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FG384 case file 339098


FG999 case files 037726


FI010-02 case files 285026, 296848 [285026 in-process as of 1/07]


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Ball, William L. III: Files

OA 15331

Labor Minimum Wage


Bandow, Doug: Files

Box 3

Drafts: Minimum Wage

Economy: Minimum Wage


Bauer, Gary L.: Files

OA 19224

Minimum Wage


Board, Elizabeth: Files

Box 14

Minimum Wage


Bolton, Roger: Files

OA 18688

Minimum Wage 05/13/1988

Minimum Wage: Activist Lists (Private Sector)

Minimum Wage: Administration Responses

Minimum Wage: Congressional Reports

Minimum Wage: Issue Status Report

Minimum Wage: Press Reports

Minimum Wage: Private Sector Publications


Bonitati, Robert: Files

OA 6845

Minimum Wage


Cribb, T. Kenneth: Files Domestic Affairs

Box 7

Minimum Wage/Earned Income Tax Credit


Crippen, Dan L.: Files: Office of the Chief of Staff

Box 7

Minimum Wage (1)(2)


Crippen, Dan L.: Files: Office of Domestic Affairs

Box 3

Minimum Wage


Driggs, Michael A.: Files

OA 16240

Minimum Wage


Economic Policy Council: Records

OA 19311

Minimum Wage (1)-(4)


OA 19319

Minimum Wage Briefing Book


Greener, Chuck: Files

OA 18138

Minimum Wage

The Minimum Wage (packet) (1)-(3)


OA 18189

Minimum Wage Part II (1)(2)

Minimum Wage Bill (1)-(8)

Minimum Wage


Gunn, Wendell W.: files

OA 6852

Minimum Wage

Hemel, Eric: files

OA 7421

Minimum Wage (1)(2)


Holladay, J. Douglas: Files

OA 12152

Minimum Wage


Kojelis, Linas: Files

OA 1820

Talking Points Minimum Wage Law


Lauffer, Susan: Files

OA 16384

Minimum Wage National Journal Article


Legislative Affairs, Office of: Records

OA 17418

03/29/1988 GOP Leadership Nicaragua; Moscow Summit; INF; Trade; Minimum Wage


Leonard, Burleigh: Files

OA 11624

Adverse Effects Wage Rate


Maseng, Mari: Files (Office of Communications)

Box 6

Minimum Wage Supporters


McAllister, Eugene J.: Files: Economic Policy Council

CFOA 845

Minimum Wage


Meese, Edwin: files

OA 9454

Minimum Wage


OA 9945

Youth Minimum Wage Differential (CM #32)


OA 11853

Minimum Wage Regulation in the United States


Meloy, Mary Ann: Files

OA 11267

U.S. Department of Agriculture Adverse Effect Wage Rate


Moore, Thomas G.: Files

OA 18896

Labor Minimum Wage (1)(2)


Mussa, Michael: Files

OA 17729

Low-Wage Jobs

Minimum Wage


OA 17731



Paylan, Elise: Files

Box 1F

Minimum Wage (1)-(3)


Public Affairs, Office of: Records

OA 17292

Minimum Wage


OA 17409

Minimum Wage


OA 18011

Minimum Wage 04/15/1988


OA 19206

Minimum Wage 04/20/1988


Rairdin, K. Kae: Files

OA 16940

Minimum Wage


Range, Rebecca G.: Files

OA 17717

Minimum Wage (1)(2)

Minimum Wage Restoration Act


Raul, Alan Charles: Files

OA 19418

[Minimum Wage Law]


Smith, Dan J.: Files

OA 5720

521 Minimum Wage


Sprinkel, Beryl W.: Files

OA 17748

03/11/1987 11:00 am Economic Policy Council Meeting re Minimum Wage and Report of Working Group on Economic Statistics


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