Church Alive

Church By the Sea

Church of All Saints

Church of the Annunciation

Church of the Apostles

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Assumption

Church of the Bible Covenant

Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Church of the Brethren

Church of Christ

Church of Christ in Christian Union

Church Council of Greater Seattle

Church of the Covenant

Church of the Cross

Church of the Crucifixion

Church Enrichment Ministries

Church of the Epiphany

Church of Glad Tidings

Church of God

Church of God in Christ

Church of God in Christ Temple

Church of God by Faith

Church of God Mission International

Church of God Pentecostal

Church of God of Prophecy

Church of God Wesconnett

Church of the Good Shepherd

Church Growth Services International

Church of the Heavenly Science

Church of the Holy Comforter

Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Name

Church of the Holy Spirit

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Church of the Intercession

Church of Jesus

Church of Jesus Christ from God

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Church of Jesus of Nazareth

Church of Justice Reform

Church League of America

Church of the Little Flower

Church of the Living Christ

Church of the Living God

Church of the Living Water

Church of Los Angeles

Church Management Systems

Church of Mary’s Nativity

Church Master Planning

Church of Messiah

Church of the Movement of Spiritual Awareness

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nazarene

Church of New Canaan

Church News

Church at North America

Church of the Open Door

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Church Pension Fund

Church Press

Church of Prophecy Marker Association

Church Related Nurseries

Church of the Redeemer

Church of Religious Science

Church Resource Development Committee

Church of the Resurrection

Church on the Rock

Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith

Church of the Sacred Heart

Church of St. Agnes

Church of St. Andrew

Church of St. Andrew and Holy Communion

Church of St. Augustine

Church of St. Bonaventure

Church of St. Brigid

Church of St. Cecilia

Church of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Church of St. Gregory the Great

Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John on the Mountain

Church of St. John Vianney

Church of St. Joseph

Church of St. Jude

Church of St. Katherine and Alexandria

Church of St. Luke in the Fields

Church of St. Martha

Church of St. Martin

Church of St. Mary

Church of St. Mary of the Lake

Church of St. Matthias Apostle

Church of St. Monica

Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew

Church of St. Rita

Church of St. Stanislaus

Church of St. Stephen

Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury

Church of St. Thomas More

Church of St. Vincent de Paul

Church of San Gabriel

Church of the Savior

Church of Scientology

Church by the Side of the Road

Church Social Ministries Resource Center

Church State Council

Church of the United Brethren in Christ

Church of Washington DC, The

Church of the Wayfarer

Church Women United

Church World Service

Larson, Sterling C.

Primary Children’s Organization, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints




Acle, Luis: Files

OA 13754

Organizations: Christian Broadcasting Network (1)-(4)


Addington, David S.: Files

Box 16

“Attack on the Church: Persecution of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua”


Advance, Office of Presidential: Records

          OA 8491

          03/01/1981 National Presbyterian Church

03/29/1981 Church Service


OA 8492

06/14/1981 National Presbyterian Church


OA 8494

02/21/1982 Christ Church


OA 8496

04/07/1983 National Catholic Education Association (1)-(4)

05/01/1983 National Presbyterian Church Event

05/01/1983 Visit to Church/Vietnam Memorial


OA 15031

11/22/1983 Memorial Mass – President Kennedy Holy Trinity Church

12/01/1983 PBS Taping – Shiloh Baptist Church (1)(2)


OA 19007

10/17/1988 Address Archbishop Carroll and All Saints High School (1)-(3)


Allin, Lyndon K. (Mort): Files

OA 7997

Bishops’ Letter


Anderson, Carl: Files

OA 15674

Catholic Bishops (1)-(3)

Catholic Bishops – 1985-1986 OPL (Correspondence and Information) (1)-(10)


OA 17967

RR/Nicaragua Videotape for Christian Media 03/05/1986


OA 17969

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Briefing 12/04/1986 (1)-(3)


OA 17968

U.S. Catholic Conference 03/10/1986 (1)-(4)

Bishop Castrillon Meeting with RR 06/18/1986 (1)(2)

Cardinal O’Boyle Telephone Call 07/18/1986


Appointments and Scheduling, Office of: Records

OA 18338

Catholic (1)-(4)



Archie, Timothy R.: Files

OA 17789

Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod 08/03/1986


Arey, Linda: Files

OA 15051

St. John’s Church Foundation 03/23/1986 Richmond, VA (POTUS)


Baroody, Michael E.: Files

OA 11217

Central American Bishops 10/31/1984


OA 11225

Bishops’ Letter


Bauer, Gary L.: Files

OA 16921

Catholic Church and Family (1)-(3)


Bauman, Genie: Files

Box A93-01

Second Baptist Church


Beal, Richard S.: Files: Office of Planning and Evaluation

OA 12390

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1)(2)


Bell, Mariam: Files

OA 17963

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (Candace) (1)-(5)

Lutheran Church – Missouri [Synod]


OA 17972

Presbyterian Church USA

United Pentecostal Church

[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA]

[United Methodist Church]


OA 17973

Congress on Church and the Disabled – Video 06/07/1988

Event File – Call to Archbishop Szoka 06/22/1988


OA 19273

United Pentecostal Church Video 10/15/1988-10/09/1988

St. Johns – Kutztown, PA United Church of Christ 10/23/1988


OA 19356

Mailing 02/02/1987 – March for Life Address – Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops

          Mailing 03/02/1987 – Welfare Reform – Key Catholics (178)

