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Office of the Counsel of the President, Associate Counsel

This collection is arranged into three series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: Chronological File and SERIES III: MCA Investigation - Department of Justice Files


Series III consists of photocopied documents from the Department of Justice files relating to investigations of the Music Corporation of America over a thirty year period beginning in the 1940s. Most of this material was apparently supplied by the DOJ to a requester via the Freedom of Information Act, therefore there are redacted portions on the copies. There is no documentation on the copies as to the restriction categories of the redactions. The photocopies appear to have been obtained from DOJ by the Office of the Counsel of the President in reaction to inquiries posed to the President in 1984 by Variety Magazine concerning this lengthy investigation.


OA 10632


WLW/Absentee Ballots - Wright, Samuel, et al

WLW/Administration Personnel

WLW/Administrative: Presidential Speech Planning Schedule

WLW/Adoption Fraud - S. 2299

WLW/Advertising Do's and Don'ts

WLW/Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Regulatory Authority (1)-(7)

WLW/Agriculture Department - Referrals

WLW/Agriculture Legislation

WLW/American Somoa Revised Constitution

WLW/American Trust for the British Library

WLW/Amway Corporation [Letter from Billie Copeland]


[Appointees]: WLW/Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: Advisory Committee of Intergovernmental Relations

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business


[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointments: Ambassadorial

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: National Advisory Council on Continuing Education

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: National Advisory Council on Vocational Education

[Appointees]: WLW/Appointees: National Afro‑American History and Culture


[Appointees] WLW/Presidential Advisory Council on the Peace Corps (1)-(4)

WLW/Argentine Air Courier Restrictions

WLW/Baker, James, III: Letter from Gilbert Norton, M. D.

WLW/Bataan Death March

WLW/Boy Scouts of America


WLW/Candidate Questionnaires

WLW/Central Intelligence Agency - Referrals

WLW / Chambers, Whittaker

WLW/Civil Service Miscellaneous Amendments Act of 1984 - H. R. 4336

WLW/Collection Services for Indebtedness Owed U.S. H. R. 5196

WLW/Commercial Use of Space

WLW/Congressional Liability - H. R. 3142

WLW/Consumer Products Safety Legislation

WLW/Corporate Takeover Legislation

WLW/Council of Economic Advisors

WLW/Crank Mail

WLW/Cultural Laureate Foundation

WLW/Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act S. 1762

WLW/Department of Defense - Referrals

WLW/Domestic Volunteer Service Act Amendments of 1984 - S. 1129

OA 10633

WLW/Donovan, Raymond

WLW/Education Department: Referrals

WLW/Electoral College and other Voting Issues

WLW/Enrolled Bills - Miscellaneous

WLW/Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Referrals

WLW/Ethics - Conflict of Interest

WLW/Executive Order: CIA Retirement and Disability System

WLW/Executive Order: President's Advisory Committee on Mediation and Conciliation

WLW/Executive Orders: Agreement on Government Procurement

WLW/Executive Orders - Amending the Generalized System of Preferences

WLW/Executive Orders: State Dept.

WLW/Executive Privilege

WLW/Executive Proclamations March 1984

WLW/Executive Proclamations April 1984

WLW/Executive Proclamations May 1984 (1)(2)

WLW/Executive Proclamations June 1984 (1)(2)

WLW/Executive Proclamations July 1984 (1)(2)

WLW/Executive Proclamations August 1984

WLW/Executive Proclamations September 1984 (1)(2)

WLW/Executive Proclamations October 1984 (1)-(4)

WLW/Executive Proclamations November 1984 (1)(2)

WLW/Executive Proclamations December 1984

WLW/Executive Proclamations January 1985 (1)(2)

WLW/Fair Trade in Steel Act H. R. 5081

WLW/Federal Advisory Committee Act

WLW/Congressional Testimony: FACA (Federal Advisory Committee Act)

Amendments of 1983 - S. 2127 (GSA)

WLW/Federal Advisory Committee Act Requirements: National Academy of Science

Roundtable and Office of Science and Technology Policy

WLW/Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

WLW/Federal Procurement Policy, Office of

WLW/Federal Voting Assistance Program - Referral

WLW/Franking Privilege

WLW/Freedom of Information Act Requests

WLW/Garrick, Robert - Jim Thorpe

WLW/General Services Administration - Referrals

WLW/GI Bill (New) S. 1747/1873


WLW/Government Procurement Practices - H. R. 5184 (1)(2)

WLW/Grace Commission

WLW/Hawaiian Land Claim - Wilcox, George

WLW/Health and Human Services Legislation

WLW/Health and Human Services - Referrals

WLW/Homeless, HHS (Health and Human Services) Task Force Report (1)(2)


WLW/Housing and Urban Development - Referrals

WLW/Immigration and Naturalization Service

WLW/Immigration and Naturalization Service - Referrals

WLW/Immigration: Deportation of Salvadorans

WLW/Immigration: Earle, Mishleen

WLW/Immigration: Private Relief Legislation

WLW/Indian Affairs

WLW/Indian Tribal Governments: Short vs. U. S.

