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UHLMANN, MICHAEL: Files, 1981-1984


Office of Policy Development (Legal Policy)


OA 9439

Voting Rights Act I

Voting Rights: Press

Voting Rights: Miscellaneous

Voting Rights: McClellan’s Law Review Case

Voting Rights: Clarence Laing 10/20/1981

Voting Rights Act: 02/12/1982 Statements Before Judiciary [Senate Committee]

[Voting Rights:] ABA Resolution on Voting Rights

Voting Rights Act Statement for the President 10/30/1981

Voting Rights Act Questions for 11/10/1981 Press Conference

[Voting Rights:] Reynolds’ Voting Rights Testimony 03/01/1982

[Voting Rights:] Meese Memo on H.R. 3112

Voting Rights Act II

Voting Rights: Legislative Strategy Group 04/17/1982

Voting Rights: Draft for Attorney General 06/12/1981

Voting Rights: Draft Letter by Michael M. Uhlmann for Martin Anderson to Congressman Trent Lott

Tuition Tax


Product Liability

Women's Issues


OA 9440

Civil Rights Statement (Fried) (1)-(6)

CRC Nominees

Civil Rights Material

[Misc] I

[Misc] II

[Misc] III


OA 9441

Civil Rights Commission: Memo on Access to Information From Federal Agencies

Civil Rights American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

Civil Rights Commission: Internal Memos

Civil Rights CRC Miscellaneous

Civil Rights Commission: Fiscal Year 1984 Education Budget

Civil Rights Commission: Press

CRC Nominations Package

Civil Rights Commission Legal History

Civil Rights: Press Conference

Civil Rights: Morris Abram

Civil Rights: 06/15/1983 Memo to Gergen re Civil Rights Commission and Education Enforcement

Civil Rights: Resumes of the Nominees

Civil Rights : Draft Pendleton Letter to President 01/06/1983

Civil Rights (General) (Filed Chronologically)

Civil Rights: General

Weber Case [United Steelworkers of America v. Weber]

Olson's Testimony on Busing

Civil Rights: The Use of Civil Rights Statistics 01/05/1983

Civil Rights - New Orleans Quota Case

Civil Rights: Civil Rights Luncheon Agenda I

Civil Rights: Civil Rights Luncheon Agenda II

Civil Rights: Memo to Cribb on Civil Rights Initiative 03/18/1983

Civil Rights: Employee Selection Procedures E. O. 12291

Civil Rights Terry Eastland Draft

Civil Rights: Detroit/Guardians of Michigan Case

Civil Rights: Jesse Jackson Letter

Civil Rights - Title IX (1)(2)

Civil Rights: Fair Housing

EEOC: EEOC's Authority to Participate in Public Sector Litigation

Civil Rights: Baby Doe Regulations

Civil Rights: Pediatricians v. Heckler

Civil Rights: Handicapped Regs

Civil Rights: Press

Civil Rights: Bob Jones Decision

Civil Rights: MMU's Paper on Hostility in Black Community

Memo to the President ( E. Harper) Backgr. And T. P. On Civil Rights

House Judiciary Report on CRC Act of 1983  05/17/1983

Civil Rights: Chavez Memo to Staff re Operation After 09/30/1983

Civil Rights: Specter Letter

Civil Rights: Martin Luther King's 1963 Speech

Civil Rights: Reauthorization Legislation for the Commission

Civil Rights: Independence of CRC Memo to Meese 08/08/1983

Civil Rights: AFT Letters from Shanker to Metzenbaum & Biden

Civil Rights: Talking Points for CRC Nominees (Galebach)

Civil Rights: Draft Remarks for Nominee Hearings

Civil Rights: Signing Statement

Civil Rights Commission Press Briefing 09/14/1983

Civil Rights Reauthorization Options Memo - 09/17/1983

Memo to Svahn re Civil Rights Nominations 08/29/1983

Civil Rights Commission Reauthorization Act of 1983

Civil Rights: President's Letter to Howard Baker re CRC: 11/03/1983

Press: Civil Rights

Civil Rights: Legislative History

Civil Rights: Office of Legal Policy Memo re Removal Powers

Civil Rights (Commission & Nominees)

Civil Rights History (OMB)

