See also       Albanian-Americans

                   Amerasian Children




                   Southwest Border Initiative



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Stone, Rose

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Box 10

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          University in Beirut]


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07/02/1986 S.J.R. 290 [National Immigrants Day


Box 76

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OA 17428     

Charles Schumer


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Low-Income Opportunity; Border Demo Design [October 1986 – November 1986]

Memo to Chuck 10/14/1986 re: Immigration Legislation

10/29/1986 Signing Statement/Control Act

Immigration Legislation Memo 10/20/1986

Memo to Chuck re: Immigration

Mexico: Parameters for Low-Income Demonstration, etc.

Possible Solutions: Immigration/Drug Problem

Border Demo Design

Naturalizations, Permanent Residents Admitted, etc.

Illegal Alien/Drug Impact

Parameters/Processes: Immigration

Problems: Immigration

Possible Solutions: Immigration

Mexico Initiative Aspects

Implications for the US Immigration and Border Control

Immigration Initiative - C.S.

Additional Policy Initiatives for Mexico


Southern California Drug/Immigration Initiatives

Domestic Policy Plans 12/10/1986 (1)(2)

Low-Income Opportunity: Border Demo Design [September 1986]

Immigration Policy Opportunities        

Immigration Reform Questions  


Mathis-Richard, Sue: Files

          Box 2



McClure, Frederick: Files

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          Immigration Reform (1)-(3)


McGrath, C. Dean: Files

          CFOA 1135

          Amerasian Children


Media Relations, White House Office of

          Box 7

          Amerasian Immigration Act of 1982


          Box 62

[Mailing] Immigration Bill 11/06/1986


Meese, Edwin III: Files

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          Immigration and Refugee Matters (1)-(7)


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          Identification Card

          Immigration & Naturalization Service

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          Immigration (1)(2)


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          Southwest Border Initiatives


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          INS Annual Conference 10/16/1983 Speech Xerox Training Ctr., Leesburg, VA 7 PM


Neal, Rick: Files

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          Immigration & Refugee Policy (1)(2)


Policy Development, Office of: Records

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          Immigration Reform & Control Act [of 1986]


President, Office of the: Presidential Briefing Papers: Records

          10/22/1982 (casefile 103642)

          09/19/1983 (casefile 189119)

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          Box 12

          07/30/1981 #1035 - Statement - United States Immigration and Refugee Policy


Public Affairs, White House Office of: Records

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          Fact Sheet on Immigration 11/06/1986


Raul, Alan C.: Files

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          Immigration Bill (1)-(4)


Risque, Nancy:  Files (Cabinet Affairs)

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DPC Issues [Notebook, re: AIDS, Lease/Purchase - Federal Buildings, Legal

          Immigration Reform, Nox, Nuclear Power, Privatization, Prop 65] (1)-(5)


          OA 18382

          Legal Immigration Reform


OA 18383



Roberts, John G.: Files

          Box 27

          Immigration and Naturalization (1)(2)


          Box 28

          Immigration and Naturalization (3)-(13)


Rusthoven, Peter J.: Files

          OA 11413

          PJR/Illegal Alien Children – Education of

          Immigration Policy (1)-(5)


Selby, Beverly: Files

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          Illegal Aliens


Speechwriting, White House Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

          Box 14

          Statement on Immigration and Refugee Policy (Dolan) 07/30/1981


          Box 38

          Luncheon with Soviet Immigrants (Elliott) 05/11/1982


          Box 58

          Signing of Bill Amending the Immigration and Nationality Act (for Amerasian Children)

                   (Rohrabacher) 10/22/1982


Spencer, Susan: files

          OA 15708



Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Files

          OA 17746

06/20/1985 - Domestic Policy Council Meeting re: Immigration Legislation, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Reform (1)(2)

07/10/1985 DPC [Domestic Policy Council-Meeting] (1)(2)

09/04/1985-DPC Meeting re: State & Local Applications of the Fair Labor Standards Act & Immigration

          09/12/1985 - DPC Meeting on Immigration


          OA 17749

          10/21/1985 - Meeting with Commissioner Nelson, INS re: Immigration Reform\

          03/03/1986 – Briefing Paper for Meeting with Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY)


Stevens, Paul Schott: Files

          OA 92018

          Safe Haven Bill HR 2922 (1)(2)


Swanson, David: Files

          OA 10315

          Mexican Immigration Policy (Laxalt) (1)(2)


Tutwiler, Margaret: Files

          OA 10587

          Immigration (1)(2)


Uhlmann, Michael: Files

OA 9445

Immigration (1)(2)

          Immigration: Papers on Migration (1)(2)

          Immigration: WH/Legislative Position on Simpson/Mazzoli

          Immigration: Material on Illegal Migration (1)(2)

          Immigration: Paper on History of Legislation in 98th Congress

          Immigration: MMU Memo to Anderson on Legislation 07/07/1981

          Immigration: Memo From Searby to MMU re: Simpson’s Bill 02/23/1982

          Immigration: Meeting with Gov. Clements Memo 02/23/1982

          Immigration: Memo to Darman re: CCLP 05/14/1982

          Immigration: AG Memo to Baker re: Legislative Passage of Bill 06/10/1982

          Immigration: Memo to Meese/Harper re: Simpson Mazzoli 06/21/1982 & 06/23/1982

          Immigration: AG Letter to Thurmond re: Immigration 07/11/1982

          Immigration: Senate Passage of 2222 Hiller to AG 08/23/1982

          Immigration: AG Letter to Rodino 09/10/1982

          Immigration: Hiller Memo to AG on House Mark Up 09/12/1982

          Immigration: Hiller Memo to MMU re: Simpson-Mazzoli 03/17/1982 (1)(2)

