See also:      Gorbachev, Mikhail – General Secretary, USSR

                   Soviet Union, 1917-1991

                   US/USSR Summits




FO006-09      Gorbachev Meeting, November 1985, Geneva

(4.8 ft; boxes 1-12)


SP930-42       Saturday Radio Speech, 11/09/1985 [Geneva Summit]


SP930-44       Saturday Radio Speech, 11/23/1985 [Geneva Summit]


SP1010         Pre Geneva Summit Speech, White House, 11/14/1985


SP1011         Geneva Summit, US-USSR Speeches


SP1013         Joint Session of the Congress, Geneva Report, 11/21/1985


TR137 &

TR137-01      Switzerland, Belgium, USSR_US Summit (Geneva),

11/16/1985-11/21/1985 (0.3 ft)




Advance, Office of Presidential: Records


OA 18375

Geneva Joint Session 11/21/1985


Chew, David L: Files

OA 14171

Geneva [Planning Meeting-Notes]


Coordination Office, NSC: Records

RAC Box 10

156. To Geneva (11/16/1985-11/21/1985) File 2 (1)-(9)

157. To Geneva (11/16/1985-11/21/1985) File 1 (1)-(10)


Djerejian, Edward: Files

OA 14737

Geneva, November 1985 Press Releases/Briefings


Dolan, Anthony: Files

Box 38

Presidential Address to The Nation: Geneva Summit 11/14/1985 (1)-6)

Presidential Remarks: Toast At [Geneva] Dinner Hosted By U.S. 11/20/1985


European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC: Records

RAC Box 9

Press Book-Meeting of Reagan and General Gorbachev in Geneva, November 1985 (Jack

          Matlock) (1)-(5)


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Records: Head of State File

USSR: General Secretary Chernenko-System II (8/8) [NSC casefile 8590272]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (1/17) [NSC casefile 8590336]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (2/17) [NSC casefile 8590683]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (3/17) [NSC casefile 8591009]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (4/17) [NSC casefiles 8591097 and


USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (5/17) [NSC casefiles 8591239, 8591241,

          8591243, 8591245]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (6/17) [NSC casefile 8591293]

USSR: General Secretary Gorbachev-System II (7/17) [NSC casefiles 8690024 and



Executive Secretariat, NSC: National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs)

          NSDD 194 [Meeting with Soviet Leader in Geneva: Themes and Perceptions] (1)(2)


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Records: System File

case files 8510141, 8690105


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Presidential Acquisitions: Trip File: Records

RAC Box 9

The White House: The President’s Trip to Geneva, 11/18/1985 – Robert C. McFarlane (binder)

The White House: The President’s Trip to Geneva, 11/19/1985 – Robert C. McFarlane (binder)


Faulkner, Linda: Files

OA 13779



Fielding, Fred: Files

Box 30F

Geneva-Bilateral Issues, November 1985

Geneva Meeting [Planning Meeting]


First Lady, Office of the: Records, 1981-89

OA 13081

Bunte Magazine Cover Story on Nancy Reagan and Raisa Gorbachev in Geneva



OA 14902

Geneva, Switzerland-Summit-11/17/1985-11/21/1985 (1)(2)


Henkel, William: Files

          CFOA 620

          Briefing Book - The Trip of the President to Geneva, Switzerland - Part I

                   11/16/1985-  11/20/1985 (1)-(4)

          Briefing Book - The Trip of the President to Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium

                   and Return to Washington, D.C. - Part II 11/21/1985

          Briefing Book on International Organizations in Geneva [Publication]

          Fondation pour l'Histoire des Suisses à l'Etranger [Publication]

          Joint Session


          Geneva - Cables (1)-(11)

          [Unfoldered Material re: Gorbachev Visit 1986] (1)-(6)

          LH - Geneva III (1)-(5)

          [Unfoldered Material re: The President's Visit to Geneva and Brussels]

          [Geneva Site Photographs I] (1)-(3)

          [Geneva Site Photographs II] (1)-(3)

          La Gandole

          Soviet Mission

          Eisenhower / Pometta

          Brussels (1)(2)

          Geneva - Miscellaneous (1)(2)

          Additional Events

          [Geneva Site Photographs III] (1)(2)

          Eisenhower Garden

          Le Reposoir

          Geneva - Photographs (1)(2)

          [Miscellaneous Publications re: Geneva] (1)-(4)

          [Small Notebook in English/Russian re: Nixon's Visit to the USSR in 1974]

          [Small Notebook re: Nixon's Visit to Austria and the USSR, May 1972]

          [Small Notebook re: Brezhnev's Visit to the U.S., June 1973]


