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WESTERMAN, EDITH: Files, 1983-1985


Office of Private Sector Initiatives


          OA 9953 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

1        Adopt-A-School  San Diego, California

2        Richmond Community Hospital – Richmond, Virginia

3a      Warren Village – Denver, Colorado (Missing)

3b      Inter-Faith Task Force – Littleton, Colorado (Missing)

4        Clean Team

5        Cory Litchen – Belleville, Illinois

6        Operation Care, Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia

7        Wednesday’s Child – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

8        Adopt-A-School  San Diego, California (Missing)

9        Bronx  Frontier Development Corp  New York, New York (Missing)

10      Teach The Children – San Antonio, Texas (Missing)

11      5 Who Care Program Edmond, Oklahoma

12      A Helping Hand – Volunteers  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

13      A Partnership for the 80s  Atlantic County, NJ

14      St. Louis Partnership – St. Louis, Missouri


OA 9954 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

15      Community Programs Utilizing Volunteers – Hartford, Connecticut

16a     Partnership in Neighborhood Growth Program – Birmingham, Alabama

16b     Aid for Birmingham Performing Arts – Birmingham, Alabama

17a     Volunteer Attorneys Project  Kansas City, Missouri (Missing)

17b     The 2% Club  Kansas City, Missouri (Missing)

17c     Summer Alliance  Kansas, City, Missouri (Missing)

17d     Witmore Neighborhood Program  Kansas City, Missouri (Missing)

17e     Harvesters Food Distribution Kansas City, Missouri (Missing)

18      Heritage Hill Foundation  Green Bay, Wisconsin

19      The Great Houston  Trashout  Houston, Texas

20      Business to the Rescue – Baltimore, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Atlanta, Milwaukee,

                   Memphis, Seattle, San Francisco

21      Our Finest Hour  Ft. Wayne, Indiana

22      Milwaukee Development Part of Business to the Rescue 

22a     (Grant One Development) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

23      The Personal Story – Roger Stauback 10:38 United Way

24      Sun City Senior Citizens Law Enforcement Project (Missing)

25      Estrella Children’s Park

26      Job-A-Thon  KGAN-TV  Iowa

27      Summer Jobs for Youth  Richmond,

28      Human Resource Center

29      KHJ-TV Job-A-Thon


OA 9955 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

30      Spec Drinkers on the Streets  Houston, Texas

31      Private Sector Initiative Series – WKRC-TV

32      Briefing of Trade Association CEO’s  White House  (WHTV)

33      Briefing of Industry CEO’S  and Others – White House  (WHTV)

34      A Common Cause – Burlington Industries (Missing)

35      Summer Jobs – Richmond Chamber

36      Elderly Dental Care – American Dental Association (Missing)

37      WTVG 13  Spirit of Toledo; Ohio’s Newest City

38      Georgia Power  Initiatives in Corporate Citizenship (Missing)

39      Inquiry News 2 “Is There Life After Reagonomics?”

40      Dentistry for the Homebound / Hour Magazine

41      Something More – Volunteerism

42      New Jersey Conference on Corporate Community Involvement Mutual Benefit


43a     Two Percent Club / Summer Alliance

43b     Volunteer Attorneys Project

43c     Neighborhood Pride

43d     Harvesters Food Distributors

43e     Incentives = Volunteering

43f     Interview: How to Volunteer


OA 9956 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)


44      Fitness Fair for High School Students

45      Various [illegible] Awards Program in Denver

46      [illegible] in CO

47      The [illegible]

48      Vietnam Memorial [illegible]

49      Mission: Employment (update)

50      Can-A-Thon

51      Community Services in Toledo

52      Free Job Wanted Ads

53      People That Love Centers

54      Partnerships in America

55      Job-A-Thon

56      Sylvester Stallone Series

57      Volunteer Report with Frank Reynolds (Missing)


OA 9957 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

58      Women Make the Difference

59      Transit in Transition (Missing)

60      One to One

61      McNeil/Lehrer Show on Private Sector Initiative (Missing)

62      Partners for Community Development (Federated Women’s Clubs)

63      Cancer: Living With the Nightmare

64      Jobs: Meeting the Challenge (Missing)

65      Viet Nam Veteran’s Leadership Program

66      Summer Jobs – 1983

67      President’s Speech on Private Sector Initiatives (3 minutes)


OA 9958 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

68      KAKE – TV Wichita, Kansas Community Projects: “Surviving Reaganomics”

68a     “Legal Aid Office” Wichita Bar Association

68b     “Adopt a High Rise” Senior Citizen Housing

68c     “Share-A-Home” House Sharing for Seniors and (illegible)

