Deaver, Michael: Files

          Box 64

          Economic Summit Williamsburg, Virginia 05/28/1983-05/30/1983 (Binder) (1)-(4)


Gergen, David: Files

OA 9426

          Williamsburg Summit, 05/28/1983-05/30/1983 (1)-(8)

          [Williamsburg Summit – Background Information – Briefing Book] (1)-(4)

          [Williamsburg Summit – Foreign Media Reaction]

          [Williamsburg Summit – Memos] (Binder) (1)-(4)

          [Williamsburg Summit – Statement by the Participants] (1)(2)

          Williamsburg Press Clippings (Library) (1)-(9)

          Williamsburg Press Clippings (Rentschler Office) (1)-(5)

          [Williamsburg Summit – Clippings] (1)-(5)


McManus, Michael A.: Files

Box 14


          Williamsburg – I (1)-(5)

          Williamsburg – I: Proposed Budget (1)(2)


          Box 15

          Williamsburg – I: Contract

          Williamsburg – II (1)-(5)

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Finished Lists (Thank Yous) (1)-(3)

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Summit Personnel (1)(2)

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Personnel to Williamsburg

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Post Williamsburg – Beatty

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: 1983 Summit Heads of State Correspondence (1)-(3)


Box 16

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Memos re: Placement of Summit Personnel (1)-(5)

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: Summit Miscellaneous (1)(2)

          [Williamsburg] Summit Personnel: [Summit Packet] (1)(2)

          [Note re OA 07623]

          [Publications re: 1983 Williamsburg Summit] (See Oversize Box 41)

          [Menu Suggestions for 1983 Williamsburg Summit] (See Oversize Box 41)

          Past Economic Summits – Ottawa [and Versailles] (1)-(7)


          Box 17

          [Meeting Notes (Williamsburg Summit Agenda)]

          State Administration: [Finances]

          State Administration: Budget (1)-(3)

          State Administration: Memos

          State Administration: Administrative State Announcements

          State Administration: Logistics Budget

          State Administration: Press Budget (1)(2)

          State Administration: USIA [United States Information Agency]

          State Administration: Weekly Reports


          Security: Organization – Security

          Military [Food Service]

          Military: Organization – Military

          Critical Path

          Film Proposal

          Rentschler [James Rentschler, NSC]

          Sherpa Meeting – Williamsburg, VA 04/15/1983-04/17/1983 (1)-(3)

          Correspondence (1)-(4)


          Box 18

          [Press Interviews – McManus / Colonial Williamsburg Banquet Menus]

          [Press/Media – Williamsburg Summit] (1)-(7)

          [Press/Media – Williamsburg Summit: McManus Interviews]

          Sherpa Meeting – San Diego, CA 03/17/1983-03/18/1983 (1)(2)

          [Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters to Foreign Representatives]

          [Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters]

          [Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters 06/20/1983 (A-K)]

          [Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters 06/20/1983 (L-Z)]

[Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters 06/21/1983 (A-H)]

          [Post-Williamsburg Summit Thank-You Letters 06/21/1983 (J-Z)]

          [Williamsburg Summit Sites]

          [Williamsburg Summit Planning] (1)(2)

          [Williamsburg Summit Miscellaneous] (1)


          Box 19

          [Williamsburg Summit Miscellaneous] (2)-(7)

          Administrative: Bob Lesko Summit Paper

          Administrative: Chairs

          Administrative: Commonwealth of Virginia Sales and Use Tax

          Administrative: Counsel’s Office

          Administrative: Courtesy Calls

          Administrative: Financial Management Computer Support

          Administrative: Fun Facts/Facts

          Administrative: Food (1)-(3)

          Administrative: Gifts [February 1983-March 1983] (1)(2)

          Administrative: Gifts [April 1983]

          Administrative: Informative/Questionnaire Material from French Summit

          Administrative: Jack Kemp

          Administrative: Protocol List of Countries

          Administrative: Memos (1)(2)

          Administrative: Memos – Administrator

          Administrative: Miscellaneous (1)(2)

          Administrative: Narrative on Slides


          Box 20

Administrative: Notes (1)(2)

          Administrative: Organizational Charts

          Administrative: [Private Sector Initiatives] Economic Summit – PSI (1)(2)

          Administrative: Protocol

          Administrative: Solicitation / Acceptance of Property Support

          Administrative: State Dinner (1)(2)