          Mailing 03/24/1987 – Pro-Life – National Religious Broadcasters (1,300)

          Mailing 03/31/1987 – Pro-Life – Cardinals, Bishops, Archbishops (354)

          Mailing 03/31/1987 – Pro-Life – Christian Media List (843)

          Mailing 04/02/1987 – Pro-Life – Key Catholic List (178)

          Mailing 04/07/1987 – Catholic Fraternals/Pro-Life

Mailing – 06/09/1987 POTUS Address to Vatican – Cardinals/Bishops/ Archbishops

          Mailing 06/24/1987 – POTUS Address to National Right to Life Convention – Christian


Mailing 06/24/1987 – POTUS Address to National Right to Life Convention – Archbishops, Bishops, Cardinals

Mailing 07/09/1987 POTUS Remarks – Bork – Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals

          [Mailing:] 09/24/1987 – Family Executive Order and Carl Anderson’s Leaving (Key

                   Catholics, Bishops, etc.)

          Mailing 01/15/1988   POTUS Remarks INF (Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals)

          Mailing 01/25/1988   Contra Aid (Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops)

          Mailing 01/26/1988 – State of the Union (Key Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops)

          Mailing 03/04/1988 – Grove City – Catholics, Bishops, Cardinals

          Mailing 03/04/1988 – Grove City – Key Pastors, Media, etc.

          Mailing 06/08/1988 – POTUS Pro-Life Bill – Catholic Groups

          Mailing 06/08/1988 – POTUS Pro-Life Bill – Religious Leaders – MB

          Mailing 06/25/1988 – Fair Housing – Catholic Golden Age RR30

          Mailing 10/24/1988 – Juanita’s Farewell – Catholics and Conservatives

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Black Priests – RR 44

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Golden Age Chapter

                   Presidents – 101 (empty)

          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Leaders LC21 175


          OPL Domestic Policy Mailing Information June 1988: Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops

                   and Bishops LC 56, 57, 58 335 (empty)


Beserra, Rudy: Files

OA 17127

Arabic Community Church


OA 17132

International Catholic Migration Commission/Andre van Chao


Blackwell, Morton C.: Files

          Box 4

          Christian Anti-Communism Crusade


Box 11

Institute on Religion and Democracy


Box 13

          Moral Majority (1)-(4)

          Morality in Media, Inc.


          Box 33

          Accelerated Christian Education

          African Methodist Episcopal

          Alamo Christian Foundation

          American Association of Christian Schools

          American Institute of Religion

          Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

          Armenian Church of America

          Assembly of God

          Association of Christian Schools International

          Baha’i Faith

          Baptist (1)(2)

          [Baptist World Alliance 09/21/1983]

          Becoming One Ministries

          Black Religious Leaders

          Bold Ministries


          Campus Crusade for Christ


          Box 34

          Christian Action Council

          Christian Booksellers Association

          Christian Broadcasting Network

          Christian College Coalition

          Christian Embassy

          Christian Legal Society

          Christian Restoration Ministries

          Christian Voice (1)


Box 35

Christian Voice (2)

Christian Voters

          Christian Woman's National Concerns

          [Christianity Today Interview]

          Church Alliance for the Classification of Employee Retirement Income Security Act

          Church of Christ

          Church of God

          [Clarksdale Baptist Church]

          Clergy and Laity Concerned

          [Clergy and Laity Concerned]

Cults [and Miscellaneous Groups] (1)-(3)

          Disciples of Christ

          Episcopal Church (1)-(3)

          Evangelicals (1)-(7)

          [Faith Baptist Church, Nebraska] (1)(2)


          Box 36

          [Faith Baptist Church Letters] (1)-(6)

          Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship (1)(2)

          Grace Reformed Church, Washington, DC

          Greek Orthodox

          Billy James Hargis Ministries

          Rex Humbard Foundation

          Intercessors for America

          Interfaith Conference

          Internal Revenue Service Church Auditing Briefing (1)-(3)


          Box 37

          Bob Jones University

          [Layman’s National Bible Committee, Inc.]

          List of Religious Leaders – Media/Briefings (1)-(7)

          Lutheran Churches (1)-(3)

          Major Religious Meetings – 1983 and Beyond

          [Maranatha Campus Ministries]

          Methodist Church

          Miscellaneous Religions

          Mormons Church

          William Murray Faith Foundation

          National Conference of Christian and Jews


          Box 38

National Council of Churches

          National Religious Broadcasters (1)-(4)

          Native American Church of North America


          Oral Roberts University

          Prayer Summit

          Presbyterian Churches (1)(2)

          Prison Fellowship

          Progressive Vision


          Box 39

          Religious Briefings (1)-(5)

          Religious Correspondence (1)-(5)


          Box 40

          Religious Correspondence (6)-(8)

          Religious Groups (1)-(7)

          Religious Groups/Disarmament

          Revival Fires Ministries (1)(2)

          Roundtable (1)(2)

          Salvation Army

          Dr. Francis Scheaffer

          Seventh-Day Adventists [and American Bible Society]

          Southern Christian Leadership Conference

          STEP (Strategies to Elevate People)

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries


Box 41

          United Church of Christ

          United House of Prayer

          United Pentecostal Church International

          Washington for Jesus

          Washington Interreligious Staff Council

          The Way International

          World Fellowship Ministry Foundation

          Youth Service USA (1)(2)

          Youth with a Mission


Board, Elizabeth: Files

Box 26

01/13/1989 POTUS and Cardinal O’Connor Interview (1)(2)


