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WHITE, RICHARD: Files, 1981-1987


Administrative Office, White House Operations


Richard White worked in the Administrative Office from May of 1981 to October 1987. He first assignment was as Chief of Budget and Analysis. In July 1981 he became the Administrative Officer for the White House. In September 1982, he was reassigned as Financial Officer after Theresa Elmore became the director of the Administrative Office. He continued as Financial Officer until November, 1987 when he was appointed to the Federal Retirement Investment Board. He was replaced by Chris Vein. For additional material relating to Richard White, see the Administrative Office, White House Operations: Records, in particular SERIES II: Financial.


Box 11000

Budget FY 1981

Budget FY 1981: FY 1981, 1982 Budget Stuff

Budget FY 1981: Financial Management Reports White House 07/31/1981

FY 1982 Budget / September Revisions

1983 [Budget Material]

FY 1983 Operating Budget / Reviews / etc.

1st Quarter Review

Travel and Entertainment

Pay Raise / Supplemental

[FY 1983 Budget Material]

FY 1983 Appropriation Hearings

FY 1984 Budget

FY 1984 Interagency Agreements

FY 1984 Interagency Agreements: FY 1984 Residence Reimbursements

FY 1985 Budget Development - (Includes FY 1984 Close Out)

FY 1985 Congressional Testimony / FY 1985 Execution

FY 1985 Interagency Agreements

FY 1985 Interagency Agreements: Outstanding United States Trade Representative

Box 11001

GAO Audit

Budget - Continuing Resolution

Budget - Official WH

Contractual Agreements - General

[Computer Equipment - Miscellaneous Requests]

Other Reimbursable Agreements 1986

WH Interagency Agreement - Dick White

Automated System Division Agreement - FY 1986

[Interagency Agreements 1986-1987]

Telephone Agreements FY 1986

Signed Telephone Interagency Agreements

[FY 1986 Budget Issues] (1)(2)

[Transportation Request Booklets - Used]

Box 11036

Chron Richard White June 1982-August 1982

Chron Richard White September 1982-December 1982

Dick White Chron 1984 [January 1984-February 1985]

Dick White - 1985 [Chron Files]

[Dick White - 1986 Chron Files]

[Dick White - 1987 Chron Files]

Office of Administration / Vice President - 1982 Hearings (Notebook)

FY 1983 Budget Hearings - The White House Office (Notebook)

1984 Hearings Book (Notebook)


Box 11049

[Budget Process Memos, FY 1985, FY 1986 & FY 1987]

[Travel Reports by Name, Trip - 07/31/1983]

[White House Entertainment Report - 07/31/1983

Postage - FY 1985 & Prior

SLUC - 1983

SLUC - 1984

SLUC - 1985

FY 1981 Travel

FY 1981 Travel: FY 1981 Travel

FY 1981 Travel: Vice President Travel 1981

Automated Data Processing [I]

Automated Data Processing [II]

[Automated Data Processing III]

Automated Data Processing [IV]