Bolton, Roger: Files

OA 18689

Textiles (1)-(3)


Bonitati, Roger F.: Files

OA 6842

Clothing and Textile Workers (1)(2)


Borcherdt, Wendy: Files

Box 14

Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union


Carliner, Geoffrey O.: Files

OA 10697

Textiles (1)(2)


Clarey, Donald A.: Files

OA 14307

Textile Letter 06/19/1985


Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files: Office of the Counsel to the President

OA 11723

SMC/Derivados Acrilicos v. Reagan (Production of Cabinet Council Documents)

[Textile Working Group] (1)-(13)


Danner, Donald: Files

OA 15703

Textile Apparel Trade Enforcement Act

Textiles Talking Points


Driggs, Michael A.: Files

OA 12242

Textiles: Textile Trade Paper for Ed Rollins 03/05/1985

[Textiles: Interagency Working Group Report]

Textiles: Task Force on Textile and Apparel

Textiles: Imus Memo re Product Sensitivity and Import Increases

Textiles: Imports of Textile and Apparel vs. 1982

Textiles: White House Press Releases

Textiles: Memo re Global Quotas

Textiles: Gunn 12/15/1983 Memo to Svahn/Porter re Baldridge

Textiles: Miscellaneous Letters (1)(2)

Textiles: The Making of Textile Trade Policy 1935-1981

Textiles: Memo from Ronald Reagan re CITA (Committee for the Implementation of

Textile Agreements)

Textiles: Geneva Talks

Textiles: CCCT Related Material (Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade)

Textiles: Executive Order re Textile Import Program

Textiles: Imus Memo to Gunn re Issues in Textile Industry

Textiles: Textile Trade Policy Group Material

Textiles: Rules of Origin

Textiles: Customs Material

Textiles: Textile and Apparel Trade Issue (1)-(4)

Textiles: Miscellaneous

Textiles: Lenahan Memos (1)-(3)

Textiles: Multifiber Arrangement (MFA) Working Group

Textile Regulations 01/02/1985 Memo to Svahn

Textiles: Rules of Origin Memo of 02/07/1985

Textiles: International Trade Agreements



Greener, Chuck: Files

OA 18138



Gunn, Wendell W.: Files

OA 9645

[Hong Kong Textile Agreement]


OA 9646

[USITC Textile Reports] (1)-(3)


OA 9663

[Textiles 1983] (1)-(8)


Hewitt, Hugh: Files

OA 12262

Textile Bill


Lacy, William B.: Files

OA 13030

Textile/Trade (1)-(5)


Lauffer, Susan: Files

OA 16376

U.S. Textile and Apparel Import Program


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 17438

Friday, 08/01/1986 9:45am Textile Meeting

Thursday, 08/05/1986 9:30am GOP Leadership Textiles, Defense and Central America


OA 17439

09/26/1985 10:30 am Tom Donnelly to Accept 7000 Textile Letters from Broyhill

12/05/1985 11:00 am Meeting on Textiles


Leonard, Burleigh C.W.: Files

OA 11634



Maseng, Mari: Files: Office of Public Liaison

OA 14574

Textile and Apparel Trade Act of 1987



Meese, Edwin III: Files

OA 9459

Textile Industry Regulation (American Textile Manufacturers Institute v. Donovan)


OA 9948

Textiles CM386


OA 11845

Textile/Apparel Industry (1)-(10)


OA 11850

Textile Trade Issue


Moore, Thomas G.: Files

OA 18898

Trade Multifiber Agreements (MFA) Textiles (1)-(5)


Mussa, Michael L.: Files

OA 17730

Textile/Apparel (1)(2)


Oglesby, M. B.: Files: Office of Legislative Affairs

OA 13000

Textiles [1982]

Textiles (1)-(7)


Paylan, Elise: Files

OA 14714

08/05/1986 Briefing: Textile/Trade Legislation


Political Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 19397

Textiles (1)-(3)


Porter, Roger B.: Files

OA 15007

[Textiles and CRB] (1)-(3)

Textiles and CRB (1)-(5)

Textiles and CRB: Imus Memo to Brock re Economic Conditions (1)-(3)


Prendergast, Richard: Files

OA 17432

Textiles (1)-(3)


Presidential Personnel, Office of: Records

OA 18216

DOC/Industry Advisory Committee on Textiles and Apparel #15


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 17412

Talking Points on Textiles and Protectionism 08/06/1986


Range, Rebecca G.: Files

OA 17720

Testile Bill/Daschle Amendment


Raul, Alan Charles: Files

OA 19153

Textile Negotiations 1986

Risque, Nancy J.: Files Office of Legislative Affairs

OA 12598


Textiles: Textiles


Rouselot, John G.: Files

OA 11147

Burlington Industries: Letter to President re: U.S. Textile Industry and Imports


Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Files

OA 17744

Textile Bill (1)(2)


OA 17747

05/16/1985 EPC Meeting re: Trade and Textile


OA 17748

12/05/1985 (11:00 am) EPC Meeting re Textile Trade and Omnibus Trade Legislation

01/21/1986 (2:00 pm) Roosevelt Room EPC Meeting re Strike Force on Trade, Textile Trade and Human Capital

02/11/1986 (11:00am) Roosevelt Room EPC Meeting re Sugar and Textile Policy

02/14/1986 (1:00 pm) EPC Meeting re Multifiber Arrangement and Textile Imports



` OA 17759

08/05/1986 (11:30 a.m.) Press Briefing re Textiles


Thomas, W. Dennis: Files, Office of the Chief of Staff

Box 17




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