Borcherdt, Wendy: Files

Box 15

American Baptist Women


Box 16

Christian Awareness Foundation


Box 17

Church Women United

          Criswell Center for Biblical Studies


          Box 18

          Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society


Box 22

United Methodist General Board of Church and Society


Box 23

Women’s Division, Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church


Brennan, Joseph: Files
OA 16256

Ukrainian Hall 07/24/1987 [Address Captive Nations Conference at the Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine]


Burgess, Jack: Files

OA 9747

Catholics – Miscellaneous (1)-(7)

Archbishop Roach Meeting 06/29/1982 1:30pm Oval Office


Castine, Michael: Files: NSC

Box 91660

Central America: Aggresion Against the Church


Cavaney, Red: Files

Box 25

10/25/1982 – National Council of Churches

Chapman, Bruce: Files

OA 11675

Catholic Bishops and Capitalism

Catholicism in Crisis


OA 11686

Religion and the Church (1)-(4)


OA 11704

Bishop Tutu


Chumachenko, Katerine “Katherine”: Files

OA 18228

Ukrainian Catholics


Clark, William P.: Files

Box 1

Bishops' Letter: War and Peace [November 1982-February 1983]

Bishops' Letter: War and Peace [March-July 1983]


Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files: Office of the Counsel to the President

OA 11722

SMC/Church-State Separation Correspondence


OA 11734

SMC/Scientology Church v. FBI


OA 11736

SMC/Young, John – Cleveland – Old Stone Church Request for RR


Coordination Office, NSC: Records

          Box 90535

          Medal of Freedom to Mother Theresa, June 20, 1985


          Box 91148

          Father Jenco July 28, 1986


Correspondence Office, White House: Records

Box 58

Publications: Attach on the Church: Persecution of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua


Deaver, Michael K.: Files

Box 35

          Blacks – Catholics – Hispanics [– Jews] (1)-(5)


Dewhirst, Mary K.: Files

OA 18276

POTUS Meeting with Cardinal Bravo 11/09/1988


OA 18277

Black Priests – Domestic Policy RR 44

Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops LC 56, 57, 58 June 1988

Catholic – OPL – Domestic Policy 175 LC21 June 1988

Catholic Media List RR40 JD


OA 18691

Correspondence [Catholic – 1985-1988]  (1)-(11)


Dolan, Anthony “Tony” R.: Files

Box 65

Taping: Congress of the Church and Disabled – 07/01/1988


Box 67

Taping: United Pentecostal Churches Conference – 10/05/1988



Dole, Elizabeth H.: Files

Box 40

[National Council of Churches]


          Box 43

          Partners in Ecumenism


Box 47


          Religion – 1982 (1)-(3)


Box 117

Meeting with Spencer W. Kimball – 03/13/1981


Box 118

Meeting with Agostino Cardinal Casaroli – 05/15/1981-05/16/1981


Box 119

Archbishop Iakovos, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church 11/03/1981


Box 121

Reverend Bob Schuler ("Hour of Prayer") – 02/04/1982

          National Religious Broadcasters Convention – 02/09/1982


Box 122

Black Church Leaders – 03/26/1982 – 12:00 noon

Religious Leaders (Jay Moorhead) – 04/13/1982 (1)(2)


Box 124

President’s Meeting with Archbishop Roach – 07/16/1982


          Box 125

          Patriarch Diodorus of Jerusalem of the Greek Orthodox Church – 10/05/1982


Dorminey, A. Blair

          Box 1

          Speech: ABD, Remarks, Carthage, MO, August 13, 1988, Congregation of the Mother

                   Coredemptrix (Vietnamese)/Delivery Presidential Message


Duggan, Juanita: Files

OA 17955

PJB (Patrick J. Buchanan) – Bishops’ Mailings (1)(2)

U.S. Catholic Conference

Catholic Correspondence A-F (1)(2)

Catholic Correspondence G-N (1)(2)

Catholic Correspondence O-Z (1)(2)

Catholic Eye

Catholic Organizations [Puebla Institute]


OA 17956

Congregation of Mother Coredemptrix

Congregation of Mother Coredemptrix – Barnabas Thiep


OA 17957

Egan, Bishop Edward (1)(2)

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (1)(2)

Free the Priests


OA 17958

Guatemala Bishop

Hickey, Archbishop

Law, Bernard Cardinal (1)(2)

Lutheran Church/Missouri Synod


OA 17959

O’Connor, John Cardinal


OA 17961

Meeting with Russian Orthodox Church Leaders 12/10/1987

Catholic Hispanic – Editors (Contra Aid/INF) 01/25/1988 – Cancelled

POTUS Phone Call/Bishop Bevilacqua 02/10/1988 – Time to Be Announced

Photo with Cardinal Lubachivsky 05/03/1988

POTUS Phone Call – Archbishop Marino 05/04/1988

POTUS Phone Call – O’Connor 05/23/1988 [John Cardinal O’Connor]

Event File – Call to Archbishop Hickey 06/22/1988

Lithuanian Catholic Priests 07/27/1988

POTUS/Catholic Priests 08/05/1988 – 12:00 Roosevelt Room – 1:00 Cabinet JD – Cancelled


OA 17962

POTUS – Archbishop Carroll High School 10/17/1988 (1)-(4)


Duggin, Thelma P.: Files

          Box 1

          African Methodist Episcopal Church

Black Clergy Luncheon (1)(2)


