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VAIL, JOAN R.: Files, 1987-1989


Latin American Affairs Directorate, NSC

European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC


Ms. Vail worked on "projects" for both the Latin American Affairs Directorate and the European and Soviet Affairs Directorate. Her collection contains material related to the following NSC staff members: Tyrus Cobb, Fritz W. Ermarth, Ludlow Flower, Nelson Ledsky, Peter Sommer and Jose Sorzano. All of these individuals have their own collections with the exception of Jose Sorzano. His material can be found in the office records for the Latin American Affairs Directorate.


Box 92077

German-American Day 10/06/1988

Arms Control

Travel - Steve Sestanovich

INF Working Group

Misc Chron Copies 1987-1988

Washington D.C. Summit Reagan-Gorbachev

Legislation Work for Sorzano

ICAL #077


Box 92078

Legislative Affairs Calendar

Political Affairs Calendar

NSC Calendars 1986-1989


Box 92176

Chron File Work File - Ledsky / Ermarth / Cobb, 1987-1988

Moscow Summit US-Sov - 1988

Chron File Work File - Sorzano / Flower, 1987-1988

Western Hemisphere National Security Strategy Report - 1988

Mexico Summit 02/13/1988

OWV [Official Working Visit] President Balaguer - Dominican Rep. -1988

French La Fayette Coins - 1987


Box 92501

Video Highlights of 19th CPSU All Union Conference 06/28/1988-07/01/1988

[Handwritten readout for Moscow Summit]

[Unfoldered material re: Presentation of American Antarctic Paintings to Soviets]

[Unfoldered material re: Request from Atlantik Bruecke for Presidential Statement]

Sestanovich's Diskettes