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WHITTLESEY, FAITH RYAN: Files, 1983-1985


Office of Public Liaison: Assistant to the President for Public Liaison.  Director of the Office of Public Liaison]

U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, 1981-1983; 1985-1988


See also: Whittlesey, Faith Ryan: Papers, 2012-2014


Ambassador Whittlesey’s collection contains the work product of her immediate predecessor as Director of the Office of Public Liaison, Elizabeth Hanford Dole.


Biographical Note


Faith Ryan Whittlesey (born 1939) is a former Republican politician and White House senior staff member.  Whittlesey served twice as the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland for President Ronald Reagan, for a total of nearly five years as Ambassador.  She was also an Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and directed this large office in the White House.  The Office of Public Liaison’s primary purpose is to “sell” the President’s agenda to interest and opinion groups and to offer them a line of communication into the White House.  She is best known for working with evangelical, Catholic, and other conservative Christian groups who opposed legalized abortion. Whittlesey also organized the White House Central American Outreach Group at the direction of Chief of Staff James Baker to provide information about Reagan's anti-communist policies in the region.


Whittlesey was born Faith Ryan in 1939 in Jersey City, New Jersey to Martin Roy Ryan of Maybrook, New York, and Amy Jerusha (Covell) of Pope's Mills, New York. She grew up in Williamsville, New York, and graduated with honors from Williamsville Central High School in 1956. In 1955 she was selected to participate in the American Field Service program to Flensburg, Germany. In 1958 she participated in the Experiment in International Living program to Austria. She earned a full-tuition scholarship to attend Wells College in Aurora, New York, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude in 1960 with a BA in history. She also earned a full-tuition scholarship to the law school at the University of Pennsylvania and a Ford Foundation grant to attend a program at The Hague Academy of International Law in The Netherlands. Whittlesey is also an accomplished classical pianist and former piano teacher. She has one sibling, Thomas Martin Ryan, who graduated Yale College magna cum laude in 1963, received an MA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


In 1963 she married Roger Weaver Whittlesey of Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, a graduate of the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia and Bowdoin College in Maine. Roger Whittlesey was an advertising executive from an illustrious family. They had 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Roger Whittlesey committed suicide in March 1974


Because her father was a "Roman Catholic in the Irish tradition" it has been incorrectly assumed that Whittlesey grew up as a Catholic, when in fact her mother's family did not approve of her father's Catholicism. "[S]o he left the Catholic Church," Whittlesey explained in her Memoirs. "He attended the Methodist Church with my mother and brother, Tom, and me. I was thus raised as a Methodist. As a family we went to the Williamsville, New York, Methodist Church every Sunday. I went to regular Sunday school and sang in the choirs." Her husband's family was Presbyterian.  Whittlesey converted to Roman Catholicism in 2000 in Staten Island, New York, having been greatly influenced as a result of her Reagan administration association with John Cardinal O'Connor of New York. She was baptized and confirmed by Father Michael Reilly, principal of St. Joseph's By-the-Sea High School in Staten Island, New York.


After her first employment as a substitute teacher in 1963 and 1964, Whittlesey held a variety of governmental positions: Special Assistant Attorney General in Pennsylvania assigned to the Pennsylvania Banking Code Revision Project (1964–65), law clerk for Federal District Court Judge Francis L. Van Dusen, E.D.P.A. (1965), a Special Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (1967–70), Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (1970–1972). In 1972 she was elected as a Representative in the Pennsylvania Legislature representing the 166th Legislative District in Delaware Country. In 1974 she was reelected to the Legislature. In 1975 she was elected to the Delaware County Board of Commissioners, now known as the Delaware County Council and reelected in 1979. She served alternately as Chairman and Vice Chairman. She lost the 1978 Republican primary for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.


While serving in the Delaware County government, Whittlesey briefly held her first job in the private sector, taking a part-time job as the token Republican at the law firm Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen LLP in Philadelphia. After leaving Switzerland, Whittlesey joined the New York-based law firm of Myerson & Kuhn until its 1990 bankruptcy filing. In 1998 she started her own consulting firm, Maybrook Associates. She has also served on several corporate boards over the years, including the U.S. Advisory Board for Nestle. Since 1989 she has been a board member of Schindler Elevator Corporation USA, headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey. Since 1992 she has served as a board member of Valassis Communications, Inc., headquartered in Livonia, Michigan.


She was admitted to the bar of Pennsylvania in 1964 and remains in non-resident active status.

During the 1980s, Whittlesey was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to several posts, including one on the White House senior staff.   Firstly, she served as Ambassador to Switzerland from1981-1983, and again after serving in the White House, 1985-1988. In her first term as Swiss Ambassador she initiated negotiations in an acrimonious dispute between the U.S. and Switzerland that later led to the signing of a "Memorandum of Understanding on Insider Trading," the first major changing of the strict tradition of Swiss banking secrecy. She was a particularly active Ambassador and traveled often around Switzerland explaining and advocating Reagan's policies and developing contacts with Swiss opinion leaders.

Whittlesey resumed her duties representing the U.S. in Bern for a second term in 1985. She was the first to greet President Reagan as he stepped off the plane in Geneva for his meeting with Gorbachev in November, 1985. After Democrats took control of the Senate in 1986, allegations were made about Ambassador Whittlesey’s misuse of some funds at the embassy.  After investigations, she was completely exonerated.  Whatever the partisan or personal motives of the accusations, Whittlesey resigned in 1988 after the uncomfortable situation of the past few years. Widely regarded by political admirers and detractors alike as a most effective U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, shortly after her return to New York City she was asked to assume the Presidency of the American Swiss Foundation by its board.


