Cribb, T. Kenneth: Files – Domestic Affairs

Box 22

          Bill of Rights, Current Draft

          Budget Reform - Current Draft

Competitiveness - Current Draft

Craig Amendment [Balanced Budget]

EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights) - Budget

EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights) - Education

EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights) - Privatization (1)-(3)

EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights) - Takings Cases (1)(2)

EBOR (Economic Bill of Rights) - Welfare Reform

Economic Bill of Rights, Current Draft, 06/30/1987 (Empty)

          Economic Bill of Rights (Early Drafts) (1)-(3)

          Economic Bill of Rights, 06/19/1987 - Education Initiatives

Economic Bill of Rights [Follow-Up]

          Economic Bill of Rights - Speech (Empty)

Economic Bill of Rights: Tax Limitation Proposal

          Education - Current Draft

General Materials

Paper on the Economic Bill of Rights, an Examination of the New Deal Concept - Sidney

                   M. Milkis

Preamble - Current Draft and Suggestions


Box 23

          President’s Commission on Privatization - Draft 07/20/1987 (1)-(4)

Privatization Commission (Proposal) - Citizens for a Sound Economy

Privatization - Current Draft

          Privatization Spring Review - June 1987

          [Privatization] Richard Fink/Wayne Gable, Thursday, 06/25/1987

          Regulatory Reform - Current Draft

          Tax Limitation - Current Draft

          Truth in Spending - Current Draft

          Welfare Reform - Current Draft

          Working Papers and Fact Sheets [Early Drafts] (1)-(6)


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 14894

EBOR [Economic Bill of Rights]: Comments (1)-(3)

[EBOR: Comments] (1)-(3)

EBOR: Drafts (1)-(3)

[EBOR: Drafts] (1)-(5)

EBOR: Fact Sheets and White Papers (1)-(4)

EBOR: Final Drafts

EBOR: Planning (1)-(4)

EBOR: Research / Background (1)-(4)

[EBOR: Research / Background] (1)-(5)



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