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WALLER, DAVID B: Files, 1981-1986


Counsel to the President, Office of


This collection is arranged into ten series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: Edwin Meese Confirmation; SERIES III: Litigation; SERIES IV: Files of Steven Abrams; SERIES V: Files of Andrew Richner; SERIES VI: Gift Files; SERIES VII:  Subject Chronological Files; SERIES VIII: Chronological Files; SERIES IX: Personal Chronological Files; and SERIES X: Telephone Logs.


Series VIII: Subject Chronological Files contained a document-by-document list of the contents of monthly binders for documents.  The Library has retained these document lists as part of the monthly folders created from the binders.



          OA 05144


          Agence France - Presse

          Agent Orange Litigation

          Air Controller Suits (1)-(2)

          Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation

          Richard V. Allen (1)-(5)

          Allocation of Expenses of Senior Administration Officials

          American Bar Association - Alcohol and Drug Panel

          Anti - Lobbying Act

          Anti - Nepotism Statutes

          Antitrust Review

          In re Application of Pacifica Foundation for Renewal of License of Non-Commercial

                   Station WPFW-FM


          Appointee Interview Papers


          Archives, Obtaining Documents from

          Army, Unfair Labor Practice Charge

          B-1 Bomber

          Gary H. Baise


          OA 05145

          Bildisco (National Labor Relations Board v. Bildisco)

          Brady, Jim - "Jim Brady's Chili"

          Brazilian Horse

          Briefing Papers

          Budget Documents - Confidentiality of


          Cabinet Members, Chair Purchase

          CNN (Cable News Network) Antenna Gift

          [Letter to Carter re: CNN]

          Carter Library

          CDC (Center for Disease Control) - Request from Congress

          Civil Rights Commission

          Commercial Discounts

          CCNV's (Community for Creative Non-Violence) Nativity Suit (1)-(9)

          Congress' Power to Overrule Supreme Court

          Congressional Testimony by Presidential Assistants

          Council of Economic Advisors: Humphrey-Hawkins Act

          Counsel's Office - Role and Function

          Criminal Justice Reform Act

          Debt Ceiling / Appropriations Hiatus


          [DBW: Denial of Entry Visa Cases]

          Department of Defense Retirement Board of Actuaries

          Department of Energy Personnel Matters

          Department of Justice - White House Contacts With

          Department of Labor - Office of the Solicitor

          Department of Transportation Deregulation of Mass Transit

          Deposing the President

          Desegregation Cases

          Design Working Group

          Dingell Transition Investigation

          Donovan Matter (1)-(6)

          [Raymond Donovan - Report of the Special Prosecutor] (1)-(6)

          Draft Registration

          Eagles, Bald (Gift from Germany)

          Economic Summit 1983 (Williamsburg) - Contributions to

          Emergency Boards 194 and 195

          Emergency Boards Nos. 196, 197, 198

          [Reports - Emergency Boards 196, 197, 198]


          OA 07510

          Long Island Emergency Board [No. 199]

          Emergency Board No. 200

          Emergency Board 201

          Emergency Boards 202 and 203

          Emergency Board No. 204

          Emergency Boards 205 and 206

          Emergency Board 207

          Emergency Board Thank You Letters

          Employment Discussions by White House Staff

          Energy, Department of - Appointment Options

          Ann Gorsuch - Environmental Protection Agency Investigation re: Thriftway


          Environmental Protection Agency - Inspector General Investigation: [Notes]

          Environmental Protection Agency - Inspector General Investigation: [Possible


          Environmental Protection Agency - Inspector General Investigation: [Possible

                   Candidates]: Cone, Bruce

          Equal Time

          Ethics in Government Act

          Executive Privilege: Textile Trade Issues

          Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Advisory Committees

          Federal Emergency Management Agency - Hearing

          Federal Emergency Management Agency - Robert Morris

          Federal Legal Council

          Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

          Federal Tort Claims Act Legislation

          Federalism Initiative

          Financial Privacy Act of 1978

          First Amendment

          Foreign Agents Registration Act

          Foreign Missions   (S.854)

          Franking Privileges

          DBW - Freedom of Information Act



          OA 07511

          F. Freilicher

          GAO (Government Accounting Office) Investigation - Domestic Impact of Foreign

                   Policy Decisions

          GAO - Verification Audit of FY 1982 White House Expenses

          [DBWaller - Graziano Materials] (1)(2)

          Greyhound Strike

          Hatch Act

          [Health and Human Services Jurisdictional Dispute - Illinois]

          Herrington Trip

          Hobbs Act

          Housing and Urban Development Travel Expense Matter

          Hubbard Communications (CONUS) (1)(2)

          Immigration and Nationality Act

          Income Tax Return - President and Mrs. Reagan, 1981

          Independent Network News

          Independent Television News

          Inspector General Act

          Invitations to Serve on 501(c) (3) Board

          Internal Revenue Service Disclosure of Address Information

          Iranian Cases

          DBW - Iranian Hostage Settlement

          Japanese Americans - WWII Internment (1)-(3)

          Jerusalem Women's Seminar

          Judicial Investiture

          Ku Klux Klan

          Lafayette Park Regulations

          Lyndon Larouche

          Law Clerks

          Dennis Leblanc

          Legislative Veto

          Life Cast Agreement

          Lipizzaner Horse

          Magnetometers, Use of at White House

          Maranatham (1)-(3)

          Medical Charges - POTUS

          Edwin Meese III


          OA 07512

          PJR/Mendoza, George - Request for RR Introduction to Book



          Moon Tax Case

          MX Missile

          National Archives, Laws of

          [National Fitness Foundation / President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports]

          National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

          NLRB (National Labor Relations Board - Congressional Inquiry (1)(2)

          National Security Information - Executive Order

          North American Reporting

          Occupational Safety and Health Administration

          Occupational Safety and Health - Program for Federal Employees

          Office of Government Ethics

          Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Grant (1)(2)

          Office of Legal Counsel - Travel Expenses of President and Vice President

          Out-of-Town Newspapers

          OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

          Parade Magazine


          [Pardon Attorney File]

          Pardon Attorney Reports

          DBW - Parking Fees Case

          Parole Commission


          OA 08555

          Partnerships In Education

          Peace Corps Advisory Council

          Peace Corps - Blake v. Ruppe

          Pepperdine and American University Grants

          Photographs, Release of

          Pocket Veto

          Political Activity

          Political Question

          Postal Strike

          Post-Employment Conflicts of Interest

          Presidential Archive Depository

          Presidential Immunity

          Presidential Library

          Presidential Protection Commission

          Presidential Records Act

          Presidential Transition Standards of Conduct

          President's Crime Speech 09/28/1981

          President's Driver License

          President's Removal Power

          President's SF 278 - 1981

          President's SF 278 - 1984

          President's State Tax Return - 1983

          Press Conference

          Press Credentials

          Privacy and The Press

          Private Sector Contributions to Federal Agencies

          [Private Sector Initiatives]

          Private Sector Initiatives Advisory Act

          PSI (Private Sector Initiatives)- Job Training Act

          Private Sector Survey


          OA 09239

          Privileged Communication to Federal Officials re: Prospective Nominees

          PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) Petition

          PATCO v. FLRA (Federal Labor Relations Authority) (1)-(4)

          PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) - MSPB (Merit Systems

                   Protection Board)

          Property Review Board

          Public Buildings and Grounds, Use of

          Reagan, Ron - "Signature" Magazine

          Recess Appointments

          RIF (Reductions in Force)

          Regulatory Reform - Congressional Requests

          Removal Power

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Political Entertainment FY 1981-1984

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Deaver, Michael

          Republican National Committee  Reimbursements: Canzeri, Joseph

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Additional Mayflower Hotel Bills

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: General

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Fischer, David

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Leblanc, Dennis

          Republican National Committee  Reimbursements: Hickey, Ed

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Canzeri Expense Vouchers I

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Canzeri Expanse Vouchers II

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Barnett, Barney

          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Taylor, Leo (Department of


          Republican National Committee Reimbursements: Wiles, Lanny

          Resumes - Attorneys

          Resumes - General

          Roosevelt Filming Request

          Deposition of Dr. Ruge

          Ruge - George Washington University Hospital Matters

          Savings and Loans

          Seal, Presidential, Use of 

          Security Briefing Acknowledgment

          Selective Service - Internal Revenue Service Disclosure of Addresses

          Suzanne Shean

          Suzanne Shean

          Sidewalk Regulations I


          OA 09240

          Sidewalk Regulations II

          Sidewalk Regulations IV

          Sign Cases

          Sikorski Helicopter Case

          Space Shuttle [Enterprise Event 06/12/1983]

          Special Government Employees

          Special Olympics

          Squeal Rule

          Stockman, Use of Photos in Book

          Stop Drugs at the Source

          Striking in the Federal Sector

          Sunday Inauguration

          Swearing In

          Tax Exemption for Presidential Appointees

          Tax Memo – Maryland, Virginia and  District of Columbia

          Tena Case

          Times Square Hotel Project

          TIW Reporting

          Travel by Senior Admin. Officials

          Torts Branch Monograph - Damage Suits against Federal Officials


          OA 11124

          Tuition Tax Credit

          Bob Tuttle

          Vatican Lawsuit (1)(2)

          Volunteers, Use of

          Volunteers, Use of:  Stephens Internship

          Voting Rights Act

          [Wallenberg, Raoul]

          Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS)

          Secretary Watt - Toby Moffett Controversy

          Weidhorst Painting

          Ira Weiss


          Where's The Rest Of Me?

          White House Conference on Aging

          [White House Conference on Aging]

          [White House Conference on Aging]: Conference Reports

          White House Conference on Aging (1)-(3)

          White House Conference on Aging

          White House Conference on Aging:  Hearing Transcripts (1)-(4)

          [White House Gift Forms]

          White House News Summary

          White House, OA (Office of Administration) Agreement re: OA Computers

          White House Stationery, Use of

          White House Telegraph and Travel Office

          [Charles Wick's Response to Congressman Zorinsky] (Notebook) (1)-(6)

          Harry Zain



          OA 12396

          [Edwin Meese Confirmation – Senator Leahy Requests] (1)(2)

          Senator Leahy (1)(2)

          Request #1 (Communication with John Newman, other Sunkist Officials or

                   Representatives) (1)-(3)

          Request #1 (Communication with John Newman, other Sunkist Officials or

                   Representatives): Marketing Order

          Request #2 [Correspondence w/Casey et al. re: EOs 12036 and 12333] (1)-(7)

          Request #3 [OMB Correspondence re: Circular A-122] (1)-(4)

          Request #4 (NSDD 84)

          Request #6 Prosecution of Non-Registrants (1)-(5)

          Request #6 Prosecution of Non-Registrants: General Turnage Military Manpower

                   Task Force (1)(2)

          Request #6 Prosecution of Non-Registrants: Draft Resisters (1)(2)

          [Meese Confirmation – Bribery of Federal Officials] (1)-(3)

          [Meese Confirmation – Senator Metzenbaum Request]

          Senator Metzenbaum

          Great Plains (1)(2)

          Union Oil (Syn Fuels) (1)(2)


          Miscellaneous [Ed Meese – Syn Fuels]

          [Meese Confirmation – Related Articles]


          OA 12397

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Index to Documents Relevant to Senator Leahy [I]

                   (Notebook) (1)(2)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Index to Documents Relevant to Senator Leahy

                   [II] (Notebook) (1)(2)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Documents Relevant to Request by Senator

                   Leahy, Vol. I (Notebook) (1)-(6)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Documents Relevant to Request by Senator

                   Leahy, Vol. II (Notebook) (1)-(7)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Documents for Production in Response to Request

                   by Senator Leahy (Notebook) (1)(2)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Documents Relevant to Request by Senator

                   Metzenbaum [I] (Notebook) (1)(2)

          Confirmation of Edwin Meese III Documents Relevant to Request by Senator

                   Metzenbaum [II] (Notebook) (1)(2)




          OA 12678

          [James Abourezk et al v. Reagan]

          American Pediatrics v. Heckler ("Baby Doe")

          Arkansas v. Messimer

          Bakewell v. USPS

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

                   Related Cases

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

Action          on Plaintiff's Motion for Preliminary Injunction

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

                   Plaintiff Notice of Depositions

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

                   Pleadings on Plaintiff's Motion for Expedited Discovery

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

                   Procedural Correspondence re: Representation of Defendants

          Bishop et al. v. Reagan-Bush '84 et al  - No. C-1-84-1296 (S.D. Ohio, 08/30/1984:

                   Complaint and Related Memos

          Bishop v. Reagan-Bush '84

          California, Utah and Chicago – 09/02/1984-09/05/1984

          Cincinnati, Ohio and Decatur, Illinois – 08/20/1984

          Dallas, Texas and Return to D.C. via Chicago – 08/22/1984-08/24/1984

          Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System v. Dimension Financial Corp.

          DBW - Borders v. Reagan Correspondence

          DBW - Borders v. Reagan - Drafts

          DBW - Borders v. Reagan Memoranda

          DBW - Borders v. Reagan Notes

          DBW - Borders v. Reagan - Pleadings


          OA 12679

          Bowers v. Moffet - Pleadings

          Bowers, et al. v. Moffet, et al - General

          Bowman v. USA et al.

          Brown v. Schein, et al.

          Bruton v. USA - Pleadings

          CNN General (1)-(6)

          CNN Memoranda (1)-(5)

          CNN Pleadings (1)-(4)

          CNN Pleadings Vol. II (1)-(5)

          CNN Pleadings Vol. III (1)-(5)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] FFF Deposition Transcript (1)-(2)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] Robin Gray (1)(2)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] Kim Hoggard (1)(2)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] David Prosperi (1)(2)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] Larry Speakes (1)(2)

          [CNN v, ABC et al] Mark Weinberg (1)(2)

          CNN v. ABC Documents for Possible Production

          CNN Documents for Possible Supplementation to Document Production

          CNN Documents from File of James Baker

          CNN Documents re Lottery

          CNN Documents Withheld Under Claims of Privilege

          CNN Transcript of 06/08/1981 Hearing (1)-(3)

          CNN Settlement (1)-(4)

          Chabal v. Reagan

          Common Cause v. Reagan, et al.