Whittlesey had been an early Reagan supporter and active Republican throughout Reagan’s two tries at the Republican Presidential nomination. She was elected an alternate delegate from Pennsylvania to the 1976 Republican National Convention and as a delegate in 1980 and 1984. As an elected delegate at the 1980 Republican National Convention in Detroit, Whittlesey co-chaired with Congressman Jack Kemp the Subcommittee for Foreign Policy and Defense of the Platform Committee and delivered Reagan's defense plank to the Convention. Regarded as a "conviction conservative," Whittlesey strongly identified with Reagan's core agenda, which she described as "support for the peaceful defeat of the Soviet Union without commitment of U.S. troops in combat, defense of life, opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment with its hidden agenda of tax-funded abortion and same-sex marriage, decentralized government, lower taxes and reduced government regulation of the private sector, school prayer, defeat of Marxism-Leninism in its various permutations and manifestations, individual Second Amendment rights, the establishment of official diplomatic recognition of the Vatican, and support for tuition tax credits for parochial schooling."


Because of this strong belief in Reagan core values, she was asked to be the Assistant to the President for Public Liaison and Director of that Office.  This office serves as a line of communication both into and out of the White House for interest, advocacy and opinion leaders and groups. Whittlesey replaced Elizabeth Dole who left the White House to become Secretary of Transportation.

Her tenure was marked by initiatives to improve the access of conservative Christian believers to the American political process and national policymaking. She was considered their most "aggressive ally" in the White House. In 1985, she sent the anti-abortion film The Silent Scream, which was a documentary of an ultrasound abortion at three months produced in 1984 by anti-abortion activist and former NARAL founder Dr. Bernard Nathanson, to every member of Congress and arranged for a screening at the White House at which Dr. Nathanson presented the film.

Whittlesey also developed active White House outreach to "Reagan Democrats."


At the direction of White House Chief of Staff, James Baker, Whittlesey also spent a good deal of time organizing communication of information about Reagan's overall policies in Central America and, in particular, the anticommunist “Contras” in Nicaragua. In 1983 she established the White House Outreach Working Group on Central America to garner increased private sector understanding of Reagan's policies, including working with, among many other individuals and groups, the American Security Council Foundation, to produce anti-Sandinista propaganda (what she would call "truth-telling") films, and the Council for National Policy to produce materials that revealed the Marxist-Leninist orientation of the Sandanista movement. Among those groups that participated in the Outreach Group effort was the AFL-CIO because "the Sandinistas were against free labor unions."

Despite its effectiveness, Whittlesey says the Outreach Group was shut down in 1985 when Donald Regan took over as Chief of Staff and the White House "started the brown bag operation with Ollie North. What we were doing was completely open and above board. It was an honest effort to change minds and hearts and to provide a forum for truth telling". According to Whittlesey, "the Washington establishment, especially Democratic but also most of the Republican, was opposed to, wanted to downplay, or gave the silent treatment to Reagan's Central American anti-communist policies."

Later, when asked about Iran-Contra she said: "I had no knowledge of the Iran-Contras connection. I had no involvement in it, nor was I asked to be a part of it." The final House report on Iran-Contra concluded that Whittlesey unsuccessfully attempted to help Oliver North obtain a U.S. passport for a fake Saudi prince who claimed to have knowledge of the locations of hostages being held in Lebanon. Whittlesey has repeatedly and emphatically denied this charge, for which she maintains no proof was produced, as a politically motivated attempt to discredit her White House Outreach Group initiative, which had been "a legitimate and in every respect legal attempt to communicate Reagan's anti-communist policy in Central America."

During her tenure at Public Liaison, Whittlesey clashed with some other members of the Reagan White House staff whom she regarded as "largely Washington permanent government party functionaries not very committed to advocating the President's policies in a serious or consistent way." She believed she was carrying a torch as a “true Reaganite.”  This was a common complaint from staff members in the first Reagan administration pitting the “Reaganites” against the more practical politicians on the senior staff, in particular, Reagan's Chief of Staff James A. Baker III and his deputy Michael Deaver


During this conflict, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and others urged her to take a federal judgeship on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Whittlesey declined the nomination. A judicial appointment would have effectively removed her from the public policy and political arena, which she did not wish. She had taken the job of Public Liaison because of "a profound sense of obligation to the grassroots voters who had elected Reagan believing him to be a man of deep principle and traditional faith." Infighting in the White House continued, however.

After completing her second tour as United States Ambassador to Switzerland, and her time serving President Reagan, Whittlesey was named as Chairman and President of the American Swiss Foundation in New York. For 19 years, Whittlesey served as President and Chairman of the Board of the American Swiss Foundation; beginning in February 2008, she became Chairman Emeritus For more than two decades, she worked "to protect and strengthen the friendship between the United States and Switzerland," which in 2010 was the largest direct foreign investor in the U.S. Whittlesey conceived of and established a bipartisan young leaders' program that for 22 years has brought together young opinion leaders and professionals from Switzerland and the United States for an intensive, week-long conference in Switzerland. Participants meet senior public and private sector officials, engage in discussions on issues of the day, and build friendships. There are now over 900 alumni of this program.

