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WILLIAMSON, RICHARD S.: Files, 1981-1982


Office of Intergovernmental Affairs



Briefings 05/21/1981-06/30/1981

Chron Files February 1981-March 1981

Chron Files April 1981

Chron Files May 1981

Chron Files June 1981

Chron Files July 1981-August 1981

Chron Files September 1981

General Correspondence A-B

General Correspondence C-D

General Correspondence E-F

General Correspondence G-H

General Correspondence I-J

General Correspondence K-L

General Correspondence M-N

General Correspondence O-P

General Correspondence Q-R

General Correspondence S-T

General Correspondence U-V

General Correspondence W



Assassination Attempt 03/30/1981 (1)-(3)

Reports to Puerto Rican Task Force

Puerto Rico Correspondence March 1981-July 1981

RSW Invitations Accepted March 1981-July 1981

RSW Invitations Declined March 1981-August 198

Briefings ‑ July 1981

Presidential Scheduling March 1981-August 1981

President's Illinois Trip 04/01/1981

Auto Summit Meeting ‑ April 1981 [Auto Industry Task Force]

President's Trip to New York March 1981

General Memos February 1981‑August 1981


OA 3997

Budget Decision Comments

Chron Files for October 1981-February 1982

RSW Invitations (Accepted) September 1981-December 1981

RSW Invitations (Regretted) September 1981-December 1981

Misc. Correspondence A‑Z for September 1981-December 1981

General Memos from September 1981-December 1981

Puerto Rico September 1981-December 1981


OA 3998

AFDC Workfare ‑ 1981

ACIR ‑ September 1981-December 1981

Administrative Cf. August 1981‑December1981

ALEC 1981

President's Trip to Baltimore 1981

Block Grants ‑ 1981

Catholic Issues ‑ 1981

Conservative Activists 1981

Crime 1981

Selling of the Economic Package ‑ 1981

Federal Criminal Code 1981

Governors August 1981‑December1981

IGA Office 1981

White House IGA Reports 1981

Journalists 1981

Mayors 1981

NACO 1981


OA 5152

Correspondence re: General Revenue Sharing (unfoldered material, no arrangement)


OA 5153

Correspondence re: General Revenue Sharing (unfoldered material, no arrangement)


OA 5460

Newsclippings arranged by weeks 1981‑1982


OA 5461

Newsclippings arranged by weeks 1981‑1982

Articles by Broder, Pierce, Schellhardt and Ayers

Vice President's Briefing Book: Press Conferences on Paperwork Reduction and

Small Business Regulatory Relief 02/04/1982

1992 Chicago World's Fair ‑ Age of Discovery


OA 5664


Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

American Legislative Exchange Council

Administrative Conference

Balanced Budget

Boulder Case

Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)-(5)

Carleson, Bob (American Indian Leaders Advisory Council) (1)-(3)

CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) (1)(2)

Civil Rights

Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act

Conservative Activists


Domestic Summit


OA 5665

Department of Energy Dismantling

Enterprise Zones (1)-(7)

Entitlements (1)-(4)


[Snelling, Governor Richard A.] Entitlements



OA 5666

Heritage Foundation

Housing Industry

Immigrants/ Refugees (1)(2)


Legislative Veto (1)‑(7)

Mayors (See also U. S. Conference of Mayors)

General Memos

Mount St. Helens

National Conference of State Legislators

National Governors Association

National League of Cities

New York City Loan Guarantees

Office of Policy Development


OA 5667

Neal Peirce


Private Sector Initiatives

Puerto Rico

Regulatory Reform (1)-(4)

Revenue Return


OA 5668

Sister Cities International

Speakers Bureau

Supreme Court Jurisdiction

Summer of 1982

Tax Cut

Tex Bill, 1982

Telephone Call Sheets, February 1981-December 1981

Urban Policy

United States Conference of Mayors

Virgin Islands

Voting Rights

White House Conference on Children and Youth

Women's Issues


OA 6176

Federalism ‑ Interview with President 11/19/1981

Political Reports

Meese/Baker Presentation

November 1981 Federalism Book

Sorting Out

RR Federalism Interview 11/16/1981

Domestic Summit

Redistribution of Government Responsibilities

ACIR Press

Articles to Refute

Clippings ‑ Block Grants

Clippings ‑ Federalism

Notes & Background for November 1981 ‑ RR Federalism

Interview and Month Report



[Federalism ‑ Unfoldered]


