See also:      Office of the First Lady: Records

Office of the First Lady: Advance Office: Records

                   Office of the First Lady: Press Office: Records

Office of the First Lady: Projects Office: Records




CO030          case file 231904


CO044          case file 512448


CO071          case file 468916


CO078          case file 032097


CO079          case file 342869     


CO137          case file 479783


CO164          case file 251123


FE008           case file 087676


FG006-01      case files 057120, 194277, 261476, 263446, 264425, 315331, 346630, 353140,

426171, 477507, 484592, 575258, 577373, 609099,612339


FG006-12      case file 619005


FG038           case files 013245, 017156, 047188, 053003, 081929, 084851, 085712, 120518,

122086, 126218, 126812, 135580, 189260, 210765, 219201, 223605, 251777,

219959, 298544, 317590, 387165, 440855


FG099           case file 492125


FO003-02      case file 074744


FO006-10      case file 392205


FO006-11      case files 546510, 549650, 561182


FO006-14      case file 561182


FO008           case files 600982, 601653, 601680


GI002           case files 017519, 051513, 182866, 182868, 202304, 269420, 277082, 279626,

370740, 453740, 571156, 572820, 597880


GI003           case file 554602


HE001          case files 346144, 381947, 430991, 467074


HE006-01      case file 145543, 433831, 450119


HO               case files 440730, 440731


IM                case file 571200


IV081            case files 010994, 011983, 022504, 024120, 038096


IV084            case files 184870, 202129, 251068


IV085            case files 271843, 296077, 336260


IV086            case file 416726


IV087            case files 468179, 485411, 486978, 512635, 519431, 523004, 523569, 531077


IV088            case files 540896, 577748, 586596, 591306,593054


JL003           case file 028345


ME001           case files 195145, 415231, 446631


ME001-02      case files 322505, 416597, 492183


ME002           case files 014859, 034033, 210311, 249599, 309913, 314981, 390673, 397572

414805, 438824, 440827, 514663, 600069


ME002-02      case files 059869, 313259


MC003           case file 087385


ND016          case file 184579


ND018          case file 369195


PU               case file 051810


SO003           case file 400612


SO005           case file 151374


SP501           case file 575647


TR001           case files 005514, 070557


TR004           case files 126199, 360462, 615519


TR137           case files 342690, 342715, 342848, 379650


TR139           case file 354723


TR155           case files 411380, 413078


TR211-01      case files 562031, 595831


TR221-01      case file 575552


WE               case file 047385


WE003          case files 203936, 471412


WH002-02     entire category




Baker, JamesA. III: Files

Box 2

[White House] First Lady's Office (McCoy)


Baroody, Michael: Files

OA 11221

Drugs/Alcohol, Mrs. Reagan


Borcherdt, Wendy: Files

Box 5

First Lady Requests


Bryan, Patricia: Files

OA 19243

PMB Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Foundations


Canzeri, Joseph

Box 1

Mrs. Reagan's Mississippi Trip (Ticonderoga)


Box 5

Mrs. Reagan's Visit to England Background Material

Mrs. Reagan's Visit to England Master Schedule (1)-(3)


Box 6

          Ford Library Dedication – Grand Rapids, Michigan 09/17/1981-09/18/1981



Mrs. Reagan: [Mrs. Reagan January 1982]

Mrs. Reagan: NDR Hospital Visits after Airplane Crash January 1982

Mrs. Reagan: Events to Consider

Mrs. Reagan: Tampa, FL 02/17/1982

Mrs. Reagan: ACTION Program for Mrs. Reagan

Mrs. Reagan: Mrs. Reagan’s Chron File

Mrs. Reagan: First Lady’s Press Office

Mrs. Reagan: Frank Sinatra Schedule

Mrs. Reagan: Social Office Lists

Mrs. Reagan: First Lady General

Mrs. Reagan: China Presentation

Mrs. Reagan: White House Tour Book

Mrs. Reagan: [First Lady Staff List and Residence Redecoration]


Cox, Christopher: Files

OA 15509

First Lady TV Special

First Lady - Various Matters (1)(2)


Darman, Richard: Files

Box 3

First Lady


Deaver, Michael: Files

Box 40

First Family - Residence (1)-(4)

[First Lady] Mrs. Reagan (1)-(3)


Box 41

Candidates for First Lady [Chief of Staff]

East Wing - First Lady (1)-(4)

First Lady - Media - Press Requests [empty]

First Lady’s Visit to the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

          07/26/1981 (1)(2)


Dolan, Anthony “Tony” R: Files

          Box 5

Ford Museum Dedication Remarks - Grand Rapids, MI - 09/18/1981 (1)-(3)