Whittlesey's diplomatic career resumed very briefly in 2001 when she was named by President George W. Bush to be an At-Large Member of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.  She continued in this position as needed throughout the Bush Presidency. A strong supporter of the Second Amendment, she has been quoted as saying about the treaty: "This document by the U.N. freezes the last coup. It favors established governments, while taking away rights from individuals. It does not recognize any value higher than peace, such as liberty."

In addition to serving on corporate boards, Whittlesey has continued her involvement with political and religious groups. She was a member of the Board of Directors (and former Chairman for 3 years) of Christian Freedom International, an organization dedicated to assisting persecuted Christians around the world. She is a member of the Council of American Ambassadors and also a member of the Board of Advisers of the Reagan Alumni Association. She also served as a member—and for 6 years as Chairman—of the Board of the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC 2012, she joined the Board of the Rockford Institute in Rockford, Illinois, and, in 2013, the Advisory Board of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity in Washington, D.C. She is a longtime member of the University Club of Washington, D.C., and for several years has served on the Newsmax International Advisory Board.


Whittlesey has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors over the past 50 years. In 2012 she was given a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. 


Coincident with the Award presentation on October 4, 2012, a new study of her life and career, Backwards in High Heels: Faith Whittlesey, Reagan's Madam Ambassador in Switzerland and the White House, by Professor Thomas Carty of Springfield College (Massachusetts) was published.


Before a standing room only crowd at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC on October 5, President Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to Switzerland, Faith Whittlesey, offered up some sage advice on lessons learned from a lifetime career in public service, “Listen carefully, read widely, listen to diverse opinions, and be somewhat humble about yourself and our country.”


This collection is arranged into nine series: SERIES I: Chronological file; SERIES II: Memoranda; SERIES III: Subject File; SERIES IV: Personnel; SERIES V: Faith Whittlesey Schedules; SERIES VI: Presidential Scheduling Proposals; SERIES VII: Speeches and Articles – Reference Material; SERIES VIII: Trips and Events; and SERIES IX: State Dinner 1983.


SERIES I: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE (8.4 l.ft., Boxes 1-20)


This series consists of correspondence, newsletters, publications, newspaper articles, agendas, schedule proposals, and talking points regarding topics such as Faith Whittlesey's work as Director of the Office of Public Liaison; messages of congratulations on behalf of Ms. Whittlesey's ambassadorship to Switzerland announced in 1985; unsolicited resumes, letters of recommendations, and job/internship requests; requests for information on policies of the Administration; requests for Presidential or staff photo ops, meetings, tours, messages, and/or appearances; expressions of gratitude to and from Ms. Whittlesey regarding gifts, appearances at events, and participation in White House briefings; general expressions of support for the Administration; copies of the White House Digest on Central America; and speeches given at various events and White House Working Group meetings. This series also contains correspondence and reports on issues of the day including: the Equal Rights Amendment, Tuition Tax Credit, the Voluntary School Prayer Amendment, Central America, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-122, Farm Credit Bill veto, Cargo Preference Act, infanticide regulation, and the United Nations Decade for Women World Conference 1985. The files are arranged chronologically.


SERIES II: MEMORANDA (5 l. ft., Boxes 20-32)


This series consists mostly of White House and Office of Public Liaison memoranda, but also includes press releases, newsletters, speeches, agendas, talking points, papers, schedule proposals, newspaper articles, and correspondence regarding Office of Public Liaison briefings on Central America; Presidential speeches and addresses; Executive orders; staffing issues/changes, staff points of contact, and staff briefings and meetings; recommendations for Presidential signing ceremonies, gift presentations, State Dinner invitations, and Presidential meetings and messages; requests for interviews with Faith Whittlesey; approval for writings sent in by Faith Whittlesey to newspapers and magazines; the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) debate; scheduled Presidential activities; requests for meetings, photo ops, staff appearances, and group tours; requests for birthday and anniversary greetings; political analyses; Presidential policy issues; the White House Digest; the 50 States Project; resumes and job inquiries; expressions of congratulations and appreciation; and issues of the day such as the Tuition Tax Credit, Voluntary School Prayer Amendment, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-122, child pornography, Farm Credit Bill veto, Cargo Preference Act, MX Peacekeeper Missiles, infanticide regulation, and the United Nation Decade for Women World Conference 1985 in Nairobi, Kenya. The files are arranged chronologically.
















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          Chron File (03/01/1983-03/09/1983)

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          Chron File (01/02/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (01/03/1985) (1)-(3)

          Chron File (01/04/1985-01/07/1985)

          Chron File (01/08/1985-01/09/1985)

          Chron File (01/10/1985) (1)(2)


          Box 15

          Chron File (01/11/1985-01/13/1985)

          Chron File (01/14/1985)

          Chron File (01/15/1985)

          Chron File (01/16/1985)

          Chron File (01/17/1985-01/20/1985)

          Chron File (01/21/1985-01/22/1985)

          Chron File (01/23/1985)

          Chron File (01/24/1985)

          Chron File (01/25/1985-01/27/1985)

          Chron File (01/28/1985)

          Chron File (01/29/1985)

          Chron File (01/30/1985)

          Chron File (01/31/1985)

          Chron File (02/01/1985)

          Chron File (02/02/1985-02/03/1985)

          Chron File (02/04/1985)

          Chron File (02/05/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (02/06/1985)

          Chron File (02/07/1985)


          Box 16

          Chron File (02/08/1985)

          Chron File (02/09/1985-02/10/1985)

          Chron File (02/11/1985)

          Chron File (02/12/1985-02/13/1985)

          Chron File (02/14/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (02/15/1985-02/18/1985)

