FG002-37      entire category (Former Presidents, Gerald Ford)




Administrative Office, White House Operations: Records

Box AD1804

[White House Activity Programs – Ford Administration]


Allen, Marie B.: Files

Box 1

          Gerald R. Ford Library List of Holdings, 1987


Black, Judy: Files

OA 16915

Presidential Speeches to NGA, Eisenhower to Reagan (1)-(5)


Gergen, David R.: Files

OA 10536

Striking a Balance: Environment and Natural Resources Policy in the Nixon-Ford Years

          by John C. Whitaker (Transferred to the Book Collection)


Hopkins, Kevin R.: Files

OA 11657

Hillsdale College Speech 10/06/1982 Ford/Nixon, Harper (1)-(4)


Media Relations, Office of: Records

Box 13

Ford, Gerald


Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Records

Box 1, Folder 11

10/17/1981 Gerald Ford 045325 TR024-01


Box 6, Folder 79

04/19/1983 Gerald R. Ford 138444 FO002


Box 6, Folder 88

06/29/1983 Gerald R. Ford 150030 ME001-03


Box 12, Folder 176

03/29/1985 Gerald R. Ford 307967 FG999


Box 14, Folder 215

01/06/1986 Gerald R. Ford 365008 FG001-02


Box 20, Folder 326

03/24/1988 Gerald R. Ford 554547 MA020



Presidential Handwriting File: Presidential Telephone Calls

Box 5, Folder 91

05/16/1984 Call to Former President Gerald Ford 204606 PR007-02


Press Secretary, Office of the: Press Releases and Briefings: Records

Press Briefings, Box 4

03/03/1981 #272 – Former President Ford – Press Briefing


Press Secretary, White House Office of the: Records

OA 18361

[Press Office Trip Book] Ford – France – 11/14/1975-11/17/1975 (1)-(2)

[Press Office Trip Book] Ford – Alaska and Far East – 11/29/1975-11/30/1975


Preston, Edward F.: Files

OA 11531

Policy Executive Briefing Program [President Ford] (Binder) (1)-(3)


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 9016

Ford, Gerald


Shepherd, J. Michael: Files

OA 13976

Counsel’s Office: Counsel’s Office – Ford Administration


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office: Records

Box 20

          09/18/1981 Ford Museum Dedication (1)(2)


Box 417

09/18/1980 Gerald Ford Remarks


Box 419

President Ford/Meet the Press Summary


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

          Box 16

Ford Museum Dedication Remarks Grand Rapids, Michigan (Dolan) 09/18/1981


Tutwiler, Margaret D.: Files

OA 10581

05/17/1984 – Phone Call to President Ford re: Convention


Waller, David B.: Files

OA 12688

Subject File: [November 1984; Tabs 16-28] (relevant tab = #22)

          Draft Response to Former President Ford re: Farm Program 11/16/1984


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