Subject File, 1981-89




All of these subject categories are available for research use


File Code               Description

FG                         Federal Government (14 l.ft.; Box 1-36)

This primary subject category contains material relating to the establishment of regulations and rules by Federal departments and agencies; reports from the President’s Task Force on Regulatory Reform; editing and composition of the Regulatory Program of the United States Government; legislation implementing regulatory and rule-making reform; “Radar Reports” on upcoming proposed regulations and rules; regulatory reform for specific issues and agencies including housing, affirmative action and quotas, the financial industry and environmental regulations; Executive Orders on federalism, regulations, rule-making and intergovernmental review of regulations; the “New Federalism”; negotiations and policy implications of block grants to states for Federal programs such as welfare and medical programs; weekly reports on intergovernmental contacts and relations of Federal departments and agencies; weekly calendars of legislative issues; weekly/daily calendars of events in the White House and at agencies; second administration’s “Evening Digest of Agency Reports;” reports on financial review of all agencies/departments; the firing of 15 Inspectors General; Inspectors General legislation; Office of Policy Development issue papers, issue luncheons and early warnings on issues within agencies and departments of interest to the White House; legislative veto and Congressional oversight of agency/departmental rule-making; federal government management and reorganization; public support and opposition to regulatory reform and Reagan federalism policies.


FG001                   President of the United States (11.7 l. ft; boxes 36-96)

This secondary subject category contains materials relating to summaries of administration accomplishments, strategic planning exercises, long range planning, administration communication themes, the “Reagan Record,”  lists of materials seen by the President; public letters of support; scheduling; polling information; recommended weekend reading for the President; public relations election planning and strategy; and weekly reports/updates of Administration activities and issues.


This secondary subject category also includes copies of the President’s Weekly Update. The update was intended as a supplement to the weekly Monday meetings held with the President and the heads of major offices within the White House. The format evolved over time and expanded to include more reporting by the end of the second administration. In its final format the updates contained material relating to a block schedule for the President for the week and month; newsworthy Presidential or administration events with press guidance; scheduled Cabinet or Cabinet Council meetings with agendas; legislative status reports and potential meetings with Congress; communications strategies for the week; intergovernmental relations and the status of state elections; budget, regulations and appropriations reports and domestic and policy issue reports. Up until May 1984 the Weekly Update also contained a National Security Council status memo.


FG001-01               Delegations of Authority (0.8 l. ft; boxes 96-97)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to executive orders delegating Presidential authority, to cabinet members and other administration officials to make reports to Congress, to negotiate, to make appointments, and to implement foreign assistance.


FG001-02               Personal Representative of the President (3 l. ft; boxes 98-105)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to appointments to U.S. delegations and Presidential missions; appointments as a Presidential representative for conferences, inaugurations and funerals; and reports of election observers.


FG001-03               Inaugurations (2.2 ft; boxes 105-111)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to the 1981 and 1985 inaugurals; inaugural messages, thank you letters to inaugural participants, inaugural planning, inaugural mementoes, requests to appear in the 1985 inaugural, and material from former presidential inaugurals.


FG001-04               Transition to Incoming Administration (1.6 ft; boxes 111-114)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to the 1981 and 1989 Presidential transitions; letters from the public; Presidential thank you letters to transition team members; transition health care issues; review of transition activities at selected agencies; amendments to the Presidential Transition Act; and transition assignments & guidelines for the 1989 transition.