          Chron File (02/19/1985)

          Chron File (02/20/1985)

          Chron File (02/21/1985-02/24/1985)

          Chron File (02/25/1985)

          Chron File (02/26/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (02/27/1985-02/28/1985)

          Chron File (03/01/1985-03/03/1985)

          Chron File (03/04/1985-03/05/1985)

          Chron File (03/06/1985-03/07/1985)

          Chron File (03/08/1985-03/10/1985)

          Chron File (03/11/1985)

          Chron File (03/12/1985)

          Chron File (03/13/1985-03/14/1985)

          Chron File (03/15/1985-03/17/1985)


          Box 17

          Chron File (03/18/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (03/19/1985)

          Chron File (03/20/1985) (1)(2)

          Chron File (03/21/1985)

          Chron File (03/22/1985-03/24/1985)

          Chron File (03/25/1985) (1)-(3)

          Chron File (03/26/1985-03/27/1985)

          Chron File (03/28/1985)

          Chron File (03/29/1985-03/31/1985)

          Chron File (04/01/1985-04/02/1985)

          Chron File (04/03/1985)

          Chron File (04/04/1985)

          Chron File (04/05/1985)

          Chron File (04/06/1985-04/19/1985)

          [Correspondence September 1983-December 1983] (1)(2)


          Box 18

          [Correspondence September 1983-December 1983] (3)-(5)

          [Correspondence] FRW 1983

          FRW 1983 Pennsylvania (1)-(6)

          Pennsylvania 1984 (1)-(9)


          Box 19

          Pennsylvania 1984 (10)-(12

          (Pennsylvania Friends) Recommendation Letters 1984

          FRW – Swiss Friends 1984 (1)-(5)

          Switzerland February 1985

          Thank You Letters (1)-(6)

          [Congratulatory Letters re: Swiss Ambassadorial Appointment] (1)(2)

          FRW – Nice Letter File (1)(2)


          Box 20

          FRW – Nice Letter File (3)



          Box 20, Continued

          Office of Public Liaison (OPL) Staff Memos 03/01/1983-03/16/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 03/17/1983-03/21/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 03/22/1983-03/24/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 03/25/1983-03/28/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 03/29/1983-04/19/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 04/20/1983-05/31/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 06/01/1983-06/09/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 06/10/1983-06/23/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 06/24/1983-06/30/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 07/01/1983-07/21/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 07/22/1983-07/30/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/01/1983-08/07/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/08/1983-08/10/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/11/1983-08/17/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/18/1983-08/24/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/25/1983-08/30/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 08/31/1983)

          OPL Staff Memos 09/01/1983-09/07/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 09/08/1983-09/13/1983

          OPL Staff Memos 09/14/1983-09/20/1983


Box 21

OPL Staff Memos 09/21/1983-09/26/1983

OPL Staff Memos 09/27/1983-09/30/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/01/1983-10/05/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/06/1983-10/11/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/12/1983-10/16/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/17/1983-10/24/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/25/1983-10/27/1983

OPL Staff Memos 10/28/1983-10/31/1983

OPL Staff Memos 11/01/1983-11/09/1983

OPL Staff Memos 11/10/1983-11/15/1983

OPL Staff Memos 11/16/1983-11/21/1983

OPL Staff Memos 11/22/1983-11/30/1983

OPL Staff Memos 12/01/1983-12/12/1983

OPL Staff Memos 12/13/1983-12/14/1983

OPL Staff Memos 12/15/1983-12/19/1983

OPL Staff Memos 12/20/1983-12/31/1983

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 01/25/1984-02/07/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 02/08/1984-02/14/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 02/15/1984-02/26/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 02/27/1984-02/29/1984


Box 22

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 03/01/1984-03/08-1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 03/09/1984-03/13/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 03/14/1984-03/19/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 03/20/1984-03/28/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 03/29/1984-04/02/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/03/1984-04/05/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/06/1984-04/10/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/11/1984-04/16/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/17/1984-04/22/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/23/1984-04/24/1984

Whittlesey Chronological Memorandums 04/25/1984-04/30/1984

FRW Memo 05/01/1984-05/03/1984

FRW Memo 05/04/1984-05/09/1984

FRW Memo 05/10/1984-05/23/1984

FRW Memo 05/24/1984-05/31/1984

FRW Memo 06/01/1984-06/11/1984

FRW Memo 06/12/1984-06/18/1984

FRW Memo 06/19/1984-06/21/1984

FRW Memo 06/22/1984-06/30/1984


Box 23

FRW Memo 07/01/1984-07/09/1984

FRW Memo 07/10/1984-07/16/1984

FRW Memo 07/17/1984-07/22/1984

FRW Memo 07/23/1984-07/24/1984

FRW Memo 07/25/1984

FRW Memo 07/26/1984-07/31/1984

FRW Memo 08/01/1984-08/08/1984

FRW Memo 08/09/1984-08/14/1984

FRW Memo 08/15/1984-08/16/1984

FRW Memo 08/17/1984-08/31/1984

FRW Memo 09/01/1984-09/09/1984

FRW Memo 09/10/1984-09/12/1984

FRW Memo 09/13/1984-09/17/1984

FRW Memo 09/18/1984-09/20/1984

FRW Memo 09/21/1984-09/30/1984

FRW Memo 10/01/1984-10/07/1984

FRW Memo 10/08/1984-10/14/1984

FRW Memo 10/15/1984-10/18/1984

FRW Memo 10/19/1984-10/25/1984


Box 24

FRW Memo 10/26/1984-10/31/1984

FRW Memo 11/01/1984-11/12/1984

FRW Memo 11/13/1984-11/18/1984

FRW Memo 11/19/1984-11/26/1984

FRW Memo 11/27/1984-11/30/1984

FRW Memo 12/01/1984-12/04/1984 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 12/05/1984-12/09/1984