Kojelis, Linas: Files

OA 8632

Business Briefing on Geneva


OA 10308

Geneva Summit

Gorbachev Summit, November 1985


Korengold, Robert J. “Bud”: Files

          RAC Box 1

          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: Inter-Agency Group on

                   Arms Control and SDI Public Diplomacy

          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: Kennedy Izvestia Interview



          RAC Box 2

          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: Radio – VOA Address

                   11/09/1985 (1)-(3)


          RAC Box 3

          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: SDI (1)-(4)

          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: Theme Paper (Geneva)


          Reagan-Gorbachev Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-11/20/1985: VOA Editorials (1)(2)


Kraemer, Sven F: Files

          Box 90453

          Geneva – NSDD Package 12/31/1984-01/01/1985 (1)-(5)

          Geneva – NSDD Backup Notebook 12/28/1984 (1)-(6)


Box 91043

Geneva – Allies: Japan, February 1986

Geneva-Reagan/Gorbachev 11/19/1985-11/20/1985 (1)-(3)

Geneva-McFarlane Backgrounder 11/13/1985

Geneva-Nitze Backgrounder 11/12/1985


Lacy, William B: Files

OA 13028



Lehman, Ronald F: Files

RAC Box 18

Summit-Geneva (1)-(3)

Summit-[Geneva] (1)-(8)

Summit-Geneva (1)-(10)


Lenczowski, John: Files

RAC Box 9

Summit [Geneva, 1985] (1)-(7)


Linhard, Robert E: Files

          RAC Box 7

          SACG (Senior Arms Control Group) Meeting – 10/04/1985

          SACG (Senior Arms Control Group) Meeting – 10/08/1985

          SACG (Senior Arms Control Group) Meeting – 10/15/1985

          SACG (Senior Arms Control Group) Meeting – 10/21/1985 (1)(2)

          NSPG Meeting 10/22/1985 (1)-(3)

          NSPG 10/22/1985 – NST (Nuclear Space Talks)

Geneva Summit Records-11/19/1985-11/21/1985 (1)-(4)

Summit Material-11/19/1985-11/21/1985 (1)-(7)

          Summit Material-11/19/1985-11/21/1985 (Geneva) (1)-(3)

Summit 11/19/1985-11/21/1985 (1)(2)


Matlock, Jack: Files

Box 45         

Shultz-Shevardnadze Meeting in New York 09/25/1985 (1)-(3)

Meetings with USSR Officials: Shultz-Shevardnadze Meeting 09/27/1985

Reagan-Shevardnadze Meeting - 09/27/1985 (1)-(7)

Presidential Meeting with Shevardnadze in New York 10/24/1985

Shultz/Shevardnadze Meeting in New York 10/25/1985

Geneva Files-File Index November 1985

I. Geneva Meeting: Agenda

II. (National Security Decision Directive) NSDD-President's Meeting with Gorbachev


A. Geneva Meeting: Arms Control General

A.1.1 Geneva Meeting: (Nuclear and Space Arms Talks) NST

A.1.2 Geneva Meeting Arms Control: [Fact Sheets]; [Conference on Disarmament in

          Europe (CDE)]

A.2 Geneva Meeting: Human Rights

A.3 Geneva Meeting: Regional Issues

A.4 Geneva Meeting: Bilateral Issues

A.5 Possible Bilateral Agreements

A.5.A Consulates in Kiev/New York

A.5.B Northern Pacific Air Safety

A.5.C Civil Aviation

A.5.D Exchanges Initiatives

A.5.E Joint Fusion Reactor Project

A.5.F Environmental Cooperation [Empty]

A.5.G Cultural Agreement [Empty]

A.5.H Maritime Boundary discussion [Empty]

A.6 Talking Points (1)(2)


Box 46

[A.6] Talking Points for Plenary Sessions

[A.6] Briefing Book Materials [Talking Points] (1)-(3)

B. Geneva Meeting: List of Participants

B.1 Morning Session: Tuesday, 11/19/1985 10:00-12:15 pm

B.2 Afternoon Session: Tuesday, 11/19/1985 2:30-4:35 pm [empty]

B.3 Dinner - Tuesday, 11/19/1985 Soviet Mission 8:00-10:00 pm

B.4 Morning Session: Wednesday, 11/20/1985 9:55-12:15 pm

B.5 Afternoon Session:  Wednesday, 11/20/1985 2:15-4:30 pm

B.6 Press Briefing: Wednesday, 11/20/1985 5:30 pm [empty]

B.7 Dinner Wednesday, 11/20/1985 Residence 8:15-10:15

B.8 Brussels Stop:  Thursday, 11/21/1985

[C. Briefing Books:] President's Trip to Geneva 11/19/1985 Briefing Book (1)-(4)