WLW/Institute of Museum Services

WLW/Interior Department - Referrals

OA 10635

WLW/Interior Legislation

WLW/Internal Revenue Service - Referrals

WLW/International Trade Commission: Appointment of New Members

WLW/International Trade Commission: Bethlehem Steel 201 Petition (1)-(5)

WLW/International Trade Commission Determinations

WLW/International Trade Commission Tobacco Imports Investigation

WLW/Iran Emergency - Periodic Report to Congress

WLW/Iran Emergency - Periodic Report to Congress: WLW/Iran Emergency - Periodic

Report to Congress

WLW/Justice Department - Pending Cases

WLW/Justice Department - Referrals

WLW/Labor Department - Referrals

WLW/Lacey Act Enforcement

WLW/Lomma, Ralph

WLW/Lotteries (Advertising of) / H. R. 5097 / 4020

WLW/Medal of Freedom

WLW/Medical Care Recovery Act H.R. 4666

WLW/Merit Systems Protection Board Referrals

WLW/Miller Act - Transferring Responsibility for Furnishing Bonds H.R. 596

WLW/National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Referrals

WLW/National Endowment for the Arts - Referrals

WLW/National Endowment for the Humanities Referrals

WLW/National Minimum Drinking Age

WLW/National Security Agency - Referrals

WLW/National Security Council

WLW/National Security Council Referrals

WLW/No Action

WLW/Office of Legal Counsel Opinions 1984 (Index)

WLW/Office of Management and Budget

WLW/Office of Personnel Management Referrals

OA 10636

WLW/Older Americans Act Amendments of 1984

WLW/Outer Continental Shelf Negotiations

WLW/Patent Cooperation Treaty - Proposed Reservation / Chapter II

WLW/Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation - Referral

WLW/Personnel Disputes with Government Agencies - White House Inquiries

WLW/Petys, Annabelle - Grant Proposal

WLW/Political Activity

WLW/Presidential Likeness/Name, Use of

WLW/Presidential Messages

WLW/Presidential Portraits

WLW/Presidential Remarks

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Briefing for State Agriculture Officials

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Cuban-American Leaders Dropby Briefing

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Design Excellence Awards

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Dropby Briefing for Black Appointees

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Dropby Michael Evans Exhibit at Corcoran

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Farm Credit Initiative Announcement

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Girl Scouts, USA Anniversary Lunch

WLW/Presidential Remarks: GOP Reception, Greenville, S.C.

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Hispanic Stamp Presentation

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Methodist Manor Senior Citizens Home

WLW/Presidential Remarks: National Newspaper Associate Membership Reception

WLW/Presidential Remarks - Older Americans Act Amend. Signing Ceremony

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Omnibus Trade Bill Signing Ceremony

WLW/Presidential Remarks - Posthumous Presentation of Medal of Freedom to Henry


WLW/Presidential Remarks: Senior Citizens Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Signing Ceremony - Wheat Improvement Act

WLW/Presidential Remarks: Visit to Brockshiank Farm, Norway, Iowa

WLW/President's Name - Honeybee Pollen Advertisements

WLW/Presser, Jackie Bildisco Decision

WLW/Private Relief Legislation

WLW/Private Sector Initiatives

WLW/Proclamation Requests

WLW/Public Works Improvement Act of 1984

WLW/Rajneesh Times

WLW/Reagan, Nancy Marc de Coster Hairdresser

WLW/Reagan, Ronald

WLW/Reagan/Bush 84

WLW/Recess Appointments

WLW/Recess Appointments - FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

WLW/Regulatory Planning Process

OA 10637

WLW/Request for Endorsement - Charitable Activities

WLW/Request for Endorsement Commercial Activities (1)-(4)

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Louis Alfred, Jr. / EEOC (Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission)

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Callender, Conrad / African American


WLW/Requests for Intervention: Henderson, Arthur / Iowa Probate

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Lord, Richard / Procurement Problem. at Labor


WLW/Requests for Intervention: Marine World / Africa USA

WLW/Requests for Intervention - NCPAC (National Conservative Political Action


WLW/Requests for Intervention: Olympic Games: Ban the Soviet Coalition

WLW/Requests for Intervention - Ombres, Kathleen re: Kraus Management

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Pomeroy, Frances (Grand Steel) re: Women-owned


WLW/Requests for Intervention: Rains, J.M. / Construction Contract / Agriculture

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Rockler, Thomas - Federal Communication

Commission Petition.

