Anderson, Martin: Files

          CFOA 81

          Auto Imports (1)-(5)

          Auto Industry General Info (1)-(5)

          Auto Industry Newsclippings

          Auto Industry Task Force (1)-(3)


Bandow, Doug L.: Files

          A93-01, Box 1

          Auto Industry (General) (1)-(4)

          Auto Industry (Chrylser Bailout)


          A93-01, Box 3

          Automobile Industry


          OA 4191

          [Auto Industry Statement, 03/30/1981]


Bonitati, Robert: Files

          OA 6841

Auto Industry (1)-(3)


Council of Economic Advisers: Staff Economists Files

          OA 8250

          Auto Industry: GM-Toyota, Imports, Domestic Content (1)-(8)


Darman, Richard G.: Files

          Box 1

          Auto Industry


Dole, Elizabeth H.: Files

          Box 4

          Auto Industry – 1982


Driggs, Michael A.: Files

          OA 12238

          Auto: Auto Industry Report June 1982

          Auto: Mazda

          Auto: Miscellaneous Letters to Michael A. Driggs

          [Auto:] Voluntary Export Restraints: Letters from Auto Industry to the President

          Auto: General Motors’ Saturn Corporation

Auto: General Motors and Toyota: Briefing Papers for Smith Visit and Background Papers

Auto: Comparisons Between Japan and U.S. Auto Companies

Auto: Senate Finance Committee Summary of Reciprocity Bill (S.2094)

Auto: JAMA Report on Japanese Tax Situation (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

[Auto:] VRA: Press Conference with President – Detroit 1984

          Auto: Prices in Japan – Memo of 02/01/1985

          Auto: Consumer Preferences – 01/31/1983 Memo

          Auto: Unemployment in Auto Industry

          Auto: U.S. Customs Report on Importing a Car

          Auto: CAFE Papers (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)

          Auto: CAFE

          Auto: Papers Concerning Domestic Content Legislation

          Auto: Automobile Domestic Content Legislation

          Auto: Status Report on U.S. Auto Industry (Baldridge) (1)-(9)


          OA 12243

          Auto: Auto Parts Industry and Japan

          Automobile Service Industry Assocation (1)(2)

          Auto Industry: Erickson Transport Material


          OA 19298

          Auto Industry (1)-(8)

          [Auto Industry:] Auto Regulations


Gibson, Thomas F. III: Files: Office of Public Affairs

          OA 13082

          Auto Industry


          OA 13337

          White House Guidance System [Topic #4 – Auto Industry]


Gray, Edwin J.: Files

          OA 12159

          Auto Industry Information 11/24/1981 by Dennis Kass


Gregg. Donald P.: Files

          RAC Box 10

          Foreign Minister Masayoshi Ito, March 1981

          Prime Minister Suzuki’s Visit 05/07/1981-05/08/1981 (1)-(4)


Gunn, Wendell W.: Files

          OA 6851

          Auto Industry (1)-(7)

          [Auto Industry:] Import Restraints (1)-(3)

          [Auto Industry:] President’s Program (1)(2)


          OA 9638

Commission of the European Communities: Commission Activities and European

          Community Rules for the Automobile Industry 1981/1983


OA 9643

Japanese Trade (Binder) (1)-(3)


OA 9667

[Auto Industry] (1)-(11)


Hemel, Eric I.: Files

          OA 7419

          Auto Industry (1)(2)


Hopkins, Kevin R.: Files

          A93-01, Box 1

          Auto Industry (1)(2)


Jacobi, Mary Jo: Files

          OA 11151

          Automotive Service Industry Association (1)-(5)


Knauer, Virginia: Files

          Box 19

          Used Car Rule (1)(2)


          Box 22

          Aid for Lemon Owners


          Box 23

          Automobile Importers of American, Inc.

          Automotive Service Councils, Inc.

          Automotive Trade Association (National Capital Area)


          Box 26

          Car Care Council


          Box 26

          Chrysler Corporation

          Chrysler Motors


          Box 30

          Ford Motor Company (1)(2)

          General Motors Corporation


          Box 32



          Box 33

          Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc.


