See also:          Indian Gaming Regulatory Act




FG018-05        entire category


FG018-16        casefiles 029546, 035594


FG026-15        casefile 024064


FG181             entire category


FG388             entire category


FI004              casefiles 023820, 024062, 024066, 028695, 045461, 045462, 045466,                                             045467, 051941, 052650, 052651, 053825, 057040, 057041, 057043,                                             062212, 076048, 097118, 097119, 110639


FO005-03        casefile 585608


FO006-14        casefile 573147


HE007-01       casefiles 032396, 110638


IN                    casefiles 569377, 572627, 584612, 584698, 600807, 612759


IV088              casefile 572567


JL004-03         casefiles 026535, 026945


ME002            casefile 040045


ND007-06       casefile 022221


ND016                        casefile 087555


PR013             casefile 583099


SP283-30        entire category


SP1263            entire category


TR211-01       casefile 582592




Anderson, Martin: Files


Indian Policy


Bach, Christena: Files

OA 12749

Americans for Indian Opportunity (1)-(4)

Choctaw Heritage Society

Commission on Reservation Economics

Indian Contractor's Association

Indian Health Care Bill

Indian Policy  

Indians (1)-(5)

Indians Correspondence (1)-(3)

Indians General (1)(2)

Indians -  General

Indians 1985 (1)-(5)

Indians 1985 (1)-(3)

Lummi Indian Tribe Bellingham, Washington (1)-(4)

Lummi Indian Tribe (1)-(3)

National Congress of American Indians

National Tribal Chairman's Assocociation

Spokane Indian Health Services

Ute Reservation


OA 18332

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Cherokee 99 Year Lease S. 1728


National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)

Navajo Economic Summit (1)(2)

Navajo Economic Summit 07/24/1987

Navajo Nation Business Development Task Force

Navajo (Shiprock Hospital)


OA 18333

General Info on Indians


Indians General (1)-(4)

Navajo-Hopi Relocation

NACo Jurisdiction (Indians)

POTUS Moscow Statement 1988

Pueblo de Acoma



Baker, James A. III: Files

Box 2

Department of Interior


Bauer, Gary

OA 16922

Indian Education


Blackwell, Morton: Files

Box 6

            Department of Interior (1)


            Box 7

            Department of Interior (2)-(4)


Box 29

            Coushatta Tribe

            Department of Agriculture – Indians (1)-(3)

            Department of Labor – Indians

            Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe

            Indian Art (1)(2)

            Indian Economic Development (1)-(7)

            Indian Economic Development Meeting – Background (1)-(4)


            Box 30

            Indian Economic Development Meeting – Background (5)-(9)

            Indian Economic Development Meeting – Early October

            Indian Economic File (1)-(3)

            Indians – General (1)(2)

            Indian Groups (1)-(5)

            Interstate Congress for Equal Rights and Responsibilities


            Box 31

            [Administration for Native Americans]

            Alaska Indians

            Alaska Inter-Regional Private Industry Council (1)-(4)

            [All Indian Pueblo Council]

            [American Indian Development Corporation]

            American Indian Leaders Advisory Council (1)-(7)

            American Indian National Bank

            [American Indian Science and Engineering Society]

            [Americans for Indian Opportunity] (1)-(3) 


            Box 32

            [Ancient Indian Land Claims Settlement Act]


            [California Indian Education Association, Inc.]

            [California Tribal Chairmen's Association]


            [Cherokees – Indians] (1)-(4)

            [The Chippewa Tribe] (1)(2)

            The Clary Institute (1)(2)


            [Indians – Economic Package]

            [Indian Programs]

            [National American Indian Court Judges Association]

            [National Congress of American Indians]

            Peace Medals

            [President’s Commission on Indian Reservation Economies]


            Box 33

            [Society for the Preservation of Indian Culture]

            White House Consultation: Materials presented by the National Congress of

                        American Indians 06/24/1981(1)-(4)


