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OA 7963 - Group Tour Files

Request by White House Staff


OA 7964 - Group Tour Files

Requests by Others - This includes: Senators, Congressmen, Organization

          Representatives, Individuals - A - B


OA 7965 - Group Tour Files

Request from Individuals C- D


OA 7966 - Group Tour Files

Request from Individuals E - G


OA 7967 - Group Tour Files

Requests from Individuals H - K


OA 7968 - Group Tour Files

Requests from Individuals L - M


OA 7969 - Group Tour Files

Request from Individuals  N - R


OA 7970 - Group Tour Files

Request from Individuals  S - U


OA 7971 - Group Tour Files

Request from Individuals  V - Z


OA 7972

Gate Sheets from 1981

Interns Informal Open House 08/07/1981

Girls Nation

National Teenager Republican Leadership Conference

Boy Scout Informal Open House


OA 11445

Visitors Office Files:A-F, 1983


OA 11446

Visitors Office Files:G-MIT, 1983


OA 11447

Visitors Office Files: NA-THHI, 1983


OA 11448

Visitors Office Files: THU-Z


OA 11449

Visitors Office Files: A-F, 1984


OA 11450

Visitors Office Files:G-MIT, 1984


OA 11451

Visitors Office Files:MOA-THU, 1984


OA 11452

Visitors Office Files: THU-Z, 1984


OA 14868

Group Tour Requests 1984-November 1986, A-D


OA 14869

Group Tour Requests 1984-November 1986, E-K


OA 14870

Group Tour Requests 1984-November 1986, L-Q


OA 14871

Group Tour Requests 1984-November 1986, R-Z


OA 14878

Group Tour Requests A-N, 1984-1986

Congressional Offices and Private Organizations, 1985


OA 14879

Handicapped &Senior Citizens Tours, 1983-1986

Group Tour Requests

Staff, 1984, A-Z


OA 14880

Gate Sheets, 1983-1985

Group Tour Requests, A-L

Group Tour Requests, M-Z

Group Tour Request, 1984

Staff Memos, 1984


OA 14881

Gate Sheets, 1986

Gate Sheets, January 1987-February 1987

Group Tour Requests, 1983

Staff Memos, 1983


OA 14882

Staff Memo Requests

Group Tours, O-Z, 1984-86

Miscellaneous, 1983

Staff Memo, 1986

Group Requests, 1986

Gate Sheets, 1986


OA 14913

Arrival Ceremony Student Group Lists, 1985-1986


OA 19079

(Cindy Herrick’s Binder) – [East Wing Receptionist]

Participants for the White House Easter Egg Roll 1988 (Binder)

Tour Report for December 1988 (Binder)

Christmas Choirs 1984

Christmas Choirs 1985

Christmas Choirs 1986

Christmas Choirs 1987


OA 19094

Fall Garden Tour, 10/12/1985-10/13/1985

Arrival Ceremony Duplicates

Easter Egg Roll 04/12/1982

Spring Garden Tour, 04/17/1983-04/18/82

Queen Beatrix, Netherlands, Arrival Ceremony 04/19/1982

President Figueiredo, Brazil, Arrival Ceremony 05/12/1982

Arrival Ceremony, Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines, 09/16/1982

Arrival Ceremony Indonesia, 10/12/1982

Group Tour Memos Congressional Offices

Arrival Prime Minister Israel, 09/10/1981

Fall Garden Tour 10/10/1981

12/01/1981, Arrival King Hussain, Jordan

Arrival Ceremony Pertini, Italy

Arrival Carstens, President. of West Germany, 10/04/1983

Fall Garden Tour, October 1983

Arrival Ceremony, King Birenda of Nepal, 12/07/1983

Arrival Ceremony, Premier of China, 01/10/1984

Arrival Ceremony, 02/28/1984

Arrival Ceremony, 03/22/1984

Easter Egg Rolls 1983-1985

Algeria 04/17/1985

India 06/12/1985

Fall Garden Tour 10/16/1985-10/17/1985

Arrival Ceremony Peru (canceled)

Arrival Ceremony Chancellor Kohl, West Germany, 11/15

Arrival Ceremony, President Zia of Pakistan

Arrival Ceremony Sultan of Oman

Spring Garden Tour April 1983

National Amateur Baseball Event Announcement

Arrival Ceremony, President of the Ivory Coast, 06/07/1983

Arrival Ceremony, President of Bahrain

Arrival Ceremony, President of Republic of Portugal

Spring Garden Tour 1984

Arrival Ceremony 04/10/1984

Easter Egg Roll 1984

President de la Madrid, Mexico

Arrival Ceremony, Sri Lanka, 06/18/1984

Arrival Ceremony Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, 11/13

Arrival Ceremony Venezuela 10/14/1984

Christmas 1984, 12/25/1984

Arrival Ceremony Saudi Arabia 02/11/1985

Argentina 03/19/1985

China 07/22/1985

Denmark 09/10/1985

Singapore 10/08/1985

Christmas 1985

Arrival Ceremony, Ecuador 01/14/1986

Arrival Ceremony, Canada 03/16/1986

Easter Egg Roll 03/31/1986

Garden Tour 04/19/1986-04/20/1986

Arrival Ceremony Uruguay 06/17/1986

Pakistan 07/16/1986

Fall Garden Tour 1986

Fall Garden Tour 1987

Brazil 09/10/1986

Arrival Ceremony President Duarte

Herzog Israel 11/10/1987

Soviet Union 12/08/1987

Chancellor Kohl 10/21/1986

Summit Departure, 05/25/1988

Thatcher November 1988


OA 19095

Miscellaneous Photos, Easter Eggs

Various Files Pertaining to 1988 Easter at the White House

Programs for Previous Easters at White House--1984 & 1985


OA 19096

Large Group Tours, T-Z

[Processed Requests for Tours of the White House]


OA 19097

Large Group Tours, PJ-S


OA 19098

June 1985-July 1986

August 1986-August 1987

September 1987-April 1988

April 1988-January 1989


OA 19099

Large Group Tours, H-L


OA 19100

Gate Sheets-1987

Tuesday, 08/23/1988

May 1988-October 1988]

Gate Sheets August 1988-September 1988

Gate Sheets 10/28/1988-12/07/1988; 08/26/1986-12/18/1987 [Tours]

1987--Senior Citizens, Miscellaneous

1987--Senior Citizens--Master List and New Letters

1987--Senior Citizens Responses

1987--Handicap Tour Misc.

1987--Handicap Tour Master List

1987--Senior Citizen Maps

1987--Handicap Tour Responses

1988--Senior Citizens and Handicapped Christmas Tour


OA 19101

Large Group Tours, AAAAA-CZ


OA 19102

Guest Book: March 1981-January 1982

Guest Book: January 1982-March 1983

Guest Book: March 1983-April 1984

Guest Book: April 1984-June 1985


OA 19103

Large Group Tours, D-G


OA 19104

Staff Memos, A-Z


OA 19105

Large Group Tours, Mc-Pi