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UBBENS, BETTY: Files, 1981-1988


Administrative Office, White House Operations


Betty Ubbens handled accounts payable in the White House Operations Administrative Office. For additional Betty Ubbens material, see the Administrative Office, White House Operations: Records: SERIES I: Administration.


Box 10738

Betty Ubbens Chron 1984 [January 1984-February 1985]

[Betty Ubbens - 1985 Chron Files]

[Betty Ubbens - 1986 Chron Files]

[Betty Ubbens - 1987 Chron Files]


Box 11197

1985/1986 Accomplishments

Achievements (August 1982-)

Administration Office Project

Bethesda Engravers

Billing Procedures Including Travel

Campaign 1984

Campaign 1984 Obligations


DHL Courier Service

Displaywriter User Group

FY 1984 Displaywriters


Entertainment - Mess Catering Requests

Executive Forum

Executive Forum - Printing Bill

Federal Election Commission

Federal Register Project

IBM Typewriters Surplused

Travel Forms

Incoming Procurement

Internal Controls

LTV Calendar

Monthly Report

FY 1984 Staff Meeting Minutes

Staff Meetings - Minutes

Miscellaneous 1982

Miscellaneous - January- [September] 1983

Political Campaign 1988

Policies, Procedures, Miscellaneous

Private Sector Initiatives [I]

Private Sector Initiatives [II]


FY 1984 - Travel Accounting

Media Newspapers

Postage Due


Republican National Committee Procedural Manual

Republican National Committee Unpaid Bills Project January 1983 - Monthly Report

Royal Formal & Bridal

Strategy Meetings (Deaver)

Advance Office

Advance Seminar

Advance Office - Equipment/Supplies

Travel Authorization Form

Budget Reports - Entertainment & Travel (FY 1983)

1983 Travel and Entertainment Budget

Travel and Entertainment Budgets 1982

Checklist Envelope (Advance Office)

Coding of Travel

Equipment for Travel

First Lady Travel

Incidental Expenses European Trip

Laundry Expenses - Travel

Memos for Lynn & Lisa

Per Diem Rates

Presidential Acceptance Letter

Press Charter

Press Credentialing Project

Notices - re: Travel Advances

Travel Advances - Working Folder

Travel - Press Office Costs & Support

Travel Costs: FY 1983

Travel Handbook Distribution

Travel Policy - Mixed/Official/Political

Travel Policy - Official

Travel Policy - Political

1982 Monthly Travel Report

Monthly Travel Report: 1981

Travel Report - Travel of Assistants to the President

White House Conference on Productivity

White House Mail Room

FY 1983 Year End Spending