68d     “Adult Home Care” Housing for Adult Handicapped

68e     “Drug Care” Private Donations of Pharmaceuticals by Private

68f     “St. Mary’s Food Bank”

68g     “Community Gardens”

68h     “Home Matching” Follow Up

68i     “Day Care” Private Centers for Employees

68j     Capsule Overview of Series in Wichita

68k     Energy Conservation (Weatherization)

68l      Food Bank

68m    Adopt-A-Park

68n     School/Business Partnerships

68o    Employee Volunteerism (Missing)

68p     Box Project (Missing)

68q     Donated Goods

69      “Stop Drugs at the Source” Washington, Georgia

70      “You Gotta Have Arts  Gp. W. Boston

71      WDCA-TV Private Sector Initiative  Washington, D.C.

72      United Technologies – The Special Olympics

73      KAKE-TV “Helping Our Own” Multi Part Series

73a     “Health Fair”

73b     “Emergency Basic Needs” (audio portion poor)

73c     “Specialized Services (Audio Portion Poor)

73d     “Youth Services”

73e     “Meals on Wheels & Senior Citizen Housing”

74      Partnerships in America – PSI Task Force (Missing)

75      Get Involved – ACTION


OA 9959 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

76      Job Training Program (3 Parts)

77      President Reagan: Encouraging Business to Provide Summer Jobs (Missing)

78      Neighbor Helping Neighbor – PTFPSI (Missing)

79      Project Identi-Child  - AL

80      Let’s Work together – BICIAP

81      Best of the Class, 1983 – Toledo

82      Big Apple Games (Mobil Corp.)

83      “I’m the One” (American Red Cross – CPR) (Missing)

84      “Clean Team” Composite Tape (Mobil Corp.) (Missing)


OA 9960 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

85a     5 Part Series From KPIX-TV (San Francisco) “A Special Reward”; “Jobs for

                   Teens”; Public Service Announcement; “The Snitch Rule”;           “Aids


86      “H.O.T. Car  (Auto Anti-Theft System)

87a     Cleland House

87b     Para los Niño’s

88      No Tape Listed

89      No Tape Listed

90      No Tape Listed

100     President Task Force – Demo Video Report

101     30 Second PSA – Efrem Zimbalist Jr. – by Stan Huffa “Invest – Save”

102     Documentary on Drunk Driving “Victims…All Victims” Produced for Harris

 County Medical Society, Houston Bar Association. Production by VT/TV

 Production Group  (Houston) T – 28:50

          103     Investigation by T.V. Network of “The Meadows”, a Self Supporting Privately

                             Funded Facility for Mentally Retarded Adults – Followed by Phil

                             Donahue Promo

          104     Memphis City Schools “Adopt-A-School” Slide Presentation

          105 - I.N.N. Report on Homeless in D.C. Reporter – Jorgenson [Due to Tape Condition,

                   Advance Notification Required for Viewing]

          106     Metrospect  Juvenile Justice, Displaced Home Makers. Produced by Des

 Moines Junior League with KCBR T.V.


