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TOBEY, WILLIAM H.: Files, 1987-1988


Arms Control Directorate, NSC


The collection is arranged in two series. The series are: SERIES I: Subject File, SERIES II: SDI Publications.



RAC Box 1

ABM Treaty II (1)-(9)

ABM Treaty Gov (1)(2)

ABM Treaty Negotiating History (1)-(6)

ABM Treaty Review [1982-1988] (1)-(12)

ABM Treaty Review [1987-1988] (1)-(3)

ABM Treaty Studies (1)-(5)

ASAT Arms Control (1)(2)

ACIS [Arms Control Impact Statements] (1)-(11)

Current ACIS [Arms Control Impact Statement] (empty)


RAC Box 2

Arms Control Proposals

ARROW [Experiment]


Congressional Letters

Defense Budget (1)-(3)

FY 1988 Defense Authorization Bill

DOD Reports (1)(2)

D&S Treaty (1)-(11)


DST Instructions (empty)

D&S Suggestions

Deployment Paper (1)-(5)

Early Deployment (1)-(8)


Letter to Gorbachev

Letter to Gorbachev Themes

Grip 22 (1)-(3)

Grip 26 (1)(2)

Grip 38 (1)(2)

Grip 50 (1)-(4)

Grip 51 (1)-(3)

Grip 55

Grip 61 (1)(2)


RAC Box 3

GRIP, All Other (1)-(14)

Hardware (1)-(5)

Joint Statement (1)(2)

K Radar ABM Treaty Review (1)-(3)

Krasnoyarsk 11/21/1988 (1)(2)

LCI PD [Legally Correct Interpretation]

February 2 NSPG (1)-(5)

February 9 NSPG

November 20 NSPG (1)(2)

NST [Nuclear and Space Talks] (1)-(8)

NST VI (1)-(6)

NST Round VI Instructions (1)-(4)



RAC Box 4

NST VIII (1)(2)

NST Round VIII (1)-(9)

NST Round X Instructions (1)-(6)


Nunn Statements (1)-(3)

OPP [Other Physical Principals] Article V (1)-(7)

Predictability Protocol

Presidential Statements

Public Diplomacy (1)-(3)

Queen Match (1)(2)

Reykjavik Briefing Book (1)-(5)

Risk Reduction Centers

Sharing II (1)-(3)

April 1987 Shultz-Shevardnadze Meeting (1)-(6)

March 1988 FON Ministerial Meeting (1)-(4)

Soviet June 11, May 29 [June 1986-September 1986] (1)-(5)

Soviet ABM Breakout (1)-(4)


RAC Box 5

Analyses of Soviet D&S Positions (1)-(3)

SCC I [Standing Consultative Commission]

SCC II (1)-(6)

SDI Allied Issues (1)-(8)

SDI and Congress (1)-(13)

Gorbachev and SDI (1)-(3)

SDI Mafia (1)-(3)

SDI NSDD (1)-(4)

SDI Restructuring I

SDI Restructuring II (1)-(4)

START Proposals

Talking Points (1)-(5)


RAC Box 6

Testing in Space (1)-(8)

Timbie/Nitze Affair (1)(2)

Thresher Rain (1)-(14)

US-USSR Space Cooperation (1)(2)

Veto (1)-(4)

VIP Visit (1)-(3)

Washington Summit (1)-(7)

Prelude to Summit (1)-(6)

Summit Talking Points Background Papers

Intel Soviet Washington Summit Moves (1)(2)



RAC Box 7

Military ABM US [DOD Space Laser Program Plan 04/15/1982]

Military ABM US [FSS Study] [10/13/1983] (Binder) (1)-(4)

SDI Briefing Book to NSC 10/01/1985

Special Projects [Martin Marietta] [06/30/1986] (Binder) (1)-(3)

Soviet Active Measures Against the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) October 1986

SDI Phased Deployment [11/22/1986]

SDIO Special Access Program Security Classification Guide December 1986

Sharing Options 12/23/1986

DOE Strategic Defense Research Plan FY 1987

Recommendations for Increasing United States Heavy-Lift Space Launch Capability


Report on Restructured SDI Program (NSDD 261) 04/30/1987

Status of SDI Cost Initiatives and Analysis May 1987

Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative Deployment Schedule


SDIO: Strategic Defense System (SDS) Concept Paper 06/17/1987

SDIO: Strategic Defense System (SDS) Program Plan 06/29/1987

Strategic Defense System (Volume I System Concept Paper Capstone) 07/08/1987

Strategic Defense System (Volume II System Concept Paper SDS Phase I)

07/08/1987 (Binder) (1)(2)

Strategic Defense System: System Concept Paper ( Volume III 07/08/1987

Journal of Defense Research: SDI Part I 09/17/1987

Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative 04/23/1988 (Binder) (1)-(4)

Arms Control Impact Statement FY 1989