A primary category containing information pertaining to or about the Federal Government departments and agencies pertaining to matters such as the establishment, disestablishment, organization, reorganization, audits, inspections, investigations, location, relocation, regulations and reports; appointments, resignations and endorsements to top positions.


FG-FG001 : Federal Government


FG002 : Former Presidents


FG0005-FG006 : White House Office & Executive Office of the President


FG010 : Cabinet & Cabinet Councils


FG011: Department of State


FG012 : Department of Treasury


FG013 : Department of Defense


FG014 : Department of the Army


FG015 : Department of the Navy


FG016 : Department of the Air Force


FG017 : Department of Justice


FG018 : Department of the Interior


FG019 : Department of Agriculture


FG020 : Department of Commerce


FG021 : Department of Labor


FG022 : Department of Health and Human Services


FG023 : Department of Housing and Urban Development


FG024 : Department of Transportation


FG025 : Department of Energy


FG026 : Department of Education


FG030-FG048 : Legislative Branch


FG050-FG061 : Judicial Branch


FG065-FG999 : Independent Agencies, Boards and Commissions