OA 9961 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

107     Metrospect  - Living History of Farms in Des Moines Botanical and Science


          108     MetrospectNatasin Dance Troupe, Des Moines Ballet – T – 26:20

          109     President Reagan Summer Youth

          110     Cities in Schools

          111     No Tape

          112     RR Remarks before 10/13/1983 – Partnerships in Education (Missing)

          113     Presidents Remarks at P.S.I. Luncheon 12/08/1982

          114     Federal Express “Adopt-A-School” 2 Channel Audio (Missing)

          115     ABC World News, South Bronx 3 Years after President Reagan 08/05/1983

          116     White House Job-A-Thon Reception

          117     Bronx Working Partners – “Bronx Frontier” (Missing)

          118     President in State Dining Room on Private Sector Health Care Initiatives – TV


          119     Adopt-A-School II – San Diego (W.D.C. Version) T- 11:33 7/19/83 (Missing)


OA 9962 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

120     Building Partnerships T-33:35

121     WDVM-TV  Eddie McKennon Story 02/06/1984

122     White House T.V. Dub  06/28/1983 Presidents Remarks to New Advisory

 Council on PSI – 12:58

123     OPIC’s Telemission CNN Spot  T-2:07

124     04/21/1983  Job-A-Thon White House Meeting Time – 20:09

125     KNBC – The San Francisco illegible

126     Demo – Building Partner Ships

127     WBIR-TV Job-A-Thon

128     White House Briefing (Missing)

129     Taber Presentation Version 2 (Missing)

130     Fletcher – Urban Affairs Roads to Recovery (Missing)

131     NFL 81’ 28 60” Spots (Missing)

132     WXIA Epidemic/Drugs, Local Follow Up (Missing)


OA 9963 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

133     KWTV Community Involvement Special Tape for White House I

134     KWTV Community Involvement Special Tape for White House II

135     WPIX-TV New York, NY October 25 (missing)

136     Adopt-a-School Titles

137     A Second Chance

138     Baltimore Adopt-a-School January 198(?)

139     Adopt-A-School Spots (Dallas) (missing)

140     “Biped” – Training Handicapped

141     Project Hope “Journey of Hope” WRS Motion Picture Labs Time-30:00

142     Artist Stories for White House

143     President Reagan Volunteer Week Tape? (missing)

144     Mentor – An Experiment in Education

145     Providence/St. Mel / Santa Fe

146     11 Alives Holiday Can-A-Thon Presentation 18:00

147     “Only God (And Weyerhauser) 20:00


OA 9964 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

148     Ad Council Drunk Driving Skeleton

149     U.S.S. Cape Cod – Kimball School Adopt-a-School Ceremony, 05/27/1983

150     WTRF News Casts 6pm & 11pm of Thursday April 27 on Meeting with the

                   President re Broadcasters & Jobs Programs

151     6pm Telecast WSB-TV WSB “On the Job”

152     Eyewitness News Christmas Story KARK-TV Little Rock 1982

153     KOCO-TV Oklahoma City Oklahoma Youth Orchestra “Orient Express”

154     “Letters to Santa” Good Neighbor Award

155     “He Told Me Not to Tell” KPNX-TV Dub

156     IBM Productivity at Work

157     The First Amendment/Congress Dub

158     “Oklahoma Shame” 20/20 WABC 12/16/1982

159     “Oklahoma Shame” Juvenile Detention Centers Segments

160     Epidemic Drugs – Live Phone –In 11-Alive

161     Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers WXIA-TV

162     WRG Philip Morris Summer Jobs

163     Summer Jobs Program CNN-TV News 6/11

164     Working Partners / Outreach in Oakland, CA Montage

165     Working Partners / Wichita Summer Jobs Program


OA 9965 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

166     The Magnetism of Cults

167     Ad Council Campaign: Individual Giving/Volunteer/Lend illegible (Missing)

168     Group W – PSI  KDKA-TV Group W Program

169     WTCN-TV “11Who Care” 4/10/1984

193     National Volunteer Week

194     Presidential Remarks on Partnerships in Education 10/13/1983 (3 copies)


231     Sears Community Improvement Program

232     Mobil Oil – “Young Audiences” 2:14

233     Mobil Oil – “Making it on Less” 3 Part Series


OA 9966 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

170     Ad Council Michael Jackson: Drunk Driving to “Beat It” 32nd PSI

171     HISD/VIPS Business School Partnership 1983 Houston, TX

172     Dr. Ziegler and Summer Jobs 7/20/1983 WABC-TV, NY

173     Summer Jobs 1984 WPIX-TV

174     Summer Jobs – Daily News, NY

175     Infant Mortality WMAQ-TV5

176     “The Hope That Made America Famous” for the Foundation for the Private Sector


