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WALTERS, RAYMOND: Files, 1983-1985


Policy Development, Office of: Senior Staff Member


Mrs. Walters worked for Ralph Bledsoe in the Office of Policy Development.  He made the transition with Bledsoe to the Domestic Policy Council Office in April 1985.  Several months after the transition to DPC, Walters left the White House.  His files contain a very small amount of material from his work for the Domestic Policy Office.  In addition, his files contain material from 1981-1982 from his time at the Department of Commerce.


OA 14197

Notebook (Labeled CCMA) Cabinet Council on Management and Administration


OPD Issue Papers

Appointees / Management Orientation for New Appointees

A-76 (OMB Circular) / Enhancing Governmental Productivity through Competition

Consulting Services / Advisory and Assistance Services

Congressional Encroachment / Congressional Interference in the Management of

          Executive Agencies and Programs

Federal Advisory Committee

Federal Employee Morale / Management Practices / Federal Productivity

Federal Field Structure Reform Initiative

NAPA (National Academy of Public Administration)

Personnel Materials

PPSSCC (President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control) Procedure (1)-(4)

PPSSCC (1)(2)

PPSSCC Review / Recommendations (1)-(3)

PPSSCC Remaining Issues

[PPSSCC:] Grace II / Grace Commission

Federal Procurement Policy/Reform/System Competition in Federal Procurement / Non-

          Competitive Procurement

Reform ’88 and OMB – General

Space Management Initiative

Papers Relating to the President’s Departmental Reorganization Program (February 1972)

The Work of the Sterling Group on Evaluation of the Bureau of the Budget (July 1967)


OA 14198

Federal Aid / Assistance to State and Local Governments – Federal Grant & Cooperative

          Agreement Act

Conference on the Future of Federalism: Reports and Papers / ACIR / Fiscal Federalism

          in the US / Grants-in-Aid

Active Grants & Cooperative Agreements

“Intergovernmental Perspective” (Articles)

Financial Management & Financial Aid – February 1981 / Project Grants / Federal


“The Intergovernmental Grant System as Seen by Local, State, & Federal Officials” –

          ACIR, March 1977

          National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Reorganization

          Federal Block Grants

          The Washington Campus & the Federal Government

          American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

          NTIS (National Technical Information Service) Marketing Office, (DOC)

          President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Packet) (1)-(3)

          Fulfilling the Civil Service Reform in Centennial Year

          [PPSSCC:] Overview and Status Report on Grace Commission Savings Recommendations

          Awarding the Rank of Distinguished Executive to Certain Members of the Senior

                   Executive Service

          “The Block Grant: Lessons from Two Early Experiments”

          The Politics of Shared Power: Congress and the Executive

          President’s Management Improvement Initiative: Reform ‘88

          “The President’s Cabinet Council System: A New Approach to Cabinet Management”

          Federal Productivity

          Schedules – Agendas CCMA (Cabinet Council on Management and Administration)

          Six-Month Plan CCMA Status/Planning

          DPC – Issues Planning

          Real Property

          Management Reading – Management of the Federal Government