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Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Assistant to the President

Office of the First Lady, Assistant to the President - see separate inventory


Lee Verstandig and the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs filed their work product in a slightly different way than other White House staff offices.  Mr. Verstandig, in particular, used the Central Files as the repository for much work material that is ordinarily found within staff offices.  Due to the breadth of the material sent to Central Files it would be impossible to transfer all of this material back to Verstandig’s collection but the Library has done so in some discreet cases.  For a fuller comprehension of the full extent of Mr. Verstandig’s position and function in the White House please see the White House Office of Records Management Subject File FG006-01 for voluminous correspondence, office memos and reports for Verstandig.


OA 8424

Telephone Logs (06/01/1983-06/22/1983)

Telephone Logs (06/23/1983-07/25/1983)

Telephone Logs (07/26/1983-08/22/1983)

Telephone Logs (08/23/1983-09/29/1983)

Telephone Log (09/09/1984)


OA 8526

Christmas Card List and Christmas Cards (1)-(4)


OA 8878

Education (1)(2)

Education – [Excellence in Education] (1)-(7)

Education – [Michigan State University Reward – Research on Teaching]

Education – [Partnership in Education Program]

Education – [Tennessee Master Teacher Program]

[Intergovernmental Affairs Trip Recommendations and Scheduling] (1)(2)

          OA 10180

Bipartisan Commission on Central America Report (1)-(3)

Summer Jobs Ceremony, 05/17/1984

Industrial Policy

Illinois-Michigan Heritage Canal Signing, 08/24/1984 (1)-(3)


OA 9281

Governor Thompson’s (IL) Coal Sulfur Removal Research (folder) (1)(2)


OA 9319

ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) Implementation

          Committee Meeting, 05/02/1984


OA 9562

Governor’s Profiles (1)-(3)


OA 9758

IGA Legislative Concerns, 1983-1984 (Binder) (1)-(3)


          OA 10053



          Presidential Correspondence Summaries Puerto Rico / CBI (Caribbean Basin

Initiative) (1)(2)


          Revenue Sharing

          Saturday Talks

          Scheduling Proposals

          School Violence and Discipline

          Scheduling Recommendations

          Talking Points

          Timber Issue

          Unisex Legislation

          Universal Telephone Service

          U.S. Conference of Mayors

          Women’s Issues / Briefings

          Weekly Reports


          OA 10054

          Fifty States Project

          Future of the Republic


          IGA Budget

          IGA Recommended Calls

          Immigration Reform [empty]

          Indians (1)-(4)

          Industrial Policy

          Inflation and Interest Rates


          IGA Reps

          Job Training and Unemployment


          Master Teacher Program

          Maureen Reagan

          Minutes - Cabinet Meetings

          Mortgage Revenue Bonds

          NACO (National Association of Counties)

          Newspaper Clips

          Outreach Strategy Group

          Photos - Maureen Reagan Briefing 01/13/1984

          Photos - Miscellaneous


          OA 10055

          Jim Medas / Governors

          C.A. Howlett / Locals

          Bob Gleason / State Representatives

          NATAT (National Association of Towns and Townships)

          NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures)

          NCL (National League of Cities)

          National Governors’ Association


          Exxon (1)(2)

          Exxon [Overcharge Legislation]

          Exxon - per Kip

          Federalism (1)-(3)


OA 10198

[Weekly Agency Reports]:

Agriculture, Dept. of [07/04/1983-03/30/1984] (1)-(7)

Commerce, Dept. of [07/22/1983-03/30/1984] (1)(2)

Defense, Dept. of [07/15/1983-03/30/1984] (1)-(3)

Education, Dept. of [07/08/1983-03/30/1984] (1)-(3)

Energy, Dept. of [07/08/1983-03/30/1984] (1)-(5)

Environmental Protection Agency [07/08/1983-04/06/1984] (1)-(7)

General Service Administration [08/26/1983-09/30/1983]

Health and Human Services, Dept. of [07/11/1983-12/15/1983]

Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of [07/08/1983-02/03/1984]  (1)(2)

Interior, Dept. of [07/08/1983-12/02/1983] (1)(2)

Justice, Dept. of [07/11/1983-10/14/1983] (1)-(4)

Labor, Dept. of [07/07/1983-03/30/1984] (1)-(3)

Office of Management and Budget [07/15/1983-12/09/1983] (1)(2)

State, Dept. of [07/08/1983-12/16/1983] (1)(2)

Transportation, Dept. of [07/11/1983-12/16/1983] (1)(2)

Treasury, Dept. of [07/07/1983-12/16/1983] (1)(2)

U.S. Trade Representative, Office of the [10/06/1983-12/15/1983]


