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VALIS, WAYNE: FILES, 1981-1983


Office of Public Liaison (Trade Associations, Corporations, Banking, Small Business, Chambers of Commerce, Budget Issues)


Wayne Valis served in the Office of Public Liaison 1981 to Spring 1983.


OA 6967

Abbott Industries

Acid Rain 1982

Advertising Council


Age Discrimination


Alaskan Pipeline

Alleghany-Mohawk [airline legislation]

Allied Corp.

American Apparel Manufacturers Association

American Association of Advertising Agencies 1982

American Association of MESBICS [Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies]

American Association of Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company

American Council for Capital Formation

American Home Sewing Association

American Industrial Health Council

The American Institute of Architects Proclamation 04/20/1982

American Newspaper Publishers Association

American Petroleum Institute (Charles DiBona)

American Ski Federation

American Telephone/Telegraph


Association Trends


Don Baldwin (General) 1982



Block Grants

Brazil-US Council Meeting 1982 (with President)


Briefing Proposal Blanks

Broadcast Advisory Group

Business Council for International Understanding

Business-Government Relations Council

Business-Higher Education Forum

California Bankers Association

Caribbean Basin Initiative

US Chamber of Commerce (Dr. Richard Lesher) [empty]

Chemical Manufacturers Association (Robert Roland, President)

Cigarette Labeling 1982

Department of Commerce Information

Committee for Effective Capital Recovery

Committee for Economic Development

Communist Bloc

Completed Contract Method of Accounting


Construction Industry Coalition for a New Beginning 1982

Consumer Price Index


Council of Small and Independent Business (COSIBA)

Conventions – 1982

Copyright Manufacturing Clause Extension, HR 6198

Corporate Minimum Tax 1982 [empty]

Credit Unions

Depository Institutions Amendments of 1982

Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Inc.

Senator Robert Dole

Domestic Content Legislation

Dow Chemical

Drug Abuse

Drunk Driving Commission (1)(2)

Edison Electric Institute



Electronic Industries Association

Elections 1984

Election Articles 1982

1982 Education Day Predictions

1984 Elections Strategy

Election Reform 1982

ERISA [Employee Retirement Income Security Act]


Enterprise Zone Coalition

Enterprise Zones (1)(2)

Enterprise Zones 1982 (1)(2)

Entitlement Reform 1982

Environmental Economics Journal 1982

William M. Bell – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Event Follow-Up Forms



OA 6968

February Group 1982

Federal Reserve Board 1982

Federal Trade Commission 1982


The Fertilizer Institute

Fike Chemicals, Inc.

Flexible Packaging Association

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Foreign Policy 1982

Fowler-McCraken Commission

Fraud and Waste

FMC Corporation

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Freedom Foundation Award

Craig Fuller 1982

General Electric

General Motors

Gifts (Legal Materials) 1982

B. F. Goodrich

Government Regulation

Bill Grace – book on IRAs

Gray and Company

Grumman Corporation

Guns 1982

Bryce Harlow Business-Government Award

Joseph W. Harrison (Citizens for Presidential Primary Reform)

Completed Documents – Dick Hauser [empty]

Health Group

R. Miller Hicks

Hispanic Appointees

Holiday Inns

Housing, Affordable

Housing, Affordable: President’s Commission on Housing

The Report of the President’s Commission on Housing 1982

[Housing, Low Cost – Anderson Associates] (Binder)