FRW Memo 12/10/1984-12/12/1984

FRW Memo 12/13/1984-12/18/1984

FRW Memo 12/19/1984-12/31/1984

FRW Memo 01/01/1985-01/07/1985

FRW Memo 01/08/1985-01/10/1985

FRW Memo 01/11/1985-01/13/1985

FRW Memo 01/14/1985-01/15/1985

FRW Memo 01/16/1985-01/21/1985

FRW Memo 01/22/1985

FRW Memo 01/23/1985-01/24/1985

FRW Memo 01/25/1985-01/27/1985

FRW Memo 01/28/1985


Box 25

FRW Memo 01/29/1985

FRW Memo 01/30/1985-01/31/1985

FRW Memo (January 1985)

FRW Memo 02/01/1985-02/03/1985

FRW Memo 02/04/1985

FRW Memo 02/05/1985 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 02/06/1985

FRW Memo 02/07/1985

FRW Memo 02/08/1985-02/10/1985

FRW Memo 02/11/1985 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 02/12/1985

FRW Memo 02/13/1985

FRW Memo 02/14/1985 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 02/15/1985-02/18/1985

FRW Memo 02/19/1985 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 02/20/1985-02/21/1985

FRW Memo 02/22/1985-02/24/1985

FRW Memo 02/25/1985-02/26/1985

FRW Memo 02/27/1985


Box 26

FRW Memo 02/28/1985

FRW Memo (February 1985)

FRW Memo 03/01/1985-03/04/1985

FRW Memo 03/05/1985

FRW Memo 03/06/1985

FRW Memo 03/07/1985-03/08/1985

FRW Memo 03/09/1985-03/11/1985

FRW Memo 03/12/1985-03/14/1985

FRW Memo 03/15/1985 (1)(2)

FRW Memo 03/16/1985-03/18/1985

FRW Memo 03/19/1985

FRW Memo 03/20/1985

FRW Memo 03/21/1985-03/25/1985

FRW Memo 03/26/1985-03/27/1985

FRW Memo 03/28/1985-03/31/1985

FRW Memo 04/01/1985-04/02/1985

FRW Memo 04/03/1985-04/07/1985

FRW Memo 04/08/1985-04/10/1985


Box 27

[Staff] Bradley, Mel

[Staff] Breger, Marshall (1)-(3)

[Staff] Buckalew, Judi (1)(2)

[Staff] Donatelli, Frank (1)(2)

[Staff] Foley, Todd

[Staff] Holladay, Doug (1)-(4)

[Staff] Jacobi, Mary Jo (1)-(4)

[Staff] Kojelis, Linas (1)-(4)


Box 28

[Staff] Kojelis, Linas (5)

[Staff] Meloy, Mary Ann

[Staff] Morrison, Trudi (1)-(3)

[Staff] Paschall, Eliza (1)-(4)

          [Staff] Peterson, Eileen

          [Staff] Reilly, Bob (1)-(8)

          [Staff] Riggs, Doug (1)-(3)


          Box 29

          [Staff] Riggs, Doug (4)

[Staff] Sundseth, Carolyn (1)-(3)

[Staff] Villalpando, Cathi (1)(2)

Baker, James A. (FRW Memos) 1983 (1)(2)

1984 Baker, James A. Memoranda (1)-(6)

Recommendations: Herrington, John (1)-(7)


Box 30

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 02/18/1983-02/23/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 02/24/1983-02/27/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 02/28/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/01/1983-03/06/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/07/1983-03/10/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/11/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/12/1983-03/16/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/17/1983-03/21/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/22/1983-03/24/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/25/1983-03/27/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/28/1983-03/29/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 03/30/1983-03/31/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 04/01/1983-04/05/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 04/06/1983-04/10/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 04/11/1983-04/21/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 04/22/1983-04/26/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 04/27/1983-04/30/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/01/1983-05/05/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/06/1983-05/13/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/14/1983-05/16/1983]


Box 31

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/17/1983-05/19/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/20/1983] (1)-(3)

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/21/1983-05/25/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/26/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 05/27/1983-05/31/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/01/1983-06/07/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/08/1983-06/13/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/14/1983-06/15/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/16/1983-06/19/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/20/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/21/1983-06/23/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/24/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/25/1983-06/28/1983]

[Public Liaison Staffing Memos-F. Whittlesey 06/29/1983-06/30/1983]

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (09/30/1983-10/09/1983)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (10/10/1983-10/16/1983)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (10/17/1983-10/27/1983)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (10/28/1983-11/20/1983)


Box 32

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (11/21/1983-11/30/1983)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (12/01/1983-01/16/1984)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (01/17/1984-01/22/1984)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (01/23/1984-01/27/1984)

OPL Staffing Memos and Proclamations (01/28/1984-01/31/1984)



          Box 32, continued

          A-122, [OMB Circular] (1)(2)


          Acid Rain

          Affirmative Action


          American Council of Youth- Young Political Leaders

          Archbishop Iakovos

[Armenian Issue]


          FRW – Biographies (1)(2)

          FRW - Biographies (Originals)

