1983-02/12/1983 (1)-(3)


Mexico (1)-(9)

CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative]



Honduras - Zuniga

Spain ICA

Europe / Western Hemisphere / Central America

Socialist International (1)-(3)



Pope/Catholic Church /Etc.


Christian Democrats


World Bank

Sugar / Coffee

CR / NICA / SAL Hijacking


Dominican Republic


Box 90501

Nicaragua Parties Law & Decrees on Amnesty

Nicaragua: Pouncal Parties Law

March / State of Emergency

Nicaragua Elections

Sandinista Laws


PLO Classified

Nicaragua & Libya

Comments on Sandinista

Lybia [Libya]

1st Update

Nicaragua: Internal Opposition

Nicaragua: Church

Nicaragua - Human Rights Commission

Nicaragua / Private Sector Cosep.

La Prensa Poll

Nicaragua / Press

Sandinista - Political Parties

Nicaragua: Labor Unions

Nicaragua / US - Economic Assistance

Nicaragua / Economy

CIA / M on Nicaragua

Third Anniversary

Quito Sueno

Halcon Vista - 9/81

Ahuras Tara

Frente - 100%, etc.

UN March 1982 / SC

Nicaragua - Military Buildup

Mexico - in CA

H Ortega's Marxism Leninism Speech August 1981

Nicaragua / Venezuela

Nicaragua: Rescate

ARDE [Democratic Revolutionary Alliance]


Nicaragua / Cuba

Nicaragua / USSR

Nicaragua / Ecuador

December 1983 - Miskito / Bishop Schlaeffer (1)-(3)


Fagoth Visit

UDN / Farn - Negro Chomorro

UN / OAS / HR [Human Rights}

Nicaragua: Intelligence Set up Brene's Report

Nicaragua: Foreign Policy

Nicaragua: Sand. Mass Organization

Sandinista Defense Committees

Sandinista: Propaganda

Nicaragua: Agrarian Reform

Sandinista / Guatemala

Sandinista / El Salvador Guerrillas

Honduras / Nicaragua Relations

Nicaragua / Capital Hill - US Assistance

Haig / Cuba

Nicaragua: Sugar

Nicaragua: NAM [Non-Aligned Movement]

Nicaragua / UN / SC Seat

Miskito - Refugees / Honduras

To File Feb 1984


Box 90502

El Salvador//US Domestic


Arena [National Republican Alliance]


El Salvador/Tyler Report


El Salvador - Economic Damage by Left

El Salvador - Human Rights

Elections: March 1984

Fr-Mex [French-Mex]

Situation Reports

El Salvador - Church

Political Parties

Aid / Nicaragua

Socialist International Panama Meeting on El Salvador

Military Exercises

Honduran Helicopter Incident 01/12/1984

Duarte / Zelaya

Honduras 1981 Cables

Honduras: Economy & US Asst

Honduras / US Nuns

Honduras - Liberal Party

Honduras - Terrorist Documents

Honduras: The Military

Honduras: Under Communist Attacks

Honduras/ Sy Council OAS Speech Mar 82

Honduras / Economy

Honduras: Pol - Mil Relations

Negroponte [On Chris Dickey's Article on "Disappearances"]

Costa Rica: Neutrality

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - For Policy

Costa Rica / Economy

Costa Rica / Left

Terrorism in Costa Rica

Guatemala: Human Rights

Guatemala: Elections - 1983-1984

Guatemala: Amnesty

Guatemala: Legal Reform

Guatemala 1981 of Interest

Guatemala: Economy

Guatemala: Labor

Guatemala: Church / Pellecer

Guatemala 1982 Elections (1)(2)

Guatemala - Coup

Guatemala: Guerrillas

Guatemala: US/Assist

Ed Carr. Guatemala [Edward Carrette]


Box 90503

Cuba / Strategy

Cuba - Trade, Economics

The Mouth of the Beard

Cuba - Europe

Cuba / Government Structure

Cuba / Drugs

Cuba / LA Relations

Cuba - USSR

Cuba / US

Cuba after Grenada



Panama / CA

Panama / U.S. Canal

Panama / Military

[Material re: Policy Toward Panama]



Gremada [Grenada]




Carabbean [Caribbean]




Humanitarian Assistance

Actions: Concurrences February 1984

To Read

Election Results


CBI [Caribbean Basin Initiative]

Kennedy - Kruschev


Fenwick Act / Terrorists

Southern Cone Terrorists


SPG - Pub Dip

Peace Initiatives

Cong: [Nicaragua - Honduras] B-Zab

Letter to Reagan / Miskitos

Council of American Armies

CA: Terrorism / Regional Cooperation

Haig / 3/13 / Backgrounder

Roberto Espinoza

Stedman's Statement


Box 91704

Costa Rica

[Small Appointment Book 1982]