Civil Rights: The President's Right to Fire Commission

CRC Activities Post Firing 10/27/1983

Civil Rights: CRC Lawsuit


OA 9442


Women's Issues: CEA Study on Wage Gap

Cigna: Unisex Risk Classification

Legislative Package on Pension

Summary of HR 100 HR 100 (Bill)

Women's Issues: Pension Equity & Gender-Based Actuarial Tab

Manhart (December Meetings)


Arizona v. Norris

W. Burkley Memo re: Norris (Discussions with Industry 08/05/1983)

Donnelly Testimony re: Norris

Niskanen: Effects of Requiring Gender Neutrality in Pensions

CCLP Legal Equity Meeting of 09/08/1983

Women: Ryan's Testimony on HR 100--Pension Reform

Women's Issues: Memo to Fuller re: Memo to President 09/01/1983

Women: Third Quarterly Report on Legal Equity

Press Briefing After CCLP on Legal Equity

Women: Press Reports on 09/08/1983 CCLP

Women: Legal Equity for Women 09/07/1983

Manhart Working Group Meeting 12/09/1982

Womens Economic Parity Act of 1983 (Lewis)

Womens Issues: Bernstein Memo on HR 100

Womens Issues: Talking Points on HR 100

Womens Issues: CCHR 04/26/1983 Pension Equity/Flexitime

Womens Issues: Pension-related Items for Administration Legislation

Womens Issues: Labor Memos on Equal Pension Benefits

Womens Issues: Fair Insurance Practices Act (S. 2204)

Womens Issues: Spirit Case

Womens Issues: Bernstein Testimony on HR100

Women: Pension Press

Agency Positions on EEA, Dole and Conable Bill

Legal Equity Memo to General Counsels of the Agenda

CCLP Meeting on Legal Equity for Women

Women's Legal Defense Fund re: OFCCP's Proposed Rule

Women-Female Appointments

Overview of Womens Issues

Womens Issues: Womens Legal Defense Fund Meeting 06/09/1983

Women's Issues: Women's Coordinating Council

Four Pronged Strategy on Women's Issues

Status Report on Womens Issues 01/17/1983

Status Report on Womens Issues 01/17/1983

Omnibus Legislation on Sex-based Statutes

Women's Issues: 01/18/1983 Meeting of the Women's Coordinating Council

Womens Issues: Womens SOTU Policy Initiatives

Womens Issues: Womens Legal Defense Fund

Women's Issues: Pashayan Amendment for ERA

Womens Issues: National Journal: The Gender Gap article

Civil Rights Issues as Related to Womens Issues

CCLP Womens Issues 05/24/1983


OA 9443

Women's Legal Equity Act Report

June 1982 Review of Women's Issues

Women's Issues: 05/24/1983 Memo to Baker re Strategy [empty folder]

Briefing Paper for President for Meeting with Republican Congresswomen 3/24

Women's Issues: Harper Package

Women: Polling Data

Women's Issues

Pension Equity Act of 1983


Women: Summary of Women's Pension Issues 08/03/1982

Women: Draft Letter to Republican Congresswomen

Women: Analysis of "Women's" Legislation

Economic Equity Act

Economic Equity Act

Women's Issues: Summary Provisions of the EEA

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Women's Issues: Legal Equity Cases for Women

Women's Issues: Economic Equity Act

Republican Congresswomen's Meeting 07/11/1983

Women: Norris Codification 07/27/1983

Women: Meese's 08/02/1983 Letter to Answer Republican Congresswomen

Women's Issues: Faith Whittlesey Speech [06/04/1983]

Meeting with Republican Congresswomen

Reaction to Congresswomen's Requests

Women's Issues: Response to Republican Congresswomen

Women's Issues: Follow-up to Republican Congresswomen Meeting 04/06/1983

Women's Issues Meeting 04/06/1983

Meeting with Republican Congresswomen

Women's Issues: Republican Congresswomen 03/29/1983

Joe Wright Material on Women's Issues


OA 9444

Abortion: Legislation

Abortion: Statement and Memo after Supreme Court Decision 06/15/1983

Abortion: President’s Article for Human Life Review

Fair Housing [I] (1)-(3)