          Conservation Law Foundation vs. Harper  - General

          Conservation Law Foundation vs. Harper - Pleadings

          DBW - Diamond Shamrock v. Edwards

          Dow, Lohnes and Albertson v. USIA  (1)-(4)

          Dresser Industries [v. Baldridge et al]


          OA 12680

          [Farley v. U.S. Air Force]

          Farley v. U.S. Air Force - Notes

          Farley v. U.S. Air Force - General

          Farley v. U.S. Air Force - Pleadings

          Friends of the Earth v. Weinberger

          Williamson Subpoena (Gray v. Cotton)

          Helms v. Carmen

          DBW - Herschler v. Chambers and Wyoming v. Chambers

          Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education v. U.S. Department of Labor.

          Johnston, McGeorge and Davidson v. Council of Economic Advisors

          Navy Case - Joint Maritime Congress v. Lehman

          Legal Services Corp

          Legal Services Corp:  Legal Services v. Dana, et al.

          DBW - Lesniak v. United States

          Lesniak v. United States - Pleadings

          DBW - State of Maine v. U.S.

          Martin v. Reagan, et al.

          McClure v. Carter (1)-(4)

          Merlino v. USA

          Merrion v. Jicarilla Apaches

          NAACP vs. Devine - General (White House Out Card Only)

          NAACP vs. Devine - Pleadings (White House Out Card Only)

          NAACP v. Devine (Not in box)

          National Treasury [Employees] Union v. Reagan (Exclusion from C.S. Reform Act)

          National Treasury Employees Union v. Reagan (Exclusions of Agencies from Labor

                   Relations Provisions of CSRA (Civil Service Reform Act)

          National Treasury [Employees] Union v. Reagan (Hiring Freeze)

          [Natural Resources Defense Council v. City of New York - Canzeri Deposition]

          [Natural Resources Defense Council v. City of New York - Fuller Deposition]

          Natural Resources Defense Council v. City of New York - General


          OA 12681

          Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. v. City of New York - Materials for Review in

                   Preparation for Deposition of Lyn Nofziger and Joseph Canzeri (Notebook)

          [Natural Resources Defense Council v. City of New York - Nofziger Deposition]

          Natural Resources Defense Council v. City of New York - Pleadings

          Nevada Cattlemen's Assoc. v. Watt, et al.

          DBW - New Jersey v. U.S.

          New Jersey v. U.S.A. - Pleadings

          [Newton v. Gallagher]

          [Newton v. Gallagher]:  Deposition Transcript - Kupperman

          [Newton v. Gallagher]:  Deposition Transcript - Rubinoff

          Newton v. Gallagher - Pleadings I

          Newton v. Guiffrida - General

          Newton v. Guiffrida - Pleadings II

          Odom v. Honda, et al.


          OA 12682

          Ono v. Harper

          [Ono v. Harper]

          O'Reilly v. Reagan [I]

          O'Reilly v. Reagan [II]

          Orr v. State of Indiana

          Papasan v. USA, et al.

          Patino v. Reagan, et al.

          Public Citizen v. Executive Office of the President: Public Citizen v. Executive Office of

                   the President

          Public Citizen v. Executive Office of the President: Inauguration

          Public Citizen v. Executive Office of the President: Transition

          Public Citizen v. Executive Office of the President: White House Refurbishment

          Public Citizen Health Research Group v. Health and Human Services

          Quast v. President of the U.S.

          Rainbow Navigation v. Dept. of Navy

          Robbins v. Reagan I (1)-(16)

          Robbins v. Reagan II (1)-(18)

          Robbins v. Reagan III (1)-(14)

          Robbins v. Reagan (Mitch Snyder Suit) (1)-(4)

          Robbins v. Reagan IV (1)-(11)


          OA 12683

          Ross v. U.S.A.

          Rushforth v. Council of Economic Advisors :  General

          Rushforth v. Council of Economic Advisors  :   Pleadings

          [Rushforth v. Council of Economic Advisors  - I]

          [Rushforth v. Council of Economic Advisors  - II]

          [Rushforth v. Council of Economic Advisors  - III]

          [Securities Exchange Commission v. Paradyne Corporation] (Notebook)


          [Sanchez-Espinoza v. Reagan]

          Swift, Killian v. U.S. (Out Card - Gaylon 12/28/1986)

          Toyota v. United States


          OA 12684

          Toyota v. U.S. - Documents

          U. S. v. Archer-Daniels

          U. S. vs. Archer-Daniels-Midland and Nabisco Brands [I]

          U. S. vs. Archer-Daniels-Midland and Nabisco Brands [II]


          OA 12685

          Archer-Daniels-Midland and Nabisco

          Archer-Daniels-Midland and Nabisco (Notebook) (1)(2)

          DBW: U.S. v. Collins (S.D. Fla)

          U. S. v. Hinckley

          U.S. v.  Parish of St. Bernard and U.S. v. Parish of Jefferson

          U.S. v. State of New Hampshire (Title VII Consent Decree)

          U. S. v. Telacu (The East Los Angeles Community Union)

          U.S. v. Utah

          U.S. v. State of West Virginia

          State of Washington v. Seattle School District (School Desegregation)

          Westin Hotels v. North American Reporting

          Westlands Water District v. U.S.

          DBW: Westmoreland vs. CBS (1)-(8)

          Willens v. NSC

          [Wolfe and Public Citizen Health Research Group v. Health and Human Services]

          Zweibon v. Mitchell



          OA 12685 (Continued)


          District of Columbia Self-Government

          [Federal Advisory Committees Act]

          Marcus Garvey





          OA 12686

          Astronaut Promotion Policy

          Bromfield, Morton  - Wiretapping

          Carpenter, James - Antitrust Allegations - Federal Communications Commission - Lima,

                   Ohio Companies

          Congressional Hearings

          Contributions to Mexican Earthquake Relief Fund

          Corporation for Public Broadcasting (1)(2)

          Defense Appropriations - Enrolled Bill

          Director Conflict of Interest - Presidential Inauguration Committee and National Building


          Dog - President's, on Air Force 1

          Enrolled Bills

          Executive Orders

          FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

          FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) - LTV and Republic Steel Merger

          FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request - Margaret Heckler

          FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request - President's Domestic Policy

          Henry Gandy - Advice on Campaign Activities While in White House / Post

                   Employment Conflict of Interest Restrictions

          Grand Jury Disclosure Amendments Act of 1985

          Hauser, Richard A. - EPA Hearings Before House Committee on the Judiciary

          Hobbs Act Amendment - Comments on Legislative Proposal

          Judicial Appointments [American Samoa]

          Lafayette Park Regulations

          Legislation - To Be Signed by President


          Naval Audio Visual Center

          Peace Corps

          Presidential Advance Meeting - Trips

          Presidential Proclamations

          PFIAB (President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board) and PIOB (President’s

                   Intelligence Oversight Board) - SLUC (Standard Level Usage Charges) Billing

                   and FOIA

          PIOB (President’s Intelligence Oversight Board) - FOIA - Sunshine Act

          President's Name, Likeness, Remarks - Use of

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control in the Federal Government,

                   Foundation of (Grace Commission) (1)(2)

          Receipt of Gifts - Foreign Governments

          Referral Letters

          Robbins v. Reagan - Shelter for Homeless

          Safety Belts - Executive Order

          Mark A. Smith v. Reagan - POW Investigation

          Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank (Dabney v. Reagan)

          Teamsters / National Federation of Federal Employees Controversy re: Army Meeting at

                   White House

          United States Information Agency (USIA)

          Von Dardel v. USSR - Case Summary



          OA 12687

          Gift File

          Gift Forms

          Foreign Gifts

          Foreign Gift Report - 1983

          Foreign Gift Report - 1984

          Foreign Gift Report - 1985

          Foreign Gift Reports as Published in Federal Register

          Gifts to The President - 1981

          Presidential Gifts - 1982

          [Presidential Gifts - 1983]

          Gifts Purchased by President

          Gift Receipt Authority

          Mrs. Reagan Special

          Dress Memos

          [Sotheby Appraisal]

          [Lenox Letter re: Japanese Gift of China]

          [Wine Gift to Deaver]



          OA 12688

          DBW - Subject File: [May 1981; Tabs 1-6]

                   DOT Effort to Deregulate State and Local Mass Transit Systems, 05/05/1981

                   Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs' Recommendation with Respect to

                             Strategic Petroleum Reserve Financing, 05/06/1981

                   Department of Transportation's Draft Presidential Memorandum to the

                             Attorney General Regarding Actions to be Taken for the Automobile

                             Industry, 05/06/1981

                   Freedom of Information Act Request Made to the Intelligence Oversight

                             Board, 05/07/1981

                   Memorandum for Kelly Sinclair Regarding "Dear Friends" Letter,


                   Edward Schmults' Meeting Regarding Voting Rights Amendment,


          DBW - Subject File: [June 1981; Tabs 7-11]

                   Legislative Proposal to Amend the Immigration and Nationality Act,


                   Students in Free Enterprise

                   Photographs of Camp David Performance by Janie Fricke, 06/26/1981

                   James H. Sibbet, 06/29/1981

                   George Breece, 07/06/1981

          Subject File: [July 1981; Tabs 12-15]

                   Conflict of Interest Form Letter for Jim Baker, 07/20/1981

                   U.S. v. Clark - Subpoena for White House Staff Member, 07/27/1981

                   Chicago Desegregation Case, 07/21/1981

                   Ross v. USA

          Subject File: [August 1981; Tabs 16-19]

                   Justice Department Briefing Regarding Civil Rights and Desegregation

                             Cases,          08/12/1981

                   NSC Telecommunications Policy Advisory Board, 08/06/1981

                   U.S.S. Sequoia, 08/25/1981

                   Kartarik v. IKM Real Estate - Letter from Robert Elmer Johnson, 08/11/1981

          Subject File: [September 1981; Tabs 20-23]

                   Bernys Letter to Schiffer, 09/04/1981

                   Proposed Executive Order Entitled "Foreign Assistance and Arms Export

                             Control", 09/08/1981

                   Proposed Executive Order Regarding "Historically Black Colleges and

                             Universities", 09/11/1981

                   Lawsuit Brought by Fired PATCO Air Traffic Controller, 09/10/1981

          Subject File: [September 1981; Tabs 20-23, 1-7]

                   Floyd S. LaFontaine, 09/11/1981

                   Larry Hamner v. USA, et al., 09/09/1981

                   Johnny Carson's Tax Initiative, 09/15/1981

                   Request from Architectural Digest, 09/25/1981

                   Letter to Lawrence Speiser 09/25/1981

                   Memo Regarding Request for Copy of President's Kickoff Speech for United


                   United Indians of Nebraska, 09/28/1981

          Subject File: [October 1981; Tabs 8-16]

                   Letter to Heninger Regarding Odom v. Honda, 10/01/1981

                   Chewning v. Edwards, 10/01/1981

                   Mario J. Zammichieli, 10/07/1981

                   Estate of Don Francisco Capo E Illias, 10/14/1981

                   Charles Foreman 10/23/1981

                   Shooting of Hector De La Cruze Santoscoy, 10/22/1981

                   McKeel v. Islamic Republic of Iran, 10/26/1981

                   Lehman A. Moseley 10/30/1981

          Subject File: [November 1981; Tabs 16A-20]

                   James F. Fitzpatrick (Case Summary to MSPB), 11/24/1981

                   U.S. v. Hinckley, 11/12/1981

                   Request for Videotape of Inauguration, 11/09/1981

                   Melton Linwood Morris v. Reagan, 11/16/1981

                   Joseph S. Vazalis, 11/30/1981

          Subject File: [December 1981; Tabs 21-28]

                   Johnston, McGeorge and Davidson v. CEA 12/01/1981

                   Ardt v. USA, 12/10/1981

                   Satiacum v. Reagan et al.., 12/11/1981

                   U.S. v. R&D One Stop Records, 12/11/1981

                   Baber v. U.S., 12/11/1981

                   Ruscitti v. Carter, 12/14/1981

                   William R. Morisse, 12/14/1981

                   Pabon, et al. v. U.S., et al., 12/08/1981

          Subject File: [January 1982; Tabs 29-32, 1-5]

                   Reimbursement of Expenses by SDF to E. Gray, 01/08/1982

                   Washingtonian Letter from the President

                   Mark Weinberg Lost Slide Matter

                   Anthony v. State of Washington

                   Letter to Ken Bankson, 01/07/1982

                   James McCarthy, 01/14/1982

                   John Canty, 01/25/1982

                   Wolfe v. HHS, 01/18/1982

                   Letter to Senator Sasser Regarding Pizza

          Subject File: [January 1982; Tabs 6-9]

                   Proposed Book Entitled "Dear Mr. President," 01/27/1982

                   Proposed Executive Order Entitled "Environmental Safeguards for Animal

                             Damage Control on Federal Lands," 01/27/1982

                   Letter from Henry E. Gordon, 01/28/1982

                   Proposed Executive Order - "Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program" 01/29/1982

          Subject File: [February 1982; Tabs 10-27]

                   Notice to Repair Sidewalk, 02/01/1982

                   Duckhorn Wines, 02/09/1982

                   Claude Bakewell, 02/02/1982

                   Bob Ford 02/10/1982

                   Marie Louise v. Brentano Stine, 02/12/1982

                   Karna Small, 02/02/1982

                   Joan Blackman, 02/12/1982

                   Inner City Broadcasting Corporation, 02/12/1982

                   Akiko Morrison, 02/12/1982

                   Inquiry re: American Bicentennial Administration, 02/12/1982

                   Tom Delahanty, 02/17/1982

                   FOIA Request to L. Nofziger from J. Climaco, 02/18/1982

                   Letter from Michael Whitaker Regarding Pardon of James Cooper Green,


                   Wrenn v. Jimmy Carter, 02/18/1982

                   Maltes-Toores v. Reagan et al. , 02/22/1982

                   Letter to R. Lagomarsino, 02/23/1982

                   Proposed Executive Order "Federal Procurement Reforms", 02/25/1982

          Subject File: [March 1982; Tabs 28-47]