          Black Strategy (1)-(4)


          Box 33

          Budget 1983 (1)-(3)


          Business - CEO Listing (1)(2)

          Business Community

          Business Liaison Discussion Group (1)(2)

          Business Talking Points (1)(2)


          Central America: Briefing Book Democracy, Peace & Development Initiative (1)-(3)

          Central America: Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador [CISPES]

          [Central America – Classified Memos, Cables]

          Central America: Correspondence (12/02/1983-03/31/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence (04/01/1984-04/30/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence (05/01/1984-05/14/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence (05/15/1984-06/30/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence (07/01/1984-07/31/1984)


          Box 34

          Central America: Correspondence (08/01/1984-09/30/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence (10/01/1984-12/31/1984)

          Central America: Correspondence/Favorable

          Central America-Established Working Groups

          [Central America General Classified] I

          [Central America General Classified] II (1)-(3)

          [Central America General Classified] III (1)-(4)

          Central America General Correspondence

          Central America Jews

          Central America: Materials (1)-(7)

          Central America: Notes

          Central America: Nuggets


          Box 35

          Central America OP-ED- FRW

          Central America Outreach Working Group/Memos (1)-(4)

          Central America: Outside Support (1)(2)

          Central America: Outreach Meeting Members (1)(2)

          Central America: PLO Activities (1)(2)

          Central America: Printed Articles/Clippings (1)-(5)

          Central America: Refugees

          Central America: Remarks, Speeches, Statements (1)-(5)


          Box 36

          Central America: Remarks, Speeches, Statements (6)(7)

          Central America: Responses from Ambassadors

          Central America: Speech File (1)-(6)

          Central America: Statistics (1)(2)

          Central America: Strategy

          Central America-Working Groups Agendas (1)-(3)


          Box 12F

          Child Support

          Chief of Missions

          Christian Community



          Cities in Schools, Inc.

          Citizens for America 45 p.

          Civil Rights

          Civil Rights (Title IX)

          Comparable Worth

          Comparable Worth Offensive 1984-1985



          Council of American Ambassadors

          County Board of Elections


          Credit Suisse Bulletin Spring 1984


          Cuba and Central America (Envelope) (1)-(5) 377 p.

          Deaver, M.

          Defense booklets

          Defense Correspondence (1)-(3)

          Defense-Soviet Military Power

          Delaware County Annual Report 1982 and1984



          Donatelli, Frank 40 p.



          Education--Nebraska School Crisis



          Equal Access

          Ethnic Community

          Ethnics (1)(2) 84 p.


          Events: Information



          Fair Trade

          Family Violence


          Box 13F

          52% Solution

          Foreign Relations Committee Hearing 04/01/1985 [Re: Whittlesey Nomination]


          Gay Rights

          Government Research Corporation

          Gramm-Latta  FRW (1)(2)


          Grey Market Steel/Insurance

          Gulf and Caribbean foundation

          Gun Control

          Gun Groups


          Health Care

          Senator Jesse Helms

          Hispanic (1)-(3) 173 p.


          Invitations, FRW, 1984

          Jepsen Statement

          Jewish- Lubavitch (1)(2)

          Kooks - I

          Kooks - II


          Labor Community

          McFarlane, Robert 1 p.


          National Security Council (1)(2) 71 p.

          [NSDD 113 Mobile Communications in White House Staff Cars]

          Natural Gas

          Negative Press

          Nicaraguan Refugee Relief Fund

          North Atlantic Treaty Organization

          OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Accomplishments (1)(2) 64 p.

          [OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Guidelines for Reporting of Activities] 1 p.

          OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Meeting Reports June 1983-July 1983 (1)-(5) 229 p.

          OPL/OPD (Office of Public Liaison/Office of Policy Development) Areas of

                   Specialization (1)(2) 75 p.

          OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Senior Staff Commendation Letters 14 p.

          OPL (Office of Public Liaison) – Staff (1)-(4) 162 p.

          OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Staff: Recommendations Personnel


          Box 14F

          Partnerships in Education


          Political Activity

          Political Polls

          Politics (Envelope)

          President Reagan


          Republican National Convention 1984 Official Guide


          Rolodex (See Object Box #1)

          School Prayer (1)-(5)

          School Prayer Amendment (1)-(3)

          Scrapbook Material

          Senate and House Action

          Senate Republican Policy Committee (Envelope)

          Senior Staff Minutes of Meetings

          Ship Builders

          Small Business

          Speakers Bureau (1)(2) 85 p.

          Specialty Steel

          Staff Meetings I 52 p.

          Staff Meetings II (1)(2) 89 p.

          Star War File

          [Survey re: 1984 Elections]

          Swiss Names

          Title IX (1)(2)



          Tuition Tax Credits - I

          Tuition Tax Credits - II

          U.S.-Japan Institute


          FRW- Washington Post Op-Ed (Prayer) 03/11/1984

          FRW – Washington Post Article 03/20/1984

          FRW Washington Post Article 09/27/1984 (Piano Playing)

          White House Conference on Children & Youth (1)(2)

          White House Senior Staff Note-Book (Binder)

          White House Digests Master File (1)(2) 96 p.

          White House Digests – Memos 42 p.

          White House Digests - Status of  50 p.