OA 6177

[Miscellaneous Material ‑ Unfoldered]


The Federalism Package 01/26/1982

Federalism Attacks

State & Local Coalition

The Critics

[News Clippings]

January 1982 Federalism Package ‑ General News Clips


[Miscellaneous Material ‑ Unfoldered]

Already Sent to Computer ‑ Background Names

RR/State Legislature 02/09/1982

Federal Initiative Issues to be Resolved

Statements by RR, 1967‑1982

RR/Iowa State Legislature 02/09/1982

Snelling Article: How Competent Are the State Governments

Busbee Article: States & Cities Should Have New Answers Not Fight Old Battles

VP Bush/Utah State Legislature

RR Acceptance Speech 07/17/1980

RR Inaugural Address 01/20/1981

RR/NCSL National Conference 07/30/1981

SOTU Fact Sheet

SOTU Speech

Federalism White House Fact Sheet

Gallup Poll ‑ States Can Do It Better

Federalism News Clips


OA 6178

PACF ‑ Education Subcommittee

PACF ‑ HHS Subcommittee

PACF Revenue Source Return Subcommittee

Health and Human Services

Revenue Source Return

Regulatory and Judicial Reform: Subcommittee: Extras Nov. 12

Regulatory and Judicial Reform: Handouts 12/15 (Empty)

Regulatory and Judicial Reform: Public Interest (Empty)

Regulatory and Judicial Reform: Subcommittee: Handouts

Regulatory and Judicial Reform: Subcommittee: Mailings (1)-(4)

Regulatory and Judicial Reform Subcommittee: Miscellaneous

Regulatory and Judicial Reform Federal

Transportation: Federalism Subcommittee Transportation November 19 Extra Agendas (1)(2)

Transportation: Handouts At Transportation Subcommittee (Empty)

Transportation: Mailings Transportation Subcommittee (1)(2)

Transportation: Miscellaneous Transportation Subcommittee

Transportation: Public Interest in Transportation


Land and Water



OA 6179

Article ‑ Government Data Systems Block Grants October 1981

Federalism Initiatives by Agencies October 1981

Regulatory Relief, November 1981 ‑ Journal for Contemporary Studies (1)-(3)

Article ‑ Journal of Contemporary Studies, Regulatory Reform, September 1981 (1)-(3)

ABA Newsletter ‑ Federalism November 1981

Testimony Alternative Service Delivery September 1981

Testimony Federalism September 1981


L.A. Times January 1982

Wall Street Journal Op‑Ed

ICS Revised Article on Regulatory Reform, January 1982 (1)-(4)

Federalism Article for Wide Media Dissemination with 10 Month Report January 1982

01/28/1982 Speech to U.S. Conference of Mayors re Federal Package

Rural Growth Natat January 82

Future Articles (Empty)

JFK School of Government Conference on Federalism

RSW Articles

Talking Points RSW

Enterprise Zones

Federalism Communications

Federal Regional Councils




President's Speeches

Private Sector Initiatives

Puerto Rico


Regulatory Relief

Revenue Source Return

Social Security

Surrogates Promoting Defending RR's Program

Sorting Out (Empty)




Agriculture (USDA)


PACF ‑ List of Mailings

Weekly Activities Report

Master Mailing List

Federalism Committee Communications with Members




OA 6180


Alternative Service Delivery

Kentucky & Wisconsin

Explanation ‑ Analysis at CDBG



Budget Documents


OA 6181

[Miscellaneous Material ‑ Unfoldered]

Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism (PACF)


PACF Meeting 06/23/1981

PACF 06/23/1981‑07/14/1981

PACF (07/15/1981‑09/15/1981)

PACF (09/16/1981‑01/31/1982

PACF (02/01/1982‑1982)


OA 6537

Copies of WH Staffing Memos May 1982-October 1982


OA 7310

WH Memos (no arrangement)


OA 7311

RSW Phone Sheets Arranged Chronologically August 1981‑May 1983 (21 folders)


OA 7312

Articles for Distribution [3 folders]