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Rogers, Don / PCB Matter at EPA

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Rose, Peter / Securities Fraud

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Strickland / Taylor - Loan Pending at FMHA

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Sweezey, Robt. / Retired Police Association of NY re:

Grand Jury Assignment

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Thurmond, Strom - S.C. Edudcational TV

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Tibbs, J.W., Jr. / Ga. Voters Education Association

WLW/Requests for Intervention: Tribble, Paul / Barnett, Col. James - Dispute with

Securities Exchange Commission

WLW/Santa Margarita Project

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Robert M. Garrick Documents

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Documents Obtained from Central Files

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: WLW/Santa Margarita Dam Project

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Documents Obtained from Jim Jenkins

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Jenkins, James E.

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Santa Margarita Water Project

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: WLW Notes

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: Fred Khedouri Documents

WLW/Santa Margarita Project: U.S. v Fallbrook Public Utility District, et al.

[Santa Margarita Project] Central Files / Computer Printout re: Garrick

WLW/Seal of the President R and R Enterprises

WLW/Seal of the President, Use of

WLW/Secret Service - Palakiko, Elizabeth - Threat Against President

WLW/Securities - Insider Trading Sanctions

WLW/SES (Non‑career) Awards Program

WLW/Sex Discrimination in the U.S. Code Reform Act

WLW/Starr, Bill - Presidential Letter Endorsing Novel

WLW/State Department - Referrals

WLW/Supplemental Appropriations for HHS & Agriculture - H.J. 493

WLW/Tax Issues

WLW/Testimonial Legislation

OA 10638

WLW/Textile Imports (1)-(3)

WLW/Transportation - Legislation

WLW/Transportation: Rule on Air Bags (1)(2)

WLW/Travel Related Expenses, Acceptance of

WLW/Treasury Department - Referrals

WLW/Uniform Patent Policy - S. 2171

WLW/U. S. Government Shipping Contracts: Commerce with Vietnam

WLW/U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement

WLW/Van Alen, James

WLW/Veterans Administration - Johnson, Helen Sue / Dispute with James

Valentich (1)-(3)

WLW/Veterans Administration Referrals (1)-(4)

WLW/Veterans Legislation

WLW/Vocational Education Act

WLW/Wallenberg, Raoul (1)(2)

WLW/Wartime Relocation and Interment of Civilians

WLW/Whistleblowing Statute

WLW/White House - Use of Name in Advertising

WLW/Wick, Charles: Proposed Ronald Reagan Scholars Program

WLW/Wiesel, Elie: Request Presidential Support of Fundraising for Holocaust

Museum (1)(2)


OA 10638 (Continued)

Wendell L. Willkie Chron File 02/28/1984-05/31/1984

Wendell L. Willkie Chron File 06/01/1984-08/30/1984

Wendell L. Willkie Chron File 09/04/1984-10/31/1984

Wendell L. Willkie Chron File 11/01/1984-02/12/1985


OA 10638 (Continued)


OA 10669

Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: MCA

Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: WLW/RWR Biographical Information

Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: Variety, Daily Variety, David Robb Articles

Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: MCA Antitrust Investigation: News Clippings / Important


Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: MCA Antitrust Investigation: News Clippings / Other


Daily Variety: MCA Waiver: Notes

Pre 1960 [Correspondence] I

Pre 1960 [Correspondence] II

1960 [Correspondence] I

1960 [Correspondence] II

1961 [Correspondence] I

1961 [Correspondence] II

1962 [Correspondence] I

1962 [Correspondence] II

OA 10670

Memos 08/09/1962‑10/24/1962

Correspondence 05/24/1962‑09/17/1963

1963 [Correspondence]

1963‑1965 [Correspondence]

Post 1963 [Correspondence]

Memos to Loevinger/RFK

DOJ Press Releases

File #2 [Court Documents, U.S. v. MCA]

File #3 [Department of Justice Correspondence]

File #4 [Department of Justice Correspondence]

OA 10671

File #5 [Department of Justice Correspondence]

File #6 [Newspaper Clippings 1949‑1965]

File #7 [Department of Justice File Memoranda]

Variety", 02/08/1984 (Filed in Oversize Box 1)