[Handwritten Notes re: Schedules, Meetings]

[Handwritten Notes re: Schedules, Meeting Notes] - (2 Steno Notebooks)

United States Government Appointment Book 1983


FDN [Nicaraguan Democratic Force]


Box 91709

U.S. Delegation to Observe Presidential Election in El Salvador, 1984 (binder)

April 1986 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

1985 [May 1985-June 1985] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

November 1986-01/16/16 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

September 1986 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

July 1986 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

1985 [November 1985-December 1985] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

1986 [January 1986-March 1986] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

August 1985 Boliva Trip (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

1984 [June 1984-July 1984] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

May 1985 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

[July 1984-September 1984] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

Uruguay & Mexico Trip [March 1985-July 1985]

1984 [September 1984-October 1984] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

Brazil Trip w/Ikle, 02/22/1986-02/25/1986 and Bogata 02/26/1986 (Spiral Notebook

Jackie Tillman)

Late September 1986-October 1986 (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

03/20/1986 [March 1986-April 1986] (Spiral Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

Quito, Chiefs of Mission Trip, 10/21/1985-10/25/1985 (Spiral Notebook-Jackie Tillman)

1985 [October 1985-November 1985] (Steno Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

El Salvador, 1984 (Steno Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

09/10/1985-09/30/1985 (Steno Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

[03/07/1984; 02/01/1984] (Steno Notebook - Jackie Tillman)

Green Book: 1984-1985 [September 1984-February 1985] - Tillman

Appointment Book 1985 - Tillman

Appointment Book 1986

Appointment Book 1987 [copy 2pp]

Index Cards Listing Various Insurgency Groups, Terrorist Groups, Political Parties, Foreign Ministry, Labor/Industry in Latin


[Voice of America Broadcast, 04/27/1983]

1-VHS - Nick Blake Case, 07/23/1985

- 3/4"(?) Video - Sarney of Brazil - D.I. TV Center

Letter from Yendieta to Nat Hamrick, 09/20/1985


Box 91716

State Department Briefing Book for Ambassador Kirkpatrick [re: Central America]

(1981) (1)-(4)

SERONG Report [Brigadier General Report re: Status of Current Military/Political

Situation in Central America (1983) (1)-(5)

NSC [U.S. Strategic Policy in Central America, 1981-1984] (1)-(6)

J.T. -My Stuff [Strategies in Central America] (1983-1984) (1)-(5)

Basic Info - Arms Sales, Democratization, 1982-1983

Latin American Border Disputes

Rio Treaty

Latin America.: Demographic Trends



Ho/Ni [Honduras/Nicaragua] Chrons [Chronologies of Border Incidents, 1980-1982]


Memos [to Kirkpatrick]

Alternative Strategies for Central America (June 1983) (1)-(8)


Box 92200

[Handwritten Notes - 1987-1988] (13 Spiral Notebooks)

[Unfoldered Material re: NSC Meeting on South America 03/13/1987 and Office of the Historian, Dept. of State Historical

Research Projects 1474 and 1474A on South America]

Government Appointment Book - 1984

Government Appointment Book - 1987

Government Appointment Book 1988


RAC Box 1

Congress: El Salvador Certification


RAC Box 2

El Salvador

[El] Salvador Campensimo Organizations/Labor

El Salvador: Civic Action

[El] Salvador CL

[Communist Interference in El Salvador]

El Salvador Constitution Comments

Democracy Development in El Salvador

El Salvador-Elections March 1982

El Salvador-Foreign Relations

El Gulfo de Fonseca: El Salvador/Honduras

El Salvador-Land Reform

[El Salvador] Report on Land Reform 09/11/1981-11/30/1981

[El Salvador] Report on Land Reform December 1981 (1)(2)

[El Salvador] Report on Land Reform 01/28/1982

[El] Salvador-Military

[El] Salvador: Negotiations 10/08/1981-03/29/1982

[El] Salvador: Negotiations 03/30/1982-11/19/1983

[El Salvador] Private Sector

Bios-El Salvador Structure Guerrillas

El Salvador-US Assistance 02/26/1981-03/15/1981

El Salvador-US Assistance 03/16/1981-04/13/1982

[El] Salvador/US Financial Assistance

[US Policy Toward El Salvador]

[El Salvador] Violence

El Salvador White Paper [Empty]


RAC Box 4

Sandinista/El Salvador Guerrillas