                   Joseph Teitelbaum, 03/01/1982

                   In Regard James Edward Wilson III and Jean Wilson, 03/01/1982

                   Freedom Federal Savings & Loan Association v. Sheldon Lee, et al., 03/01/1982

                   Letter to C. Kasmersky 03/01/1982

                   Letters to Pederson and Crockett, 03/03/1982

                   SBA Report, 03/04/1982

                   Litigation on Deferrals (M. Horowitz), 03/04/1982

                   Proposed Executive Order - Federal Procurement Reforms, 03/11/1982

                   Form Letter for Baker Regarding Energy, 03/15/1982

                   Robert F. Howarth, 03/12/1982

                   William B. Wilson, 03/16/1982

                   Lone Star Steel Company 03/16/1982

                   Ken Bakston 03/16/1982

                   House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation of the Energy and

                             Commerce Committee, 03/18/1982

          Subject File: [April 1982; Tabs 48-56]

                   Correspondence from P. McAvoy & William Winston, 04/02/1982

                   Letter to Carl Weisman Regarding Beulah Baker 04/06/1982

                   Letter to Dorothy Hulst, 04/08/1982

                   Memo to File Regarding Request from Peter Harris to Use Presidential Photo for

                             Advertising, 04/14/1982

                   Crosley International v. Baldridge, et al., 04/16/1982

                   Ernest F. Boruski 04/21/1982

                   Rodger Ekenberg 04/23/1982

                   Kutso Letter Regarding Sikorsky Helicopters, 04/26/1982

                   McManus Question Regarding Consultant

          Subject File: [May 1982; Tabs 1-23]

                   Doris Uhlman, 05/03/1982

                   Kenneth Bankston 05/04/1982

                   Robert H. Hawkes 05/04/1982

                   Frank M. Clark, 05/07/1982

                   Verna Mullinnex, 05/14/1982

                   Rudy Hicks, 05/17/1982

                   Roland Peterson, 05/18/1982

                   Edgar Bettis, 05/18/1982

                   E. F. Stoppenhagen, 05/18/1982

                   Gloria Wahl, 05/19/1982

                   White House Weekly, 05/19/1982

                   Epperly v. Reagan, 05/19/1982

                   Jon Vernon Kamm, 05/19/1982

                   R. J. Reynolds v. Baldridge, 05/20/1982

                   Elliott v. Reagan, 05/20/1982

                   Gerhart and Seymour, 05/20/1982

                   Oge Memo 05/20/1982

                   U.S. v. Judd 05/21/1982

                   Arthur Harriatt 05/19/1982

                   Dr. Perez-Heurta, 05/21/1982

                   James Farmer, 05/21/1982

                   Dominique Nocturne, 05/25/1982

                   Joan B. Taylor 05/26/1982

          Subject File: [June 1982; Tabs 24-48]   

                   Painting by John Nieto, 06/01/1982

                   Afghan Refugees, 06/01/1982

                   Emanuel Glass

                   Eva F. Scott Regarding C.C. Smith, 06/04/1982

                   R. Rentzer, 06/04/1982

                   Shelby Hollin, 06/04/1982

                   Norelco Dictaphones, 06/04/1982

                   Catherine St. Clair Regarding B. Stiltner 06/04/1982

                   Vetter Moore, 06/04/1982

                   Silverman v. United States, 06/07/1982

                   President's Council on Physical Fitness 06/14/1982

                   Martha Thompson, 06/14/1982

                   Mrs. E. D. Bloomingdale, 06/14/1982

                   William Armstrong Regarding Stuart Double, 06/14/1982

                   Eric Yelle, 06/15/1982

                   Kay Harbin, 06/21/1982

                   Morre v. Hunt, 06/23/1982

                   William Woodard, 06/02/1982

                   Nicholas Keller, 06/24/1982

                   Presidential Immunity, 06/25/1982

                   Nancy Clark Reynolds Regarding Nieto, 06/28/1982

                   Anne B. Pringle 06/28/1982

                   William Lamdin 06/28/1982

                   Enrolled Bills 4903 & 1482, 06/30/1982

                   Thomas J. Bliley, 06/30/1982

          Subject File: [July 1982; Tabs 49-64]

                   Paul J. Bleisch, 07/01/1982

                   Alan Levenson, 07/01/1982

                   Ft. Myers News - Press, 07/01/1982

                   Joseph Teitelbaum, 07/07/1982

                   German Rieckehoff, 07/13/1982

                   Interior Letter Regarding Watt Taxes, 07/12/1982

                   Robert W. Boyd, 07/12/1982

                   Killian Swift, 07/14/1982

                   Agriculture Council of America, 07/19/1982

                   Enrolled Bill 2240, 07/20/1982

                   Jo Fowler, 07/21/1982

                   Robert Glenn Johnson, 07/21/1982

                   Barney Frank, 07/28/1982

                   Bobby Herrod, 07/27/1982

                   Johnny Ford, 07/26/1982

                   Harry Creighton, 07/30/1982

          Subject File: [August 1982; Tabs 65-80]

                   Alexander Baranowski, 08/02/1982

                   Joseph F. Smith, 08/02/1982

                   John Warner, 08/02/1982

                   Ken Giovanelli, 08/05/1982

                   Press Transportation Fund 08/06/1982

                   Jason L. Stern - Braddock Pub., 08/09/1982

                   Invitation to C. Turner from S.F. Govt., 08/10/1982

                   Mildred Mooney, 08/10/1982

                   Negotiations by White House Employees Concerning Prospective Employment in

                             Private Sector, 08/11/1982

                   David Crowley, August 1982

                   Empire Corporation, 08/12/1982

                   Ritacco Partnership and Trust, 08/10/1982

                   Ronald Hoye v. R. Reagan, 08/10/1982

                   Gerald Kincaid, 08/11/1982

                   Harry Patnett, 08/12/1982

                   Jimmy Martinez, 08/13/1982

          Subject File: [August 1982; Tabs 1-16]

                   Jimmy Martinez, 08/17/1982

                   Evelyn Falkowski, 08/17/1982

                   Stephanie Powers, 08/13/1982

                   Samuel Berzon, 08/18/1982

                   Davis Crowley, 08/18/1982

                   Loan Agreement for Painting, 08/19/1982

                   Ernie Anostos, 08/19/1982

                   Lee Bostick, 08/23/1982

                   Columbus Day & Nordic-American Week, 08/24/1982

                   Afghan Refugees, 08/25/1982

                   Daniel Meany, 08/25/1982

                   Joseph L. Stevens, 08/30/1982

                   Nile Stanton, 08/30/1982

                   David R. White, 08/31/1982

                   Flextime and National Hospice Week, 08/31/1982

                   Gemmel v. FAA, 08/31/1982

          Subject File: [September 1982; Tabs 17-31]

                   Crater Lake National Park, Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act and

                             International Safe Container Act Amendment, 09/03/1982

                   Ernest F. Boruski, 09/03/1982

                   Carlo Djurovich, 09/03/1982

                   Mario Biaggi, 09/02/1982

                   Evelyn Falkowski, 09/02/1982

                   Joseph Meltzer, 09/07/1982

                   Carlo Djurovich, 09/09/1982

                   Army Subrogation Claim, 09/08/1982

                   Robert Fariman, 09/10/1982

                   Jesse Wiggins, 09/10/1982

                   Frances White, 09/15/1982

                   Moroccan-American Foundation, 09/17/1982

                   Garrett B. Trapnell, 09/15/1982

                   Alfred Spangler 09/17/1982

                   Michael Batten, 09/23/1982

          Subject File: [September 1982; Tabs 32-36]

                   Spanish Mastens 09/23/1982

                   Wendell Gunn, 09/23/1982


                   Sheik Mohammed Al-Fassi

                   Isidoro Robriguez, 09/29/1982

          Subject File: [October 1982; Tabs 37-56]  

                   Mildred Klumph-Silver, 10/01/1982

                   Latchis v. U.S., 10/04/1982

                   Charles Tobin, 10/04/1982

                   Country Music Awards, 10/04/1982

                   First National Bank v. Burris

                   Tecton v. Reagan, 10/06/1982

                   Ron de Lugo, 10/07/1982

                   Bruce Selfon, 10/18/1982

                   Ralph Stanley 10/18/1982

                   Pacific Economic Resources League, 10/18/1982

                   Enrolled Bills

                   Larry McDonald

                   Fred E. Patterson, 10/20/1982

                   Fair v. Regan, 10/20/1982

                   Miscellaneous Revenue Act of/1982, 10/21/1982

                   Parren Mitchell, 10/22/1982

                   Earl Hutto

                   DOL Recommendation Regarding Reprisal Protection, 10/27/1982

                   Fort Totten, 10/28/1982

                   Reverend Gratreak, 10/28/1982

          Subject File: [November 1982; Tabs 1-14]

                   Colonel Edward Dean, 110/4/1982

                   Ed Bethune, 11/04/1982

                   Kenneth East, 11/04/1982

                   Bedo Istvan Karoly, 11/05/1982

                   Joe Canzeri Regarding Ron Lauder, 11/08/1982

                   John C. Webb (Regarding Agnew), 11/08/1982

                   Architectural Digest

                   Bedo Istvan Karoly v. Reagan 11/05/1982

                   Baron Alex Ostoja-Starzewski, 11/09/1982

                   Bill Greene, 11/10/1982

                   Casimir G. Oksas, 11/10/1982

                   Cabinet Member Gifts to Foreign Officials, 11/10/1982

                   Presidential Oath of Office 11/12/1982

                   Archbishop Valerian D. Trifa, 11/16/1982

          Subject File:[November 1982; Tabs 15-23]

                   Norman Tyler Sobel, 11/17/1982

                   Marion Burns v. Cloverbelt Credit Union, 11/17/1982

                   Golsen-El v. Congress of USA, 11/19/1982

                   Tax Exemption Report, 11/19/1982

                   Gift from John Hay, 11/19/1982

                   Living History Farms, 11/22/1982

                   Rosemarie Bell, 11/24/1982

                   Gifts to Chuck Tyson, 11/26/1982

                   Beach Blanket Babylon

          Subject File: [December 1982; Tabs 24-35]

                   Jimmie Mason, 12/08/1982

                   Gilpin v. U.S., 12/07/1982

                   Lucille Kotoki, 12/08/1982

                   Robert Ridgill, 12/10/1982

                   Patrick Hayden, 12/14/1982

                   Henry Lujan, 12/15/1982

                   Corinthian Broadcasting, 12/15/1982

                   Michael Tecton, 12/16/1982

                   Resident Advisory Board v. Rizzo, 12/17/1982

                   Commendation for Secretary Schweicker and Anthony Hayes, 12/20/1982

                   Sanchez-Espinoza v. Reagan, 12/27/1982

                   Department of Education v. D-Q University, 12/30/1982

          Subject File: [January 1983; Tabs 36-49]

                   Donald J. Mitchell and Richard Swan, 01/05/1983

                   Amway Gift to Deaver, 01/07/1983

                   Governor Dalton, 01/07/1983

                   Helen Ward v. Reagan, 01/10/1983

                   Judge John Coffey, 01/12/1983

                   Ike Andrews, 01/12/1983

                   Paul Simon, 01/12/1983

                   U.S. v. Elroy Lewis, 01/13 82

                   U.S. v. Von Brunn, 01/18/1983

                   Rosebud Sioux Tribe, 01/18/1983

                   Visa Application on M. Wolinski, 01/17/1983


                   Orrin Hatch, 01/24/1983

                   William Causey, 01/25/1983

          Subject File: [February 1983; Tabs 50-60]

                   Greentree v. U.S. Parole Commission, 02/02/1983

                   U.S. v. Cornell Jennings, 02/07/1983

                   Doris Dolan (Task Force on Victims of Crime), 02/08/1983

                   Soviet Pentecostals, 02/08/1983

                   Bob Hope Birthday Gala, 02/08/1983

                   Invitation to P. Russo and J. Pond to Participate in Trip to Taiwan,


                   Wasfy S. Asaad, 02/10/1983

                   Snellen Johnson, 02/11/1983

                   Michael Uhlmann - Invitation to Attend Convention of Labor Business

                             Associations, 02/11/1983

                    Mariana Islands, 02/14/1983

                   Bronxson v. U.S., 02/14/1983

          Subject File: [February 1983; Tabs 1-13]

                   Northern Mariana Islands, 02/14/1983

                   Raymond Coughlan, 02/15/1983

                   Michael Francis Marshall Regarding HUD 02/15/1983

                   Duberstein - Invitation to Become Member of Advisory Committee of the

                             Congressional Assistant Program, 02/17/1983

                   Roberta Clark Regarding Portrait of Mrs. JFK, 02/17/1983

                   Inauguration Day 02/17/1983

                   Isidoro Rodriguez, 02/17/1983

                   EPA Stockholding Matter, 02/18/1983

                   EEOC Complaint, 02/17/1983

                   Elizabeth Iron Works   (Louis Diamond), 02/24/1983

                   National Shelter Program (COYNE), 02/24/1983

                   Joseph Margiotta, 02/25/1983

                   Federal Anti  - Tampering Act, 02/28/1983

          Subject File: [March 1983; Tabs 14-29]

                   Joseph Fausto, 03/01/1983

                   Glenn McClintio, 03/01/1983

                   Esther Cuntz, 03/01/1983

                   Proposed Meeting with Representatives of National Machine Tool Builders

                             Association, 03/02/1983

                   Executive Order on Private Sector Initiatives and Propriety of Appointing

                             Members of Ronald Reagan's Family to Same, 03/03/1983

                   Budget Freeze Fundraiser, 03/04/1983

                   Philip Nicolaides, 03/04/1983

                   Richard Conway, 03/08/1983

                   Glenn Harvey, 03/08/1983

                   Tobacco Gifts to James Baker, 03/14/1983

                   Augmentation of Appropriations, 03/14/1983

                   Gifts to Judge Clark, 03/15/1983

                   Almaden Wine to Deaver, 03/15/1983

                   Gift to Gergen from Oriana Fallaci, 03/16/1983

                   Garcia - Ruiz v. Reagan 03/16/1983

                   Hearings Scheduled by House Subcommittee on Commerce, Transportation

                             and Tourism, 03/16/1983

          Subject File: [March 1983; Tabs 30-36]

