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WALDMAN, BEN: Files, 1988


Public Liaison, Office of


Box 1

Anti-Defamation League American Heritage Award for Malcolm Forbes

Agudath Israel

Agudath National Convention 11/24/1988-11/27/1988

American Jewish Press Association

ARCO Art Exhibit

B’nai B’rith

Chanukah Menorah Presentation 12/01/1988

Completed Blue Sheets

Completed Message Requests

Conference of Presidents


Disabled Israeli War Veterans

Haifa Medical Center Dinner 12/06/1988

Hebrew Immigration Aid Society

High Holiday Message

Holocaust Cornerstone

Holocaust Memorial Ceremony 10/05/1988 (1)-(3)

Jewish National Fund


[Kristallnacht/Genocide Bill] (1)-(6)

Lubavitch Menorah Ceremony

National Conference on Soviet Jewry


Box 2

National Jewish Coalition


POTUS Chanukkah Message

Rabbi Niederman

Refusenik Meeting 10/25/1988

Tibor Rubin

Simon Wiesenthal Dinner

[Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Award]

Soviet Jewry

Soviet Jewry Requests

UJA Event NYC 12/11/1988 [United Jewish Association]

[US Holocaust Memorial Council]

Yeshiva University Dinner 12/28/1988 POTUS Video Request

Young Israel/Labor Department Request

German American Day 1988 (1)-(8)

[German:] Steuben Society of America

Greek Weekend 10/20/1988-10/23/88

Miscellaneous Greek Americans


Box 3

Presidential Messages Completed

Pending Message Requests

Photo Requests Completed October 1988

Photo Requests Completed December 1988

Photo Requests Pending


White House Memos (1)(2)