SUMMIT OF INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS (Williamsburg, VA: May 1983): Records



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SUMMIT OF INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS (Williamsburg, VA: May 1983): Records


This economic summit, commonly referred to as the “G-7” meetings in the 1980s, was President Reagan’s third annual international economic summit and the only one hosted by the United States during his administration. The summit took place in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. 

Michael Deaver’s office was put in charge of the arrangements for this summit and Michael McManus of his office was the official head of the independent group organizing the Summit.  McManus retained his White House job and functions and worked closely with the Summit Group.  The Group had an official Executive Director running day to day operations out of Jackson Place. These records are part of that group’s working files.  McManus material can be found in this collection and you should see the McManus collection, Series II for further information about the organization of the Summit.


It is possible this collection will be considered federal records rather than presidential records at some point in the future.


OA 8039

Accommodations (1)-(3)

Action Memos (1)(2)

Administrative Memorandums

Advance – General (1)-(5)

Association for Retarded Children

Burton Parish Church Service

Budget (1)-(4)


Communications (1)(2)

Critical Path (1)(2)

Deaver, Clark – 02/15/1983 Package (1)(2)

Deaver, Clark – Memos to (1)(2)

Final Report

Food/Menus (1)-(3)

General Memorandums


International Press Center (1)(2)

Joint Statement


McManus General Memos

McManus Incoming Correspondence

McManus Outgoing Correspondence

Media Advisories


Official Delegations

Operations – General (1)(2)

Operation – Site Diagrams (1)(2)

Organization Charts


Phone Lists

[Press: Briefings and Guidance]

Press Conference 04/12/1983 (1)(2)

Press   Food and Beverage

Press – General (1)-(3)

Press Guidelines

Press Interviews

Press – Publications

Printing   Operations

Private Sector Initiatives (1)-(3)


Sherpa Meeting, Paris, France 05/11/1983 (1)(2)

[The Trip of President Reagan to Williamsburg, VA, 05/27/1983-05/31/1983] (1)-(3)


OA 8042

          Press Office Subject File Part I

          Press Office Subject File Part II

          Press Office Subject File Part III

          Press Office Subject File Part IV

          Press Office Subject File Part V

          Press Office Subject File Part VI

          Press Office Subject File Part VII

          Letters (2)

          [Media Handbook]

          Summit Press Office Volume 3 (Binder)


          OA 8043

          Press Credentials Listing I

          Press Credentials Listing II

          Press Credentials Listing III

          Press Office Chron File Part I 02/01/1983–03/25/1983

          Press Office Chron File Part II 03/28/1983–04/22/1983

          Press Office Chron File Part III 04/25/1983–05/31/1983

          Press Office Chron File Part IV June 1983


          OA 8044

          Summit Press Office Newsclips

          Summit Press Office Publications


          OA 8045

          [Unfoldered Papers]

          [English and French Replacement Papers]

          [Press Schedule Summit Passes]

          [Print Mock Ups]

          [Printing Information]

          Preliminary Documents Utilized by the Operations Division        

          [Frank Arnold Peake]

[Press Program in French]


OA 8046

[Loose Draft Schedules]

[Advance Office Material for Dan Morris]

[Box of Six Wang 8” Diskettes]


OA 9023

[Blue Print Alterations to William and Mary Hall]

[General Information Packet]

[Six Sheets of 1983 Summit of Industrialized Nations Logos]

[Two Books of Background Information]

Seals – Stickers ETC

[Two Booklets of Detailed Program]

[Newspaper Clippings January 1983-December 1983]


Shelf Item #169

Mock Up of Folder for Printers [Press Booklet]