          White House State Dinner Lists 1984

          Faith Ryan Whittlesey – File

          Wine Equity Bill


          Box 15F

          Women (1)-(3)

          Women - I (Envelope)

          Women - II

          Women – Abortion

          Women – Appointments

          Women Clippings Miscellaneous

          Women / Comparable Worth (Envelope)

          Women Correspondence

          Women Defense

          Women – Economic Equity Act

          Women ERA and Eagle Forum

          Women Feminist

          [Women] Fifty States Project

          Women – Gender Gap Articles

          Women Insurance/Pensions

          Women Issue Alerts

          Women Jackie McGregor

          Women Miscellaneous Information

          Women National Political Caucus

          Women - Notes

          Women Press

          Women – Publications, Memos, Reports

          Women Reagan Record

          Women Report Impact of the Budget

          Women Title 9

          Women – Women Press Package

          Outstanding Women 

          Year of the Bible




          Box 15AF     

          Applicants (Morton B.) (For Blackwell Position)


          Valery Altimus

          Beth Barnes

          Morton Blackwell

          Mel Bradley

          (Marshall J. Breger)

          Judy Buckalew

          Will Cattan

          Jack L. Courtemarche

          Richard Dingman

          H. Eugene Douglas

          Dolf Dorge

          Matthew Todd Foley

          Marguerite Fry

          Michael Gale

          Jo Anne Hansen

          Doug Holladay

          Mary Jo Jacobi

          Maureen Kiely

          Mark Klugmann

          Edward Lynch

          Teresa Lukach

          Maureen McEwen

          Jean McKee

          Jean McNew

          Susy Lacy

          Mary Ann Meloy

          Joan Moreli

          Trudi Morrison

          Eliza Paschall (1)(2)

          Robert R. Reilly

          Suzanne Respess

          Douglas Riggs

          John Rousselot

          Rosa Sanjuan

          Shortley, Mary (Maiselle)

          Sims. Pat

          Candace Strother

          Carolyn Sundseth

          Carolyn Sundseth

          Joyce Thomann

          Ventsam, Linda Kay

          Catalina Villalpando (Cathy)

          Whittlesey, Faith Ryan

          (Resumes and Correspondence with Applicants‑ Faith Whittlesey)



          Box 16F

          Daily Schedule March 1983-December 1983 (1)-(5) 198 p.

          1985 [Daily Schedule January 1984-March 1985] (1)-(12) 503 p.

          [Daily Schedule October 1984-May 1985 with Supporting Documents] (1)-(9) 365 p.

          [Daily Schedule October 1984-May 1985 with Supporting Documents]: Friday

                   01/18/1985 18 p.



          Box 16F (Continued)

          Accept [Scheduling Recommendations February 1983-May 1983]

          Scheduling Regrets  03/01/1983 [February 1983-April 1983]

          Briefing Papers  [FRW March 1983-November 1983]

          Approved Scheduling Activities (Presidential)  [March 1983-November 1983] (1 )(2)

          [Scheduling Proposals] [April 1983-September 1983]  (1)(2)

          No Action  - Schedule Proposals May 1983-08/31/1983

          Unfavorable Scheduling Recommendations  [June 1983-June 1984] (1)(2)

          Public Liaison Scheduling Proposals Pending  No Action [June 1983-December 1983,

                   January 1984-March 1984](1)(2)


          Box 17F

          Rejected Schedule Proposals [June 1983–December 1983; January 1984-March

                   1984] (1)-(6) 213 p.

          Favorable Scheduling Recommendations [July 1983 - May 1984] (1)(2)

          [Long Range Scheduling - November 1983]

          [Pending Schedule Proposals and Recent Regretted Schedule Proposals-FRW]

          [November 1983]

          FRW, OPL Events, Approved and Not [1984]

          FRW, Scheduling Memos  [May 1984 – February 1985]

          Scheduled Proposals to the First Lady & Vice President  [out card]



          Box 17F (Continued)

          FRW Articles 1983-1984

          [FRW Articles]

          Reserve Officers Association Article 07/13/1984

          FRW: Letters to the Editor

          04/14/1983 Faith Whittlesey; Basic Speech

          Speeches – Speech Material 1983

          Speech Material 1983

          Speech Material (Envelope)

          Speech Material October 1984 (Envelope)


          Box 18F

          Speech Material Chapman (Envelope)

          FRW: Speech Material (1)-(5)

          Speech Cards

          (Speech) Economy (Envelope)

          Articles (other than FRW)

          Atlantic Alliance and U.S. Global Strategy

          [Central American Briefing Material] (White House Packet) (1)(2) 171 p.

          Clippings (Envelope) (1)-(3) 130 p.

          Clippings (FRW) (Faith Ryan Whittlesey) 1984 (Envelope) 40 p.

          Clippings – June 1984-July 1984 (Envelope) 50 p.

          [Clippings - Nicaragua] 32 p.

          Economic Outlooks and Speeches by Richard Rahn

          Economic Progress Charts 06/16/1983

          Education Speech Material

          Fairness II Briefing Book

          Feldstein (Envelope)

          Foreign Relations Speech Material 38 p.

          Freeman Digest July 1984

          Gamble, Doug

          Hidden Censors, The" by Tim LaHaye

          Horowitz (Envelope)

          1983 Human Events

          Issue Information

          [Viewgraphs from Presentation on National Security] (Envelope) (See oversize Box #1)


          Box 19F

          “Philadelphia" Magazine September 1984


          Press File

          Press Packets (Envelope)

          Reading FRW October 1984 (Envelope)

          FRW Talking Points

          Talking Points on Budget Deficit and Special Analyses FY 1986

          Washington Dossier April 1984

          White House Digest 06/01/1983 - Nicaragua’s Sandinistas 13 p.