RSW Travel Schedule

State Legislatures

Urban Impact Statement

Statements: Governors, State Officials Re Initiative

The Swap ‑ Miscellaneous


Republican Party


RSW Speeches

Reports ‑ Federalism

Miscellaneous Reports ‑ Federalism

Republican Governors' Association

PACF ‑ File II

Presidential Plan ‑ Federalism

Regulatory Relief

Presidential Advance Committee on Federalism

Presidential Addresses

News Publications



Polling Data

President, The


OA 7313

Newspaper Clippings

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Memos ‑ Issues ‑ Federalism

James Baker: Political Exposure

McClaughery, John: 07/01/1981 "Reagan v. New Federalism"

Memo: Meese et al re HHS 05/22/1982

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Gov. Snelling

NGA Proposals/Position Papers

Press Briefing


[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

[The Urban Lawyer]

[Policy Review 21]

[New York Times]

[Washington Post 04/15/1982]

["A Review of Reagan Federalism"]

Articles for Packets

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Washington Times

The Washington Post

Congressional Quarterly

Nation's Cities Weekly

Christian Science Monitor

USA Today

U.S. News & World Report

New Republic


OA 7314

Neil Peirce

Philadelphia Inquirer

The Wall Street Journal


[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Background and Status Report on Federalism Initiative 07/13/1982


Clean Air

Fact Sheet

Legislative Strategy Group

Reagan Program and Rep.

Regional Battles

Summary of Responses to Federalism

Tentative Adm. Decisions: 6/22

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Federalism/Miscellaneous ‑ M.A.

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]


[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Negotiations: 06/23/1982

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

ICS Article by RSW

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Medicaid ‑ 1981


OA 7315

March, 1981: Meeting and Background

Listing of RSW Articles

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Newspaper Accounts RSW Articles

6/16 Balanced Budget Article

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]

Bomb Clips



Federalism Bomb Notebook

Woodrow Wilson Center

Academics: May 17

Academics: May 26, Roosevelt Room

[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]


Durenberger Proposal

Paul Laxalt


[Miscellaneous ‑ Unfoldered]


OA 7316

IGA Staff ‑ Miscellaneous

IGA Staff Meeting Agendas/Action

Memos from Sharon Richie

Memos from Jim/Judy

Miscellaneous Memos from RSW

Memos from Steve/Eve [2 folders]

Memos from Rick/Linda

Memos from Bob Gleason

Memos from Alan Holmer

Memos/Joselyn White


OA 7317

A Correspondence

B Correspondence


Baker, James

C Correspondence

Chicago Worlds Fair

Clips RSW

D Correspondence

E Correspondence

Federal City Club

F Correspondence

G Correspondence

H Correspondence

I Correspondence

J Correspondence

K Correspondence

L Correspondence

Mc Correspondence

M Correspondence

N Correspondence

O Correspondence

P Correspondence

Q Correspondence

R Correspondence

Sperling Breakfasts

S Correspondence

T Correspondence

U Correspondence

V Correspondence

X-Y-Z Correspondence

OA 7318 [Binders]

IGA Staff Reports 1982

IGA Staff Reports 1982‑1983

[Binder]: Wirthlin Survey (1)(2)

Presidential Weekly Update (09/13/1982)


OA 7319

07/21/1982 Memo on Major Unresolved Federalism Issues

Busbee Index

Van Lare Memo (06/28/1982)

Talking Points

Medically Needy

Issues and Answers on Medically Needy Cost Estimate

NGA Staff Medically Needy Memo (06/30/1982)

HHS Medically Needy Memo

Unhitching AFDC and Food Stamps

Talking Points

Supplemental Assistance Fund

NGA Memo (06/16/1982)

Talking Points


Barnhart Memo (07/12/1982)

DOT Memo (06/30/1982)

RSW Transportation Proposals

NGA Transportation Proposal

Cost Projections

Moran Memo (07/19/1982)

SWOAP Memo (07/16/1982)

Moran Memo (07/15/1982)

Rubin Memo (07/14/1982)

Rubin Memo (06/30/1982)

Tentative Decisions Memo (06/22/1982)

Snelling Letter (06/24/1982)

Snelling Letter and NGA Release (07/14/1982)

Medicaid Specifications Memo (06/24/1982)

State‑byState Breakdown

RSW Memo on Political Fallout (07/07/1982)

Stockman Budget Input Memo (07/06/1982)

Moran Budget Input Memo (07/09/1982)

Harper Memo (07/20/1982)

RSW 05/13/1982 Memo to JAB

RSW 05/19/1982 Memo ("Consensus Package")