OA 10251

September 1983

October 1983

November 1983

December 1983

January 1984

February 1984

March 1984

Armenian File

Dade County Minority Set Aside

Black Elected Officials

Campaign 1984

1983 Elections

Elaine Jenkins (Mar 26) Council of 100

April Memos

April Correspondence

July 1984

August 1984

[Verstandig Schedules, February 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, March 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, April 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, May 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, May 1984-September 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, June 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, July 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, August 1984]

[Verstandig Schedules, September 1984-December 1984]

Long Range Scheduling Proposals

Lee - Schedule Proposals


OA 10258

Scheduling (1)-(5)

Chron File May 1984 (May 17-May 20)

Chron File May 1984 (May 21-May 23)

Chron File May 1984 (May 24-May 28)

Chron File May 1984 (May 29-May 30)

Chron File May 1984 (May 31)

Chron File June 1984 (1)-(15)


OA 10273

Chron File June 1983

Chron File July 1983 (1)(2)

Chron File August 1983 (1)(2)

Chron File May 1984 (May 1-May 2)

Chron File May 1984 (May 3-May 6)

Chron File May 1984 (May 7-May 8)

Chron File May 1984 (May 9)

Chron File May 1984 (May 10-May 13)

Chron File May 1984 (May 14)

Chron File May 1984 (May 15)

Chron File May 1984 (May 16-May 17)

Chron File September 1984


          OA 10599

          Commerce Department




          Interior, Department of  



          DOT (Transportation)




OA 10719

June 1983

September 1983

October 1983

November 1983

December 1983

January 1985


OA 10720

Travel 1983

Travel 1983

Travel January 1984-September 1984

Weekly Reports September 1984


OA 10721

Mailing 1000 Days

Job Training Partnership Act (PTPA)

Cabinet Affairs Tracking Report

Correspondence Summary

Report on Key Legislation 03/22/1984

Project Weekly Reports

Weekly Activities

Vice President's Schedule

Scheduling Request

Senator D'Amato's Conference

Owl Meeting 1983

NCSL Boston Resolutions

CSG Follow up December 1983

CAWP Attendence 1983 Meeting

CAWP Follow Up Mail

CAWP Follow Up to 1983 Meeting

ALEC Follow Up to 1983 Meeting

ALEC Briefing Book 1983 Annual ALEC Annual Meeting 1983

Photo Request

Special Messages


OA 11000


American Legislative Exchange Council






CC Management Administration

Cabinet Council



National Association of Counties


National Security Council (NSC)

Personnel WH/Herrington

Scheduling Proposals

State Dinners

State Legislators

Unitary Tax [Update 02/19/1985]


OA 11001

Balanced Budget

Line-Item Veto


Unitary Tax (1)-(14)


OA 11002

Assorted State Greeters

[Alabama] (1)-(4)




[California] (1)-(6)


[Connecticut] (1)(2)


[Florida] (1)(2)





[Illinois] (1)-(7)


[Iowa] (1)-(6)




[Maryland] (1)-(4)

[Massachusetts] (1)(2)

[Michigan] (1)-(3)




OA 11003

[Missouri] (1)-(6)


[New Hampshire]

[New Mexico]

[New Jersey] (1)(2)

[New York] (1)-(6)

[North Carolina]

[North Dakota]

[Ohio] (1)-(9)


[Oregon] (1)-(3)

[Pennsylvania] (1)-(5)

[Rhode Island]

[South Carolina]

[South Dakota]

[Tennessee] (1)(2)

[Texas] (1)-(9)




[Washington] (1)(2)

[West Virginia]

[Wisconsin] (1)-(3)


OA 11037

Lee Verstandig Thank You File 1984


OA 11160

Puerto Rico, December 1983/January 1984

Wisconsin, July 1983

Missouri/Indiana, January 1985

North Dakota/Minnesota Itineraries August 1984 (1)(2)

Indiana, December 1983

Indiana, June 1984

Louisiana, November 1983

Pennsylvania, April 1984

New Jersey, October 1983

South Carolina, November 1983

Vermont, November 1983

Maryland, January 1985

Illinois, November 1983

Maine/Massachusetts, July/August 1983

Illinois, April 1984

California, May 1984

Pennsylvania, June 1984

South Carolina, November 1983

Ohio, October 1983


OA 12393

January 1984/February 1985 Correspondence

Travel, Delaware, Puerto Rico, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts

Daily Correspondence Beginning 07/11/1983-January 1984

One Box IBM Displaywriter Diskettes Marked Women/IGA Position Analysis/Miscellaneous Documents/States/States (Duplicate)/Jeff

Michigan [Trip 10/25/1984] (1)-(7)

Pennsylvania [Trip 10/30/1984] (1)-(3)

New Hampshire

Itinerary, Florida