          Administrative: US Technology at Summit

          Logistics: Action Items

          Logistics: Binders

          Logistics: Brochure

          Logistics: Carter’s Grove

          Logistics: Communications / Telephone

          Logistics: Contracts

          Logistics: Data Management System Information

          Logistics: Diagrams

          Logistics: Food

          Logistics: Housing

          Logistics: Housing Needs

          Logistics: Immigration and Customs Procedures

          Logistics: Memos

          Logistics: Miscellaneous – Logistics (1)(2)

          Logistics: Organization – Logistics

          Logistics: Street Closings

          Logistics: Tent Specifications

          Logistics: Transportation

          Logistics: Volunteers

          Logistics: White House Housing Requests of Williamsburg

          Advance: Organization – Advance

          Advance: Embassy Contact for Summit

          Advance: Foreign Delegation Advance Team

          Advance: Foreign Delegation – Facilities

          Advance: Rehearsals

          Advance: Special Events

          Advance: Interpreters/Interpretations

          Advance: Proposed Room Assignments

          Advance: Proposed Scenario  and Alternatives, 01/01/1983

          Advance: Surveys


          Box 21

          Advance: Summit Schedule with McManus Notes

          Advance: Schedule

          Advance: Task Force Block Schedule


          Press: Press Activities

          Press: Press Center

          Press: Memos (1)-(4)

          Press: Media Promotional Activity

          Press: News Conferences

          Press: Newspaper Articles

          Press: Publications

          Press: Press Guidelines

          Press: Organization – Press

          Press: Press Platforms and Facilities

          Press: Press Releases

          Press: Press Themes

          Press: 1983 Summit of Industrialized Nations

          Press: Preliminary Questionnaire

          Press: Press Pools

          Press: Scope

          Press: Speakes Meetings

          Press: State of Virginia

          Press: Volunteers

          Press: McManus

          Diagram of International Press Center [Summit of Industrialized Nations] (Shown as not

                   located as of 06/11/1992 – rechecked 08/01/2009)

          Area Maps of Williamsburg and Colonial Williamsburg [Summit of Industrialized

                   Nations] (Shown as not located as of 06/11/1992 – rechecked 08/01/2009)


          Box 22

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Colorado (1)-(7)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Disney World, FL (1)(2)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Hot Springs, VA (1)(2)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Keystone, CO (1)-(3)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Lake Placid, NY (1)-(3)


Box 23

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – Lake Placid, NY (4)-(7)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – San Diego, CA (1)-(6)

          Hotel del Coronado Correspondence [1982-1984] (1)(2)

          [Hotel del Coronado:] California Trip File 08/26/1982-09/07/1982 (1)(2)


          Box 24

          [Hotel del Coronado:] California Trip File 08/26/1982-09/07/1982 (3)-(5) (Menu

                   transferred to Oversize Box 41)

          1983 Economic Summit Potential Site – White Sulfur Springs, WV (Binder) (1)-(3)



Media Relations, Office of: Records

Box 37

Taping Session, 06/01/1983 [Justin Dart Tribute (Boy Scouts of America), GOP

                   Women’s Leadership Tribute, Corporations in Support of Public

                   Broadcasting, Teach the Children Program, American Red Cross,

                   Williamsburg Summit, USIA Satellite File] (1)(2)


1983 Summit of Industrialized Nations: Records

          OA 8039

          Accommodations (1)-(3)

          Action Memos (1)(2)

          Administrative memorandums

          Advance-General (1)-(5)

Association for Retarded Children

          Burton Parish Church Service

          Budget (1)-(4)


          Communications (1)-(2)

          Critical Path (1)(2)

          Deaver, Clark-02/15/1983 Package (1)(2)

          Deaver, Clark-Memos to (1)(2)

          Final Report

          Food/Menus (1)-(3)

          General Memorandums


          International Press Center (1)(2)

          Joint Statement


          McManus General Memos

          McManus Incoming Correspondence

          McManus Outgoing Correspondence

          Media Advisories


          Official Delegations

          Operations-General (1)(2)

          Operation-Site Diagrams (1)(2)

          Organization Charts


          Phone Lists

          [Press: Briefings and Guidance]

          Press Conference 04/12/1983 (1)(2)

          Press-Food and Beverage

          Press Interviews



          Private Sector Initiatives (1)-(3)


          Sherpa Meeting, Paris, France 05/11/1983 (1)(2)

          [The Trip of President Reagan to Williamsburg, VA, 05/27/1983-05/31/1983] (1)-(3)


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