HHS Numbers 05/18/1982

Rubin 05/17/1982 Memo to Harper

Winston 05/17/1982 Memo

Moran 05/13/1982 Memo

Rubin February 1982 Memo

Ken Clarkson 05/18/1982 Memo

Carleson 05/18/1982 Grid

DOJ 05/18/1982 Memo on Legal Issues

Moran 05/11/1982 Memo

History of Federalism Proposal

Pre‑State of Union

Pre‑State of Union: Concept Paper on Large‑Scale Federalism Initiative (12/08/1981)

Pre‑State of Union: Major Federalism Initiative (12/21/1981)

Pre‑State of Union: Federalism Concept Paper ‑ Draft #2 (01/4/1982)

Pre‑State of Union: Major Federalism Initiative ‑ Concept Draft #2 (01/07/1982)

Pre‑State of Union: The President's Federalism Initiative Basic Framework (01/26/1982)

Pre‑State of Union Fact Sheet (01/27/1982)

Pre‑State of Union: Federalism Initiative: Issues to be Resolved

State of Union

Addresses to State Legislatures

Meetings and Negotiations with State/Locals

March/April Developments

Technical Working Group

RSW 12/09/1982 Decision Memorandum

White House Comments

White House Comments: Kenneth M. Duberstein

White House Comments: Fred F. Fielding

White House Comments: Martin S. Feldstein

White House Comments: David R. Gergen

White House Comments: Roger B. Porter

White House Comments: David A. Stockman

Departments & Agencies:Agriculture

Departments & Agencies: Education

Departments & Agencies: Energy

Departments & Agencies: Environmental Protection Agency

Departments & Agencies: General Services Administration

Departments & Agencies: Health & Human Services

Departments & Agencies: Housing and Urban Development

Departments & Agencies: Justice

Departments & Agencies: Labor

Departments & Agencies:Transportation

Departments & Agencies:Treasury


OA 7320

Abortion (1)(2)


Administration Legislation

American Enterprise Institute

American Legislative Exchange Conference

Block Grants


Administrative Conference [I] (1)-(5)

Administrative Conference [II] (1)-(5)


Deaver Planning Group



Heritage Foundation

Housing Industry

India/Australia Trip



OA 7321

Mega Blocks

National Association of Counties

National Association of Counties

Cabinet Meeting Memos

National Association of State Treasurers

Meeting: 04/23/1982

National Conference of Republican County Officials

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

National Governors Association

National League of Cities

Neil R. Peirce

Pension Policy

Political ‑ General

Political Action Group

Thoughts on an Economic Speech

Negotiations Breakdown

Baker/Deaver Political Realities

Political Update Meetings

Ronald Reagan Promises 1980

Political ‑ General


OA 7322

President's Memos/Activities

Private Sector Initiatives

Puerto Rico

Recommended Phone Calls

Regulatory Relief

Republican Governors Association

Republican National Committee

[Miscellaneous Unfoldered]

Republican National Committee

RNC Data Project

Rural Development Strategy



Social Security


OA 7323


Tax Bills

Flat Tax

Tuition Tax Credits

Unitary Tax (1)-(3)

Travel ‑ RSW


Urban Policy

U.S. Conference of Mayors

Virgin Islands ‑ Neal

Wirthlin Memos

Women ‑ Pension Equity for


OA 7324 ‑ Penny Eastman Files



Balanced Budget Amendment

Block Grants

Cabinet Matters



Economic Package

Enterprise Zones (1)-(6)

Executive Order

Governors ‑ General

[Federalism Meeting]

Mayors General


National Association of Counties

National Association of Regional Councils

National Conference of State Legislators

National Governors Association

National League

Press Releases

Private Sector Initiatives

Reg. Reforms ‑ Agencies


OA 7325 ‑ Penny Eastment Files

Regulatory Reform

[Miscellaneous Material ‑ Unfoldered]

Revenue Return

Scheduling Matters

Section 504 ‑ Mass Transit

State Legislators ‑ General

U.S. Conference of Mayors


OA 12428

Invitations, Decline and Accept, thru December 1982

White House Memos thru December 1982

White House Memos January

Senior Staff Items, August 1982-December 1982

OA 12429

IGA Action Sheets and Agencies, 1982

Summary of Correspondence, June 1982-December 1982

Scheduling Proposals, 1982

Misc. Memos from Richard S. Williamson, July 1982-December 1982