FG002-25      entire category (Former Presidents, Roosevelt, Teddy)




Administration, Office of : Director’s Office: Records

Box 10946

Teddy Roosevelt [Film]


Advance, Office of Presidential: Records

OA 8495

10/27/1982 Theodore Roosevelt Association Luncheon


Clarey, Donald B.: Files

OA 14307

Theodore Roosevelt Island – CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality) Report to Congress 07/11/1984


Correspondence, White House Office of: Proclamations

Box 72

Theodore Roosevelt Day


Faulkner, Linda: Files
OA 11537

10/27/1982 Luncheon, Theodore Roosevelt


Media Relations, Office of: Records

Box 37

Taping 10/04/1983 [American Meat Institute, Tune-In Awards Dinner, BBC Tribute to John Wayne,

Department of Agriculture Fall Agriculture Meetings, Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary Dinner]


Meese, Edwin III: Files

OA 11212

“The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt” Screening at Archives 12/05/1983


Parvin, C. Landon: Files

Box 14

Teddy Roosevelt Luncheon 10/27/1982

Theodore Roosevelt Proclamation 10/27/1982


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

OA 11432

PJR/President’s Remarks to the Theodore Roosevelt Association


Social Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 18464

10/27/1982 Luncheon – Teddy Roosevelt


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office: Records

Box 64

10/27/1982 Proclamation: 125th Anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt

10/27/1982 Reception: Theodore Roosevelt Association (1)(2)


Box 118

10/03/1983 Taping: Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary


Box 167

Theodore Roosevelt Island Event (Myer)(Timmons) 07/11/1984 (1)(2)


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

Box 59

Proclamation:  Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary of Birth (Parvin) 10/27/1982


Box 113

Taping: Message for Theodore Roosevelt 125th Anniversary (Parvin)(Cave) 10/14/1983



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