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WEISS, GUS: Files, 1981-1983


Senior Staff Member, Planning and Evaluation Directorate, 1981-1983


Box 1

August 1981 [Chron]

September 1981 [Chron] (1)(2)

October 1981 [Chron]

November 1981 [Chron]

December 1981 [Chron]

January 1982 [Chron] (1)(2)

February 1982 [Chron]

March 1982 [Chron]

April 1982 [Chron]

May 1982 [Chron]

June 1982 [Chron]

July 1982 [Chron]

August 1982 [Chron]

September 1982 [Chron]

October 1982 [Chron]

November 1982 [Chron]

December 1982 [Chron]

January 1983 [Chron]

February 1983 [Chron]

March 1983 [Chron]

April 1983 [Chron]

May 1983 [Chron]

June 1983 [Chron] (1)(2)

Weekly Reports July 1981-October 1981

Weekly Reports November 1981-April 1982

Weekly Reports May 1982-December 1982

Weekly Reports January 1983-July 1983

856 [8200856 re Technology Transfer]

5134 [8105134 re DATASAAB Export Control Violation]

Fifth Generation Computers Artificial Intelligence (AI) (1)-(4)

[Additional Clearances]


Airbus (1) (9)

[Aircraft Trade Study] (1)-(3)

[Artificial Intelligence] (1)-(4)

[Ballistic Missile Defense NSDD]

[Cables, 07/07/1983]

[Capital Cost for Industrial Leaders]


Box 2

China (1) (5)

[China Technology Exports-1974] (1)(2)

[China Technology Exports-1982] (1)(2)

[China Technology Exports-1983] (1)-(6)

Computer Database Security (1)-(3)

[Coordinating Committee on Technology Transfer 10/23/1981]

COCOM (Coordinating Committee for East-West Trade Policy) (1)(2)

[Computer Exports to France] (1)(2)

[COSMOS 1402] (1)(2)

COS 1402 (COSMOS 1402)

[DATASAAB Export Control Violation]

EDAC (Economic Defense Advisory Committee) (1)-(3)

[Economic Q & As, 09/10/1981]

Export Controls


Improving Compliance with Export Controls (FBI Study)

[Intelligence and News Summaries]

Interagency Group and Technology Transfer

[International Economic and Energy Weekly]

[Lockheed License Application]

[Manfredi, Arthur]

[Microwave Weapons]

Missile Technology Transfer-Draft NSDD (1)(2)

[National Security Affairs Calendar]

NSDD-50/NSDD-70 Working Group (1)(2)

[NSSD-01-83 Technology Transfer] (1)(2)


Box 3

NSSD-1-83 Working Group Papers (1)-(3)

[National Security Topics]

[National Supercomputing Project]

[Notes, Handwritten]

[Outer Space Arms Control]


Gus Weiss Personal


[Recombinant DNA]

Report of the Interagency Group on Export Controls (1)-(5)

Scientific Communication and National Security (1)-(4)

[Security Violations]

SIG ( Senior Interagency Group on the Transfer of Strategic Technology) (1)-(5)

[Soviet Space Program]

Special Metals Case


[Studies in Intelligence Spring 1978]

[Studies in Intelligence Fall 1982]

[Studies in Intelligence Winter 1982]

[Subsonic Long-Range Aircraft]


[System IV]

[Technology Issues]

Technology Loss Via Japan

TTIC (Technology Transfer Intelligence Committee) (1)-(5)

Technology Transfer Policy (1)-(3)

[Technology Transfer-1977]

[Technology Transfer-1978]

[Technology Transfer-1981] (1)(2)

[Technology Transfer-1982] (1)-(3)

[Technology Transfer-1983] (1)-(3)


Box 4

[Technology Transfer-1983] (4)-(8)

[USSR Academy of Sciences]

[USSR-Defense R&D]



[Yamal Gas Pipeline]