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WITHEY, LYN: Files, 1984-1987

Legislative Affairs, White House Office of

Material in the Nancy Dorn collection has 2 boxes with some Lyn Withey material which was carried over by her successor. The boxes are OA 17431 and OA 17433. Please see these boxes in the Dorn collection for possible additional Withey material.


The following container list is a result of an arrangement done by the library staff in May, 2001.



OA 17469

[Lyn Withey - Chron Files 98th Congress, May 1984-November 1984] (1)-(4)

Lyn. M. Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress [September 1984-March 1985] (1)-(8)

Lyn Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress, Part 2 [February 1985-March 1985] (1)-(7)

Lyn Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress, Part 3 [03/04/1985-04/16/1985] (1)-(6)

[Lyn Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress April 1985-August 1985] (1)-(6)

Lyn Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress, Part 5 [August 1985-December 1985] (1)-(7)

Lyn Withey - Chron Files 99th Congress, Part 6 [January 1986-October 1986] (1)-(7)

Lyn Withey - Chron Files 100th Congress, Part 1 [December 1986-June 1987] (1)-(7)

Lyn. M. Withey - Chron Files 100th Congress, Part II, [June 1987-December 1987]


OA 17470

Sample Letters - Formats (1)-(3)



OA 17470 (Cont.)

[Central America] (1)(2)

Director's Spring Review - Farm Credit, April 1987

Iran - Chronology, Weekly Updates, Hearing Requests, Requests for Information,

Meetings, Reports (1)-(3)

Iran - Congressional Comment

[Iran Contra]

Iran Contra Hearings I - Steno Book

Iran - Hearing Notes, Committee Background, Congressional Comment, Background,

Memos to Abshire (1)-(7)

Iran - Resolutions

Iran - WH Documents, WH Press Releases, Resolutions, Precedent, Public Comment (1)-(7)

MX-Meetings, Calls, Other (1)-(10)

[Nicaragua] (1)(2)

[Persian Gulf Legislative Issues]

"Up From Dependency - A New National Public Assistance Strategy"