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WARNER, JAMES: Files, 1986-1988


Office of Policy Development


OA 18328

Working (MEX)

"Defensores de la Justicia"

Mexico G.A.T.T.

Central American Security

Security: Memo to Powell re: Nuclear Triggers

Central America: Memo to Greene, re: Arias Peace Plan

Central America: Memo from sr. Solozano

Central America: Memorandum to Sorzano

Central America: Memo to Powell re: Ben Linder

Central America: Memorandum to Keel

Central America: Memorandum to Bauer

Iran-Contra Response to Congressional Record Request

Immigration: Guest Worker Proposal

Security: Memo to General Powell re: Messages from Hostages 03/05/1987

Mexico: Memorandum to Bauer

Mexico: Memorandum to Nuzzo

Mexico: Memorandum to Generic

Mexico: Immigration

USSR: Memo to General Colin Powell Technology and Change in the Correlation of Forces

USSR: Memorandum to Generic re: Correlation of Forces

Debt Plan 09/30/1988

Third World Debt: African Debt

Third World Debt: One Page

Third World Debt: Memorandum to Keel

Third World Debt: Memorandum to Nuzzo

Money: Memorandum to Hobbs re: Exchange Rates

Money: Memorandum to Driggs

Catastrophic Health

Misc. College of Physicians and Surgeons Presidential Remarks

FAMILY: Federal Employment and the Family

Civil Liberties of Foreign Visitors to the U.S.

RSA: Clippings

RSA: Ideas

South Africa: Summary

South Africa: Memo to Ollie North

South Africa

South Africa: One Page

Balanced Budget Amendment: Rescission Authority

Balanced Budget Amendment: Proposed Radio Address

Balanced Budget Amendment: Package

Balanced Budget Amendment: Background

Balanced Budget Amendment: Sponsors

Balanced Budget Amendment

VETO POWER: Memorandum #1 (1)-(2)

VETO POWER: Memorandum to Culvahouse re: Veto

55 m.p.h. Speed Limit

55 m.p.h. Data

SDIO List of Tapes


SDI: Generic Piece

SDI: Memorandum to Hobbs December 1986

SDI: Memorandum to Sweet September 1988

SDI: Memorandum to Hobbs October 1986

Crime: Memorandum to Culvahouse re: RR Trouble

Line Item Veto: Clippings

Drug Interdiction

Drugs: Memorandum to Culvahouse re: Irregular Circumstances in Customs Service

Drugs: Memoranum to Bauer after the Nunn Hearings 03/27/1987

Drugs: Generic Memo - Change Policy

Drugs: Memo to Boyden Gray

Crime: Raspberry's "Boot Camp" Idea

Drugs: Coast Guard Jurisdiction

Drugs: Interdiction Clippings

Drugs: Maritime Drug Interdiction (1)(2)


OA 18329

AIDS: Rates of Change in Number Reported

AIDS: HIV Infected Parolees (1)(2)

[AIDS:] HPWG - 11/19/1987 Meeting

AIDS: Memo re: Accuracy of Testing

AIDS: Response to Parole Commission Comments

AIDS: Institutional Agreement with my Estimate

AIDS: Memo re: Accuracy of Testing April 1987

AIDS: Memo re: Accuracy of Testing June 1987

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re: Pamphlet May 1987

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re: June 1987 Pamphlet - Requirements

AIDS: Memo re: Proposed Conference on HIV January 1988

AIDS: Memo re: Proposed Conference on HIV December 1987

AIDS: Comments on S.J. Res. 190

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re: Causes November 1987

AIDS: Memo to Report on the Fair Round Table on HIV [AMFAR]

[Proposal for Round Table Discussion re Educational Choice]

AIDS: Epidemiological Survey August 1987

AIDS: Epidemiological Survey July 1987

AIDS: Const. Questions over the Mass. Mail. March 1988

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re DPC Meeting 09/21/1987

AIDS: Draft of Estimate Paper June 1987

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re: Heterosexual Transmission

AIDS: Memo to Bauer re: Liaison

AIDS: Response to HHS Training Manual

AIDS: Memo re: AIDS Commission 05/27/1987

AIDS: Memo re: AIDS Commission on 05/22/1987

AIDS: Memo to Bauer: Est. of Numbers Infected October 1987

AIDS: Memo to Hobbs re: Threat Assess.