                   Newball v. Offshore Logistics, 03/16/1983

                   Howard Fisher (Jimmy Swaggart), 03/17/1983

                   Kika De La Garza 03/18/1983

                   U. S. v. Jennings 03/18/1983

                   Strom Thurmond Regarding William Ellison, 03/17/1983

                   Prayer for Peace and Memorial Day, 03/18/1983

                   Pro Bono Work (Bruce Selfon), 03/21/1983

          Subject File: [March 1983; Tabs 37-48]

                   Jack Fields Regarding V. V. Ramsey P. L. Endergrass, 03/21/1983

                   Proposed Executive Order Entitled "Exclusions from The Federal Labor –

                             Management Relations Program", 03/23/1983

                   Petition of Norm L. Douglas, 03/24/1983

                   Gifts to Deaver from M & M / Mars, 03/24/1983

                   Michael Francis Marshall, 03/28/1983

                   Russ Kotfila, 03/29/1983

                   Use of Newsclip in Japanese TV Commercial, 03/29/1983

                   Karna Small - YMCA Travel Expenses 03/30/1983

                   Application to HUD for Mortgage Insurance -- Southridge Village Project,


                   Motorcycle Import Relief, 03/30/1983

                   Lewis C. Thornton, 03/31/1983

                   Michael Tometz, 03/28/1983

          Subject File: [April 1983; Tabs 49-57]

                   Proposed Communications Regarding Litigation Affecting Federalism,


                   Ed Lasko Regarding Gas Tax Bill, 04/04/1983

                   Request for Extradition of T. Beaurone, 04/05/1983

                   Peter Jesella, 04/05/1983

                   Kaye Briggs, 04/05/1983

                   U. S. v. EPP (Meese Subpoena), 04/05/1983

                   Dan Flora, 04/06/1983

                   Ann Harrison, 04/06/1983

                   R. E. Hunter Regarding L. Roussel, 04/08/1983

          Subject File: [April 1983 Tabs 1-6]

                   Tom Korologos 04/12/1983

                   Terry Fewell, 04/12/1983

                   Privacy Act Request, 04/14/1983

                   Clinton Morse Regarding Astor Kirk, 04/14/1983

                   Mariana Islands, 04/19/1983

                   Gerald Strober 04/19/1983

          Subject File: [April 1983; Tabs 7-19]

                   James Yocum, 04/19/1983

                   Woodard Furniture, 04/20/1983

                   John S. Howell Regarding Pardon, 04/20/1983

                   Santa Barbara Jury Questionnaire, 04/20/1983

                   Michael Batten, 04/22/1983

                   Gerald Strobert, 04/26/1983

                   Edward Monroe 04/26/1983

                   Architectural Digest 04/27/1983 

                   Warren R. Howell, 04/28/1983

                   John Rousselot, 04/28/1983

                   National Labor Management Panel, 04/28/1983

                   Kent Crane, 04/29/1983

                   Velamints, 04/29/1983

          Subject File: [May 1983; Tabs 20-33]

                   Dudley Regarding David Lawsky, 05/02/1983

                   Zwerling v. Reagan, 05/03/1983

                   Franco Columbu, 05/03/1983

                   Request for Prosecution of Dan White, 05/03/1983

                   Roger Larson, 05/03/1983

                   Karna Small - Travel Expenses, 05/06/1983

                   New York Magazine, 05/09/1983

                   Judge William Steger, 05/09/1983

                   Bob Hope, 05/10/1983

                   Peter Montagnoli, 05/10/1983

                   Request to Use Tape of President Signing Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982,


                   Red Cloud v. U. S., 05/11/1983

                   Garn - St Germain, 05/13/1983

                   Drs. Nyun - Han, 05/16/1983

          Subject Files: [May 1983; Tabs 34-42]

                   Pierre Poudevigne, 05/18/1983

                   Robert Beachum   (Request from R. Gray), 05/19/1983

                   Charge of Unfair Labor Practice, 05/19/1983

                   Inquiry Regarding President's Salary, 05/23/1983

                   Draft Testimony on Federal Tort Claims Act Amendments, 05/24/1983

                   Justin Dart Regarding Flight Service Station for Kearney Nebraska, 05/25/1983

                   GMAC - Regarding Ed Harper, 05/25/1983

                   Evangeline Hayes, 05/27/1983

                   Nike Request, 05/31/1983

          Subject File: [June 1983; Tabs 43-50]

                   Mrs. R. North Regarding Howard Hunt, 06/01/1983

                   Peter Lopez, 06/01/1983

                   Wasfy Asaad, 06/03/1983

                   DOT's Proposed Response to Questionnaire on Regulatory Reform,


                   Photo with Heroic Pilots, 06/06/1983

                   Josephine Pugh (Bedspread), 06/07/1983

                   Hopfmann / Kenney Ballot Access Lit., 06/07/1983

                   Thomas A. Griffiths, 06/07/1983

          Subject File: [June 1983; Tabs 1-15]

                   Schweicker Letter

                   Peter Hannaford Regarding Pardon for Wingate, 06/14/1983

                   POPM Personnel Security Review, 06/14/1983

                   Harold Cohen Regarding Taxes, 06/14/1983

                   Paso Fino Horse, 06/15/1983

                   Hopfmann / Kennedy Ballot Access Lit., 06/16/1983

                   John McQuiston, 06/15/1983

                   JRG Memo Regarding Tax Return, 06/17/1983

                   Kim Golding Regarding Religious Tape, 06/23/1983

                   Safire Letter, 06/23/1983

                   LeBlanc Regarding Aeration System for Pond, 06/23/1983

                   Stan Cohen Regarding SNC Tape, 06/23/1983

                   HHS Regarding AIDS, 06/24/1983

                   Mary Enright Regarding Tax Structure, 06/27/1983

                   Coleman v. IRS, 06/28/1983

          Subject File: [July 1983; Tabs 16-30]

                   AFGE v. Reagan, 07/07/1983

                   Glenn English, 07/05/1983

                   Michael Tolman, 07/08/1983

                   Jerusalem Women's Seminar, 07/11/1983

                   Lester Rouleau, 07/17/1983

                   John Lauff, 07/13/1983

                   Possible Strike of AMTRAK, 07/14/1983

                   Mrs. Robert North Regarding Hunt, 07/19/1983

                   Nan R. Huhn, 07/20/1983

                   O'Byrne v. NASA, 07/20/1983

                   Burmese Sculpture, 07/22/1983

                   Ole Henriksen, 07/22/1983

                   J. Timothy Sprehe, 07/25/1983

                   Peter P. Jesella, 07/26/1983

                   Michael Reagan Regarding Boat Race 07/30/1983

          Subject File: [August 1983; Tabs 31-42]

                   Lehmann Li, 08/01/1983

                   Terry Calvani 08/03/1983

                   Bildisco v. Reagan, 08/03/1983

                   Litigation Summary for Harper, 08/05/1983

                   Native American Rights Fund v. Reagan, 08/05/1983

                   Reverend David J. Bergner, 08/10/1983

                   23 Cuban Refugees, 08/11/1983

                   Continental Airlines Strike, 08/12/1983

                   Allegation of Violation by U. S. Steel & British Steel of U. S. Domestic Trade

                             Laws, 08/15/1983

                   Reinstatement of Temporary Visa for Mrs. J. Butler, 08/22/1983

                   Letter to Richard May Regarding Designation of Northern California Rivers

                             under Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, 08/23/1983

                   Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Pre-rodeo 08/23/1983.

          Subject Files: [August 1983; Tabs 43-46]

                   H. R. 3409 - Unemployment Benefits and Distribution of Commodities,


                   Thomas Burnett

                   Eddie Carthan

                   Smith & Wesson Handgun, 08/25/1983

          Subject Files: [September 1983; Tabs 47-60]

                   M. Yedor Regarding Videotape of M. Reagan's "Assault On The Great

                             Lakes" 09/01/1983

                   L. Bridenstine Regarding Goodyear Tire Commercial, 09/06/1983

                   Inquiry from D. Penny Regarding Affect of Israeli Military Service on U.S.

                             Citizenship, 09/06/1983

                   Qurino Basilio Regarding Pardon

                   M. Easton, 09/12/1983

                   C. A. Howlett Regarding Reimbursement for Travel, 09/13/1983

                   Lloyd Tucker Regarding Pardon, 09/14/1983

                   Dick Clark Productions, 09/14/1983

                   James B. McCarthy, 09/15/1983

                   Richard Fisher Regarding Washington "Gas Light Company" United Way

                             Campaign, 09/15/1983

                   Chuck and Georgeianna Poff Regarding Alleged Welfare Fraud, 09/15/1983

                   Gladys Watson Regarding National Federation of Catholic Physicians'

                             Guilds' President's Award, 09/16/1983

                   President's Hearing Aid, 09/16/1983

                   DOJ Letter to Annuities, 09/16/1983

                   SBA Designation of DOT as Participating Agency, 09/16/1983

          Subject File: [September 1983; Tabs 1-13]

                   Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union Local v. Smith

                   Dennis Wiggins Regarding Legal Services, 09/19/1983

                   Proposed Statement Regarding S. 1080  (Regulatory Reform Act), 09/20/1983

                   Wally Herger, 09/20/1983

                   Marvin Spike Regarding M. R. Kopmeyer, 09/21/1983

                   Glenn Cove, 09/22/1983

                   Nike Foreign Customs Inquiry, 09/23/1983

                   Planned Parenthood v. CFC, 09/26/1983

                   Phyllis Gilbert Regarding Margiotta, 09/27/1983

                   Dick Clark Company, 09/27/1983

                   Guy Heinemann Regarding FOIA Request, 09/28/1983

                   Lester Hyman Regarding S. 216, 09/30/1983

                   President's Hearing Aid, 09/28/1983

          Subject File: [October 1983; Tabs 14-29]

                   Gergen's Trip to New York for Magazine Publishers Association, 10/04/1983

                   D. E. Ross Regarding Fund for Crash Victims, 10/04/1983

                   Food, Clothing and Toy Christmas Drive, 10/05/1983

                   Parade Magazine Cover Story, 10/05/1983

                   Clifford Bitker, 10/13/1983

                   Photographs of Non-White House Staff Members, 10/17/1983

                   Vertical Milling Machines, 10/18/1983

                   Malcolm Muggeridge, 10/20/1983

                   Press Inquiry re: President's TV Residuals 10/20/1983

                   Martin Luther King, 10/21/1983

                   Frank R. Swiatek, 10/25/1983

                   George W. Crockett re: RR's Tax return, 10/15/1983

                   David C. Webb, 10/26/1983

                   Craig Spence re: PBS Show 10/26/1983

                   Joseph M. Scandura 10/26/1983

                   U. S. v. Reed and Driskel 10/26/1983

          Subject File: [October 1983; Tabs 30-35]

                   Walter Mungovan 10/26/1983

                   Chad Horse 10/27/1983

                   Republican Senatorial Trust Committee Gifts 10/26/1983

                   Memo re: Playboy 10/26/1983

                   Irene Papageorge, 10/28/1983

                   FOIA Request re: Richard Allen, 10/31/1983

          Subject File: [November 1983; Tabs 1-21]

                   Testimony of W. Vance re: Panama Canal 11/03/1983

                   Biago Pinto 11/04/1983

                   Request for First Lady to Sponsor Tree at Auction, 11/07/1983

                   Gahl Hodges Trip to Oman, 11/08/1983

                   Janna Ballard 11/09/1983

                   Ben Quartuccio, 11/09/1983

                   Liberty Bank of Hawaii 11/14/1983

                   "The Day After" 11/14/1983

                   Sterling English 11/14/1983

                   Robert John Sechan 11/17/1983

                   Frank Barron re: Pardon for PATCO Controllers 11/18/1983

                   James R. Yocum 11/18/1983

                   Boalbey v. Reagan 11/21/1983

                   People v. Bradley 11/22/1983

                   Blake Edwards 11/22/1983

                   Hawkins v. Reagan, 11/22/1983

                   Release of Letter re: Ghana 11/23/1983

                   Draft Reply re: KAL 007 Memorial 11/22/1983

                   San Chan 11/22/1983

                   Raymond Hackett 11/29/1983

                   Thomas S. Horton 11/29/1983

          Subject File: [December 1983; Tabs 22-35]

                   William F. McDermott 12/01/1983

                   Title VII Lawsuit Against Pasadena, California 12/02/1983

                   Nativity Scene Litigation 12/06/1983

                   Howell Heflin re: Restoration of Death Penalty for Military, 12/07/1983

                   American Space Station 12/09/1983

                   Lewis C. Thornton 12/09/1983

                   Estate of Daisey Eden Odell 12/12/1983

                   CBS Request to use Errol Flynn & RR Scene in Television of the Week


                   Major Mcintos v. Massachusetts 12/13/1983

                   Spencer Hickman, 12/14/1983

                   Skinner v. Reagan 12/14/1983

                   Federal Design Improvement Program 12/15/1983

                   Gareth Wilson v. Reagan 12/16/1983

                   Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union v. Smith 12/16/1983

          Subject File: [December 1983; Tabs 36-42]

                   Gift of Two Oil Paintings by Dottie Kay, 12/20/1983

                   Angelo Campanaro 12/20/1983

                   Lenell Jeter 12/20/1983

                    Lester Rouleau 12/20/1983

                   Ronald Markie re: Glomar Java Sea (George Sullivan) 12/21/1983

                   Inmate Letter to Mrs. Reagan 12/21/1983

                   Conrad Vaugh Re Larry Flynt 12/22/1983

          Subject File: [January 1984; Tabs 1-12]

