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TUCK, JOHN C.: Files, 1986-1989


Office of Legislative Affairs: Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, Senate

Office of the Chief of Staff: Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff; Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff


John Tuck (born 1945) is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. His active Navy duty (1968-1973) included time as a detailee to the Nixon White House Social Office. He worked on the House of Representatives’ Republican staff from 1974 to 1980, then served as the Senate’s Assistant Secretary for the Majority from 1981 to 1986.


Tuck joined the White House staff in March 1986, and was given oversight of White House-Senate relations in October of that year. In April 1987 he became Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff Howard Baker, who had worked with Tuck while Senate Majority Leader from 1981 until 1984. When Kenneth Duberstein succeeded Baker as Chief of Staff in July 1988, Tuck received increased responsibilities as Director of the Office of the Chief of Staff. After the 1988 elections, Tuck assisted Duberstein in assuring a smooth transition to the George Bush Administration.


Tuck served as Under Secretary of the Department of Energy for most of George H. W. Bush’s Presidency. In 1992 he joined the Washington, DC office of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, the law firm founded by Howard Baker’s grandfather. When Baker became US Ambassador to Japan in 2001, Tuck worked under him for about a year, then returned to Baker Donelson.


Most of the material in this collection dates from Tuck’s time in the Office of the Chief of Staff, with a small amount pertaining to his service in Legislative Affairs. Since Tuck retained this Legislative Affairs material through his entire time in the Chief of Staff office, the Reagan Library is maintaining it with his Chief of Staff material.


Most of this collection came to the Reagan Library as loose, unorganized papers. The Library staff placed related loose materials together in folders, and arranged the folders into one alphabetical sequence. Prominent topics include: antidrug policy; the 1988-89 transition; the Federal budget; White House-Congressional relations; the Presidential Citizens Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom; the White House Fellows program; the former Presidential yacht Sequoia; and a draft article on Howard Baker.


Box 1

[Advisory Group Formation]

[Air Force One Replacement]

[American Pathologists, College of]

[Armens, Arthur J. (NASA)]

[Bork – White House Staff Efforts] (1)(2)

[Brewer, Roy M.]

Budget [and Budget Review Board] (1)-(5)

[Budget Review Board – NASA Appeal]


[Culvahouse, Anne Pierce]

Custom House [National Museum of the American Indian]

[D’Amato, Alfonse M.: Geraldine McGann]

Drought File (1)-(4)

Drugs I [April 1988-June 1988] (1)-(3)


Box 2

Drugs I [April 1988- June 1988] (4)-(17)

Drugs II [June 1988-December 1988] (1)-(7)


Box 3

Drugs II [June 1988-December 1988] (8)-(12)

[Economic Summit, 1987 – Venice (Schedule)]

David Eisenhower [Article on Howard Baker] (1)-(3)

[David Eisenhower Article on Howard Baker – Comments on Drafts] (1)-(5)

[Executive Residence, Use of the]

Hazardous Materials Transportation (1)-(3)

Hoxie [R. Gordon Hoxie, Center for the Study of the Presidency] (1)(2)


Box 4

Inauguration [1989]

[Jewish Groups – Events with the President]

[“Keep Close” File] (1)(2)

[Knauer, Virginia – Resignation]

[Korslund Case]

[Korslund Case – Materials from Ken Duberstein]

[Kranowitz, Alan]

[Letters and Memos – Outgoing Miscellaneous] (May 1987-March 1988

[Letters from General Public to Duberstein, Forwarded to Tuck – 10/14/1988-


[Letters – Incoming Miscellaneous] (July 1987-December 1987)

[Letters – Incoming Miscellaneous, December 1988-January 1989]

[Letters to Tuck: Machol, Margaret]

[Letters to Tuck: Simms, David L. (White House Fellows)]

[Life Magazine – Proposed Article]

[Mattingly, Mac (Virgil H. Hanson)]

[McKinney, James C.]