[C. Briefing Books:] Study on US-USSR Summits, 1972-1979 (1)-(3)


Box 47

[C. Briefing Books:] Briefing Material for President Reagan-Gorbachev Meeting

11/27/1985 (sic) (1)-(3)

D.1 Bios

D.2 Intelligence Reports

E.1 President/Gorbachev Correspondence

E.2 President/Shevardnadze Correspondence [Empty]

E.3 President/Chernenko Correspondence (1)(2)

E.4 President/Andropov Correspondence

E.5 Memcons-President with Gromyko

E.6 Memcons-President with Shcherbitsky

E.7 Memcons-President with Shevardnadze

F.1 Memcons-Shultz with Gromyko January 1985 Geneva Joint Statement [empty]

F.2 Memcons-Shultz/Shevardnadze Meetings Helsinki and New York

G. Press Kit-Arrival & Departure Statements

G.1 Copies of Toasts


Box 48     

G.2 Public Statements & Speeches (1)-(3)

G.2 Public Statements & Speeches [Press Releases 01/26/1985-10/21/1985]

G.2 Public Statements & Speeches [Press Releases 10/24/1985-11/15/1985]

G.2 Public Statements & Speeches [Press Releases 11/19/1985-01/15/1986]

G.2 Public Statements & Speeches [Speech Drafts, Talking Points, Background Material]


G.3 Background Points for Speeches

G.4 European Press Reaction

H.1 Communique Material

H.2 US-USSR Summit Meetings 1955-1979

[I.] Joint Statement

I.1 Material for Joint Statement

J.1 Miscellaneous Chrons [Soviet Draft Communiqué]

K. Miscellaneous Admin/Travel Info

K. Schedule

L. Geneva Meeting: Soviet Propaganda Activities

Geneva Meeting: Advance Team 09/12/1985-09/18/1985

Geneva Meeting: Allied Correspondence

Geneva Meeting: Arms Control Negotiations 11/19/1985-11/20/85 (1)(2)


Box 49

Geneva Meeting: Arrangements, Logistics, etc President & Gorbachev in Geneva

11/19/1985-11/20/1985 (1)-(3)

Background Book President Reagan's Trip to Geneva 11/16/1985-11/21/1985

Geneva Meeting: Background Papers for Mrs. Reagan (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Background Materials for the President (1)-(6)

Study on US-Soviet Summits 1972-1979 (1)-(3)

Briefing Book - Mrs. Reagan's Visit to Geneva 11/16/1985-11/21/1985

Briefing Book President Reagan's Visit to Geneva 11/16/1985-11/21/1985


Box 50

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Transmittal Memos

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Outline and Background Papers

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Sources of Soviet Behavior

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-The Soviet Union from the Inside

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-The Soviet Union in the World

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Soviet View of National Security

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-US-Soviet Relations in Soviet Eyes

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Gorbachev [empty]

Geneva Meeting: Briefing Papers-Duplicates

Geneva Meeting: Communiqué (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Consultations with Allies

Geneva Meeting: Coordinating Committee, August-November 1985 (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Coordinating Committee Public Diplomacy, November 1985 (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Coordinating Group: Congressionals (CODELs to USSR



Box 51           

Geneva Meeting: Coordination Meeting-Agenda

Geneva Meeting: Coordination Meeting-Attendees (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Coordination Meeting-Handouts

Geneva Meeting: Coordination Meeting-Schedule & Calendar August 1985-November


Geneva Meeting: Coordination Meeting-Taskers

Geneva Meeting: European Reaction to Geneva Meeting

Geneva Meeting: Exchanges Initiatives for Geneva (1)-(3)

Geneva Meeting: Exchanges US-USSR Exchanges Agreement (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Fact Sheets

Geneva Meeting: Gifts for Geneva

Geneva Meeting: Gorbachev Statements/Speeches

Geneva Meeting: Human Rights

Geneva Meeting: List of Participants Departure & Miscellaneous Information (1)(2)


Box 52

Geneva Meeting: Meeting Memorandum for Presidential Meeting with Shevardnadze

09/27/1985 (1)-(6)

Geneva Meeting: Memcons (Reagan-Gorbachev Memcons Geneva Meeting 11/19/1985-

11/21/1985) (1)-(3)

Geneva Meeting: Memcons, Geneva (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Memcons of Plenary Sessions & Tete-A-Tete 11/19/1985-11/21/1985


Geneva Meeting: Mrs. Gorbachev's Schedule [Correspondence]