          Immigration: DOJ Paper on the Immigration & Reform Act of 1982

          Immigration: H-2 Controversy

          Immigration: Comparison of Administration v. Simpson/Mazzoli

          Immigration: Press and Clippings

          Immigration: Section 212 Harper Memo to AG and Labor 02/22/1983

          Immigration: Memo to Harper from AG on Section 212, Immigration Bill 03/23/1983

          Immigration: Cuban/Haitian Florida Situation March 1983

          Immigration: McConnell Memos to AG and Brady re: Status of Legislation in 98th

                   Congress April 1983

          Immigration: K. Collins Memo re Senate Mark Up of Immigration Bill 04/07/1983

          Immigration: Administration Position on Immigration Bill (K. Collins 04/11/1983)

          Immigration: CCLP Papers on Immigration Meeting 04/21/1983

          Immigration: Brady Memo on Immigration Legislation with Summary April 1983 (1)(2)

          Immigration: Memo to Meese re Immigration Reform 07/30/1983

          Immigration: K. Collins Memo re: House Judiciary Subcommittee Mark Up 04/06/1983

          Immigration: Draft Position Statement on S 529 04/25/1983

          Immigration: AG’s Letter to Rodino July 1983

          Immigration: Legislation Summary Meese Memo 09/17/1983

          Immigration: NY Times Article Bogus ID Papers 09/09/1983

          Immigration: Talking Points (done with C. Collins) 10/01/1983

          Immigration: Status of Immigration Bill 11/23/1982

          Immigration: Memo from Wright to Meese 12/20/1983


          OA 11593

          CCLP [Cabinet Council on Legal Policy]: Immigration, Cubans/Haitians

          CCLP [Cabinet Council on Legal Policy]: Immigration Working Group


Waller, David: Files

          OA 7511

          Immigration and Nationality Act


          OA 12688

          DBW-Subject File: [June 1981; Tabs 7-11] Relevant Tab #7

                   Legislative Proposal to Amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, 06/10/1981


Warner, James: Files

          OA 18328

          Immigration: Guest Worker Proposal


White House Office of Records Management: White House Exit Interviews: Records

          Donnelly, Thomas, Jr. - Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, Interviewed by Terry Good on 10/18/1985

                   [1 60 minute audio tape, c. 25 minutes]


          Key topics discussed in this interview include the Budgetary process between the White

          House and the House of Representatives; Omnibus Crime Control Bill; Immigration Bill;

          Social Security Act Amendment; Organization of the Office of Legislative Affairs.


          Selby, Beverly - Senior Policy Analyst for the Office of Policy Development, Interviewed by Terry Good on 02/12/1987

                   [1 60 minute audio tape, c. 60 minutes]


          Key topics discussed in this interview include development of the Reagan Record in the

          1980 Campaign; Process of developing policy and Initiative papers; Economic

          Development and Immigration on the Mexican border; Day Care for the Elderly;

          Catastrophic materials on the Highway; Self-determination economic plan for the Sioux.


Williams, Richard: Files

          Box 12

          [1984 Strategy for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking - 07/17/1984 Draft -

                   Routed to Immigration and Naturalization (INS)]


Williamson, Richard: Files

          OA 5666

          Immigrants/Refugees (1)(2)


Wilson, D. Edward: Files

          OA 7435

          Immigration: Cuban and Haitian Entrant

          Immigration: Decembre, Marie Vital

          Immigration: Dalloul, Ramzi

          Immigration: Visas

          Immigration: Peter Pyo

          Immigration: Mac Hugel

          Immigration: Emergency Legislation

          Immigration: Kohn, Alan

          Immigration: Reynaldo Rivera Landero M.D.

          Immigration: Lehmann

          Immigration: Moutselos, Nicolas K.

          Immigration: Shneier

          Immigration: Shoangizan, Hana

          Immigration and Naturalization: D.C. Office

          Immigration: David Hendricks

          Immigration - Political Asylum DEW

          Immigration: Research and Notes

          Immigration: Testimony [Empty]

          Non-immigrant Business Persons & Adjustment of Status

          Immigration Reform Act Legislation and Status


          OA 9465

          Southwest Border Task Force (1)-(8)


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F98-074                   Maddux                                  Immigration                            6801                        152

F98-074/3               Maddux                                  Immigration                            23569                      6334

F98-054                   Maddux                                  Immigration                            250                          25

F97-067/2               Garcia                                     Immigration                            827                          49

F97-067/1               Garcia                                     Immigration                            1724                        209

F99-066/3               Laham                                    

F99-066/2               Laham                                     Imm. & Reform Act/1986       2814                        22

F99-066                   Laham                                     Imm. & Reform Act/1986       2381                        22

F94-055                   Wong                                      Imm. & Reform Act/1986       2110                        0

F99-086                   Graham                                   Immigration                            50                            50

F05-101                   Kim Alton                                Luttig-Selected Folders        742                          7

F13-044                   Coleman                                 Education of Illegal Aliens   16                            0



            Amerasian Children

            Immigration Policy, Correspondence between the Reagan Administration and Leon Panetta, Charles

                        Schumer, and Howard Berham


            Immigration and Naturalization

            Immigration Reform      

            Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

            Immigration Refugee Tack Force

            Wilson, D. Edward-Selected Files From   

            Wilson, Pete - and Immigration