                   Captain Peter Ahrens 01/04/1984

                   Paul Pearson re: Nuclear War, 01/06/1984

                   Frederick Fermin re: Prevention of Crime Week, 01/11 83

                   Charles Vick 01/11/1984

                   Jackie Presser 01/13/1984

                   George Murphy re: Margiotta 01/17/1984

                   Demonstrations During Arrival Ceremonies 01/18/1984

                   Moon Tax Case 01/18/1984

                   Jack Fields re: V. V. Ramsey January18/1984

                   Jean Joel 01/18/1984

                   IG Reports re: Alaska RR & VA Hospital 01/19/1984

                   Gary Hemp 01/19/1984

          Subject File: [January 1984; Tabs 13-20]

                   David Webb 01/20/1984

                   Authority for 332(G) Investigation Relating to Free Trade Area with Israel


                   John Demjanjuk 01/20/1984

                   Robert Doumar 01/20/1984

                   Petra Barajas v. U. S. 01/20/1984

                   Hermann Erben 01/20/1984

                   RIHT Corp. 01/23/1984

                   National Review 01/23/1984

          Subject File: [January 1984; Tabs 21-32]

                   PSI Draft Letters re: Handicap Games, 01/24/1984

                   Draft Statement of C. Kuhl re: SSA Nonacquiescence Policy 01/24/1984

                   Student Letter Re Nuclear War 01/26/1984

                   VISA Inquiry - Bengt Gunnar Adalberth 01/26/1984

                   Alan Bartling 01/27/1984

                   Jos DeWit 01/27/1984

                   Amendments to Hobbs Act 01/27/1984

                   Raymond Milligan 01/27/1984

                   Presidential Rank Awards, 01/30/1984

                   Caesar Agustine v. Government of U. S., 01/30/1984

                   State of Georgia v. Harris, 01/31/1984

                   Farm Sector Conditions and Program Development, 01/31/1984

          Subject File:   [February 1984; Tabs 1-19]

                   Geraldine Schroeder, 02/01/1984

                   Estates of Albert Leonard and Etta Mae Edwards v. U. S., 02/01/1984

                   Mayor Richard Hatcher re: Wallace Muhammad 02/02/1984

                   Relief of Audun Endestad 02/02/1984

                   Erick Judea Sivers v. Reagan 02/02/1984

                   Alfred Boeddeker (Nobel Peace Prize) 02/02/1984

                   Robert Wonner, 02/03/1984

                   Distribution / Religious Literature with Surplus Food 02/03/1984

                   Adopt a School Initiative 02/06/1984

                   SMU Air Law Symposium 02/06/1984

                   SEC Approval of ESOP for ICX Co., 02/07/1984

                   Jimmy Martinez 02/07/1984

                   Ronald Dandor 02/07/1984

                   Vicki Mahaffey 02/07/1984

                   Alfred Boeddeker re: Nobel Peace Prize 02/08/1984

                   Herman Erben 02/09/1984

                   John Tower re: V. Ramsey 02/09/1984

                   World Wheelchair Games 02/09/1984

                   OSHA "Field Sanitation" Rule, 02/09/1984

          Subject File: [February 1984; Tabs 20-25]

                   ICC Deregulation, 02/10/1984

                   Garnishment of Military Pay for Child Support, 02/10/1984

                   Albert Ehringer re: Pardon 02/13/1984

                   Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation B 02/13/1984

                   Gary Hemp v. Reagan 02/13/1984

                   James W. Farmer re: Parole 02/14/1984

          Subject File: [February 1984; Tabs 26-36]

                   Operation Jackpot 02/15/1984

                   Senator Jepsen re: Artist Paul Norton, 02/16/1984

                   North Carolina Presidential Primary 02/21/1984

                   Actions to Enable U. S. Steel Industry to Rationalize Itself 02/21/1984

                   Gray Market Goods 02/21/1984

                   Laura Chasen, 02/23/1984

                   Ralph Bledsoe, Attendance at Seminar 02/24/1984

                   Don Nickles re: Herb Neal   02/24/1984

          Bobbi Fiedler re: St. George's Medical Student 02/27/1984

                   Statement of Floyd Clarke to Senate Committee on Labor and Human

                             Resources 02/29/1984

                   Charles Godon Vick, 02/29/1984

          Subject File: [March 1984;  Tabs 1-10]

                   Dan Lurie 03/02/1984

                   Temporary Suspension of Deportation for El Salvadorans, 03/05/1984

                   Inez Lippert re: H. L. Radue, 03/06/1984

                   Robert Haslach re: Unikap Bicycles 03/06/1984

                   Alwin Hopfmann v. Connolly 03/06/1984

                   State of Ohio Department of Taxation v. Patterson 03/07/1984

                   Legislation to Amend Federal Rules of Civil Procedures to Provide for

                             Service of Process by Mail 03/07/1984

                   Statement of S. Trott 03/07/1984

                   Presser Telegram re: Bilisco 03/07/1984

                   Cong. Nichols re: Alabama Army Ammunition Plant 03/08/1984

          Subject File: [March 1984; Tabs 11-24]

                   Marcus Garvey 03/08/1984

                   Christine D. Fidanian re: Sassounian 03/08/1984

                   Sister Mary McGown re: Mona Wilson, 03/08/1984

                   Mrs. Raymond Brown re: Estate of Norman Sobel 03/09/1984

                   Dan Iuga 03/13/1984

                   Thurmond re Administrative Support of PBS Series on Aging 03/13/1984

                   Peter Daugherty / SBA Denial 03/13/1984

                   Dominic J. Bonato 03/13/1984

                   Community Farm Program Corp. 03/14/1984

                   Council of Independent Colleges 03/14/1984

                   Prayer Partners Ministry's Request to Use President's Name 03/14/1984

                   Alberta Fergus 03/14/1984

                   Edward L. McCabe 03/15/1984

                   President’s Citizens Medal 03/15/1984

          Subject File: [March 1984; Tabs 25-36]

                   Peter Gottheiner, 03/16/1984

                   Baldridge Stmt. re: Problems Facing Steel Industry 03/21/1984

                   Taggart v. Arabian American Oil Co. 03/21/1984

                   Memo to Dept. and Agency Heads re: Give 03/21/1984

                   Gordon Panzak 03/23/1984

                   Walter J. Klein re: Fitness Film, 03/26/1984

                   Memo to Heads of Exec. Depts. re" Reform of Federal Advisory Committees


                   David Roderick re: Steel Import Limitation 03/29/1984

                   Mabel Reinoehl 03/29/1984

                   Thomas Van Swearingen v. Reagan 03/30/1984

                   Johnston Amendment 03/30/1984

                   James Edwards re: James W. Cade 03/30/1984

          Subject File: [April 1984;   Tabs 1-14]

                   David Houghtling 04/02/1984

                   Ralph Bergman 04/02/1984

                   Jeeps for China 04/02/1984

                   Fortner v. Reagan 04/03/1984

                   Proposed Presidential Letter to Mayors of Award Cities 04/03/1984

                   Tuan A. Do 04/04/1984

                   Catherine Davis re: Mexican Horse 04/05/1984

                   John Marion re: Auctioning Tour 04/06/1984

                   Hamilton AFB, 04/09/1984

                   M. Deaver's SF 728   04/09/1984

                   Evelyn Butts re: Oil Lease 04/09/1984

                   Panama Canal Federation of Teachers v. Reagan  04/10/1984

                   National Archives Packing Services for Presidential Gifts  04/10/1984

                   Dan Iuga  04/11/1984

          Subject File: [April 1984;  Tabs 15-31]

                   Lloyd Buchanan 04/11/1984

                   Grady Wells, 04/11/1984

                   Robert & Mildred Taggart v. Aramco 04/11/1984

                   PBS TV Benefit 04/12/1984

                   Paul Gregg re: RR's Charitable Deduction 04/12/1984

                   Use of President's Name (Hispanic Theater and Quarter Horse Breeder)


                   Arnold Mouish re: Federal Tort Claims Act 04/12/1984

                   Robert Burford re: Oil Lease to RR's Ranch, 04/13/1984

                   Brobst v. Reagan 04/16/1984

                   Mort Sahl re: Henry Ngai 04/16/1984

                   Mark Molaksy, 04/17/1984

                   Wilford Fischer re: Community Farm Program Corp, 04/17/1984

                   Leah Ruth Houska, 04/17/1984

                   Federal Land Bank of Wichita v. Lewis 04/20/1984

                   Christopher Watkins re: Executive Clemency 04/20/1984

                   George Kyser, 04/20/1984

                   USIA Blacklist 04/20/1984

          Subject File: [April 1984; Tabs 32-48]

                   Kenneth Bissett 04/20/1984

                   Kjeldahl v. Block, 04/24/1984

                   Angelo Campanaro 04/25/1984

                   Aircrash Disaster Near Saigon 04/25/1984

                   Heritage Bank v. FDIC   04/25/1984

                   Michael O'Rourke 04/25/1984

                   Sierra Club Petition 04/25/1984

                   Acting GC for NLRB 04/26/1984

                   Sherrill Landes v. U. S., 04/27/1984

                   Lucy Ebisch re: Eddie Carthan, 04/27/1984

                   Joann Nichols Cordeiro, 04/30/1984

                   Monte Lee v. Burger 04/30/1984

                   Dale White re Relations With Holy See 04/30/1984

                   Thomas Price 04/30/1984

                   VII World Wheelchair Games, April.. 30/1984

                   Ann and James Yarbrough, April. 30/1984

                   DOJ Rep. of George Keyworth April. 30/1984

          Subject Files: [May 1984; Tabs 1-13]

                   Ramp v. U. S. 05/09/1984

                   Martin v. U. S. District Court 05/15/1984

                   Strickland v. Reagan 05/16/1984

                   Randolph v. U. S. 05/16/1984

                   Vance Stmt. re: Compensation for Occupational Asbestos-Related 05/21/1984

                   Alaska Festival in Washington Committee 05/22/1984

                   Frederick Snodgrass re: Pardon 05/23/1984

                   Presidential Petition to Intervene at Olympics 05/23/1984

                   Akron Ecumenical Housing Corp. - HUD Funding Appl. 05/25/1984

                   Thomas R. Borneman re: J. Presser 05/25/1984

                   Renewal of Hungarian and Romanian Trade Agreements 05/25/1984

                   Charles Merrill Mount 05/25/1984

                   Haslet v. Reagan, 05/29/1984

                   Whittlesey Travel Expense 05/29/1984

                    Petition Requesting ITC to Place Quota on Copper Imports 05/30/1984

                   William Embrey re: Prison Transfer 05/31/1984

          Subject File:   [June 1984; Tabs 14-31]

                   U. S. v. Read and Driskel 06/01/1984

                   M. L. Harbourt re: Ship Collision 06/01/1984

                   D. Temple re: Hoang Dinh Phan 06/01/1984

                   Ted Schwarz re: Michael Kennedy 06/01/1984

                   Proposed Presidential Meeting with John Hinckley 06/01/1984

                   Salazar v. U. S. 06/07/1984

                   Charles Davis (Inmate Request for Transfer), 06/07/1984

                   Richard Stern re: Prison Transfer, 06/07/1984

                   Use of Presidential Letter in Special Olympics Display 06/07/1984

                   Randolph Pearce (American Burn Society), 06/08/1984

                   Quiet Title Legislation 06/08/1984

                   Conant v.  U. S. 06/08/1984

                   Jeanne Miller re: Flat Rate Tax 06/11/1984

                    Marvin Katz re: Pardon for Robert Rappaport 06/12/1984

                   Kenneth Alford re: Restoration to Postal Clerk Job 06/13/1984

                   David Harris (Advance Man) 06/13/1984

                   John J. Keohane re: South Carolina v. Reagan, 06/13/1984

          Subject File: [June 1984; Second Series Tabs 1-6]

                   Mrs. Kipilii re: Ronald Reagan 06/14/1984

                   Richard Sniffen re: Prison Transfer 06/15/1984

                   Wonder Art's Enterprises and R. Harrison v. U. S. 06/15/1984

                   Operation Babylift (Cong. Wirth Letter) 06/15/1984

                   Corruption Network / Fraud Scheme Involving Oil Related Service and

                              Production 06/18/1984

                   Proposed DOJ Testimony re: Enforcement and Utilization of Bank Security Act

                             of 1970 06/19/1984

          Subject File: [June 1984;  Second Series Tabs 7-15]

                   Sandra Gayk re: Suit Against ACLU 06/19/1984

                   12th Annual Report on Federal Advisory Committees 06/19/1984

                   Mrs. Helen Shoemaker re: Use of Quotes From Inaugural Address 06/20/1984

                   H. R. 5517 - Additional Positions in GAO, 06/21/1984

                   Fred W. Purdy re: IRS 06/22/1984

                   Warren Burger's 15th Anniversary, 06/22/1984

                   Proposed Letter from Secretary Hodel to Governor Cuomo re: Shoreham Nuclear

                             Power Plant 06/22/1984

                   Statement to Charles Rule before the Committee on the Judiciary re: Health Care

                             Cost Containment Act 06/25/1984

                   Request by Washington, Pennsylvania Observer Report to Use President

                             Signature 06/25/1984

          Subject File: [June 1984;  Second Series Tabs 16-23]

                   Jettie Goerk re: Alleged Misuse of Medicare Funds 06/27/1984

                   Andrew Davis v. Reagan, 06/27/1984

                   Observer Reporter re: Use of RR's Signature 06/27/1984

                   EO Sowerwine re: Supreme Court Petition 06/28/1984

                   Letter re: Rehiring of Air Traffic Controllers 06/19/1984

                   Recommendation of Kenton Musgrave for U. S. Court of International Trade


                   Congressman Strangeland re: Migrant Workers' Suit 06/29/1984

                   Paradyne Invoice 06/29/1984

          Subject File: [July 1984; Tabs 1-9]

                   H. R. 5565 - Relocation of Facilities & Land Exchanges within DC 07/02/1984

                   Proposed Letter from Lee Verstandig re: Enterprise Zone Employment and

                             Development Act 07/02/1984

                   H. R. 5927 - Increase in Public Debt Limit, 07/02/1984

                   Sandra Rodrigues 07/02/1984

                   Likoff Cardiovascular Institute 07/03/1984

                   Adrian Gnam 07/03/1984

                   William Elmer re: Pardon for Moon 07/03/1984

                   Christine Mahoney re: Photo of RR for Labor Management Publication


                   BCP Housing Corporation 07/05/1984

          Subject File: [July 1984; Tabs 10-16]