AIDS: October 1986 Memo to Hobbs re: Description of Threat

AIDS: Summary of National Academy of Science Report


[AIDS:] Association of Schools of Public Health

[AIDS:] AIDS and Heterosexuals

AIDS: Definitions of Stages

AIDS: Talking Points

[AIDS: Public Education Program]



AIDS: Duesberg Peter H. Duesberg's Articles

[AIDS: The Factfinder]

AIDS: Gallo [empty]

AIDS: Theories Epstein Barr etc.

AIDS: Duesberg Bibliography Articles (1)(2)

AIDS: Presidential Commission Proposal

AIDS: Domestic Policy Council

[AIDS:] Health Policy Working Group AIDS Notes

AIDS: Survey of Public Awareness

[AIDS:] A.I.D.S. Co-Factors

[AIDS:] Black Death

[AIDS:] Infectious Disease Rates

[AIDS:] A.I.D.S. - Current Paper

[AIDS:] National Chimp Mgmt Plan

AIDS: HHS Memo 09/15/1987

AIDS: Issues Update New Laws in Illinois

AIDS: HHS Proposed Brochure

AIDS: D. of Ed Proposal

AIDS: Health Information Survey

AIDS: H.P.W.G. INS Testing Regs

AIDS: Health Policy W.G. Agenda


AIDS: HPWG Strategy Paper

AIDS: HPWG CDC Survey Plans 09/08/1987 (1)(2)

AIDS: Clippings Norwegian Researcher

AIDS: Survey - OSTP

AIDS: Diary of Liaison HPWG

[AIDS:] Parole Comm. [empty]

AIDS: Survey - Correspondence

[AIDS:] A.I.D.S. Working Group

[AIDS:] AIDS Education Hobbs

[AIDS:] AIDS Education

[AIDS:] AIDS Education Revision

AIDS: Logic and Duesberg

AIDS: My Paper Urging National Epidemio - Survey

AIDS: Negatives for Posters

AIDS: False Positives New England Journal

AIDS: Accuracy of Testing

AIDS: Epid Survey Dr. Sterling Colgate Los Alamos

AIDS: Epidemiological Survey National Academy of Sciences Proposal

AIDS: Epidemiological Survey: OSTP

AIDS: Los Alamos Estimates

AIDS: Survey - Dr. Robertson

AIDS: Massachussets Newborn Study

AIDS: Prevalence Estimate by OPD

AIDS: Criticized Copy of My Estimate

AIDS: Dr. Cummins Response to Estimate

AIDS: HPWG Census Response to Statistical Estimate

AIDS: RAND Corp on Prevalence

AIDS: Harris Report on Prevalence

AIDS: Harvard Report on Prevalence

AIDS: Los Alamos Report on Prevalence

AIDS: My Estimate Anthony Robertson's Response

AIDS: DOD Testing Data by Six Month Group

AIDS: DOD Recruit Data Sorted by Single Years

AIDS: Census Data

AIDS: San Francisco Cohort Study

AIDS: Evaluation of Numbers - Extent

AIDS: Testing: Gary

[AIDS:] HIV Survey

AIDS: Premarital Testing JAMA

AIDS: Spending

AIDS: Technology Review Estimating Prevalence

AIDS: A.F.I.P. - Dr. Lo

AIDS: Nov 30 Est. by CDC

AIDS: Articles

AIDS: VA Action Paper

[AIDS:] AIDS Numbers

[AIDS:] Estimating the Extent of HIV Infection]

AIDS: AIDS Commission Report

AIDS: Dr. Mark Whiteside


OA 18330


Farm Debt II

Farm Credit

FCA Financial Reports

Agriculture WG

Agriculture Export Subsidies

Uruguay Round GATT

A Tokyo Summit

Trade Legislation

LDC Debt: Paul Pryde

Govt. Debt Portfolio

Commodity Deflation

3rd World Debt

V.P. Debt Plan

Intermediary: Levin Bill

Intermediary: La Falce

Intermediary: Gramm

Debt: Council of the Americas Plan

L.R.P.G. Bank Safety

3rd World Debt


Debidas Papellito

Intermediary Bank Draft

Drought Papers

Rural Development Papers

Commodity Options

John McLaughery Paper

Dairy Slaughter

Ag: Statistical Data

Commodity Elasticities

Crop Prices

Ag: Planting Elasticities

Farm: Memo to Senator Baker re: Venice Summit

Farm: Yr 3547

Farm: Reports on Rural Development

Farm: EPC on Farm Credit System

Farm: Rural Development Proposal

Rural Development Papers