(12.5 linear feet; boxes 1-27)


A primary subject category containing information pertaining to education and educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) both public and private, including the require­ments, standards, training programs, facilities, staff and students.



                                 DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code








Education  (11.5 ft.; boxes 1-24 & 3 OA Boxes)

This primary subject category contains material relating to the administration's policy toward bilingual edu­ca­tion, the role of education and religion, and concerns over declining educational standards.  Material concerning declining standards includes reports created by the Nation­al Commission on Excellence in Education, the implementation of the commission's recommenda­tions, Adopt-a-School programs, and adult liter­acy programs.  This primary subject category also encompasses the topics covered in the secondary education subject categories.






Buildings - Grounds - Libraries - Facilities  (0.2 ft.; Box 25)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to public, private, and university libraries, school facili­ties, and equal access legislation.






Scholarships - Fellowships - Grants  (0.4 ft.; Boxes 25-26)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to private and government-sponsored grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Material is also related to the Presidential Schol­ars Program administered by the President's Com­mission on Presidential Scholars, and the Eureka College Reagan Scholars Program. 






Teachers - Teaching Methods - Educational Programs  (0.4 ft.; Boxes 26-27 & 1 OA Box)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to teacher's concerns about education; merit pay and "Master Teacher" proposals; and teaching methods - particu­larly in math, science, and special education.