Ideas 1982


Independent Petroleum Association

Independent Truckers – Owners/Operators


International Association of Wiping Cloth Manufacturers

International Communication Agency

International Monetary Fund

International Snowmobile Council


Interoffice Memos 1982

Invitations to Business Types

Issue Updates

Jamaica Ambassador 1981-1982

Japan vs. US Technology Race

Jaycees of the United States

Jobs Bill

Jobs Incentive


Carol Kelly, Director of Health Care Financing, HHS

Ted Kennedy

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – American Cynamid

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – Bendix Corporation

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – Dow Chemical

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – General Motors

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – 3M Company

[Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate)] – 3M Company 1982

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – Proctor & Gamble

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – RCA

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – Sperry Corporation

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – TRW

Kitchen Cabinet (Corporate) – United Technologies

Kitchen Cabinet (Trade Association) – American Apparel Manufacturers Association

Kitchen Cabinet (Trade Association) – American Society of Association Executives

Kitchen Cabinet (Trade Association) – National Coal Association

Kitchen Cabinet (Trade Association) – National Paint and Coatings Association

Joseph Kraft

Lead Limits in Gasoline


Mandatory Retirement (Age Ceiling) 1982


Mediating Structures

Medicare / Medicaid Tax Caps

MESBIC [MESBIC Financial Corporation of Dallas]


Minority Business 1982

Mobil Corporation

Moss, Robert 1982

Motor Carrier Ratemaking Study Commission

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association 1982

Ralph Nader

National Apartment Association

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (Dirk VanDongen) (empty)

National Federation of Independent Business (James “Mike” McKevitt) (empty)

National Management Association 1982

National Paint and Coating Association 1982

National Small Business Association (Herb Liebenson) (empty)

Gary Neese Consultants


New Federalism 1982


OA 6969

New Right 1982

New York Stock Exchange

Non-Profit Organizations 1982

Nuclear Waste

Nutone – Scoville

Occupational Health

Op-Ed 1983

H.R. 6410 – 05/19/1982 – Pension Equity Tax Act of 1982

Photo Requests

Political Action Committees (Leah)

Pollution Control IDBs for Small Business

Presidential Documents 1982 [empty]

Presidential Events Follow-Up (Scheduling Office)

Small Business

Small Business Administration Advisory Council Meeting 09/16/1982

Small Business Advisory Committee Conference

Small Business Conference

Small Business (General) 1982

(Eureka!) Small Business Innovation

Small Business Issues Task Force

Small Business Issues Task Force Report (Binder)

Small Business Legislative Council

Small Business Legislative Council 1981

Small Business List for Events

Small Business Meeting 03/01/1982

Small Business Report to the Congress 1982 and 1983

State of Small Business 1982

State of Small Business Report to the Congress 1983


OA 17726

Small Business Strategy 1982 and 1983

Small Business Strategy 1983

Small Business Strategy [empty]

Small Business United

Small Business Week 05/09/1982

Small Business Week – May 1982

Small Business Week 05/17/1982

Social Security 1982

Social Security 1982: Association Management

Social Security 1982: Caterpillar

Social Security 1982: Procter & Gamble

Social Security 1982: Prudential

Social Security 1982: Social Security

Social Security 1982: Social Security  01/17/1983 Meeting

Suggested “On The Road” Events for the President

Summer Jobs Advisory Committee (Private Sector Initiatives)

1981 Tax Package Support – American Bankers Association (1)-(5)

1981 Tax Package Support – American Council on Capital Formation

1981 Tax Package Support – American Gas Association

1981 Tax Package Support – American Retail Federation

1981 Tax Package Support – Association Executives for Reagan/Bush

1981 Tax Package Support – Electronics Industry Association

1981 Tax Package Support – Homebuilders

1981 Tax Package Support – Meeting in New York, 06/29/1981

1981 Tax Package Support – National Crushed Stone Association

1981 Tax Package Support – Proctor & Gamble

1981 Tax Package Support – Securities Meeting – 07/24/1981

1981 Tax Package Support – Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s

          National Association (SMACNA)

1981 Tax Package Support – Shell Oil

1981 Tax Package Support – Small Business

1981 Tax Package Support – Sun Company

1981 Tax Package Support – Tax Action Group

1981 Tax Package Support – “Thank-yous” for Votes

1981 Tax Package Support – Union Carbide

1981 Tax Package Support – United States Chamber of Commerce Comparison


1981 Tax Package Support – W.R. Grace Newspaper Ad

Taxes – 1984 [empty]

Telephone Log June 1982-September 1982]

Telephone Log October 1982–January 1983]

Trade Policy