177     Summer Jobs Program – WNEW-TV, 10 o’clock News, 05/19/1984, Thursday

178     President Trip to Congress Heights Elementary School 03/27/1984 (Missing)

179     KGAN Young Stars Presentation

180     Xerox Summer Youth Media Access Training Project Documentary – LA –


181     Sportman’s Tennis Club Dub

182     DUB – “Child Care” Packages 10/04/1985

183     Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation 1983

184     CBS Morning News 02/12/1984 (Grenada)


OA 9967 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

185     Motorola Teleconference August 1983 (Dub)

186     CBS Grenada Report  (Diane Sawyer)

187     “Job-A-Thon ‘83” KATV Little Rock 09/27/1983

188     C. William Verity Jr. – Video Tape of Dr. Schullers Crystal Cathedral “Hour of

                   Power” Taped 05/30/1982 Telecast 07/04/1982 (Missing)   

189     Edison Electric – “Silver Wires, Golden Wings”

190     Edison Electric – “A Second Chance”

191     Edison Electric – “The Chosen Place”

192     Edison Electric – “To Catch a Cloud”

195     Dub of Newscasts WISN-TV Milwaukee, WI after Job-a-Thon Meeting,


196     “Business of Helping People”

197     KWTV Oklahoma City, OK

198     RR Visiting Congress Heights Elementary School 03/12/1984


OA 9968 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

199     L.A. Olympic Committee – “To Leave Legacy – the Olympic Torch Relay” 4:49,


200     (1) National Academic Super Bowl – WJCT-TV7 (04/07/1984-04/08/1984) (2) 4

                   the Asking – “PSI” WJXT-TV4 (04/08/1984)

201     Vet-A-Thon Promos WKLY-TV (Dub)

202     Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company Building

203     United Way of Richmond

204     IBM “Partners in Training” Disadvantage Job Programs

205     “Fire – Survive It” NBC Chicago Presentation

206     3rd Academic Super Bowl

207     Senior Fair Presentation WMAQ-Chicago 10/06/1983

208     Wilberforce University Cooperative Education Program

209     Electrolux Thank You

210     Charitable giving through Life Insurance (Missing)

211     6 News Programs – Corporate Angel Network – Charitable Donations of


212     “I’m Driving” Club – PM Magazine – Efforts to Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

213     Tom Goodgame at the White House 11/021/1983 KDKA-Pittsburgh

214     Kansas City, Kansas – Community College – Video on Day Care and Computer



          OA 9969 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

          215     Special Olympics Audio/Visual Presentation

          216     30 Sec. Promo Hail to the Chief Week

          217     The President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives 16 min. 05/21/1982


          218     “The Ultimate Gift” WCTN-TV Minneapolis

          219     Partnerships in Education 10/14/1983

          220     Nashville Job-A-Thon 08/09/1983

          221     Pat Boone

          222     Who is Bill Verity? (Missing)

          223     Turning Point

          224     Frank Whyte’s “Corn Planters” 4:30

          225     700 Club – Adopt-A-Block Interviews

          226     Day Care Opening – Campbell’s Soup

          227      National Volunteer Week April 1983 0:60, 0:30

          228     Adopt-A-School Good Morning America

          229     Job Retraining Pittsburgh, PA 3:00

          230     KDKA TV Food Collection

          231     Sears Community Improvement Program

          232     Mobil Oil “Young Audiences” 2:14

          233     Mobil Oil “Making it on Less” 3 part series


          OA 10194 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

234     Winkler & Shatner Interviews – Youth Orchestra – Youth Presentation –

                             Winchester Promo :10 – Promotes 5 Alive’s Drug Hot Line

          235     White House Television Dub: President Reagan at Hudson Guild Day Care Center

                             in New York City (Missing)

          236     Chicago TV Coverage at Ameritrust

          237     Governor Hunt – Building Partnerships –WNC-

          238     Rhetoric US Reality – An Existing Working Model for Re-Industrialization

          239     Charleston Edit “Boostering Support”

          249     New Jersey Conference on Corporate Community I

          250     International Link-up Between Businesses in Egypt and the United States.  To

 Discuss Business – Featuring President Mubarak and President Reagan

          251     Scanton Clean-up Campaign

          252     Jim Coyne’s Interview on Bi-Net News Today on Friday June 10, 1983 Jeff

                             Joseph’s “Viewpoint” and Interview with Carl Grant

          253     Press Release in Grenada  Business Boom,  Grenada Business time 6 AM ESPN

 Tuesday 6-19-84

          254     Every Two Seconds Promo “Crime in Oklahoma” Promo and Crime? In

 Oklahoma Program

          255     The President’s Task Force on Private Sectors Initiatives

          256     Private Sectors Luncheon – With President Reagan 08 December 1983

          257     Presidential Task Force in Wichita


          OA 10195 (Videotapes – Stored in Audio-Visual Storage)