Faulker, Linda: Files

OA 11535

12/15/1981, Luncheon, Cardinal Casaroli of Vatican

          03/26/1982 Luncheon, Black Church Leaders


Fenton, Catherine S.: Files

OA 12156

Luncheon/Catholic Hierarchy Summit in U.S. 04/18/1984


First Lady, Office of the: Advance: Records

OA 13406

Bishop McNamara High School 02/16/1983


First Lady, Press Office: Records

OA 9579

228 Advisory on Bishop McNamara School Visit 02/16/1983


OA 9941

Cardinal Cooke


OA 11527

05/26/1983 Q&A for Archbishop Carroll High School (Drugs)


OA 18741

Clippings – Churches


First Lady, Office of the: Projects Office: Records

OA 18713

Catholic University 10/11/1986


OA 18730

Broadway Salute to Archbishop John J. O’Connor, 1984


Fontaine, Roger W.: Files

Box 7

El Salvador/Murder Inc. (1981) [re: Murder of Four Churchwomen in December 1980]


Box 8

El Salvador, Special File 1982 [re: Church Women Murders]


Fortier, Donald R.: Files

Box 20

The Peace Debate and American Catholics” by William O’Brien


Gergen, David R.: Files

OA 7886

Nuclear Policy/Churches


OA 10536

Amsterdam to Nairobi: The World Council of Churches and the Third World, by Ernest Lefever

Church, State, and Public Policy: The New Shape of the Church-State Debate, 1978 (transferred to Book Collection)


Galebach, Stephen H.: Files

OA 9101

Church Audit Procedures Act (1)-(7)


OA 9106

Catholics United for Life

Catholic Eye


OA 11298

Children – Father Ritter

Church Audit Procedures Act


OA 11306

Catholic Eye (empty

Catholics United for Life (Empty)

Church of the Apostles


Gibson, Thomas F. III: Files: Office of Cabinet Affairs

CFOA 357

Church Audit Procedures Act


OA 13082

Bishops Letter


Green, Max: Files

Box 7

Church-State (1)-(9)


Box 9

Domeika, Father Joseph – Painting


Hewitt, Hugh: Files

OA 12260

Archbishop of Guatemala Letter


Hauser, Richard A.: Files

OA 11136

Tax-Exempt Status – Church Schools (1)-(5)


Hodges, Gahl: Files

OA 11460

12/01/1983 – PBS Concert – Shiloh Baptist Church (1)-(3)


OA 12291

04/18/1984 U.S. Catholic Hierarchy Summit Group Luncheon


Holladay, J. Douglas: Files

OA 12150

Blacks and the Church

Central America - I: The Church on Central America

Central American Bishops on Central America – Transcript


OA 12249

Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools – Philadelphia Archdiocesan Catholic Schools

Bishops Pastoral – Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy

Christian Voice (packet) (1)(2)

Church Audit Procedures Act


Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Presidential Survey

LEND - Leaders Energizing Neighborhood Development (Black Church)

Norman Lear: Church and State

President’s Religious Speeches

Religious Broadcasting

Reagan Administration: Religion and Politics (1)-(4)

Religion and Politics: Reagan and Lear Correspondence

U.S. Church Leaders


OA 12267

04/18/1984 - Senior Pilgrim Fellowship - 1st Congregational Church

          04/24/1984 - Washington Insight Briefing - National Association of Evangelicals

          05/08/1984 - Evangelical Press Association

          05/09/1984 - Sacred Heart School

          05/10/1984 - Fellowship Foundation

          05/29/1984 - Christian School Leadership Coalition

          06/21/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing (1)-(3)

          07/25/1984 - Christian Leaders with McFarlane

          07/26/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Youth

          07/26/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Youth - Letters of Response /Reaction

          07/27/1984 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          08/30/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Social and Economic Justice (1)(2)

          08/30/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Social and Economic Justice (Packet)

          09/10/1984 - National Council of Churches

          09/13/1984 - Rhema Youth Ministries Briefing

          09/21/1984 - Sanctuary Movement

          09/27/1984 - Mainline Church Civil Rights Briefing

          09/27/1984 - Mainline Church Civil Rights Briefing (Packet)

          10/18/1984 and 10/30/1984 - Episcopal and Private Schools

          10/25/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on the Family

          10/25/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on the Family (Packet)

          12/10/1984 - Presbyterian and Methodist Ministers – Institute on Religion and


          12/20/1984 - Religion and Politics - Briefing for Mainline Church Leaders

          01/29/1985 - National Association of Evangelicals

          02/08/1985 - United Methodist Youth Fellowship

          02/11/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          02/14/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on Arms Control

          02/14/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on Arms Control (Packet)

          03/15/1985 - United Methodist Church Fellowship

          03/18/1985 - Jewish Christian Retreat

          03/22/1985 - American Studies Program Christian College Coalition

          03/21/1985 and 04/11/1985 - Episcopal Private School

          04/18/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Africa

          04/19/1985 - Evangelical Press on Freedom Fighters and Budget

          04/25/1985 - College of Preachers

          04/26/1985 - Evangelical Briefing - Virginia Preachers - Trible

          04/26/1985 - Evangelical Briefing - Virginia Preachers - Trible (Packet)

          05/17/1985 - National Church Growth Foundation - Tom Hess

          06/06/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Refugees

          06/06/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Refugees (Packet)

          06/25/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          07/02/1985 – Young Men’s Christian Association Youth Conference on National

                   Affairs - Presidential Phone Call

          07/24/1985 - Mainline Protestant Group on Tax Reform

          07/24/1985 - Mainline Protestant Group on Tax Reform (Packet)

