Includes Genocide Treaty and/or Genocide Convention.


See also Armenian Genocide

Holocaust, The



Brabner-Smith, John W.

Broadhead, Daken K.

Genocide [film]

Schippers, D. E.

Seifried, Hedy

Watson, Carl Bradley

Xiang, Nao Leng




FG352 case files 247925, 249094


FO003-02 case files 070425, 084359


FO006 case file 213123


FO009 case files 190677, 247182, 347954, 378266


HO case files 256464, 304618, 391018, 400367, 411006, 543564


IV082 case file 045246


IV084 case file 219996


IV086 case file 404080


JL003 case file 377829


ME002 case files 174393, 392959, 584377



Cicconi, James: Files

Box 6

[Armenians:] Genocide Treaty


Executive Clerk, White House Office of the: Records

Box 114

11/04/1988 S. 1851 [Genocide Convention Implementation Act]


Gibson, Thomas F. III: Records: Office of Cabinet Affairs

CFOA 377

Genocide Convention Ratification


Green, Max: Files

Box 10

Genocide Treaty


Kojelis, Linas J.: Files

OA 10308

Genocide Treaty


Legal Advisor Office, NSC: Records

Box 91835

Genocide Convention: Daniel Levin (1)(2)


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 16828

S.1851 Genocide Convention Implementation Bill


Lehman, Christopher: Files

Box 90521

Genocide Convention (1983-1984)

Genocide Convention (1985)


Mandel, Judyt: Files

Box 90925

Genocide Convention (1)(2)


Meese, Edwin III: Files

CFOA 375

Genocide Treaty


OA 11840

Genocide Convention (1)(2)


North, Oliver L.: Files

Box 16

Genocide Convention (1)(2)


Oglesby, M. B.: Files: Office of Legislative Affairs

OA 12999

Genocide Convention


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

OA 19192

Genocide Fact Sheet 11/03/1988


Range, Rebecca G.: Files

OA 17724

Signing Ceremony for Genocide Treaty POTUS 11/05/1988 Detroit, MI (1)(2)


Roberts, John: Files

Box 26

JGR/Genocide Convention (1)


Box 27

JGR/Genocide Convention (2)(3)


Sable, Ronald: Files

Box 6

Genocide Treaty (04/24/1985-01/04/1986)


Scharfen, Jonathan: Files

Box 91260

Yet to be Filed: [Draft Statement on Genocide Treaty]


Box 91739

Legal: Genocide Convention


Speechwriting, Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

Box 422

Genocide Treaty Signing Ceremony Chicago, IL (Podhoretz)(Itchon) 11/04/1988


Speechwriting, Office of: Research Office: Records

Box 404

11/04/1988 Signing Ceremony: Genocide Convention


Stein, Jacob: Files

OA 09242

Genocide Treaty 1981


Steiner, Steven: Files

Box 91514

Genocide (1)-(3)


Waldman, Ben: Files

Box 1

[Kristallnacht/Genocide Bill] (1)-(6)


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