(17.6 linear feet; boxes 1-44)


A primary subject category containing information pertaining to safety regulations, air commerce, air freight, development of aeronautics, the control and use of navigable airspace, research and development of air navigation facilities, development and operation of a common system of air traffic control and navigation for civil aircraft, and aviation policy.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                   Description


CA                              Civil Aviation (1.3 ft; boxes 1-4)

This secondary subject category contains information pertaining to United States aviation policy; aviation negotiations between the United States and other countries; airline and aircraft landing rights; amendments to the Federal Aviation Act of 1958; and the Office of Science and Technology Policy Review Committee relating to aeronautics research.  This subject category includes material related to topics found in other CA secondary file categories.


CA001                        Accidents - Safety (0.8 ft; boxes 4-6)

This subject category contains information pertaining to aviation safety and security; safe and efficient use of airspace; the Air Traveler Security Act; investigation of aircraft accidents; Air Florida crash into the Potomac River; prevention of near air collisions; air traffic control system; closing of air control towers; effects on safety due to 1981 air traffic controller strike and subsequent firing; requests for consideration in hiring for air traffic controller positions; complaints about the Federal Aviation Administration and its rules; and aircraft smoking ban.


CA002                        Aircraft Development (0.3 ft; box 6)

This subject category contains information pertaining to development of aircraft concepts, including the experimental National Aerospace Plane; proposals for new types of aircraft systems; aircraft noise problems; Federal Aviation Administration aircraft noise control rules; and the Airport and Airway Safety and Capacity Expansion Act of 1987.


CA003                        Airports (0.5 ft; boxes 6-8)

This subject category contains information pertaining to closing of airports or reduction in service; airport size, improvement, and expansion; airport redevelopment; airport location; Federal airport inspection system; buying, selling and allocating aircraft and airline slots (see also CA005); and renaming of airports.


CA004                        Rates (0.1 ft; box 8)

This subject category contains information pertaining to airline fares and awards.


CA005                        Routes - Navigation (0.5 ft; box 8)

This subject category contains information pertaining to international and domestic air service routes; route proposals; route eliminations; route rights; gateway status; and the buying and selling of landing rights (slots).


CA006                        Subsidies (1 folder; box 8)

This subject category contains information pertains to government subsidized air service.


CA007                        Cases - Decisions (14.1 ft; boxes 8-44)

This subject category contains information pertaining to Civil Aeronautics Board and Department of Transportation orders and judicial decisions regarding domestic and international air carriers and Presidential review of those decisions, including air service and routes; permit applications and revocations; fare increases and special fares; baggage tariffs, landing procedures and fees; air charter approval requests; airline acquisition proposals; and Texas International Airlines acquisition of Continental Airlines.  Also included are procedures for agency coordination of the cases.