          07/26/1985 - United Methodist Internship Program

          09/13/1985 - Briefing for Religious Leaders on South Africa

          09/23/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on South Africa

          09/23/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on South Africa (Packet)

          09/30/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          10/02/1985 - Wayfarers Senior Citizens of 1st Presbyterian Church - Anderson, SC

          10/25/1985 - Evangelicals for Social Action

          10/29/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on School Drop-Out Problem (1)-(3)

          10/29/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on School Drop-Out Problem (Packet)

          10/24/1985 and 10/30/1985 - Episcopal High School - Jeff McSwain


OA 12268

Lutheran Church in America

Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod


Box 12269

Maranatha Churches


Hornby Solon, Carol: Files

OA 17970

Church World Services – National Council of Churches

Clippings [Church, State]


Kelly, Anne: Files

OA 10285

Shiloh Baptist Church


Klenk, John: Files

          OA 19365

          Unemployment Taxes for Non-Church Affiliated Schools


Knauer, Virginia H.: Files: Office of Public Liaison

OA 7363

Catholic Committee for the Aging of San Francisco


Kojelis, Linas J.: Files

OA 8632

Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Catholic Issues [National Conference of Bishops/U.S. Catholic Conference]

Central American Catholic Strategy


OA 8633

Central America – Nicaragua – Catholic Church


OA 9418

Consecration, American Byelorussian Orthodox Church


OA 11518

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid

Lithuanian Catholics (packet) (1)-(3)


OA 11519

Nicaraguan Bishop’s Conference

Orthodox Church of America [1983 Events]

Orthodox Church of America [1986 Memo]


OA 11520

Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Visit


OA 11521

Russian Orthodox Church in Israel (1)(2)

Russian Orthodox Church in Israel: Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Serbian Orthodox Church

Slovak Catholic School


OA 13513

Ukrainian Catholic Church 25th Anniversary

Ukrainian Catholics


OA 16009

Serbian Orthodox Church Triennial Clergy-Laity Banquet 09/17/1984


OA 16018

Cardinal Mindszenty Mass – Linda Chavez 05/05/1985


OA 18286

Vega, Bishop Pablo Antonio


OA 18289

Church List


Latin American Affairs Directorate, NSC: Records

Box 90509



Lavin, Franklin: Files

OA 18263

[Christian Voice:] Church Networking Guide


Lehman, Ronald F.: Files

RAC Box 12

Religious Material [Bishop’s Letter]


Linhard, Robert: Files

          RAC Box 13

American Bishops on Nuclear Policy, 1982-1983 (1)-(6)

Meeting with Bishops (R. Linhard and S. Kraemer) 03/25/1987 (1)-(3)


Maseng, Mari: Files: Office of Public Liaison

OA 14575

Bishop Saliba


OA 14576

Archbishop Iakavos Meeting 03/25/1987


Macdonald, Donald Ian: Files
OA 19057

First Christian Church 01/25/1988


Media Relations, Office of: Records

Box 23

Tuition Tax Credits [Catholic and Jewish Press Briefing]


Box 39

Taping 05/22/1984 [National Exchange Club Convention, Gospel Concert, Indiana

          Republican State Convention, Catholic Health Association]


Box 44         

Taping 07/21/1986 [Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Youth Gathering, United Way, Little League World Series,

Disabled Veterans, Productivity Improvement in the Federal Sector]


Box 49

          Taping 07/01/1988 [The Elks, American GI Forum, World Cup, Right to Life,

                   Congress on the Church and the Disabled] (1)-(3)


Box 50

Taping 10/05/1988 [Cary Grant, Cancer Award Tribute to Mrs. Reagan, United  Pentecostal Church Conference,

Generic GOP Message, Southern Association of Student Councils, World Food Day Proclamation, American

 Dental Association, Stop Cancer Gala] (1)-(3)


Box 55

Mailing Lists – Catholic (1)-(4)


Box 57

Catholic Press Corrections


Meese, Edwin III: Files

OA 6192

Lutheran Church Corporate Leaders 05/18/1982 – Washington Hilton 2:30 – Substitute


OA 6193

Luncheon Briefing for Catholic Press 09/14/1982 on Social Issues


OA 11210

Dinner with Father Healy/Professor Wallace 09/14/1981


OA 11213

President’s Lunch with Catholic Bishops 04/18/1984


OA 11842

Church and State Issues (1)-(3)


OA 11853

Justice and War in the Nuclear Age, by the American Catholic Committee


Moorhead, J. Upshur: Files

OA 10625

First Church of Christ, Scientist [Christian Science Monitor Articles]


North, Oliver: Files

          Box 11

          Hostages: Father Jenco Release 07/26/1986 (1)-(7)


Parvin, C. Landon: Files

Box 7

[March 1982:] Black Church Leaders Luncheon (Brief Remarks) 03/26/1982


Paschall, Eliza K.: Files

          Box 5

          Unitarians Briefing 01/31/1985 (1)-(3)

          Universalist Unitarians – Sven Kraemer (1)(2)


Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Records

Box 1, Folder 6

08/04/1981 John Cardinal Krol 036082 CO126


Box 3, Folder 34

04/05/1982 Bishop Thomas Welch 069904 FI010-02


Box 5, Folder 71

02/22/1983 Father Bill Kenny 126882 LA002

02/22/1983 Father Bill Kenny 127243 WE


Box 8, Folder 110

12/26/1983 Memo from Robert C. McFarlane: Phone Call to Bishop Schlaefer 168537


Box 12, Folder 176

03/29/1985 The Right Reverend John J. O’Connor Archbishop of New York 300402 PR011