                   Dick Richards re: Clemency for Charles Christopher, 07/05/1984

                   H. R. 3922 - Postal Savings System Statue of Limitations 07/11/1984

                   H. R. 3927 - Relief for Kenneth Perrin July12/1984

                   H. R. 5154 - NASA Authorization Act of 1985, 07/13/1984

                   AT&T Communications Proposal to Provide Electronic Messaging System

                             Terminals 07/16/1984

                   Presidential Management Improvement Awards 07/18/1984

                   Responses to Runners' World Magazine 07/18/1984

          Subject File: [July 1984; Tabs 17-24]

                   EO - National Emergency support to U. S. Postal Service 07/20/1984

                   Letter of Recommendation Request, Larry Speakes 07/20/1984

                   Christopher Watkins 07/25/1984

                   Howard Fine 07/25/1984

                   Green Card Validation, Richard Walker 07/26/1984

                   "The Hope That Made America Famous", 07/26/1984

                   Civil Rights Complaint of Ramiro Arango 07/27/1984

                   Swift Tarbell 07/30/1984

          Subject File: [August 1984;  Tabs 25-31, 1-9]

                   Inquiry from Harper's 08/01/1984

                   FOIA Testimony of William Webster 08/02/1984

                   Raquel B. Kinney re: Pardon for Her Son 08/03/1984

                   United States v. D - Q University 08/03/1984

                   DOJ Testimony re: Freedom of Information Reform Act 08/03/1984

                   Jessie Wheeler v. Reagan 08/06/1984

                   Request for Assistance in Obtaining Work Permit for IBT's Official's

                             Daughter 08/0/1984

                   Parker v. Reagan 08/06/1984

                   332(G) Investigation Relating to Rules of Origin, 08/06/1984

                   Reagan Commemorative Belt Buckles, 08/07/1984

                   Providence St. Mel 08/07/1984

                   Legislation Authorizing Establishment of a Presidential Fund to Provide

                             Emergency Food and Related Assistance Abroad 08/07/1984

                   Hugh Aiken 08/07/1984

                   National Association of Letter Carriers Poster 08/09/1984

                   Blacklisting Campaign Against Tourism to Grenada 08/09/1984

                   American Duck Hunters Association Request for Assistance in Obtaining

                             501(c) (3) Status, 08/09/1984

          Subject File: [August 1984, Tabs 10-24]

                   Quit Title Actions 08/14/1984

                   Jose Patino 08/14/1984

                   FOIA Request for Records re: Proposed Merger between LTV Corporation

                             And Republic Steel 08/14/1984

                   Hoover Powerplant Act of 1984 08/15/1984

                   James Jones re: Executive Clemency 08/16/1984

                   Arif Jamaluddeen Muhammad v. United States 08/16/1984

                   Scott Peters v. Reagan 08/17/1984

                   FOIA Request re: Saudi Air Defense Enhancement Package 08/17/1984

                   Jewish War Veterans of the USA, Inc. 08/20/1984

                   Ostomy Awareness Month 08/20/1984

                   Conveyance of Federal Land to Brigham City, Utah 08/20/1984

                   Land Use Restrictions in Olathe, Colorado 08/20/1984

                   Pan American Airways Employee Pension Benefits 08/22/1984

                   Pennzoil Company and Tenneco Oil Company v. Reagan 08/24/1984

                   Avian Flu Task Force 08/24/1984

                   McClintock House - Fee Simple Title 08/24/1984

                   Pony Express & California Trails 08/24/1984

                   Dam Safety Amendments 08/24/1984

                   Reauthorization of Cotton Classing Use Fees 08/24/1984

                   Decision on Civilian Pay Increases 08/24/1984

                   John Paone re: Firing of P. Newman of LSC, 08/29/1984

                   Implementation of Caribbean Basin Initiatives 08/31/1984

          Subject File: [September 1984; Tabs 1-19]

                   Sameshima re: Lance Tracey 09/04/1984

                   Julius Bradshaw 09/04/1984

                   Request for Use of President's Photograph from Decatur Speech 09/04/1984

                   Alphonse Provens v. State of Ohio 09/04/1984

                   Request for Collection Assistance, Cornell Jennings & Terry Gipe 09/05/1984

                   Darryl Kohls re: Pardon, 09/07/1984

                   Quay Peter Anthony v. President and Citizenry of U. S. 09/07/1984

                   Commendation Letter for Quadrus & Friends, Inc. 09/10/1984

                   Draft Testimony of Alan C. Nelson before the Committee on the Judiciary

                             Concerning Refugee Consultations 09/10/1984

                   Letter from John P. Garan 09/11/1984

                   Alfonse Eroline v. Richard Botz 09/12/1984

                   Letter from Trent Lott re: Pardon for Irene Scott 09/13/1984

                   John Sutorius re: J. Brady's Medical Expenses, 09/13/1984

                   Mary Sue Hubbard re: Pardon 09/14/1984

                   Gail Healy re: Statement for Use in "Courage to Change: Hope and Help for

                             Alcoholics and Their Families" 09/17/1984

                   Paul Owens re: Transmittal of Letters to Parole Commission 09/19/1984

                   Kenneth Ruggles v. State of Connecticut 09/19/1984

                   State of Maryland v. Paltsky 09/20/1984

                   S. 806, Reimbursement for Okefenoke Rural Electric Corp. 09/20/1984

                   National Adult Day Care Center Week 09/20/1984

                   United Nations Day, 09/20/1984

                   Radio Talk, Steel & Agriculture, 09/20/1984

                   Position Statement for Flying Magazine 09/20/1984

                   Volunteer Action Award, 09/20/1984

          Subject File: [September 1984; Tabs 20-31; Second Series Tabs 1-6]

                   National Association of Radiation Survivors v. Walters (Eli Sandoval & Hector

                             Garcia) 09/20/1984

                   Mary Keas re: RR's Taxes

                   Cong. Wheat re: Taxes, 09/20/1984

                   Travel Authorization in Response to Subpoenas 09/21/1984

                   Petition to U. S. to Intervene in Public Utilities Application 09/21/1984

                   Proposed Fire Safety Volunteer Book Markers 09/21/1984

                   S. 1546 Deepwater Port Act Amendments of 1984, 09/21/1984

                   The Timkin Co., Faircrest Steel Plant 09/21/1984

                   HUD Request to Increase Public Housing Borrowing Limit 09/21/1984

                   S. J. REs. 333 World War I Aces & Aviators Day 09/21/1984

                   H. J. REs. 545 Emergency Medicine Week 09/21/1984

                   S. 1538 Drug Price Competition & Patent Term 09/21/1984

                   Helen Richardson v. Reagan 09/24/1984

                   U. S. v. Larry Ennis 09/24/1984

                   Mona King re: Hinckley Tapes 09/25/1984

                   Mark Nathanson 09/25/1984

                   President's Health Care 09/26/1984

                   David P. Brown 09/26/1984

                   S. 692 Relief of Charles Beeman 09/26/1984

                   S. 1140 Relief of Patrick Tso 09/26/1984

                   S. 798 Relief of Grietje Beumer 09/26/1984

                   S. 277 Relief of Marlon Oplet 09/26/1984

                   S. 301 Relief of Kim Heimberger 09/26/1984

                   S. 1989 Relief of Vladimir Yakimetz 09/26/1984

                   Dr. Roger Pearson 09/27/1984

                   Request from Environmental Action for Comments from President re:

                             Fitness & Health 09/27/1984

                   Basketball Hall of Fame 09/27/1984

                   Proposed Executive Order, Continuance of Certain Advisory Committees,


                   S. 38 Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Amendments of

                             1984, 09/28/1984

                   H. R. 1236 Relief of Andrew & Julius Lui, 09/27/1984

                   H. R. 5343 Relief of Narciso Achila Navarette 09/28/1984

          Subject Files: [October 1984; Second Series Tabs 7-20]

                    BWT Corporation, 10/03/1984

                   S. 1841 National Cooperative Research Act of 1984, 10/09/1984

                   H. R. 5221, Extending Grain Inspection User Fees 10/09/1984

                   Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Week 10/09/1984

                   Young Astronaut Program 10/12/1984

                   H. R. 5167 DOD Authorization Act 10/12/1984

                   Sgt. Kevin Crook 10/12/1984

                   H. R. 2859 Relief for John Brima Charles 10/16/1984

                   Raquel Kinney, 10/17/1984

                   Frederick Snodgrass re: Pardon, 10/17/1984

                   H. R. 5618 Veteran's Health Care Act of 1984, 10/18/1984

                   John Evans re: Pardon of Patrick McKenna 10/18/1984

                   Barbara Lewis re: Pardon for Her Husband 10/22/1984

                   William Erwin re: Complaint against FAA 10/23/1984

                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adam re: Visa 10/24/1984

                   H. R. 1870 Vietnam Veterans National Medal Act 10/24/1984

          Subject File: [October 1984; Second Series Tabs 21-27]

                   Jacksonville Naval Air Rework Facility, Paul Locigno 10/25/1984

                   Prayer Partners Ministry 10/25/1984

                   Beverly Wicks re: Hinckleys 10/25/1984

                   Hopfmann v. Kennedy, 10/26/1984

                   S. 540 Health Research Extension Act of/1984, 10/29/1984

                   Salute to USIA, 10/30/1984

                   Sharrow v. Ferraro & Reagan 10/31/1984

                   Reeder v. Mako 10/31/1984

          Subject File: [November 1984; Tabs 1-15] (1)(2)

                   FBI Investigation of Alleged Presidential Meeting with Messrs. Meese,

                             Donovan, Hatch 11/01/1984

                   Howard Lawson re: USPS Job 11/02/1984

                   Cincom Systems, Tom Nies re: Use of RR Photograph 11/06/1984

                   Mark Davis re: Toyota Commercial 11/07/1984

                   Senator Armstrong re: Ralph Bergman 11/07/1984

                   Kennedy Center Honors Program 11/07/1984

                   Marc Holtzman re: Jewelcor Catalogue 11/07/1984

                   Cruse v. Reagan 11/08/1984

                   Travel Authorization in Response to Subpoenas

                   Marc Holtzman

                   Kennedy Center Honors Program 11/07/1984

                   Jacquelyne Neal re: Allegation of Waste & Abuse in Memphis EEOC Office


                   Dallas Times Herald Use of RR Photo 11/08/1984

                   Felicia Ughanze re: Visa

                   Robert D. Johnson re: IRS Collection of Bankruptcy Money 11/13/1984

          Subject File: [November 1984; Tabs 16-28]

                   Burt Young re: Affidavit from President on Age 11/13/1984

                   Robert P. Chapman re: Pilot Fatigue 11/14/1984

                   Gary Scott Anderson v. U. S. 11/15/1984

                   National Care & Share Day, 11/15/1984

                   Request from Kaleidoscope for Presidential Handprint 11/15/1984

                   Administrative Claim of Irwin Englander, 11/16/1984

                   Draft Response to Former President Ford re: Farm Program 11/16/1984

                   U. S. v. William Horace David Spencer 11/19/1984

                   Request of Baldt for a Meeting with Secretary of Navy 11/19/1984

                   Wade Barber re: Pardon for Thomas Garrett 11/19/1984

                   Selenia Corp., NATO Contract 11/19/1984

                   Kareem Abdool-Rashaad v. U. S. 11/20/1984

                   Michael Walden Smith v. Reagan 11/29/1984

                   Times Mirror Group re: Cowboy Hat for Auction 11/26/1984

          Subject File: [November 1984; Tabs 29-32]

                   Congressman Mineta's Request for FTC Comment Letter, 11/27/1984

                   Leon F. Wilson 11/27/1984

                   Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine: Navy Investigation, 11/27/1984

                   Lease Application / Mineral Rights to Land Including Portions of  President's

                             Ranch 11/28/1984

          Subject File: [December 1984; Tabs 1-3]

                   FOIA Request re: John Sirica, 12/03/1984

                   Francis Joseph Chiappardi 12/03/1984

                   U. S. v. William Thomas 12/04/1984

          Subject File: [December 1984;  Tabs 4-16]

                   Sister Elyse re: St. Ann's Infant Home 12/05/1984

                   11th Annual Report of Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee


                   Larry D. Jeszenka 12/06/1984

                   Brenda Scission re: Little Rock Excelsior Hotel 12/07/1984

                   Partial Revision of International Radio Regulations 12/07/1984

                   Edward Converse re: IRS 12/10/1984

                   Stephen Pearson v. Executive Office of the President 12/11/1984

                   Andrija Artukovic 12/11/1984

                   Reverend Iman Ifill v. Reagan 12/12/1984

                   Ernesto De La Fe re: Pardon for His Brother, 12/12/1984

                   Mary Sue Hubbard re: Ken Friedman, 12/14/1984

                   Draft Memo to Departments & Agency re: Development of Administration's

                             Regulatory Program 12/17/1984

                   John Hawk-Bey v. Reagan, 12/19/1984

          Subject File: [January 1985; Tabs 1-21]

                   Annual Report on Activities of CEA 01/02/1985

                   Michael Scoffer re: Pardon for Arnholt Smith 01/03/1985

                   Cheryl Averill 01/04/1985

                   Pacific Loan, Inc. 01/04/1985

                   Darley v. Reagan 01/04/1985

                   Lomer Basque v. Ronald and Nancy Reagan

                   Ross McKee re: Gift to President 01/04/1985

                   Gregory A. Kish re: Social Security, 01/04/1985

                   National Lawyers Guild v. Attorney General 01/08/1985

                   Retention of Statue at American Embassy in Paris 01/08/1985

                   Abraham Solovay 01/11/1985

                   1985 Economic Report, Chapter 1, 6 & 5, 01/11/1985

                   White House Christmas Tree Ornaments 01/11/1985

                   William Chan re: Circulation of Letter from President, 01/14/1985

                   Agreement between White House Photo Office and NBC 01/17/1985

                   Pardon for Frank J. Hacht 01/18/1985

                   Frederick Saussy, 01/24/1985

                   Minister Dion Wayne v. Ronald Reagan 01/29/1985

                   Executive Clemency for Don Huddleston 01/29/1985

                   Judge Lloyd Buchanan, 01/29/1985

                   Frances Tyson v. Ronald Reagan, 01/31/1985

          Subject File: [February 1985; Tabs 22-31; Second Series Tabs 1-3]

                   Pardon for Air Traffic Controller, 02/04/1985

                   Clyde A. Higby 02/05/1985

                   Administrative Conference Draft Bill to Authorize Appropriations and to

                             Increase the Size of the Conference Membership, 02/06/1985

                   Cong. Lagomarsino re: Ronald Rodriguez, 02/07/1985

                   Arturo re: VA Abuse 02/08/1985

                   Hanoch Tel-Oren v. Libyan Arab Republic 02/11/1985

                   Reginald Carroll re: Civil Service Employment, 02/11/1985

                   Representative Markey's Request Information & Documents re: U. S.