            Box 38

            Native American Church of North America


Boggs, Danny: Files

OA 11469

[Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT)] (1)-(3)

[CERT Indian Energy Discussion Paper]      

Energy - Indians


OA 11961

NR:Papago (1)(2)


Borcherdt, Wendy: Files

Box 19

Interagency Task Force on American Indian Women


Carleson, Robert: Files

OA 9586

Indians (1)(2)

Indians (1)-(4)

Indians - National Congress of American (1)-(3)

Meeting of the Indian Policy Working Group 10/07/1981 


OA 9591

Alaska Natives


OA 9594

[Working Group on Indian Policy] (1)-(3)

Working Group on Indian Policy (1)(2)


OA 9595

Indian Reservation Economies

Indians - Miscellaneous (1)-(4)

[Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies]


OA 9602

Indian Policy Statement  August 1982

Indian Policy Statement - White House Working Group on Indian Policy 08/19/1982



OA 9606

Indian Policy Statement


Cavaney, Red: Files

            Box 26

            01/06/1983 – Peter McDonald [Navajo Nation] – Presentation of Rug


Chapman, Bruce

OA 11678

Economic Development/Indian


OA 11682



Cicconi, James W.: Files

Box 10



Cooksey, Sherrie M.: Files

OA 11735

SMC/Cocopah Indian Tribe Land Transfer - H.R. 730

SMC/Federal Recognition of Cow Creek Indians - H.R. 6588

            SMC/Federal Recognition of the Coos, and Various Indian Tribes - HR 3697

SMC/ Federal Recognition of Tribes of Grand Ronde Comm. of Oregon

            SMC/Makah Indian Tribe Lands - H.R. 3376

SMC/Osage Indian Technical Amend. - H.R. 6303

SMC/Osage Indian Tribe Exempt from Oklahona Estate Tax - H.R. 3971

SMC/H.R. 3555 - Seneca Indians

SMC/Trust Land for Washow Indian Tribe of NV and CA - H.R. 5081

            SMC/Trust Lands for Navajo and Choctaw Indians - H.R. 5916

SMC/Clallam Indians Judgment Funds - S. 1340


OA 11736

SMC/Fort Belknap Indian Comm. Compensation - S. 1967

SMC/Indian Health Care Amendments of 1984 - S. 2166

SMC/Kaw Indian Trust Lands  S. 1168

SMC/Mashantucket Pequot Indian Claims Act - S. 1499


OA  11738

SMC/National Advisory Council on Indian Education


Coyne, James: Files

OA 10071

Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies


Davis, Randall: Files

OA 12580

Indians (1)(2)

Indians [Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies Progress Report]

Interior Indians - non-Indian Prob.

Natural Resources - Indians – President's Commission on Indian Reservation Economies

[Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies - Report and  

Recommendations to the President of the U.S.  November 1984]


Dole, Elizabeth: Files

Box 30


Indians - 1982 (1)(2)


Box 48

[Salmon Fishing] (1)(2)


Garrett, H. Lawrence: Files

            OA 12259

            Tunica-Biloxi Recognition & Land Claim Matters/Correspondence


Mathis-Richard, Sue: Files

Box 1

Blackwell Project/Indian Conference


McClaughry, John: Files

OA 4683



Meese, Edwin: Files

OA 9417

Indian Reservation Economies, Presidents Commission on


OA 9451

Indian Issues


OA 9950

Indian Settlement Legislation (AT055) CM 212


OA 11837

Indians (1)-(3)


Moorhead, Jay: Files

OA 10624

Interior, Department of


OA 10625

National Congress of American Indians


Neal, Rick: Files

OA 9724

First Nations Financial Project

Indian Census Info.  (1)-(6)

Indian Economic Development

Indian Education (1)-(4)

Indian General Correspondence I (1)(2)

Indian General Correspondence II (1)-(6)

Indian General File I (1)-(5)

Indian General File II (1)-(7)

Indian Health (1)(2)

Indian Information Project/United Indians of America, Inc.

