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This topic is about the issue of public schools offering equal access to all student-organized non-curriculum organizations, most particularly religious clubs and groups. It is related to the federal Equal Access Act passed in August, 1984.




Galebach, Stephen: Files

OA 11301

School Prayer Equal Access September 1985 (1)-(3)

Equal Access

OA 11302

Equal Access Legislation Memo


OA 11306

Equal Access March 1984 (1)-(5)

School Prayer Equal Access Hearings (1)-(7)


Holladay, J. Douglas: Files

OA 12249

Equal Access - I [Public School Religious Group Meetings]

Equal Access - II [Public School Religious Group Meetings]

Equal Access - Possible Presidential Radio Address - Government and Individuals

Equal Access Signing Ceremony

Prayer in Schools and the Equal Access Act - Newspaper Articles


Klenk, John: Files

OA 19365

Equal Access Act (1)-(4)


Reilly, Robert: Files

OA 12421

School Prayer, Equal Access, Presidential Letters


Roberts, John: Files

Box 19

JGR: Education for Economic Security Act (Equal Access)


Rusthoven, Peter: Files

PJR/Equal Access Act, The - H.R.5345

PJR/"Equal Access Bill" - H.R. 2732

PJR/"Equal Access to Voting Rights Act, The " - H.R. 1250


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts

Box 170

Statement by the President on the Equal Access Bill 07/25/1984


Sundseth, Carolyn: Files

OA 13324

Equal Access

Equal Access Presidential Address 08/11/1984


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