                             Citizens in South Africa 02/11/1985

                   Malcolm Baldrige re: Pardon for Don Huddleston 02/11/1985

                   L. T. Bradt re: Allegations of Prosecutorial Misconduct 02/14/1985

                   Michael Haskel re: Vladimir Machikov 02/14/1985

                   Leland & Judith Pratt 02/14/1985

                   William J. R. Embrey re: Civil Rights Complaint 02/14/1985

          Subject File: [February 1985; Second Series Tabs 4-19]

                   Sen. Hatch re: Sun Myung Moon 02/14/1985

                   Draft Joint Resolution re: Compact of Free Association, 02/15/1985

                   Rep. Dorgan re: Presidential Pardon 02/15/1985

                   Donation of Inaugural Souvenirs for Auction 02/19/1985

                   Leonard Gilman, 02/21/1985

                   IRS Record Keeping Requirements for Use of Business Vehicle 02/21/1985

                   Ken Hayes re: Association of Physical Fitness Centers, 02/21/1985

                   Mrs. Frankie Katz re: Denial of Her Husband's Promotion 02/21/1985

                   Francis DeLucia re: Firing from HUD Position 02/21/1985

                   Anton Ziebart re: Clock Bearing President Likeness 02/21/1985

                   Elmer Rasmuson 02/22/1985

                   William Chan re: Message to Chinese 02/25/1985

                   Proposed Visit to White House by Employees of Schramsberg Vineyards


                   Ontario Air Parts v. U. S. 02/25/1985

                   Mrs. Armond Schwartz re: Beaux Arts Ball Auction 02/26/1985

                   Draft Statement of Paul McGrath re: Proposed Sale of Consolidated Rail

                             Corporation 02/26/1985

          Subject File: [March 1985, Tabs 20-31; Third Series Tabs 1-8]

                   Office of Special Counsel Report re: Loss of Air Force Restricted Area Badge


                   FBI Release of McCarthy Era Documents 03/1/1985

                   Letter Supporting Ambassador Gavin's Membership in the Bohemian Club


                   Charles Laycock re: Special Counsel Report, 03/04/1985

                   Michael D. Beinner re: Men's Guide to Fashion 03/04/1985

                   Request by Chris Demuth for William Niskanen's Comments on Affidavit

                             Filed in Ama v. Heckler 03/05/1985

                   Katherine Lazerow v. Egger 03/05/1985

                   Ilene Drape re: Allegations of Prosecutorial Misconduct 03/05/1985

                   Presidential Letter re: MX 03/05/1985

                   National Council on the Aging, Inc. 03/06/1985

                   Demolition of Blast Furnaces 03/0/1985

                   Boren, Nickles & Watkins re: Mehrdad Kazemi 03/06/1985

                   Attachment against Secret Service Employee, 03/06/1985

                   Ross Lake re: Auto Import Restraints 03/07/1985

                   Ron Robertson re: Southerners for Reagan 03/07/1985

                   Executive Clemency for John Glandon Davies 03/07/1985

                   Nora McCardle re: Champus Treatment 03/08/1985

                   William Van Eck re: Quit Claim from Phillip Risner 03/08/1985

                   CCEA Memo for the President on Corporate Takeovers 03/11/1985

                   Request for Permission to Erect Statue of President 03/11/1985

          Subject Files: [March 1985; Tabs 1-11]

                   Morgan Dawns v. City of Syracuse 03/13/1985

                   Admiral Crommelin re: Pardon for James Von Brunn 03/13/1985

                   Kohn Beverage Company v.  Teamsters Local 348 03/13/1985

                   Morris v. Reagan 03/13/1985

                   Anthony Griffiths re: Detention of State Rep. Chris Shays, 03/13/1985

                   Joe M. Rodgers re: Clemency for Eddie Sisk 03/13/1985

                   Estate of Timothy Lydon 03/14/1985

                   Housing for Relief Caretakers at President's Ranch 03/18/1985

                   Archbishop Valerian Trifa, 03/18/1985

                   Unocal & Union Oil v. Security Pacific National Bank 03/20/1985

                   Carl Stern FOIA Request 03/20/1985


          OA 12689

          Subject File: [March 1985; Tabs 12-23]

                   National Medal of Arts, 03/20/1985

                   Gregory Kish re: Social Security Benefits 03/25/1985

                   Henry Spallone 03/25/1985

                   Ross Lake re: Import Trade Restrictions

                   H. R. 1397 & 1399 Farm Bankruptcies 03/26/1985

                   New Life Enterprises re: Gerivitol H3 03/26/1985

                   Correspondence re: President's Salary 03/26/1985

                   Cong. Smith re: Price Fixing Violations, 03/28/1985

                   Mailgram to President re: SDI Technology 03/28/1985

                   This People Request to Use Videotape of President 03/28/1985

                   Request to Use Baseball Clip of President 03/28/1985

                   Rodriguez FOIA Request 03/28/1985

          Subject File: [April 1985; Tabs 24-31]

                   Leon Brown & Henry McCollum 04/02/1985

                   Inquiry re: President's California Pension 04/08/1985

                   Allegations against INS Official (Jose Cano), 04/09/1985

                   Garry Thompson v. Mondale 04/09/1985

                   Council of Independent Colleges (Gary Quehl) 04/09/1985

                   National Children's Eye Care Foundation's Home Eye Test Program 04/09/1985

                   Ameropan Oil Corp Dispute with CITGO 04/10/1985

                   David Mulholland re: 04/Protest 04/10/1985

          Subject Files: [April 1985; Second Series Tabs 1-13]

                   Walt Martin re: Southern Industrial Banking Corp. 04/10/1985

                   Leonard Stemens re: Meese's Army Reserve Status & Rank 04/10/1985

                   Kevin Sullivan re: Non-Caucasian Petition in Beverly Hills 04/10/1985

                   Ronald B. Lee re: IRS Proceedings 04/11/1985

                   Carol Currie v. District of Columbia April 11/1985

                   Sava Popovich re Claim against Tokai Bank 04/11/1985

                   Allegations against Manager of Federal Land Bank in La Grande, Oregon

                             (Vivian Crook) 04/11/1985

                   Salvatore Turco re: Presidential Assistance in Obtaining .45 Caliber Pistol,


                   Cigna Proposal for Directors Insurance 04/15/1985

                   Florence Fiedler v. Democratic & Republican Committees 04/16/1985

                   Robert Difalco re: Compensation Claim 04/16/1985

                   U. S. Israel Free Trade Area Agreement 04/16/1985

                   Effect of Pricing Policies of Bonneville Power Administration on Aluminum

                             Industry 04/16/1985

          Subject Files: [April 1985;  Second Series Tabs 14-22]

                   Raymond Tate re: Gary Dodson 04/18/1985

                   Robert Johnston re: Middle South Utilities, Inc. 04/19/1985

                   Questions re: Commission's Approval of Chevron Corporation Application

                             to Divest 04/22/1985

                   Congressman Shelby re: DOJ Investigation of General Dynamics 04/23/1985

                   Parade Story on Wick and USIA 04/23/1985

                   PSI Associates Group 04/30/1985

                   Milton Kellett re: Merrill Lunch 04/30/1985

                   George Patrascu 04/30/1985

                   DOD Testimony on Personnel Security Programs 04/30/1985

          Subject File: [May 1985; Tabs 1-13]

                   Robert Carter re: Denial of Petition For Cert. 05/04/1985

                   Veltman v. Ronald Reagan 05/06/1985

                   Gary Frederick re: Tax Case 05/06/1985

                   James Kuhn, Auto Accident 05/06/1985

                   George Reder re: Meeting with President 05/07/1985

                   Hugh  v.  Ronald Reagan 05/07/1985

                   Huntington Branch NAACP v. Town of Huntington 050/7/1985

                   Robert Corbtt v. Reagan 05/07/1985

                   Press Clippings re: Joe Wright 05/07/1985

                   Kenneth Nixon re: Asbury Park Housing Authority 05/08/1985

                   C. B. Sung 05/08/1985

                   Michael Reagan Request to Intervene To Prevent Eviction of Hildreth Family 05/08/1985

                   Kevin McCarthy re: 10th Amendment Concerns 05/09/1985

          Subject File: [May 1985; Tabs 14-23]

                   Tennessee Valley Authority's Assertion of Independence from Presidential

                             Directive 05/16/1985

                   Metropolitan Square Litigation 05/16/1985

                   Susan Lauffer re: EEOC Matters 05/16/1985

                   W. James Macintosh re: Charitable Contributions, 05/20/1985              

                   Urban Development Action Grant Decatur, Illinois, County Market Project,


                   Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System v. Dimension Financial Corp.,


                   McClelland Smith re: Appointment of Special Prosecutor 05/22/1985

                   Ron Alvarado - Correspondence re: EEOC 05/22/1985

                   Lewis Furer 05/22/1985

                   Proposed Delegation of Presidential Authority to USIA 05/29/1985

          Subject File: [June 1985; Tabs 24-31]

                   Memo to Larry Harlow re: Investigation of E. Curran 06/04/1985

                   SIG - IEP Policy Paper re: Extraterritoriality 06/04/1985

                   Lester Hook re: White Collar Crime by NY Stock Brokerage, 06/04/1985

                   Antonio & Valerie Reaves re: Fathers Suit against Army 06/04/1985

                   John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Larry Dowers, 06/05/1985

                   Jack Hall re: Response to Public Citizen Inquire re: PPSSCC 06/05/1985

                   Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals Inc. & Glaxo Inc., - Lester Hyman


                   President's Task Force on Crime Victims 06/07/1985

          Subject File: [June 1985; Second Series Tabs 1-14]

                   DOJ Draft Letter to Sen. Thurmond re: S. 239   06/07/1985

                   Ted Hodgson re: Theft of Securities under CFTC, 06/10/1985

                   Senator Levin re: Inquiry by Constituent re RR's Hospital Expenses and Social

                             Security 06/11/1985

                   Dossier re: Press Pool 06/12/1985

                   Jim Brady's Chili 06/13/1985

                   Cong,. Roybal / Roger Porter Correspondence, 06/13/1985

                   Unauthorized Use of President's Picture on Teacups 06/13/1985

                   David Shaw v. Senate Budget Committee 06/13/1985

                   Walter Peitsch v. Government of the U. S.  06/13/1985

                   Richard Cesaro re: SEC Fraud Investigation, 06/13/1985

                   Removal of "Win One For The Gipper" Scene from "Knute Rockne - All

                             American" 06/17/1985

                   Francis Delucia 06/17/1985

                   Joe Canzeri re: Auction Items 06/17/1985

                   George Soloman re: Pardon 06/18/1985

                   White House News Summary Distribution 06/19/1985

          Subject Files: [June 1985; Second Series Tabs 15-24]

                   Beacon Products Corp. v. Ronald Reagan 06/18/1985

                   Letter for Interagency Working Group, 06/18/1985

                   Resident VISAS (Mrs. Reagan), 06/20/1985

                   Prayer Partners Ministry re: Use of RR's Name 06/20/1985

                   Scott Barnes 06/20/1985

                   FNMA Appointments 06/21/1985

                   Bill Deophos re: Tips 06/21/1985

                   Annie Montgomery 06/21/1985

                   Billie Shaddix re: Request for RR Photos for Auction 06/21/1985

                   Proposed Reorganization of White House Preservation & Fundraising

                             Organizations 06/21/1985

          Subject Files: [July 1985; Tabs 1-3]

                   Security & Access Report of White House Correspondents' Association

                   Inquiry Concerning Proposed Regulations on Voiding Contracts 07/01/1985

                   William Van Eck re: Quit Claim Deed of Philip Risner 07/02/1985

          Subject File: [July 1985; Tabs 4-16]

                   Gisella Reyes re: Earl Stringer 07/02/1985

                   Richard Newsham re: President's California Pension Benefits 07/03/1985

                   Cong. Bill Young re: Pension Benefit 07/03/1985

                   Eddie Sisk 07/091985

                   Martin Edward Lewis re: Discrimination at Rush Medical College 07/10/1985

                   President's Regulatory Program, 07/10/1985

                   Leslie Baker v. U.S.  07/11/1985

                   Arthur Starr v. Ronald Reagan 07/11/1985

                   Possible Executive Privilege Assertion (USTR) 07/11/1985

                   Jerry Moon re: Tupper Saussy 07/11/1985

                   Alek Fidanian 07/11/1985

                   Karl Grossman re: Long Island Lighting Company Stock 07/11/1985

                   President's Health Insurance 07/11/1985

                   Intergovernmental Affairs Letters re: Garcia, 07/12/1985

                   White House News Summary, 07/12/1985

          Subject File: [July 1985; Tabs 17-29]