Indian Lawyers (1)-(4)

Indian Mailing List

Indian Policy Statement

Indian Policy Statement - Background

Indian Policy Statement - Congressional Leaders Meeting

Indian Policy Statement - Correspondence

Indian Policy Statement - Schedule Proposal

Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act

Indians, Rick Neal's File (1)(2)

Indians - Press Inquiries

Indians - Press Reports

Indians -Sec. Watt     

Inter-American Indian Congress

Kicapoo Indians

Louis C. Kramp Assoc.

Lummi Tribe

Mailings - Indians April 1983

Native American Media

Political Info - Indians

Senate 419 - Per Capita Payments to Indians

Senate Bill 973 - Tech. Amendments to SDEA Act


OA 9725

American Indian Day

Am. Indian National Republican Federation

April 7th Meeting - Pueblo of Zuni (1)(2)

BIA Correspondence (1)-(3)

Bingo Operations

Blackwell Meeting with Indians

Charles Trimble Company

Community Block Grants for Indian Tribes (1)(2)

Conferences - Indians

Council of Energy Resource Tribes

DOD - Indians

Indian Commissions

Indian Correspondence - Unanswered

Indian Meeting Requests

Indians Publications (1)-(12)

Indian Working Group

Public Liaison - IGA Indian Transfer

Pueblo of Laguna (1)-(5)


Sioux (1)-(5)

Small Tribes Org. of Western Wash.

Society Preservation American Indian Culture

Sovereign Hopi Independent Nation

Tabor, Ed.

Tribal Tax Status Act

United Indians of Nebraska (1)(2)

United National Indian Tribal Youth, Unity (1)-(3)

United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.  (1)-(6)

White Earth Reservation/United Township Assn. (Minnesota) (1)-(3)


OA 9726

Indian Education

Indian Policy Statement

Indian Policy Statement Background (1)-(7)

NCAI Briefing Wed. 01/26/1983 Room 450

NCAI - Memos and Correspondence (1)-(5)

[NCAI - 1981 Annual Convention] (1)-(5)

National Indian Youth Council

[National Tribal Chairmen's Association (NTCA) - Correspondence and Memos] (1)-(4)

[NTCA - National Tribal Governments Conference, 05/06/1981-05/07/1981 (1)-(5)

[NTCA - Ninth Annual Conference, 08/11/1981-08/13/1981]

[NTCA - October 1981 National Tribal Government Leaders' Conference] (1)(2)

[NTCA – "The State of the American Indian Nations: 1983”]

National Urban Indian Council (1)-(6)

Nevada Indian Commission

Omaha Indian Tribe

Policy Action Indian Network (1)-(3)

[Ponca Tribe/RCA] (1)(2)

Princess Pale Moon


OA 10042

Interior  (1)(2)


OA 10048

Correspondence, Oklahoma (1)-(4)

Correspondence, North Dakota

Correspondence/South Dakota



OA 10052

Presidential Commission on Indian Reservations (1)-(5)


OA 10054

Indians (1)-(4)


OA 10065

Native American Rights Fund

The Navajo Nation (1)-(8)


OA 10068


Interior, Dept. of (1)(2)


OA 10599

Interior, Department of


Public Affairs, Office of: Records

OA 9015

Watt, James (1)-(4)


OA 10446



OA 12808

Guidance System - Topic Names H - P [Indian Policy Statement]


Selby, Beverly: Files

OA 14004

Indians ‑ Gambling (1)(2)



OA 14006

Indian Issues (1)‑(4)

[Indians ‑State of Michigan]

Indians ‑State of Washington (1)‑(3)

[Indians ‑State of Wisconsin] (1)(2)


Simmons, Paul: Files

OA 12173



OA 12174

Cabinet Council on Human Resources

Human Resources Cabinet council (1)(2)


Verstandig, Lee: Files

            OA 10054

            Indians (1)-(4)


Wilson, Edward: Files

            OA 7435

            Indian Reservation Economies


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