Accuracy in Media

Evans, M. Stanton

Irvine, Reed

Kalish, Abraham

Kincaid, Cliff

Rollins, Peter C.

Yoh, Bernard and Joan




Blackwell, Morton: Files

Box 1

Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life

American Citizens Concerned for Life

American Conservative Union

American Council for Free Asia

American Legal Foundation

American Legislative Exchange Council (1)(2)

American Life Lobby (1)-(4)

American Security Council and Coalition for Peace through Strength


Box 2

American Way

Americans for a Sound Foreign Policy

Americans for the Reagan Agenda

Americans for the Voter Initiative

Americans in Support of Democracy in Latin America


Box 3


Center for International Relations

Center for National Labor Policy

Box 4

Century III Foundation (1)(2)

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

Citizens for America

Citizens for a New Beginning

Citizens for Decency through Law

Citizens for the Republic

Coalition for Freedom

Coalition for Peace through Security

Coalitions for America (1)(2)

College Republican National Committee (1)-(4)

Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles


Box 5

Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress (1)-(3)

CAUSA (Confederation for the Association and the Unity of the Societies of the


Connecticut Mutual Life Report on American Values

Conservative Caucus

Conservative Digest

Conservative Groups (1)-(4)

Conservative PACs (Political Action Committees)

Conservative Political Action Conference (1)(2)

Conservatives Against Liberal Legislation

Constitutional Liberties Rally

Council for American Private Education

Council for Inter-American Security


Box 6

Council for National Policy (1)(2)

Box 9

Family Defense Coalition

Federalist Society of Delaware Law School

Box 10

Freedom Council

Box 11

Institute on Religion and Democracy


Box 13

Moral Majority (1)-(5)

Morality in Media, Inc.

National Association of Neighborhood Schools, Inc.

National Center for Pan-American Studies

NCPAC [National Conservative Political Action Committee] (1)-(5)

[National Pro-Life Political Action Committee]

National Pro-Life Action Committee

National Pro-Life Action Committee: POTUS Pro-Life Coalition Cabinet Room

01/23/1984 (1)(2)

New Directions Advisory Committee

New World Dynamics


Box 23

Rockford Institute

Rutherford Institute


Box 27

United States Defense Committee (1)(2)

Box 28

Young Americans for Freedom

Young Conservative Alliance


Borcherdt, Wendy: Files

Box 6

Hoover Institution

Box 8

Pacific Legal Foundation


Box 17

Eagle Forum


Box 19

The Heritage Foundation


Cribb, T. Kenneth: Files Office of Domestic Affairs

Box 2

Conservative Press


Darman, Richard G.: Files

Box 2

Citizens for America (1)-(4)

[Citizens for America: Federal Reserve Board Policy]


Dole, Elizabeth: Files

Box 20

Conservatives General

Conservatives General 1982 (1)-(6)


Knauer, Virginia: Files (Consumer Affairs)

Box 23

American Enterprise Institute


Box 26

CATO Institute


Box 30

Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge


Box 31

Heritage Foundation (1)-(6)


Box 32

Heritage Foundation (7)-(9)


McIntosh, David M.: Files

Box 1

Citizens for America


Box 2

Federalist Society Press File


Vila, Adis: Files

OA 7983

Young Americans for Freedom, Inc


Webber, Mildred: Files

OA 17790

Concerned Women of America Presidential Message (video) (1)-(4)


OA 17791

Y.A.F. [Young Americans for Freedom]

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