                   Appointments to National Selective Service Appeal Board 07/12/1985

                   Chester Goodloe re: Discrimination Claim 07/12/1985

                   Islamic Society of Greater Houston 07/15/1985

                   EEOC Proposed Report on H. R. 691 07/15/1985

                   Allocation of Unused UHF Radio Spectrum (Sheriff Block) 07/17/1985

                   Memo to Bryce Harlow re: Walter Wallace 07/17/1985

                   David Brown 07/18/1985

                   Bob Hadsell's VA Claim, 07/19/1985

                   National Lawyers Guild v. Attorney General, FOIA 07/19/1985

                   Hubbard Broadcasting / Conus Communications 07/25/1985

                   Ted Hodgson 07/29/1985

                   Richard Collins 07/30/1985

                   Irmgard Hardie re: Alaska 07/31/1985

          Subject File: [August 1985; Tabs 1-13]

                   Glen Roberts v. U. S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance 08/01/1985

                   Carlton Turner - Invitations to Speak 08/07/1985

                   Anthony Arbonaise 08/07/1985

                   Jan Erickson re: United Strike 08/07/1985

                   K. Gomm re: Contractual Matter for Repair of Aircraft 08/08/1985

                   Robert & Mildred Tracy v. U. S. 08/09/1985

                   Requests for White House Videotape 08/13/1985

                   Arthur Schneider re: Joint Venture with Guangzhou 08/13/1985

                   Florian Stanescu 08/13/1985

                   Alexander Lyakhov re: Hunger Strike 08/14/1985

                   Richard Collins 08/14/1985

                   Lloyd Buchanan 08/19/1985

                   Weekly White House Newsletter, 08/19/1985

          Subject File: [August 1985; Tabs 14-20]

                   Lafayette Park Regulations 08/21/1985

                   David Maslowsky re: ID Card Waiver for Brother 08/27/1985

                   WMMB - TV FOIA Request (Walter Jacobson) 08/27/1985

                   Request from Tom Gibson for Clearance on Public Affairs Press Release


                   Earl Chappell 08/28/1985

                   Isabelle Koehler re: Tax Return 08/29/1985

                   Customs Service Decision Regarding Tariff on Ethanol Imports 08/28/1985

          Subject File: [September 1985; Tabs 21-31; Second Series Tabs 1-5]

                   Questionnaire from Survey Research Laboratory 09/03/1985

                   Zia Sheilds re: use of RR Air Force Tape 09/03/1985

                   Request for Meeting Between President & Joan Benoit 09/03/1985

                   Presidential Response to Resignation Letter from Louis Guiffrida


                   Mark Sholander re: Pardon for Charles Wuertenberger 09/09/1985

                   Macmillian Publishing re: Photograph of RR for Textbook 09/09/1985

                   Anatoly Michelson 09/11/1985

                   Anchorage Bid for Winter Olympics 09/10/1985

                   William Mueller re: Lawsuit against U.S.D.C. 09/13/1985

                   Request for Presidential Letter for Publisher of Wave Newspapers


                   FDA Document Requests from Cong. Ted Weiss 09/16/1985

                   FOIA Request from American Jewish Congress 09/16/1985

                   Tim Andrews re: Lawsuit Filed Against Bienville Parish School Board


                   Scott Wood re: Pardon for William Norman Hawes 09/17/1985

                   Derivados Acrilicos v. Donald Regan

                   Scott Barnes 09/17/1985

          Subject File: [September 1985; Second Series Tabs 6-13]

                   Request for Presidential Greetings for Labor - Management Conference


                   Control of Audio During Presidential Speeches 09/20/1985

                   Maurice Letz re: Estate of Rocco Pronini, 09/20/1985

                   Bondurant v. Martin 09/20/1985

                   Message for Washington Magazine 09/24/1985

                   Paul Goodland against Pardon for Moon 09/24/1985

                   Mobile Subscriber Equipment from UK, 09/24/1985

                   Henry Gandy 09/25/1985

          Subject File: [September 1985; Second Series Tabs 14-20]

                   Admiral Carroll re: Tabulation from Joan Kroc Foundation Campaign


                   Foreign Press Passholders 09/26/1985

                   ITA Request for FOIA Review of Documents 09/26/1985

                   Dorothy Triplett re: RR California Pension 09/27/1985

                   Charles Robert re: Dispute with HHS 09/27/1985

                   Leilian Levy re: NASA FOIA Request 09/27/1985

                   Sundseth Matter 09/30/1985

          Subject File: [ October 1985; Tabs 1-13]

                   Ruth Zadik re: Stolen Papers 10/01/1985

                   Eddie Sisk 10/01/1985

                   Dick Swanson, People Magazine, re: Clearance, 10/03/1985

                   UHF Unused Radio Spectrum Request from Los Angeles County Sheriff


                   Professor Andrew Popper re: Federal Regulatory Process Intern Program


                   Major Henry Sarchet 10/04/1985

                   U. S. - PRC Legal Seminar, 10/07/1985

                   Gregory Spellman 10/07/1985

                   Clairene Hampton re: Equitable Sentencing 10/08/1985

                   Dot Vannerson re: Lester Ben Binion 10/08/1985

                   James Dixon re: Lawsuit against Charles Ming, 10/09/1985

                   Jerome Klein re: Pardons 10/09/1985

                   Francis Delucia 10/10/1985

          Subject File: [October 1985; Tabs 14-26]

                   Estate of Norman Ryler Sobel 10/15/1985

                   Refugee Resettlement Funding Lawsuit 10/16/1985

                   Paul Young re: Trevor Phillips Lawsuit 10/21/1985

                   William Sack re: DOE Grants - CEDA 10/21/1985

                   John Neal re: Pardon for Edward Gaylord 10/22/1985

                   Ulysses Payne re: R. Bledsoe's Article 10/22/1985

                   Crescent Gala 10/26/1985

                   Kenneth Nixon 10/28/1985

                   MSPB Reports: James A. Haley VA Hospital, Selfridge Air National Guard,

                             Bureau of Indian Affairs, Rock Island Arsenal Police - 10/29/1985

                   Lawrence Rosenbaum, SBA, 10/29/1985

                   PATCO - Request for Clarification re: Rehiring 10/29/1985

                   Judith Warsh re: Children's Book for RR 10/29/1985

                   Joann Tapia re: Sexual Harassment 10/31/1985

          Subject File: [November 1985; Tabs 27-31]

                   Reagan Presidential Library, Photo Request 11/04/1985

                   Mention of Lee Greenwood's Song in Thanksgiving Day Message to Armed

                             Forces, 11/05/1985

                   Charles Pote 11/05/1985

                   Henry Pelfry re: Admittance to White House for SBA Award, 11/05/1985

                   Congressman Lowery re: Commander Fronabarger 11/06/1985

          Subject File: [November 1985; Second Series Tabs 1-15]

                   Request for Videotape of Lighting of Christmas Tree 11/06/1985

                   Presidential Remarks: American Cancer Society 11/06/1985

                   Talking Points/Issue Briefs on Recent Actions on Social Security and

                             Congressional Delay on Government Fiscal Matters (Tom Gibson)


                   James Carpenter 11/07/1985

                   Thank You Letters to Producers of Statue of Liberty Foundation

                             Advertisements 11/07/1985

                   Richard Hirshberg re: Richard McIntyre 11/07/1985

                   Morgan v. United States 11/07/1985

                   Eugene Connelly re: American East India Corp. 11/08/1985

                   Monetary Contributions for Mexican Earthquake Relief, 11/5/1985

                   H. R. 2409, Proposed Veto Message for NIH Reauthorization Bill


                   Pardon Petition of John S. Howell 11/12/1985

                   Pardon Petition of Philip Werner 11/12/1985

                   Burton Smith - DC Income Tax 11/13/1985

                   OSC Reports re: Food Safety, Inspection Service 11/13/1985; District Office

                             of Social Security Administration 11/13/1985; Atlanta Regional Office

                             of ICC 11/13/1985

                   Deborah Steelman Letter to State & Local Officials re: Garcia, 11/13/1985

          Subject File: [November 1985; Second Series Tabs 16-24]

                   Janet Reinhardt re: Child Support from Her Husband 11/14/1985

                   Estelle Epstein re: RR as FBI Informant 11/15/1985

                   DOJ Testimony re: Access to Grand Jury Information 11/15/1985

                   S. 1774 "To Amend Section 1951 of Title 18 of The USC, and for Other

                             Purposes" 11/18/1985

                   Presidential Letter re: Anniversary of National Labor Relations Act 11/21/1985

                   Illinois Police Association, Death Benefit Committee 11/21/1985

                   M. R. Kopmeyer 11/21/1985

                   Pentagon Procurement 11/21/1985

                   Operation Drought 11/22/1985

          Subject File: [November 1985; Second Series Tabs 25-29]

                   Legal Representation of FDIC 11/25/1985

                   Jose Font v. Reagan 11/26/1985

                   Dog Article

                   E. F. Hutton Private Sector Initiative re: Red Cross 11/29/1985

                   Gene Rohlman re: Parker Pens 11/29/1985

          Subject File: [December 1985; Tabs 1-14]

                   Appointment of Thomas Melady as President's Private Sector Coordinator of

                             International Training, 12/04/1985

                   Laurie Burr, Deportable Alien 12/06/1985

                   Ronald Brugh 12/09/1985

                   Anders Nyborg re: Book 12/10/1985

                   Tax Reform Bill 12/10/1985

                   Ilda Tavor 12/10/1985

                   Alfonse D'Amato re: OSI, 12/10/1985

                   Mayor Ernest Proulx, Holyoke, 12/11/1985

                   Roni Damman re: GM Commercial, 12/11/1985

                   Trinidad Ortega v. Ronald Reagan 12/11/1985

                   RNC Request for Tape of RR 12/11/1985

                   Edmund Morris re: RR Book 12/16/1985

                   Terry Proch 12/17/1985

                   Alleged Corruption of Ohio State Governor (Celeste) 12/18/1985

          Subject File: [December 1985; Tabs 15-19]

                   Henry Dettenmayer 12/18/1985

                   Old-Time Gospel Hour 12/18/1985

                   National Museum Services Board, 12/19/1985

                   Union Station Venture 12/19/1985

                   Federal Employee Safety Belt Use Memo 12/20/1985

          Subject File: [January 1986; Tabs 20-30]

                   Society of American Registered Architects 01/03/1986

                   Sava Popovich 01/03/1986

                   Linda Seidman re: Use of RR Photo in Jewelry 01/03/1986

                   Alfreda Madison 01/06/1986

                   Santa Barbara County Jury Duty Questionnaire 01/06/1986

                   Vincent Colicchio 01/07/1986

                   George Reder 01/0/1986

                   Resident Visas for Marlene Dietrich Friends 01/07/1986

                   Albert Nipon (Mayor Goode) 01/08/1986

                   Roe v. Wade 01/08/1986

                   Sylvia Rouseau 01/09/1986

          Subject File: [January 1986; Second Series 1-17]

                   Morris Arakawa v. Reagan, 01/16/1986

                   Federal Employees Benefits Improvement Act and Veto Message 01/16/1986

                   Charles Allen Short v. Reagan 01/16/1986

                   OSC File 10-5-71030, Food Safety and Inspection Service 01/16/1986

                   C-Span Letter of Subscriber Fees and Microwave Access 01/16/1986

                   George Wallace re: Bid for Steel Mill, 01/21/1986

                   Donald Cox re: Support for Baseball Franchise 01/22/1986

                   Bruce Casner re: Vice President Presenting American Legion National Merchant

                             Marine Award 01/23/1986

                   Presidential Message to Navistar International Corporation 01/26/1986

                   Roberto Morataya 01/24/1986

                   Alfreda Madison 01/24/1986

                   DOJ Bill Entitled Social Security Court Act 01/27/1986

                   Friends of Kennedy Center re: Use of Excerpt in Brochure 01/27/1986

                   Cathie Rhyne re: Glenda Simmons 01/30/1986

                   Contributions for Mexican Earthquake Victims 01/31/1986

                   Marie Nieves re: Carlos Morales 01/31/1986

                   Paul Reyling v. United States 01/31/1986



          OA 12689 (Continued)

          DBW - Chron, 05/01/1981-September 1981

          DBW - Chron, October 1981-March 1982

          DBW - Chron, April 1982-July 1982

          DBW - Chron, August 1982-December 1982

          DBW - Chron, January 1983-March 1983


          OA 12690

          DBW - Chron, April 1983-May 1983

          Chron - June 1983-[August 3, 1983]

          DBW - Chron, August 1984-September 1984

          DBW Chron - October 1984-December 1984

          DBW Chron - January 1985-February 1985

          DBW Chron - March 1985-April 1985

          DBW Chron – May 1985, June 1985, July 1985

          DBW - Chron - August 1985-October 31, 1986

          DBW - Chron November 1985-January 1986


          OA 12691

          DBW - Chron February 1986-March 1986



          OA 12691 (Continued)

          DBW Personal - October 1981-March 1982

          Personal - April 1982-July 1982

          DBW Personal August 1982-December 1982

          Personal - January 1983-March 1983

          Personal - April 1983-May 31, 1983

          Personal - June 1983-August 1983

          Personal - September 1983-October 31, 1983


          OA 12896

          Personal - November 1983-December 1983

          DBW - Personal - January 1984-February 1984

          Personal - March 1984-April 1984

          DBW - Personal - [May 1984]-June 1984-July 1984



          OA 12896 (Continued)

          Telephone Memoranda - March 1982

          Telephone Memoranda - April 1982

          Telephone Memoranda - May 1982

          Telephone Memoranda - June 1982

          Telephone Memoranda - July 1982

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          Telephone Memoranda - December 1982

          Telephone Memoranda - January 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - February 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - March 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - April 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - May 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - June 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - July 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - August 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - September 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - October 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - November 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - December 1983

          Telephone Memoranda - January 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - February 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - March 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - April 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - May 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - June 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - July 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - August 1984


          OA 12998

          Telephone Memoranda - September 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - October 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - November 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - December 1984

          Telephone Memoranda - January 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - February 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - March 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - April 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - May 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - June 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - July 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - August 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - September 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - October 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - November 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - December 1985

          Telephone Memoranda - January 1986

          Telephone Memoranda - February 1986

          Telephone Memoranda - March 1986

          Telephone Memoranda - April 1986

          Telephone Memoranda - May 1986