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“Captive Nations” was the term used to describe nations under Communist domination, primarily Soviet domination.  The tradition continues today describing nations under non-democratic regimes.


As part of the United States Cold War strategy, Captive Nations Week was officially established in 1959 to educate the public of the plight of these nations. The week is traditionally proclaimed for the third week in July.


The Library considers the following countries from the 1980s as meeting the definition of “captive nations”: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia. Also included are the Baltic nations: Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.  Minority regions with a strong nationalist tradition are also included such as: Armenia, Byelorussia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.




HU013          Entire Category (Human Rights: Ethnic Origin Groups)


HU013-50      Entire Category (Human Rights: Eastern European American)


HU013-51      Entire Category (Human Rights: Hungarian-American)


HU013-52      Entire Category (Human Rights: Lithuanian-American)


HU013-53      Entire Category (Human Rights: Polish-American Groups)


IT005            Entire Category (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe [Helsinki Commission])




Chumachenko, Katherine: Files

OA 18287

Armenian (1)(2)


          Baltic Freedom Day 1988

          [Baltic Independence Letters & Petitions, December 1988] (1)-(6)

          [Letters Urging Presidential Action on Baltic Independence, December 1988] (1)-(3)

          Captive Nations Week 1988

          Czech-Americans (1)-(5)

          Czech-American Issues (1)(2)




          Estonian-American Issues (1)(2)

          Helsinki Human Rights Day 1988

          Human Rights (1)(2)

          Human Rights Advocates

          Human Rights Day 1988 (1)-(6)

          Hungarian-Americans (1)-(3)


          Hungarian Issues (1)-(5)

          Hungary (1)-(3)


          Latvian-American Issues

          Lithuania - I (1)-(3)

          Lithuania - II

          Lithuanian American Issues

          Lithuanian American Community (1)-(8)


          Moscow Summit

          Moscow Summit 1988 (1)-(9)


          Polish [Polish American Heritage Month 1988]

          Polish American Congress (1)(2)

          Polish-American Issues (1)-(4)

          Polish Americans

          Polish Sanctions

          Romania - II

          Slavic [Slavic-American Culture Week 1988]

          Slovak American Issues (1)(2)


          OA 18288


          Ukrainian-American Issues (1)-(4)

          Ukrainian Catholics

          Ukrainian Issues (1)-(7)

          Ukrainian [Presidential Message 11/25/1988]

          Polish American Congress 06/08/1988

          Vice President - Captive Nations [Week] 07/20/1988

          Knights of Lithuania 07/30/1988

          Hungarian Briefing 08/05/1988

          Baltic Conference 10/14/1988

          Latvian-American Briefing 10/21/1988

          Latvian Conference 10/21/1988

          Human Rights Day POTUS 12/08/1988 (1)(2)

          Armenian Presidential 12/22/1988


Dolan, Anthony: Files

          Box 3

          Proclamation: Captive Nations Week – 05/29/1981


          Box 14

          Captive Nations Ceremony – 07/19/1982 (1)-(3)


Dole, Elizabeth: Files

          Box 17

          [Captive Nations Week] Addresses and Statements in the House of Representatives and



Kojelis, Linus: Files

OA 8631

          Albanian - American Issues


          American East European Ethnic Conference (AEEEC)

          American Friends of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations


          OA 8632

          Baltic American Freedom League

          Baltic-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Baltic-Americans (1)-(5)

          Baltic Dissidents October 1987 (1)(2)

          Belorussian-American Issues (1)(2)

          Bulgarian-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Captive Nations [Week]

          Captive Nations Week 1987 (1)-(3)

          Croatian-American Issues


          Joint Baltic American National Committee (1)(2)

          Lithuanian-American Republicans


          Lithuanian Independence Day 1985

          Lithuania Independence Day 1986

          Lithuania 600th Christianization Anniversary


          OA 11521


          Serbian-Americans: Kosovo

          Shultz/Baltic Leaders Meeting September 1987

          Slovak-Americans (1)-(4)



          OA 13513

          Ukrainian American Bar Association

          Ukrainian-American Friends of ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations) 02/24/1987

          Ukrainian Famine

          Ukrainian Famine Commission - Public Delegates

          USSR - Human Rights


          OA 13514

          Vienna Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

          Vienna – Helsinki Review Meeting 1986


OA 16007

          Coalition of Polish American Women 01/20/1984

          Ukrainian American Briefing 02/01/1984

          Detroit Trip 02/04/1984

          Lithuanian Independence Day Chicago, 02/12/1984 - Vice President

          Chicago Trip 02/19/1984 (empty)

          Lithuanian Briefing and Reception 02/21/1984

          Lithuanian Catholic Alliance 06/24/1984

          Lithuanian American Catholic Students Association 07/06/1984

          Tenth Annual Lithuanian Congress - Chicago 10/27/1984


          OA 18282

          Captive Nations Week 07/21/1986 (1)(2)


OA 18283

          Human Rights Day 12/10/1986 - I (1)-(4)

          Human Rights Day 12/10/1986 - II


          OA 18284

          American Latvian Association 02/06/1987

          Polish Sanctions 02/19/1987 (1)(2)

          Latvian American Briefing 10/23/1987

          Pre-Summit Soviet Human Rights Seminar 12/03/1987 (1)(2)

          Human Rights Day 12/09/1987

          Hungarian-American Briefing 02/10/1988

          American Hungarian Federation 05/06/1988


          OA 18290

          Talking Points - Human Rights


Maseng, Mari: Files – Office of Communications

          Box 2

          Captive Nations Day Statement 07/13/1988 (P)


Presidential Handwriting File: Records: Speeches

          Box 5, Folder 97

          07/19/1982 Captive Nations Week


          Box 10, Folder 190

          07/19/1983 Captive Nations Week Observance Ceremony


          Box 16, Folder 303

          07/17/1984 Captive Nations Week Proclamation 232258 HO011


          Box 24, Folder 466

          07/21/1986 Captive Nations Week Signing Ceremony 330673 HO011


          Box 28, Folder 566

          07/24/1987 Captive Nations Week Ukrainian Shrine Washington, DC 517366 SP1164


          Box 33, Folder 661

          07/13/1988 Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamations 576478 HO011


Speechwriting, Office of: Speech Drafts

          Box 13

          Proclamation: Captive Nation Week (Dolan) Week of 07/12/1981


          Box 45

          Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Dolan) 07/19/1982 (1)(2)


          Box 99

          Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Elliott) 07/19/1983 (1)-(3)


          Box 168

          Signing Ceremony for Captive Nations Week Proclamation (Elliott)(Cave) 07/16/1984



          Box 224

          George Bush: Captive Nations Week (Robinson)(Timmons) 07/25/1985


          Box 281

          Captive Nations Week Signing Ceremony (Rohrabacher)(Hayes) 07/21/1986 (1)(2)


          Box 343

          Captive Nations Day (Rohrabacher)(Itchon) 07/24/1987 (1)-(4)



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