Fair Housing [II]

[EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission):] Affirmative Action Issue Paper 07/08/1983

[EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission):]: Business Roundtable] (1)(2)

EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission): Memo on Constitutional Status from OLC

[EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity):] Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Program

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity): “Women Employed” Report and Letter from Donovan



OA 9445

Budget: Status of  "Cost Saver" Legislation

Antitrust: Baxter Testimony Before Senate Judicial Committee June 30

Antitrust: McConnell Letter to Dingell (undated)

Antitrust: Reform of the Antitrust Law (undated)

Antitrust: McConnell Letter to Thurmond (undated)

Antitrust: Baxter Letter to Thurmond (undated)

Antitrust: Resale Price Maintenance Letters and Articles

Antitrust: Boulder

Antitrust: Baxter Testimony on Antitrust Laws and Local Government Activities (06/30/1982)

Antitrust: Baxter Testimony on International Aspect of Antitrust 11/19/1981

Antitrust: DOJ Response to Merger Questions and SBA October 1982

Antitrust: Package for Mid-term Initiative Papers 12/03/1982

Antitrust: Papers Concerning Trade-Related Antitrust Reforms 02/17/1983

Antitrust: Boulder Case: 03/04/1983 Letters from Baxter to Uhlmann and Williamson

Antitrust: Resale Price Maintenance: Association of General Merchandise Chains

 Meeting 03/07/1983

Rudman Letter to Harper on Resale Price Maintenance 04/21/1983

Antitrust: Memo to Harper from MMU on Resale Price Maintenance 04/28/1983

Antitrust: Letter from Engman re Joint Research Activities (05/06/1983)

Antitrust: Papers for Meeting on RPM 05/09/1983

Antitrust: Legislative Package June 1983

Immigration (1)-(2)

Immigration: Papers on Migration (1)-(2)

Immigration: WH/Legislative Position on Simpson/Mazzoli

Immigration: Material on Illegal Migration (1)-(2)

Immigration: Paper on History of Legislation in 98th Congress

Immigration: MMU Memo to Anderson on Legislation 07/07/1981

Immigration: Memo From Searby to MMU re: Simpson's Bill 02/23/1982

Immigration: Meeting with Gov. Clements Memo 02/23/1982

Immigration: Memo to Darman re: CCLP 05/14/1982

Immigration: AG Memo to Baker re: Legislative Passage of Bill 06/10/1982

Immigration: Memo to Meese/Harper re: Simpson Mazzoli 06/21/1982 & 06/23/1982

Immigration: AG Letter to Thurmond re: Immigration 07/11/1982

Immigration: Senate Passage of 2222 Hiller to AG 08/23/1982

Immigration: AG Letter to Rodino 09/10/1982

Immigration: Hiller Memo to AG on House Mark Up 09/12/1982

Immigration: Hiller Memo to MMU re: Simpson-Mazzoli 03/17/1982 (1)-(2)

Immigration: DOJ Paper on the Immigration & Reform Act of 1982

Immigration: H-2 Controversy

Immigration: Comparison of Administration v. Simpson/Mazzoli

Immigration: Press and Clippings

Immigration: Section 212 Harper Memo to AG and Labor 02/22/1983

Immigration: Memo to Harper from AG on Section 212, Immigration Bill


Immigration: Cuban/Haitian Florida Situation March 1983

Immigration: McConnell Memos to AG and Brady re: Status of Legislation in 98th                        Congress April 1983

Immigration: K. Collins Memo re Senate Mark Up of Immigration Bill 04/07/1983

Immigration: Administration Position on Immigration Bill (K. Collins 04/11/1983)

Immigration: CCLP Papers on Immigration Mtg. 04/21/1983

Immigration: Brady Memo on Immigration Legislation With Summary April 1983


Immigration: Memo to Meese re Immigration Reform 07/30/1983

Immigration: K. Collins Memo re: House Judiciary Subcommittee Mark Up


Immigration: Draft Position Statement on S 529 04/25/1983

Immigration: AG's Letter to Rodino July 1983

Immigration: Legislation Summary Meese Memo 09/17/1983

Immigration: NY Times Article Bogus ID Papers 09/09/1983

Immigration: Talking Points (done with C. Collins) 10/01/1983

Immigration: Status of Immigration Bill 11/23/1982

Immigration: Memo from Wright to Meese 12/20/1983


OA 9446

Crime Bill: Memorandum of Disapproval 01/14/1983

[Crime Control: Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1983]