Box 12, Folder 186

05/28/1985 The Most Reverend Philip M. Hannan Archbishop of New Orleans 321517 TR123‑01


Box 13, Folder 187

06/07/1985 Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo 312501 ME001


Box 13, Folder 192

07/05/1985 Reverend John Cardinal O’Connor 316922 TR123-01


Box 13, Folder 198

08/19/1985 His Eminence Bernard Cardinal Law 318023 JL003-02


Box 15, Folder 229

02/25/1986 His Eminence John Cardinal O’Connor 374449 HO


Box 16, Folder 249

07/16/1986 Bernard Cardinal Law 408319 FG051


Box 18, Folder 282

03/11/1987 Bernard Cardinal Law 484765 SP1120


Box 19, Folder 312

12/01/1987 Father Robert J. Baffa 540244 PR007-02


Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Speeches

Box 4, Folder 67

03/26/1982 Black Church Leaders 068344ss SO003


Box 4, Folder 70
04/15/1982 National Catholic Educational Association, Chicago 088229 SP606


Box 4, Folder 71

04/15/1982 National Catholic Educational Association 070790ss SP606


Box 9, Folder 160

04/07/1983 National Catholic Educational Association 073232 SP



Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Telephone Calls

Box 2, Folder 21

02/23/1982 Call to Cardinal Cooke 048830 PR007-02


Box 3, Folder 45

10/18/1982 Call to His Eminence John Cardinal Krol 098148 PR007-02


Box 5, Folder 74

09/15/1983 Call to Terence Cardinal Cooke 179185 PR007-02


Box 5, Folder 84

03/15/1984 Call to Bishop John J. O’Connor 187461 PR007-02


Box 5, Folder 85

03/28/1984 Call to Archbishop Iakovos 197921 PR007-02


Box 6, Folder 94

07/16/1984 Call to John Cardinal Krol 216617 PR007-02


Box 6, Folder 95

07/27/1984 Call to Archbishop Phillip Hannan 216679 PR007-02


Box 9, Folder 157

07/16/1986 Call to Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle 406095 PR007-02

07/28/1986 Call to Father Martin Lawrence Jenco 401062 PR007-02


Box 11, Folder 200

02/10/1988 Call to His Excellency the Most Reverend Anthony Bevilacqua, Archbishop-Elect of Philadelphia 541119 PR007-02


Box 11, Folder 206

05/04/1988 Call to His Excellency, the Most Reverend Eugene Marino, Archbishop-Elect of Atlanta 561283 PR007-02


Box 11, Folder 207

05/23/1988 Call to John Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of New York 561427 PR007-02


Box 11, Folder 208

06/22/1988 Call to His Excellency Edmund C. Szoka Archbishop of Detroit, Michigan Cardinal-Elect 583632 PR007-02

06/22/1988 Call to His Excellency James A. Hickey Archbishop of Washington, D.C. Cardinal-Elect 583631 PR007-02


Presidential Personnel, Office of: Records

OA 11352

[Hammond, Michael E.:] Missionaries for Liberalism: Uncle Sam’s Established Church


Press Secretary, Office of the: Press Releases and Briefings: Records

Box 7 – Press Releases

04/17/1981 #522 – Remarks of Cardinal Cooke Upon Departure


Box 9 – Press Releases

05/28/1981 #713 – Message – The Polish Council of Bishops

05/29/1981 #727 – Appointments – Delegation to the Funeral of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski


Box 12 – Press Releases

07/28/1981#1026 – Press Briefing by Cardinal Krol


Box 31 – Press Releases

06/07/0982 #2522 – Remarks – Vatican City at a Meeting with American Seminarians from the North American College and American Priests


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 10462

National Catholic News [Questionnaire Released 10/26/1984] (1)-(3)


OA 10463

Florida Catholic Conference [Questionnaire Released 09/04/1984] (1)(2)


OA 10464

Florida Questionnaire (Catholic Conference) Released February 1984

Iowa Questionnaire (Catholic Conference) Released February 1984


OA 10467

Today’s Catholic Teacher [Statement Released 10/02/1984]


Quint, Mary Elizabeth: Files

OA 8262

Catholics for a Free Choice

Church Women United

Mormon Women (Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)


OA 8263

United Methodist Church – Women’s Division, Board of Global Ministries

National Council of Catholic Women

Women’s Missionary Union, SBC (Southern Baptist Church)


Range, Rebecca G.: Files

OA 17722

Telephone Call – Bishop Bevilacqua 02/10/1988 TBA


OA 17723

Photo – Cardinal Lubachivsky 05/03/1988


OA 17724

Lunch with Archbishop Bevilacqua Philadelphia, PA 10/12/1988

Address Archbishop Carroll and All Saints High Schools 10/17/1988

Photo with Patriarch Michel Sabbah 10/18/1988 – Catholic Patriarch

Meeting with Cardinal Obando y Bravo 11/09/1988 [Cancelled]


Raul, Alan Charles: Files

OA 19156

[Adam Walinsky Memo to Governor Carter re “Catholic Problem”]


Reilly, Robert R.: Files

OA 12418

Articles – Catholic Press

Bishops – Correspondence

Letters from Bishops 1984

Bishop Letter – National Catholic Schools Week - Presidential Proclamation:

