Executive Secretariat, NSC: Country File: Records

Box 16

Norway (02/20/1981-10/31/1981)

Norway (11/01/1981-06/30/1982)

Norway (07/01/1982-10/16/1982)

Norway (10/17/1982-03/31/1983)

Norway (04/01/1983-02/04/1985)


Executive Secretariat, NSC: Head of State File: Records

Box 25

Norway: King Olav V - Cables

Norway: King Olav V (8206937)

Norway: Prime Minister Willoch - Cables

Norway: Prime Minister Willoch (8107383-8406294)

Norway: Prime Minister Willoch (8408873-8500902)


Knauer, Virginia: Files Consumer Affairs

Box 64



Presidential Handwriting File: Records

Box 16, Folder 255

September 1986 Note Regarding Possible Ambassador to Norway FO002, 424828


Presidential Handwriting File: Speeches
Box 008, Folder 144

02/18/1983 Departure of Prime Minister Willoch of The Kingdom of Norway


Rentschler, James: Files Office of Political Affairs, NSC

RAC Box 1

[Briefing Book Material Loose re: Consultations on Svalbard ad the Northern Areas,

Oslo, 10/20/1981-10/21/1981] (1)-(4)


Speechwriting, Office of : Speech Drafts

Box 74

Departure Statement: Prime Minister Willoch of Norway (Rohrabacher) 02/18/1983


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