Duke, Meg Shields

          OA 4556

MSD First Lady Requests


Executive Secretariat, NSC: System File

          8506944, 8803350, 8803633, 8890466


Fielding, Fred: Files

Box 39F       

Travel-First Lady


Fitzwater, Marlin: Files

OA 17998

The First Lady


Garrett, Lawrence: Files

OA 12251    

Nancy Reagan - First Lady's Log

Nancy Reagan: Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund


OA 12253

HHG/First Lady Charity Fund


Gergen, David: Files

OA 9423

R [Nancy Reagan - Health October 1983]


Koch, Kathleen: Files

Box 18941

First Lady's Borrowed Wardrobe


Kojelis, Linas: Files

Box 16009

NIAF [National Italian American Foundation] on Drug Abuse - First Lady 09/14/1984


Kruger, Robert: Files

OA 18405

Reagan, Nancy Documentary (1)-(5)

RMK/Reagan, Nancy Documentary – “The Law of Politics” (1)(2)


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of: Files

OA 13528

Completed Briefing Papers with Schedule Proposals/Leadership/First Lady/Special

Events          Regrets (also includes original schedule proposals - not used) (97th) [First

Lady only]   

Schedule Proposals, 1981 - Congressional Hour/First Lady/Special Event/Standing

Committees [First Lady only]


McManus, Michael: Files

Box 26

First Lady's Schedule [Europe 06/02/1982-06/11/1982]

Advance - First Lady


Box 32

Margie Crawford Working File: First Lady Box

Margie Crawford Working File: First Lady’s Office (1)(2)


Box 36

First Lady’s Office


Mahan-Duvall, Janice: Files

Box 14739

01/13/1983 - Mrs. Reagan

Mrs. Reagan 06/22/1983

Mrs. Reagan - NHL 04/22/1983

Nancy Taping 09/15/1983


Maseng, Mari: Files – Office of Communications

Box 4

First Lady Talking Points


Matlock, Jack: Files

          Box 49

          Briefing Book-Mrs. Reagan’s Visit to Geneva, 11/16/1985-11/21/1985

          Geneva Meeting: background Papers for Mrs. Reagan (1)(2)


Media Relations, Office of: Records


          Box 51 cont.

          Barbara Walters Interview 05/17/1981-05/18/1981

          Mrs. Reagan 01/13/1983

          Mrs. Reagan - NHL 04/22/1983

          Mrs. Reagan, 06/22/1983

          Nancy Taping, 09/15/1983 [McDonalds, Bob Gubitosi]

          First Lady Taping 06/12/1984

          First Lady Taping Session 10/16/1984

          Log / Mrs. Reagan Taping and Interviews [1985]

          First Lady Taping 01/10/1985

          First Lady Interview 01/15/1985


          Box 52

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 01/18/1985 [ABC, NBC, CBS Interviews]

          [First Lady Interviews 04/18/1985 and 04/26/1985]

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 11/04/1985 [Drug PSA, NFL (Drug) PSA, Raleigh Warner Message]

          FLOTUS Taping Session 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS UNICEF 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS ABC 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS Big Sisters 01/13/1986

          Mrs. Reagan PGA Taping 03/19/1986)

          BBC/Grange Hill Kids 05/19/1986

          RR/NR for Ron Jr. 05/28/1986

          FLOTUS Keebler "I Believe in Me"- Bessie S. Speed Center for Alcohol and Drug

                   Education 06/19/1986

          FLOTUS - Povich PSA Interview 07/10/1986

          Mrs. Reagan - Meet the Press 09/12/1986

          National Institute on Drug Abuse FLOTUS PSA 10/17/1986

          FLOTUS Generic Drug Taping 11/10/1986

          FLOTUS/POTUS Camp David 11/14/1986 Maryland Public TV

          Mrs. Reagan Taping Session 01/21/1987 [Childhelp PSA, Drug PSA (Kiwanis and UN)]

          FLOTUS Taping 03/10/1987 [Our Kids (Drug)]  

          FLOTUS Taping: Melanoma for the American Academy of Dermatology 03/30/1987

          FLOTUS and Mrs. Perez de Cuellar UN Taping 04/03/1987

          FLOTUS Taping 10/05/1987 [AIDS Education, Youth Suicide]