          258     “Oklahoma’s Shame” Car in Drainage Ditch

          259     New Year’s Game Red Skins

          260     New Jersey Conference on Corporate Community Involvement (Missing)

          261     Missing Children Tape

          262     “People to People” 24 Minutes

          263     “Stolen Children” WCAU-TV Philadelphia

          264     “The Hope That Made America Famous”       


OA 10710

“Life Tide” Organ Transplant


Home Life

Public Affairs

The Arts


International Affairs



Reference/Task Force

Info to PSI Advisory Council

Volunteer Work Experience

Dupont “Context”

PSA Lights

American Enterprise Institute

National Association Life Underwriters

Family/Volunteer Event

Long Island Cares

Capital Children’s Museum

Pie Symposium PR


OA 10711

Missing and Exploited Children

Child Find

Flag Day

RR Photos

Advisory Council

C is for Caring

The Hope that Made American families


OA 10712

Meeting TV Stations Job-A-Thon

Job-A-Thon Publicity

Selected PSI Speeches and Articles

Great American Family Program


FCC American Women in Radio and RV Symposium

Volunteer Victory Salute

Good RR Letters

Action Conference G.I.V.E.



OA 10713

          Tape Reviews

          Advertising Council

          Eddie McKinnon

          Job-A-Thon Notebook


          Adopt a School


          OA 10714

          Energy Assistance Program

          Fuel Assistance Program

          CPR/NBC Judge Kaplan

          Combined Federal Campaign

          National Center for Neighborhood


          OA 10715

          Regulatory Relief Impediments

          [Miscellaneous Material on Shelter Program]


          OA 12383

          Task Force

          06/07/1983 Nashville Luncheon Attendees

          Newsweek Clipping

          We Can/We Care flag

          Miscellaneous PSI Papers

          National Energy Assistance Program 11/21/1983

          Building Partnerships Booklet, 12/02/1982-12/08/1982

          Resource Material

          Miscellaneous Incoming / Outgoing Correspondence, Memos, Press Releases


          OA 12384

          Federal City Council

          Kenny Rogers, Food Banks

          Academy of Finance, Tom Evans

          KDKA, Organ Transplant


          National Care and Share Day, 1984

          Magic me

          Missing and Exploited Children

          Enterprise Zone - Spiegel, Carolyn Tieger

          Children of the Night

          C is for Caring

          Ride to Work, Disabled

          National Collegiate Award

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Program


          Path, Wes Christenson

          Inaugural Committee

          Pen Pal, John Collier (Shadow)

          Magic Me, Nebraska City, Nebraska

          Material for Galvin, Advisory Council

          Shelter - Homeless

          Hotel / Motel Emergency Housing


          General Federation of Women’s Clubs

          PSI Brochure

          Open Proposals

          Inspector Gadget Children’s Museum, Nancy Reagan

          Capital Centre

          Blocs Proposal and Cardinal Krol Programs (1)-(3)

          Know the President’s

          Volunteer in the Arts, Show House, Sankui Juku Dance Company

          Steve Ross

          “The Hope That Made America Famous”


          Box 12385

          Child Abuse Book

          United San Antonio

          Satellite User’s Conference, 08/22/1983

          KAKE, Transit in Transition

          National Energy Assistance Program

          National Broadcast Association for Community Affairs

          Department of Transportation

          ABC, Jane Paley

          WJLA, Adopt a School

          Jobathon, WOR TV

          Jobathon, Congressman O’Brien, Joliet, Illinois

          TV Adahi, Japan

          White House Graphics Department

          Mailing List (Empty)

          Advance, San Antonio, Texas

          PSI Project Bank Listing

          Trinity College Address, 04/25/1984

          Building Partnerships booklets

          National Partnerships in Education Program, 10/13/1983

          White House Trade Association Meeting Agenda, 09/14/1982

          Public Service Announcement


          WPIX, New York