[Memos and Correspondence March 1986-February 1987 (Office of Legislative Affairs)]


[Memos and Correspondence April 1987-January 1988] (1)-(5)


Box 5

[Memos and Correspondence January 1988-June 1988] (1)-(5)

[Memos and Correspondence from Tuck September 1988-December 1988]

[Memos – National Security Council]

[Memos – Ryan, Fred]

[Memos – Tuttle, Robert]

[Memos from Tuck to Duberstein October 1988-December 1988] (1)(2)

[Memos, General, October 1988-November 1988] (1)(2)

[Memos, Miscellaneous Outgoing, September 1988-December 1988]

[Memos, Miscellaneous Outgoing, January 1989]

[Miscellaneous (October 1988-November 1988)] (1)(2)

[Montana Wilderness Bill]

[Moscow Summit:] Background Book for the Meetings of President Reagan and General

Secretary Gorbachev, Moscow, 05/29/1988-06/02/1988 (1)-(3)

[National Crusade for a Drug-Free America]

[National Public Service Awards 1989]

[Ney, Edward N.]


Box 6

[1988 Presidential Campaign] (1)(2)

[Nofziger Meeting 09/23/1988]

[Nominations 01/03/1989]

[Notes to Robert Tuttle and Kathy Jaffke July 1987]

[Operations Meeting 10/21/1987]

[Photos with the President – Requests and Lists, November 1988-December 1988]

[Post-Election Letters]

[Presidential] Citizens Medal

[Presidential Citizens Medal]

[Presidential Citizens Medal Nominations]

[Presidential Citizens Medal – Press Release]

[Presidential] Medal of Freedom (1)(2)

[Presidential Medal of Freedom]

[Presidential] Medal of Freedom Luncheon (1)-(3)

[Presidential] Medal of Freedom Luncheon 11/10/1988 (1)(2)

[Presidential Medal of Freedom Luncheon: Awardees Still Alive]

[Presidential Medal of Freedom for Thurmond, J. Strom]

[Presidential Medal of Freedom: Walsh, William B.]

[Presidential Transition Documentary Proposal]

[President’s Commission on Executive Exchange]

President’s Weekly Update 09/12/1988

President’s Weekly Update 09/19/1988

President’s Weekly Update 10/17/1988

[Reagan Alumni]

[Reagan’s Watershed: Follow-Up to Televised Iran-Contra Speech]

Recess Appointments [at End of Administration]

Santa Barbara July 1988 [Senior Staff Planning Meeting]

[Santa Barbara Senior Staff Meeting July 1988:] “The Last Six Months”


Box 7

[Senator Baker’s Cabinet Chair]

Sequoia [Presidential Yacht] (1)-(10)

[Shillito, Barry]

Tennessee Valley Authority (1)-(3)

Transition (1)-(3)


Box 8

Transition (4)

[Transition: Authorized Contacts and Staff] (1)(2)

[Transition: Bush Administration Startup]

[Transition: Chief of Staff Duberstein Checklist (Copy)]

[Transition: Chief of Staff Duberstein Checklist (Original)]

Transition Designation (1)(2)

Transition [File] (1)-(4)

[Transition File] (1)(2)

[Transition: Inaugural/Flight to California]

[Transition: Interior Department Briefing Materials Issue]

[Transition: Lukash]

[Transition: Material Forwarded to Office of President-Elect 01/19/1989]

[Transition: Mathias Autograph Request]

[Transition: Meetings with Appointees – Talking Points]

[Transition: National Marine Fisheries Service]

[Transition: Office of the President-Elect] (1)(2)


Box 9

[Transition:] Paperflow (1)(2)

[Transition: Payroll/Paychecks Questions]

[Transition: Post-Election Planning, Initial]

[Transition: Pre-Election Day]

[Transition:] Presidential Records

[Transition: Requests for Positions in the Next Administration] (1)-(6)

[Transition:] Resignations

[Transition: Ronald Reagan Appointments 1980]

[Transition: Schedule of the President 01/20/1985-01/21/1985]

[Transition: Staff Members on Payroll Beyond 01/20/1989]

[Transition: Staff Serving Beyond 01/20/1989]

[Transition: Sununu, John – Norman Ornstein Article]

[Transition: Transmittal Memo 12/09/1988]

[Transition: Tuck/Duberstein General] (1)-(5)


Box 10

[Transition:] Tuttle/Untermeyer Memo – Status of Non-Career SES and C [Appointees]

[Transition: Verification of Personnel]

[21st Century Foundation]

[Washington Summit:] “In the Spirit of the Elbe 1945” (poster)

[Wattenberg, Bill (Armenia Earthquake)]

[Welfare Reform Bill]

White House Fellows (1)-(9)

[White House Fellows – Letters}

White House Fellows [Luncheon Thank-Yous]

Wilderness [Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wilderness Bill]

[World’s Fair 1992]

Year of the Young Reader