[Crime Control:] Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1983 (1)(2)

Crime Policy: Crime Fact Sheets & Transmittal Letter

Notes on Crime Bill for President 01/04/1983

Crime Policy: Fact Sheet on Criminal Justice Reform Act

Crime Policy: Criminal Justice Reform Act--Talking Points

Crime Policy: Federal Firearms Owners Protection Act

Crime Policy: California Gun Laws

Crime Policy: Firearms

Crime Policy: Gun Control Press Clippings

Crime Policy: Gun Owner Magazine Interview


Guns: McClure Bill (S 94) Memo to Walker

Crime Policy: Lois Herrington OJARS


Criminal Justice Meetings

Crime Policy: BATF

Crime Policy: S 1030 Comparisons

Crime Policy: S 1030 Treasury Views

Crime Policy: Complete McClure Volkmer Package 03/24/1982

Crime Policy: Dole Amendments to S 1030

Crime Policy: S 1030 McClure-Volkmer

Crime Policy: S 1030 and Notes from S. Bolten

Crime Policy: Justice Views on S 1030 03/09/1982

Crime Policy: S 1030 (General Subject)

Crime Policy: S 1030 The Specter Bill (Career Criminals)

Crime Policy: Comparison of Hughes/Specter Bills

Crime Policy: Memo to Jenkins re: Specter Meeting 05/12/1982

Crime Policy: AG's Task Force on Violent Crime

Federal Criminal Code Reform Act of 1980: S 172

Crime Policy: Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime Act

Crime Policy: Posse Comitatus

Crime Policy: Exclusionary Rule

Crime Policy: Exclusionary Rule (Search & Seizure)

Crime Policy: Comparison of S 1030 and Hatch Substitute

Van Etten Letter

Crime Policy: Crime Statistics

President's Commission on Organized Crime

Crime: Office of Justice Research and Statistics

Crime Policy: General

Draft Resolution on Crime

President's Commission on Organized Crime


OA 11592

OPD, Staff Responsibilties, 03/01/1982

OPD Press Releases and Miscellaneous Memoranda

OPD Staff Reports

OPD Memos

OPD Ethics

OPD Information System

Strategic Plan, CC Priorities

OPD Staff Biographies

Gergen Meetings (Communications)

Peace Academy

Labor's Testimony on OFCCP

OFCCP Affirmative Action Regs

Back Pay Article by Warner, Copus and Karnes

OFCCP Affirmative Action Regulations (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs)

National Rifle Association

National Endowment for the Humanities

Meese Speeches

Memos Regarding Al Cohn

Meese Speech on Crime, Jackson Lecture, 10/22/1982

Memos from Harper

Memos to Fuller/Darman

Memos to Mike Baroody

Anderson/Gray Memos

Legislative Veto (1)-(7)


OA 11593

CCLP(Cabinet Council on Legal Policy): School Prayer I (1)-(3)

CCLP: School Prayer II (1)-(3)

CCLP: School Prayer III (1)-(3)

CCLP, LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration)

CCLP, Immigration, Cubans/Haitians

CCLP: Immigration Working Group

CCLP, DOJ Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime Proposal

CCLP, Narcotics Enforcement

CCLP, TSAR Meeting 10/14/1983

CCLP, Asbestos Compensation Legislation

Cabinet Council on Legal Affairs [Legal Policy] (1)(2)

Reorganization, General

CCLP, The Attorney General's First Quarterly Report to the President and the CCLP

CCLP, Midterm Planning Papers for Meese Meeting, 12/03/1982

CCLP: Employment Opportunity Working Group

CCLP, Civil Rights Organization Task Force

CCLP, Task Force on Legal Equity for Women


Hobbs Act

Working File, Extraterritoriality

CCLP [Cabinet Council on Legal Policy]: Crime Legislative Package (1)(2)

Civil Rights Reorganization

FOIA Reform

CCLP: Civil Rights; Busing