                   National Sanctity Human Life - Ambassador Wilson

          Bishop Letter on Central America 01/10/1984 and Additional Bishop

                   Correspondence (1)(2)

          Bishop Letter – Central America 03/26/1984

          Bishop Letter to Magazine Editors 04/30/1984

          Bishop Letter 06/08/1984 [empty]

          Bishop Letters June 1984-July 1984

Bishop Thank You Letters August 1984

          Bishop Letter 08/24/1984

          Bishop Letter 11/08/1984

          Bishop Letter 12/24/1984

          Bishop Letter 01/07/1985

Bishop Letter 02/05/1985

          Bishop Letter 04/03/1985

          Bishop Letter 07/11/1985 (1)(2)

          Bishops Mailing 05/29/1985 Strategic Defense Initiative

Canon Law [U.S. Catholic Conference Mailing]

Cardinal Bernadin

Cardinals – Correspondence (empty)


          Catholic Bishops' Fall Meeting [November 1983]

[Catholic] Bishops - Responses from our Mailing (1)(2)

          [Catholic Church – General]

          Catholic Cardinals / Bishops

          Catholic Clergy – Computer List (1)(2)

Catholics – Con RR (Ronald Reagan)

Catholic Conference Directors List

Catholic Daughters of America (empty)

Catholic Editors January 1984

Catholic Ethnic Strategy [1982] (1)(2)

          Catholic Golden Age

          Catholic Groups – List

          Catholic Health Association (CHA)

Catholic Issues

Catholic Magazine Editors 02/06/1984 - Computer List

Catholic Newspaper Clippings

Catholic Organizations (1)-(4)

[Catholic Publications] (1)-(10)

Catholic Standard and Times Message

          Catholic Strategy (1)-(3)

          Catholic Study Council

Catholic Superintendents

Catholic War Veterans of USA

          Catholic Working Group


OA 12419

Chief Administrators of Catholic Education (CACE)

[Chief Administrators of Catholic Education] CACE


OA 12420

Lay Commission on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy (1)(2)

Letter to Editors (Catholic) 11/08/1984

Monsignor Meyers Letter – National Catholic Schools Week 01/19/1984

National Association of State Catholic Conference Directors

National Catholic Coalition – Catholics for Responsible Action

National Catholic Education Association

Newspaper Clippings on Catholics

National Conference of Catholic Bishops

National Conference of Catholic Bishops Meeting – November 1983

Presidential Message to Catholics

Reilly Letter to Catholic Groups 01/27/1984 (1)(2)


OA 12421

Senior Citizens – Catholic

U.S. Catholic Conference

          USCC (U.S. Catholic Conference) (1)-(3)

Vatican Relations

          Vatican-U.S. Diplomatic Relations

Catholic Briefing on Foreign Policy 11/10/1983 (1)-(5)

State Catholic Conference Briefing 12/01/1983

Briefing – American Catholic Conference 03/16/1984 (1)(2)

Presidential Phone Call to Archbishop O'Connor 03/16/1984

Presidential Phone Call to Monsignor John Foley April 1984

          Presidential Luncheon with and Briefing of US Catholic Cardinals 04/18/1984 (1)(2)

US Catholic Conference Diocesan Attorneys Briefing 05/01/1984 (1)(2)


OA 12422

[Outreach Working Group] Video Narration Translation [Remarks by Bishop Revelo]


Robinson, Peter M.: Files

Box 2

Presidential Taping: Catholic Health Association Meeting, 05/22/1984


Box 12



Box 19

Father Hocken on Lent

Father Rutler


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

OA 11407

PJR/Catholic New Service Questionnaire


OA 11412

PJR/Florida Catholic Conference Questionnaire


OA 11416

PJR/Lord’s Covenant Church of Phoenix – Anti-Reagan Literature


OA 11417

PJR/Military Aircraft – Use of to Transport Archbishop Pio Laghi


OA 11424

PJR/Today’s Catholic Teacher – Presidential Article


OA 11433

President’s Remarks for Black Church Leaders Luncheon

PJR/RR Remarks to Catholic Golden Age Society - 08/31/1984

PJR/Catholic Health Association Meeting Taping 05/07/1984

President's Address - National Catholic Education Association 04/15/1984

Remarks to New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents 04/05/1984


Sapia-Bosch, Alfonso F.: Files

Box 7

Father Repole


Small-Stringer, Karna: Files: Office of Media Relations

Box 6

          Catholic Press Lunch with Meese on Social Issues - 09/14/1982


Box 24

          Briefing for Catholic Press 09/14/1982 (With Meese)


Social Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 9169

“In Performance” (Shiloh Baptist Church) 12/01/1983 (1)(2)

“In Performance” (Shiloh Baptist Church) 12/01/1983 – Entertainers/Support Staff

“In Performance” (Shiloh Baptist Church) 12/01/1983 – Gate Lists

“In Performance” (Shiloh Baptist Church) 12/01/1983 – Receiving Line


OA 18470

04/18/1984 Luncheon – Catholic Hierarchy


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office: Records

Box 38

03/26/1983 Black Church Leaders


          Box 40

04/15/1982 National Catholic Educational Association (1)


          Box 41

          04/15/1982 National Catholic Educational Association (2)-(4)


Box 90

04/07/1983 Dropby: National Catholic Education Association


Box 124

12/01/1983 PBS Taping: Shiloh Baptist Church


Box 145

04/05/1984 New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents (1)-(8)


Box 149

04/18/1984 Luncheon with Catholic Bishops (No Remarks Required)