Geneva Meeting: Mrs. Reagan's Schedule

Geneva Meeting: NSC (National Security Council) Meetings

Geneva Meeting: NSDD (National Security Decision Directive)-Geneva Themes &

Perceptions 10/18/1985

Geneva Meeting: NSDD (National Security Decision Directive) 183 11/19/1985-


Geneva Meeting: NSPG (National Security Planning Group) Arms Control Issues for


Geneva Meeting: Other High Level Speeches

Geneva Meeting: Poindexter/Thomas Committee: Geneva Planning Committee (1)(2)

Geneva Meeting: Presidential Activities Preceding Geneva Meeting


Box 53

Geneva Meeting: Presidential Press Interviews (1)-(5)

Geneva Meeting: Presidential Press Interviews: President's Interview with TASS

          10/31/1985 (1)-(3)

Geneva Meeting: Public Diplomacy-General

Geneva Meeting: Public Diplomacy-Strategic Defense Initiative

Geneva Meeting: Public Statements

Geneva Meeting: Regan-McFarlane Oversight Group

Geneva Meeting: Regional Negotiations 11/19/1985-11/20/1985

Geneva Meeting: Scenarios

Geneva Meeting: Schedule of Presidential Activities [National Security Council (NSC) &

          National Security Planning Group Meetings (NSPG)] 11/19/1985-11/20/1985

Geneva Meeting: Shultz Trip to Moscow 11/02/1985-11/05/1985

Geneva Meeting: Soviet Propaganda 11/19/1985-11/20/1985

Geneva Meeting: Technology Transfer


Box 54

Geneva Meeting: Themes for Talking Points 11/19/1985-11/20/1985 (1)-(4)

Geneva Meeting: US-Soviet Negotiations & Consultations 11/19/1985-11/20/1985

Material for Ambassador Matlock to take to Geneva

Robert C. McFarlane Statements and Backgrounder 11/18/1985

Geneva Summit: Resolution of the USSR Supreme Soviet on Result of Geneva

          Summit November 1985

Press Release 12/11/1985

Geneva Negotiations-Summary Comments (1)-(5)


Box 55

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 209 Implementation of Geneva Summit

Agreements January 1986

USSR-Scientific Exchanges Technology Transfer 1986

Geneva Exchanges Initiative Interagency Group (IG/GEI) January 1986

(National Security Decision Directive) NSDD 223 - Geneva Exchanges Initiative

System II 90256 – April 1986


McFarlane, Robert: Files

          RAC Box 1

          Geneva Arms Control Talks I 01/05/1985-01/07/1985 (1)-(4)

          Geneva Talks – Shultz/McFarlane Trip Vol. II 01/05/1985-01/07/1985 (1)(2)

          Geneva Talks – Shultz/McFarlane Trip Vol. III 01/05/1985-01/07/1985 (1)-(7)

 [Geneva Talks Background Notebook] (1)-(5)


          RAC Box 2

[Biography’s of U.S. Officials]

          [Secretary Shultz Briefing Book re Geneva Talks] (1)-(5)


Press Secretary, White House Office of the: Press Briefings

Box 39

Press Briefing Numbers 1574A, 1590C


Box 40

Press Briefings Numbers 1609, 1610A, 1613, 1613A, 1616, 1617, 1617A, 1618, 1619,

          1620, 1621, 1622, 1622A, 1623


Press Secretary, White House Office of the: Press Releases

Box 117

Press Release Numbers 9227, 9236, 9248, 9252, 9268, 9281, 9282, 9292


Box 118

Press Release Numbers 9304, 9316, 9318-9320, 9333, 9337-9353, 9355, 9357, 9360-

          9369, 9378


Box 119

Press Release Numbers 9409-9411


Regan, Donald: Files

          Box 6

          [USSR:] Geneva Oversight Group


          Box 7

          [USSR: Geneva Oversight Group]


Rodman, Peter: Files

RAC Box 4

Soviet Union-Geneva Summit (1)(2)


Ryan, Frederick J.: Files, Office of Appointments and Scheduling

Box 1

          [Geneva Summit] (1)-(3)


Sable, Ronald K: File

RAC Box 8

The Meetings of President Reagan & General Secretary Gorbachev, November 1985

Press (1)-(7)


RAC Box 17

Geneva (1)-(14)

Geneva Summit (1)-(9)


Sestanovich, Stephen R: Files

Box 90917

Geneva Summit (1)-(15)


Situation Support Staff, WH: Records

RAC Box 7

Geneva Summit (1)(2)


Sommer, Peter R: Files

RAC Box 5

Geneva-The Meetings of President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev, November

 1985 (Press) (1)-(4)