          White House Digest 07/06/1983 - Soviet/ Cuban Threat 7 p.

          White House Digest 07/13/1983 May and June Nicaragua 9 p.

          White House Digest 07/20/1983 - PLO in Central America 9 p.

          White House Digest 08/10/1983 - Human Rights in Cuba 6 p.

          White House Digest 08/24/1983 - Nicaraguan Repression of Labor  18 p.

          White House Digest 11/18/1983 - President Reagan on Peace, Arms Control and

                   Deterrence 21 p.

          White House Digest 02/29/1984 - Persecution of Christian Groups in Nicaragua 22p.

          White House Digest 04/04/1984 - Caribbean Sea Lanes 12 p.

          White House Digest 04/25/1984 - Miskito Indians 25 p.

          Women Speech Material [06/01/1984]



          Box 19F (Continued)


          11/04/1983 Pennsylvania Chamber Commerce

          11/19/1983 Union League

          February 1984 – Miami, Florida Teamster Dinner

          04/05/1984 Academic Bank of Heritage Foundation  Chicago

          04/05/1984 Academic Bank of the Heritage Foundation Chicago, Illinois

          04/29/1984 Penn State Address

          04/29/1984 Penn State Honors Convocation

          05/12/1984 Rosemont Address

          05/16/1984 Seminar on Pornography Washington, D.C.

          06/16/1984 American Retail Foundation

          05/18/1984 Williamsburg, VA National Council on Policy

          05/21/1984 Child Pornography Signing Ceremony Invited Guests

          05/25/1984 New York Trip

          06/02/1984 Wells Alumnae Award


          Box 20F

          06/18/1984 New York Trip

          06/25/1984 Zurich, Switzerland

          July 1984 Seattle, Washington

          July 1984 Seattle, Washington: FRW Seattle

          07/04/1984 Independence Hall Speech Philadelphia, PA

          07/04/1984 Nationwide Bell Ringing Ceremony PA Society of Sons of the Revolution

                   Philadelphia, PA

          07/27/1984 Iowa Trip 

          07/27/1984 Americas Society Briefing

          08/10/1984-08/13/1984 Republican Convention/Dallas

          08/17/1984-08/18/1984 Dallas, Texas National Council for Policy (1)(2)

          08/17/1984-08/18/1984 Council for a National Policy FRW(on Board 1984)

          08/27/1984 Vienna, Austria

          09/03/1984 Keynote 20th Biannual Conference of the International Bar Association

                   Vienna, Austria

          09/10/1984-09/21/1984 Politician in Residence Wells

          09/14/1984 Concerned Women for America Shoreham Hotel – Washington, DC

          09/15/1984 (Philadelphia, PA) - Good Citizenship Award in Recognition of Service in


          09/15/1984 Acceptance of Good Citizenship Award (Women for Greater Philadelphia)

                   Philadelphia, PA

          10/11/1984 Pottsville

          10/29/1984-10/30/1984 Pennsylvania/North Carolina

          10/22/1984-10/26/1984: New York, Williamsport, PA, Princeton, NJ

          11/03/1984--Miami Florida VIVA

          11/03/1984 VIVA’ 84 Women’s Seminar Luncheon Miami, Florida

          11/09/1984--GSA Region 3 Luncheon Philadelphia, PA

          11/12/1984--Philadelphia Jolles Party

          11/16/1984-11/18/1984: Council For National Policy: Palm Beach, FL 

          11/26/1984--Keynote Philanthropy Monthly 8th Annual Conference New York 

          11/26/1984 Keynote Address to the Opening Session of the 8th Annual Policy

                   Conference of the Philanthropy

          11/29/1984-Swiss-Amer. Friendship Award NY, NY; Dec 2-Ottawa, Canada

          12/08/1984 Center for the Study of The Presidency St. Louis, Missouri

          12/08/84 Center for the Study of the Presidency "Radical Feminism in Retreat: A

                   Closer Look at the ’84 Vote"

          12/14/1984--Morgan Stanley CEO Luncheon New York

          Council for National Policy Remarks on Central America 1985

          01/31/1985 DAR Speech


          Box 21F

          DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Speech – 1985 on Central America

                   (1)(2) 65 p.

          01/31/1985 American Security Council Foundation 15 p.

          02/11/1985 Dartmouth College

          02/12/1985 National Strategy Information Center Defense Forum

          02/12/1985 National Strategy Information Center

          02/14/1985 Roundtable Meeting with Hispanic Leaders (1)-(3) 182 p.

          02/23/1985 International Conference on Latin America San Jose, Costa Rica 20 p.

          02/23/1985 Remarks before the International Conference on Latin America Costa

                   Rica 15 p.

          02/23/1985 Remarks before the International Conference on Latin America Costa Rica

          03/01/1985 Lincoln Day Dinner: Tampa, FL

          03/06/1985-03/07/1985 American Foreign Policy Council Palm Beach, Florida

          03/27/1985 Committee for Responsible Youth Politics Roast FRW

          03/28/1985 John Shad Party University Club, New York, NY


          SERIES IX: STATE DINNER 1983

          Box 21F (Continued)

          Lists & Names Submitted

          Lists not in Proper Form


          [Prospective Invitees to State Dinners] (1)(2)

          [Prospective Invitees to State Dinners-FRW]

          Social Office Lists

          State Dinner Lists [empty]

          State Dinners

          Support Papers for China Dinner