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ZUNIGA, HENRY: Files 1981-1983


Office of Public Liaison (Hispanics)


Henry Zuniga started with the Office of Public Liaison on August 31, 1981.  He was responsible for the Hispanic constituency, reporting initially to Diana Lozano, and then directly to Red Cavaney.  He left on May 6, 1983.  Some Lozano work product can be found within this collection.



          OA 7995

          Administration Accomplishments

          Afro-American/Japanese International Economic Institute, Inc.

          American Contract Bridge League

          American GI Forum

          [Appointment Book 1982]

          Aspira of America, Inc.

          Association of Hispanic Federal Employees – Briefing 07/28/1982 

          Association of Hispanic Federal Executives

          List – Business Roundtable

          Camara Latina del Comercio

          Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)-(3)

          Chile (1)-(3)

          Civil Rights

          Commerce, Department of

          Congressional Hispanic Caucus

          [COSSMHO (National Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health and Human Services


          COSSMHO White House Reception 09/23/1982 [National Coalition of Hispanic

                   Mental Health and Human Services Organizations] (1)-(4)


          Cuban American Foundation Board of Directors

          [Cuban-Americans / Radio Marti]

          Cuban Patrioric [sic] Council

          Cuban Patriotic Junta

          Cubans from Miami 01/21/1982

          Defense, Department of

          Dorsett, Tony - Football Jersey

          Economic Equity Act of 1981

          Economy (1)-(3)


          [Enterprise Zones] (1)-(3)

          Enterprise Zone Meetings 05/17/1982 and 05/27/1982

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          Facts Sheets - December 1982

          Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Communications Commission

          Federation of Hispanic Organizations

          Forum of National Hispanic Organizations

          Health and Human Services, Department of


          Hispanic American Leadership Meeting – State Dept [01/13/1982 – cancelled]

          Hispanic Appointments


          OA 7996

          Hispanic Coalition for Economic Recovery

          Hispanic Coalition for Human Rights

          Hispanic Council of Foreign Affairs / Board of Directors

          Hispanic Evangelicals – White House Briefing

          Hispanic Organizations

          Hispanic Public Affairs Association Board of Directors

          Hispanic Relations

          Housing and Urban Development, Department of


          Justice, Department of

          Labor, Department of

          [Labor] Michigan Work Incentive (WIN) Demonstration Program

          [Labor] Midwest Youth Employment and Training Program

          Latin America

          Latin American Manufacturers Association (LAMA) (1)(2)

          Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry

          Law Day Ceremony List

          League of United Latin American Citizens - I

          League of United Latin American Citizens - II

          League of United Latin American Citizens Breakfast – Red Cavaney [05/20/1982]

          League of United Latin American Citizens Youth Leadership Conference,


          [Lobbying Policy]

          Low Income Housing

          Mailing Lists (1)(2)

          Medico Interamericano


          Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund


          [Minority Business Development Agency 1982 Conference Handbook] (Binder)

          Minority Business Enterprise Meetings 06/10/1982 and 06/15/1982

          Minority Business Statement (1)(2)

          Minority Commercial Film Actors

          Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies

          Miranda Associates

          Miscellaneous Agencies

          [Miscellaneous Lists]

          MX Missile

          National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO)

          National Association of Minority Contractors

          National Association of Spanish Broadcasters

          National Commission for Employment Policy

          National Concilo of America

          National Council of La Raza

          [National Day of Prayer – 05/05/1982]


          OA 8116

          National Hispanic Coalition for Economic Recovery

          National Hispanic Heritage Week 09/12/1982-09/18/1982

          National Image Inc.

          [National Image Inc.] Image

          National Minority Supplier Development Council

          National Organization for Women - Lesbian Rights

          National Puerto Rican Coalition

          New Federalism Program

          OPL Issues Management

          [Peso Devaluation]

          [Policy - Speaking Engagements]

          Policy Task Forces

          Political – Republican National Committee

          Puerto Rico

          Raposa, Patricia - SER Volunteer Meeting with President 11/12/1982

          Republican National Hispanic Assembly

          Republican Party Miscellaneous

          SER [Diana Lozano]

          SER – Jobs for Progress, Inc.

          SER – Amigos

          SER Briefing 10/28/1982

          Small Business Administration

          Small Business Administration Small and Disadvantaged Business Set Aside Program

          Small Business Meeting

          Small Business Administration White House Conference on Small Business 1983

          Small Business Administration 8(a) Program

          Staff Memorandum 1981 (1)-(3)

          State, Department of


          Transportation, Department of

          Union of Cubans in Exile

          United Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations

          US Commission on Civil Rights

          US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


          Voting Rights Act

          Voting Rights Act Signing Ceremony 06/29/1982

          Weekly Reports [1982] (1)-(6)

          Weekly Schedule September 1981-December 1981


          [Welbilt - Zuniga Material Copied for Counsel’s Office Investigation] (1)-(4)

          [Welbilt/Latin America Manufacturing Association - Zuniga Material Copied for

                   Counsel’s Office Investigation] (1)(2)

          [Welbilt/Latin America Manufacturing Association - Zuniga Telephone Logs

                   Copied for Counsel’s Office Investigation] (1)(2)     

          White House Fellows Office – Denise Libowitz [Liebowitz] 395-4522

          White House Speakers Bureau -Speaker Tracking Reports September 1982-October 1982

          Women in Business

          Year-end Reports



          OA 8117

          [Chron December 1981]

          [Chron 01/01/1982-02/04/1982]

          02/03/1982 [Chron 02/18/1982-04/22/1982] (Binder)

          [Chron May 1982-July 1982]

          [Chron August 1982]

          [Chron September 1982]

          [Chron October 1982]

          [Chron November 1982] (1)(2)

          [Chron December 1982-January 1983]

          [Chron 02/01/1983-02/09/1983] (1)(2)

          [Chron 02/10/1983-02/16/1983]

          [Chron 02/17/1983-02/28/1983]

          [Chron 03/01/1983-03/15/1983] (Folder not located at this time)



          OA 8117 (Continued)

          [Telephone Calls May 1982-July 1982]

          [Telephone Calls August 1982]

          [Telephone Calls September 1982-October 1982]

          [Telephone Calls November 1982-January 1983]

          [Telephone Calls February 1983-May 1983]

          [Telephone Calls 03/16/1983-04/04/1983]