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Breger, Marshall: Files

Box 4

Kirkpatrick Lunch/Meeting 10/24/1984


Buckalew, Judi: Files

          OA 10225

Kirkpatrick, Jean


Clark, William: Files

          Box 1

          Casey, William to William Clark for Talking Points re: Kirkpatrick [January 1985]


          Box 3

          Falklands War (UN/Kirkpatrick/Haig) 05/13/1982-06/04/1982

Falklands War (UN/Kirkpatrick/Haig) 06/05/1982

Falklands War (UN/Kirkpatrick/Haig) 06/06/1982-11/04/1982


Cooksey, Sherrie: Files, Office of the Counsel to the President

          OA 11729

SNC / Kirkpatrick, Jean


Coordination Office, NSC: Records

          RAC Box 14

          Jeanna Kirkpatrick 02/24/1987


Counsel to the President, Office of the: Records

          CFOA 525

          Jean J. Kirkpatrick 1983-1984


Gergen, David: Files

          OA 9421

          Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Speeches 1981


Knauer, Virginia: Files, Office of Consumer Affairs

          Box 86

          12/07/1983 - New York, NY - United Nations, with Kirkpatrick (1)-(5)


          Box 87

          12/07/1983 - New York, NY - United Nations, with Kirkpatrick (6)-(8)


Kojeles, Linas: Files

          OA 11519

          NY Central America Briefing October 1983 – Kirkpatrick


Littlefair, Andrew: Files

          OA 18958

          Surrogates – Trip of Kirkpatrick 03/11/1986 – 03/13/1986 (1)(2)


Media Relations, White House Office of: Records

          Box 38

          Taping 12/05/1983 [California Truckers, SBA New Frontier, Jean Kirkpatrick,

                   Jepsen/McClure (1)(2)


Meese, Edwin: Files

          CFOA 414

          Kirkpatrick, Jeane


          OA 06193

          Jeane Kirkpatrick Dinner 09/29/1982 – Washington Hilton 7:15 B-T UM



Freedoms Foundation Dinner: Kirkpatrick - 06/10/1983



Dinner with Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick - 05/01/1984


Peterson, Eileen: Files

          OA 11165

          College News Editors – Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick Briefing


Press Secretary, Office of the: Press Release and Briefings: Records

          Box 1, Press Releases

          01/20/1981 #12 - Nomination - Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick - United States Representative

                   to the United Nations


Public Affairs, Office of: Records

          OA 09016

          Kirkpatrick, Jeane


          OA 09018

          [Davis / Bacon; Regulations; Agriculture Credit; EEOC; Government PR; Small

                   Business; VA; Judicial Reform Act of 1982; National Security Info; Dep.

                   Institutions Amendment of 1982; Budget and the Economy; Supply Side

                   Economics; 1980 Campaign; Tax Proposals; Jeanne Kirkpatrick] (1)-(5)


Reilly, Robert: Files

          OA 13516

          Outreach Working Group on Central America Wednesday 09/12/1984 (Kirkpatrick)


Rusthoven, Peter: Files

          OA 11407

          PJR/Correspondence from Brouiletter, C. Bader – Re: Jean Kirkpatrick


Small-Stringer, Karna: Files, Office of Media Relations

          Box 14

          Cassette #2 - Ambassador Kirkpatrick, Secretary Heckler (Stored in AV for preservation)


Speechwriting, Office of: Speech Drafts: Records

          Box 125

          Taping: Message for Hillsdale College Dinner Honoring Jeane Kirkpatrick (Rohrabacher)

                   (Cave) 12/13/1983


          Box 210

          Medal of Freedom Citation: Jeane Kirkpatrick (Noonan/Timmons) 05/14/1985


Speechwriting, Office of: Speech Research: Records

          Box 127

          12/13/1983 Taping: Hillsdale College Dinner Honoring Jeane Kirkpatrick


          Box 216

          05/23/1985 Medal of Freedom Citations: Jeane Kirkpatrick, Chuck Yeager, S. Dillon

Ripley, Mother Theresa, Dr. George Low


Stein, Jacob: Files

          OA 10852

Hias Awards Dinner with Ambassador Kirkpatrick presenting Liberty Award to Michael

          Novak – Minskoff Cultural Center New York, New York – 09/20/1981


Tillman, Jacqueline: Files

          Box 90500

          Briefing Book: Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s Visit to Central and South America,

                   02/03/1983-02/12/1983 (1)-(2)


Tyson, Charles: Files

          Box 13

          114. Meeting with Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick 09/14/1982 1:30 pm


Villalpando, Catalina (Cathi): Files

          OA 11940

          Kirkpatrick Luncheon 02/26/1985 (1)(2)


White House Office of Records Management: Presidential Handwriting File (Copy Set): Records

          Box 10, Folder 151

          12/11/1984 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick 292645 IT086-27


          Box 13, Folder 196

          08/01/1985 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick 335186 ME001


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