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FO003-01 case files 587446, 629492




Anderson, Martin: Files


Maritime Policy (1)-(8)


Baker, James: Files

Box 2

[Department of State] Law of the Sea


Barr, William: Files

OA 09094

[Law of the Sea Convention]


Boggs, Danny: Files

OA 11960

Natural Resources: Law of the Sea


Brooks, Linton: Files

RAC Box 4

Freedom of Navigation Policy Issues 1986-1987 (1)-(4)

Freedom of Navigation - Quarterly Approvals 1986-1988 (1)-(6)


Cicconi, James: Files

Box 10

Law of the Sea


Clark, William: Files

Box 3

Law of the Sea (1)-(3)


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Records, Meeting File

NSC 00053 06/29/1982 [Law of the Sea] (1)-(3)


Executive Secretariat, NSC: NSDDs

NSDD 43 [United States Law of the Sea Policy]


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Records, Subject File

Confidence Building Measures Volume I 01/20/1981-12/31/1983 (1)-(4)

Confidence Building Measures Volume II 01/01/1984


Fielding, Fred: Files

Box 31F

International Fishery Agreement (Norway)


Guhin, Michael: Files

RAC Box 3

LOS [Law of the Sea] EEZ [Executive Economic Zone] (1)-(4)


Hodsoll, Francis (Frank): Files

Box 3

LOS [Law of the Sea]


Hopkins, Kevin: Files

OA 15001

Issue Update #10 04/15/1983 The Law of the Sea Convention


Knauer, Virginia: Files

Box 9

Maritime Regulatory Reform


Laux, David: Files

Box 14

China Foreign Relations International Fishery Agreement PRC


Lehman, Ronald: Files

RAC Box 8

Incidents at Sea


McGrath, C. Dean: Files, 1986-1988

OA 15539

Territorial Sea I (1)(2)

Territorial Sea II (1)(2)


Press Secretary, Office of the: Press Releases and Briefings: Records, Press Releases

Box 12

08/04/1981 #1052 - Appointment - James L. Malone - Special Representative of the

President for the Law of the Sea Conference and Chief of Delegation, with the

Personal Rank of Ambassador


Box 22

01/29/1982 #1867 - Statement - U.S. Participation in the Third United Nations

Conference on the Law of the Sea

01/29/1982 #1868 - Fact Sheet - Background on Law of the Sea


Box 24

03/08/1982 #2047 - Nomination - James L. Malone - Law of the Sea Conference,

Ambassador at Large


Riggs, Douglas A.: Files

Box 15

Maritime (1)-(4)

Maritime Act of 1983

Maritime Alaska Bill (1)(2)

Maritime Boggs Bill

Maritime CDS (Construction Differential Subsidy) Payback (1)(2)

[Maritime] Cove Shipping (1)


Box 16

[Maritime] Cove Shipping (2)(3)

Maritime Cunard Bill

Maritime Notes

Maritime ReaganBush Promises

Maritime Suggested Policy Goals (1)-(3)

Maritime: Who is Who


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