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Research Office

          Box 241

11/14/1985 Address to Nation, NSC


          Box 242

          11/16/1985 Geneva Departure Statement - Timmons/Gilder

          11/18/1985 Remarks at Arrival: Geneva, Switzerland - Peter/Ro (1)(2)

          11/19/1985 Ronald Reagan Toast (Soviets) Dana R./K. Timmons

          11/20/1985 Remarks: Toast at Dinner Hosted by United States for Soviets

          11/21/1985 Joint Session of Congress Timmons/Noonan (1)(2)

          11/24/1985 Radio Address on Summit Timmons/Elliott


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts, 1981-89

Box 237

11/02/1985 Radio Talk: Arms Control (Elliott Edit/White)


Box 238

11/09/1985 Radio Talk: Address to the Soviet People from Voice of America

          (NSC/Elliott/Waldron) (1)-(4)

11/14/1985 Address to the Nation, Geneva Summit (Dolan/White) (1)-(5)


Box 239

11/16/1985 Departure Ceremony for Geneva-Cancelled (Gilder/Timmons)

11/18/1985 Arrival Ceremony (Geneva) (Robinson/Itchon) (1)(2)

11/19/1985 Toast At Dinner Hosted By Soviets (Geneva) (Rohrabacher/Timmons)

11/20/1985 Toast At Dinner Hosted by the United States- (Geneva) (Dolan/Penniman)

11/21/1985 Summary Statement by the President (Geneva) (NSC/Elliott)


OA 240

11/21/1985 Joint Session of Congress: Report on Geneva (Noonan/Timmons/White)


11/23/1985 Radio Talk: Geneva Summit (Elliott/Timmons) (1)(2)


Thomas, W. Dennis: Files, Office of the Chief of Staff

Box 6

[Geneva] Dennis Thomas – Geneva Trip (1)(2)

[Geneva Events – Participants]

[Geneva] Hold for Summit Meeting (1)(2)

Geneva Oversight Group

Geneva Oversight Group – Dennis Thomas (1)-(5)


Box 7

[Geneva Planning]

Geneva Planning Meeting Agenda

[Geneva] President Reagan's Trip to Geneva, November 16-21, 1985 – Background

          Book [Dennis Thomas Copy]

Geneva – Safe (1)-(3)




Department of State, U.S.: Collection of Current Documents, 1981-1989

Box 7

Current Policy No. 733

Current Policy No. 750

Currnet Policy No. 758

Current Policy No. 765

Current Policy No. 766





White House Photograph Collection: Approximately 600 released Photographs consisting of: Speech to the Nation on upcoming Summit; Departure for Summit; Arrival Ceremony in Geneva; Meetings between Reagan, his staff and Gorbachev; Mrs. Reagan's meetings with Mrs. Gorbachev; Soviet Mission dinner; Joint Statement from Geneva; Departure from Geneva; Speech to U.S. Congress on Summit.  RELEASE PRINTS AND PHOTOCOPIES AVAILABLE.



White House Television: 18 videotapes documenting the Geneva Summit: 11/14/1985 Speech to the Nation, #106; Departure from the White House, #108; Arrival in Geneva, #109; Arrival in Geneva, #110; Pres. Reagan meets with advisors, #111; Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Gorbachev in Geneva, #112; Pres. Reagan with his staff, #113; Pres. Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev, #114; Pres; Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev at Fleur d'Eau, #115; Private Dinner for Gorbachevs, #116; Mrs. Reagan & Mrs. Gorbachev meet, #117; Soviet Mission Private Dinner, #118; Arrival at Soviet Mission, #119; Joint Statement by Reagan & Gorbachev, #120; Reception at La Gondole, #121; Departure from Geneva, #123; Pres. Reagan's Speech to U.S. Congress on the Summit, #124, 125.  LOG BOOKS AVAILABLE.


White House Communications Agency: 37 videotapes of Geneva Summit network coverage (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN) consisting of: 11/14/1985 Pres. Reagan's Speech to the Nation on upcoming Summit; Arrival Ceremony in Geneva; Nightly Newscast Summaries; Interview shows with Administration staff; Closing Ceremonies in Geneva; Speech to the U.S. Congress on the Summit with commentary.  LOG BOOKS AVAILABLE.




White House Communications Agency: 20 audiotapes consisting of 11/14/1985 Pres. Reagan's Speech to the Nation on upcoming Summit; Arrival in Geneva; Photo Ops. with Mikhail Gorbachev; Soviet Mission Dinner; Joint Statement from Geneva; Speech to the U.S. Congress on Summit.  LOG BOOKS AVAILABLE.


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