          Box 34

          Mazda (North America) Inc.

          Box 35

          Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association

          Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association of the United States, Inc.


          Box 36

          National Independent Automobile Dealers Association

          National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence


          Box 38

          Peugeout Motors of America (1)(2)


          Box 40

          Suburu of America, Inc. (1)(2)



          Box 41

          United Service Automobile Association


          Box 79

          08/12/1982 – Letter to Honorable John D. Dingle and Committee on Energy and

                   Commerce on Local Content Requirements for Motor Vehicles Sold in U.S.


Box 80

          10/20/1982 – 10/21/1982 – Detroit, MI – Tour of Auto Companies (Never Occurred)


          Box 88

          03/28/1984 – Falls Church, VA – American Automobile Association


          Box 93

          10/05/1984 – New York, NY – National Car Care Month


          Box 96

          03/27/1985 – Washington, D.C. – Press Conference - Ford Motor Company re:



          Box 102

          03/25/1986 – Phoenix, AZ – Ford’s Quality Care Awards (1)-(3)


          Box 105

          10/15/1986 – Springfield, VA – National Car Care Month Car Inspection (AAA/Car Care

                   Council/ Virginia Air Pollution Control Board


          Box 109

          10/20/1987 – Washington, D.C. – Council of Better Business Bureaus Award by Ford

                   Motor Company


          Box 115

          11/18/1982 – Washington, D.C. – National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence


          Box 117

          03/28/1984 – Falls Church, VA – American Automobile Association Management

          09/24/1984 – Washington, D.C. – Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association


          Box 118

          03/27/1985 – Washington, D.C. – Press Conference for Ford Motor Company re:



          Box 119

          03/25/1986 – Phoenix, AZ – Ford Motor Company's 1985 Quality Care Dealer Awards



          Box 120

          10/20/1987 – Washington, D.C. – Council of Better Business Bureaus /Ford Motor Co. -

                   Remarks upon Receiving the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Consumer



McClaughry, John T.: Files

          OA 4682

          Auto Industry


Media Relations, Office of: Records

Box 39

Taping 02/16/1984 [Automotive Service Industry Association, Radio Information Center for the Blind, Hospital Trustees]


Meese, Edwin III: Files

          OA 2408

          [Automobile Industry Backgrounder] (Packet) (1)-(5)


          OA 2999

          Automobile Industry Task Force (1)-(6)


          OA 9447

          Auto Imports

          Auto Industry (1)-(4)


          OA 9945

          Automotive Industry Task Force (CM #13) (Empty)


OA 9946

          Status Report on the US Auto Industry (CM #155) (1)-(6)

          Japanese Government Action to Reduce Non-Tariff Trade Barriers (CM #169)

          Japanese Trade Relations (CM #269)


          OA 11213

Reception for Foreign Minister to Japan and MITI (Minister of International Trade and Industry) 01/30/1984


OA 11837

Auto Industry


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

          OA 10445

          Actions to Help the U.S. Auto Industry 04/06/1981


          OA 18012

          Auto Industry


Robinson, Peter M.: Files

          Box 1

          Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association, 02/16/1984

          Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association, 02/16/1984 [Empty]


Smith, Dan J.: Files

          OA 5714

          205 U.S. Auto Industry (1)-(7)


          OA 5717

          302 U.S.-Japan Trade Relations


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office: Records

          Box 4

          04/06/1981 Statement by the President: Program for the US Auto Industry


          Box 136

          02/19/1984 Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association Convention


Box 422



Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

          Box 6

          President’s Program for the U.S. Automobile Industry 04/06/1981


          Box 134

          Taping: Automotive Service Industry Association (Robinson)(Church) 02/16/1984


Waller, David B.: Files

          OA 12688

            DBW – Subject File [May 1981; Tabs 1-6] (relevant tab = #3)

                    Department of Transportation’s Draft Presidential Memorandum to the Attorney

                              General re: Actions to Be Taken for the Automobile Industry, 05/06/1981


Zachari, Matt: Files

          Box 1

          MZ Auto Industry


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