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Carliner, Geoffrey O.: Files

OA 10697

Houdaille (1)-(9)


Gunn, Wendell W.: Files

OA 9652

Houdaille Industry Booklet


OA 9659

Houdaille Petition (1)-(9)


Jacobi, Mary Jo: Files

OA 10110

National Machine Tool Builders Import Relief


OA 11928

National Machine Tool Builders Association


Jenkins, James E.: Files

OA 9807

Machine Tool Industry


Meese, Edwin, III: Files

CFOA 376

National Machine Tool Builders Association


CFOA 414

Machine Tools Investigation


CFOA 415

[Houdaille Industries]


OA 11850

Machine Tool Industry


Moore, Thomas G.: Files

OA 18905

Working Group on Machine Tools


Mussa, Michael L.: Files

OA 17729

Machine Tools


Policy Development, Office of: Records, 1981-1988

Box 2 (Accession A93-01)

[Meeting with Representatives of the Machine Tool Industry] (Binder) (1)-(3)


Raul, Alan Charles: Files

OA 19148

Machine Tools


OA 19149

National Security Machine Tool Imports


Stucky, Edward J.: Files

Box 6

Machine Tools 232 - 1985

Machine Tools 232 1986 I


Box 7

Machine Tools 232 1986 II (1)-(3)


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