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 10/15/1987 PBS - Chicago

          FLOTUS Audiotape 02/01/1988

          FLOTUS Interview with Barbara Walters 02/03/1988

          Mrs. Reagan American Cancer Society 02/19/1988

          First Lady / Ted Koppel 02/29/1988

          First Lady - USIA 3/21/1988

          FLOTUS - National Association of Broadcasters 03/28/1988

          FLOTUS 05/10/1988

          FLOTUS Great American Family Event 08/11/1988

          Hanna-Barbera 09/09/1988

          FLOTUS Education/Drugs 09/12/1988

          FLOTUS/Jill Eikenberry Cancer Documentary 09/14/1988

          FLOTUS / Disney - cancelled

          Mrs. Reagan / Youth Suicide National Center PSA

          First Lady


Meese, Edwin, III: Files

OA 6191     

NR Luncheon - WH Preservation Fd. – 04/22/1982 (Cancelled)


OA 6192

NR Reception for Congressional Children – 07/13/1982


OA 11212

Christmas Brunch w/VP & Mrs. Bush – 12/17/1983 [Empty]


OA 11213

Rec. for Vice President & Mrs. Bush – 02/23/1984


Morrison, Trudi: Files

OA 11137

Schedule Proposal - Mrs. Bush


Peck, Ralph: Files

OA 1531

First Lady


President Office of the: Presidential Briefing Papers

02/12/1981 (case file 043323)


Public Affairs, Office of: Records

OA 18020

Nancy Reagan


Rickett, Nikki: Files

OA 19172

First Lady Drugs


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

OA 11408

PJR/Common Cause Inquiry Concerning Salaries for First Lady's Staff


OA 11419

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Drug Survival News Item

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: "First Love" Article

          PJR/Nancy Reagan - Foster Grandparents Book (1)-(4)

          Reagan, Nancy - Foster Grandparents Book (1)-(4)

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Godparent Invitation

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Invitation to be Honorary Chairman of Second World

                   Congress of Pediatric Cardiology

          Nancy Reagan : Letter to  Palmer Drug Abuse Program

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Message to "Friends of Artist Equity"

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: National Sympathy Orchestra

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Outside Photography

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Participation in Cultural Exchange with India

          Nancy Reagan: Rastar Project

          PJR/Nancy Reagan: Use of "Different Strokes" Tape

          Nancy Reagan: Winston Offer of Jewelry

          [Contract with Rusconi, Inc. re: French and Italian Translation Rights to Nancy]


OA 11422

[Release of Official White House Photos for Revised First Lady Autobiography]


Sittmann, William: Files

          Box 10

 [Voter Registration - Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan and Patti Davis]


Social Affairs, Office of: Records

OA 13341

Reception: Victory '84 Committee, 03/26/1985 (1)-(3)

Reception: Presidential Trust Members, 04/02/1985 (1)-(4)


OA 13342

Briefing/Reception for New Republican Office Holders, 06/19/1985 (1)-(4)


OA 13343

Reception for Republican Eagles, 09/12/1985 (1)-(3)


OA 14246

Reception in Recognition of the Republican National Committee, 01/23/1986 (1)-(6)


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts

Box 434

Nancy Reagan:  Toast to President (KK) 02/06/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Taping, Foundation for New American Music-April, 1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Presentation to Wolf Trap (Maseng/Parvin) 06/01/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Toast to Mrs. Sadat  08/06/1981

Nancy Reagan:  Introduction to RR/National Federation of Republican Women (Parvin) 09/18/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Young American Artists in Performance at W.H. (Dolan)


          Nancy Reagan:  Remarks for Coleman Reception (Rohrabacher) 09/24/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Hoban Stamp Ceremony (Rohrabacher) 09/29/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Al Smith Dinner (Landon/Tony) 10/22/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Daytop Village (Rohrabacher) 10/27/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Ad Council Silver Bell Award 10/28/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Filmex Salute to Elizabeth Taylor November 1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Gown Presentation (Parvin) 11/03/1981

Nancy Reagan:  Annual Joint Officers Wives Club Dinner Luncheon (Maseng) 11/06/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Scopus Award Dinner 11/05/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  White House Historical Association Reception 11/18/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Young America Artists in Performance at the White House

(Parvin/TD) 11/22/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  One-Liners in Response to Newsweek Article (Parvin) 12/03/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Jim Brady Fundraising Letter 12/03/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  American Council on Marijuana Conference 12/04/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  PBS-TV Program (In Performance at the WH) 12/20/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Newsweek Article (Replies to) [Undated]

          Nancy Reagan:  UPI Feature 12/21/1981

          Nancy Reagan:  Cerebral Palsy Telethon (Talking Points) January 1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Cabinet Wives Luncheon 01/20/1982

Nancy Reagan:  Acceptance of American Legion Auxiliary's Award for the President 02/19/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Governors' Wives Luncheon 02/22/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Letter for White House Guidebook [Undated]