Box 153

05/07/1984 Taping: Catholic Health Association


Box 177

08/31/1984 Address: Catholic Golden Age Society Chapter Presidents (1)-(5)


Box 303

01/08/1987 Taping: Mormon Church of England 150th Anniversary


Box 390

07/01/1988 Taping: Congress on Church and the Disabled


Box 400

10/05/1988 Taping: United Pentecostal Churches Conference


Box 418

10/20/1980 Remarks – Catholic Education Association, Cincinnati


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

Box 32

Lunch: Black Church Leaders (Rohrabacher) 03/26/1982


Box 34

National Catholic Education Association (Maseng) Chicago, Illinois 04/15/1982 (1)‑(3)


Box 82

National Catholic Education Association (Parvin) 04/07/1983


Box 114

Statement: Death of Cardinal Cooke (Dolan) 10/06/1983


Box 144

Address: New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents (New York, NY)

(Dolan)(Penniman) 04/05/1984 (1)-(3)


Box 145

Address: New York State Federation of Catholic School Parents (New York, NY)

(Dolan)(Penniman) 04/05/1984 (4)(5)


Box 346

Statement: Death of Cardinal O’Boyle (Robinson) 08/10/1987


Box 436

Nancy Reagan: Bishop McNamara High School (Parvin) 02/16/1983


Box 122

PBS Taping at Shiloh Baptist Church (Elliott)(Church) 12/01/1983


Box 281

Taping: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Youth Gathering (Rohrabacher)(White) 07/21/1986


Box 316

Taping: 150th Anniversary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Judge)(Itchon) 02/02/1987


Box 406

Taping: Congress on the Church and the Disabled (Dolan)(Itchon) 07/01/1988


Boc 419

Taping: United Pentecostal Churches Conference (Dolan)(Hayes) 10/05/1988


Spencer, Susan: Files

OA 15707

State Trends: One Church, One Child


Sundseth, Carolyn: Files

OA 12756

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Carbonnell, Mels – Community Bible Church, FL

Christian Broadcasting Network 700 Club Pat Robertson

Christian Broadcasters


OA 13324

Christian Voice (1)-(3)

Coalition on Revival (1)-(5)


OA 13325

Gimenez, John and Anne – Rock Church


OA 13326

Maranatha Ministries

National Association of Evangelicals (1)-(4)

New Taxation of Churches

Prayer Breakfast


OA 13328

World Inspiration Network – National Church of God


OA 13329

Campus Crusade Briefing (Supporters of) Glen Jones Room 175 10/25/1986

Community Bible Church, Seminole, FL, 11/03/1984


OA 13330

Independence Christian School (Waldo Avenue Baptist Church) 05/13/1985

Lutheran Church in Bavaria 09/19/1984 Cincinnati Luncheon

Dallas 1984: Maranatha Leadership Conference

Moral Majority Briefing Room 450 01/24/1986

National Association of Evangelicals 04/22/1986

National Church of God T. L. Lowery, DC, 11/24/1985

NRB [National Religious Broadcasters] Upcoming Event 01/30/1984 (1)(2)

National Religious Broadcasters 02/04/1986 (1)-(3)

Temple Baptist Church Mike Martin San Antonio, TX 12/01/1985

Temple Church of God in Christ Washington, DC 04/26/1985

United Pentecostal Church Briefing Stan Wachstetter 09/25/1985 (1)-(3)

Westridge Baptist Church Word of Faith Outreach (Texas) 10/05/1984, 10/07/1984


Tillman, Jacqueline: Files

Box 90500

Pope/Catholic Church/Etc.


Box 90501

Nicaragua: Church

December 1983 – Miskito/Bishop Schlaeffer (1)-(3)


Box 90502

El Salvador – Church

Guatemala: Church/Pellcer

Honduras / US Nuns


Turner, Carlton E.: Files

          Box 6

          AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) Fraternal Benefits and Financial Services for



Tutwiler, Margaret D.: Files

Box 10573

Florida Catholic Conference

Iowa Catholic Conference

National Catholic News


OA 10581

07/26/1984 Dinner at St. Anne’s Church, Hoboken, NJ


Tyson, Charles P. Files

Box 16

66b. Meeting with Metropolitan Archbishop Saliba of Antiochian Orthodox

          Christian Archdiocese of North America 04/07/1983

72. Meeting with Metropolitan Archbishop Philip Saliba 04/17/1983

99. Meeting with Cardinal Krol 05/11/1983


Villalpando, Catalina (Cathi): Files

OA 11940

Cardinals Leadership Project Briefing 02/19/1985


Waller, David B.: Files

OA 12688

Subject File: [September 1983; Tabs 47-60] (relevant tab = #58)

          Gladys Watson Regarding National Federation of Catholic Physicians Guilds’

                    President’s Award, 09/16/1983


Weber, Jack: Files

Box 1

Catholic Press


Westerman, Edith: Files

OA 12384

Blocs Proposal and Cardinal Krol Programs (1)-(3)


White House Legal Task Force: Records

          Box 92931

          Father Thomas Dowling Deposition Dated 08/04/1987 [Misc. Pages]


          Box 92816

          Dowling, Father Thomas-08/04/1987 House Select Committee (1)-(3)


Whittlesey, Faith Ryan: Files

          Box 32

Archbishop Iakovos


Box 33



Box 12F


Churches – Vatican



Box 14F



Williamson, Richard S.: Files

OA 3998

Catholic Issues 1981




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