          Nancy Reagan:  PTA Conference 03/01/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  USC Town and Gown Scholarship (Nursing) 03/02/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  PBS Young Artists Series 03/07/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  American Association of Museum Trustees 03/15/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Republican Women of D.C.  (League of) 03/19/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  W.H. Drug Conference (Opening Remarks) 03/22/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  W.H. Drug Conference (Closing Remarks) 03/22/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Gridiron Dinner 03/27/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  PBS Young Artists Series 03/28/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Luncheon with Mrs. Schreyer April 1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Pride Conference in Atlanta 04/02/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Volunteer Action Awards Luncheon 04/15/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Teacher of the Year Awards 04/15/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Ad Council Luncheon 04/23/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Washington Press Club Opening 05/06/1982


          Box 435

          Nancy Reagan:  Normandy Ceremony (Talking Points) 06/06/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Youth and Shelter Services Reception 08/05/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Palmer Drug Abuse Conference 08/06/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Arts and Humanities Luncheon 09/21/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Governor's Conference on Drug Awareness 09/27/1982

          Nancy Reagan:   Little Rock High School 09/28/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Woman of the Year Award 09/29/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  National Federation Of Parents Conference 10/11/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Sadat Ceremony (Parvin) 10/13/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  To Love a Child (Parvin) 10/19/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Taping, National Association Independent Insurers 10/21/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Taping, Endow a Dream Award 10/21/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Taping, Youth for Christ (Parvin) 10/21/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  PBS Performance (Parvin) 10/21/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Love a Child Party (Parvin) 10/27/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Salvation Army (Parvin) 12/01/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Diplomatic Child Party (Parvin) 12/13/1982

          Nancy Reagan:  Share/ECF Dedication (Parvin) 01/03/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Amazing Blue Ribbon Lunch 01/04/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Dinner 01/13/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Superbowl Spot (Parvin) 01/13/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Pride Conference Greeting (Parvin) 01/13/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Vatican Collection Remarks 01/24/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Heart Association (Parvin) 02/10/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  Bishop McNamera High School (Parvin) 02/16/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  RKO Studio (Parvin) 03/16/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  The Chemical People Luncheon (Parvin) 03/21/1983

          Nancy Reagan:  American Cancer Society (Parvin) 03/25/1983


Tate, Sheila: Files

          OA 4553

          Tish Baldridge [former personnell (sic)]

          Nancy Reynolds

          Peter McCoy


Thomas, W. Dennis: Files, Office of the Chief of Staff

Box 4

First Lady


Turner, Carlton: Files

          Box 19

          Diff’rent Strokes with Mrs. Reagan


Box 28

First Lady to First Lady Vienna – 1987 [1986 Planning Material]


Box 54

Possible Program Visits by Mrs. Reagan


Box 57         

Mrs. Reagan (1)-(3)

Mrs. Reagan, 02/11/1986 - 11:15 am

Mrs. Reagan's Program

Mrs. Reagan’s Report (1)(2)


Box 97

First Lady’s Letter to 6th Graders (National Soft Drink Association Comic Book Packet)


Tutwiler, Margaret D.: Files

OA 10587

First Lady's Office 1981 and 1982


Ubbens, Betty: Files

          Box 11197

First Lady Travel


Villalpando, Catalina (Cathi): Files

OA 11940

Mrs. Bush – 11/29/1985


Waller, David: Files

          OA 7511

Income Tax Return - President and Mrs. Reagan 1981


          OA 12687

          Mrs. Reagan Special

Dress Memos

[Sotheby Appraisal]


Willkie, Wendell: Files

OA 10637     

WLW/Nancy Reagan: Marc de Costar Hairdresser


White House Office of Records Management: White House Staff Exit Interviews

          Borcherdt, Wendy Hawley (Mrs. Edward R. Borcherdt): Office of Public Liaison

          Coyne, Martin: Office of the First Lady

          Daoulas, Susan: Drug Abuse Policy Office

          Eberly, Sheryl: Office of the First Lady

          Healy, Abigail J.: Office of Drug Abuse Policy

          Kazanjian, Dodie: Office of Public Affairs, Office of the First Lady

          Lozano, Diana: Office of Public Liaison (Hispanic and Women)

          McCoy, Peter: Staff Director, Office of the First Lady

          Millstein, Richard: Drug Abuse Policy Office

          Perreault, Linda: Office of the First Lady

          Richard, Susan Mathis: Office of Media Relations

          Schnepper, Mary (Marty) McGreen: Office of Public Liaison


Wormser, Nina: Files

          OA 18739

          England – Royal Wedding – 07/23/1981 (1)-(3)


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