[HO64 – HO125]


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                         Description


HO064                    Independence Day


HO064-01               Independence Day Greetings – Heads of State & Representatives


HO065                    Jefferson’s Birthday, Thomas


HO066                    Chanukah (Hanukah)


HO067                    Labor Day


HO068                    Law Day


HO069                    Library Week, National


HO070                    Lincoln’s Birthday


HO071                    Little League Baseball Week, National


HO072                    Loyalty Day


HO073                    March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month


HO074                    Maritime Day, National


HO075                    Memorial Day


HO076                    Mental Health Day/Week/Month


HO077                    Mothers’ Day


HO078                    Music Week, National


HO079                    Native American Awareness Week


HO080                    Newspaper Boy Week, National


HO081                    Newspaper Week, National


HO082                    Nursing Home Week, National


HO083                    Older Americans Month


HO084                    Opportunities Industrialization Centers Month


HO085                    Pan American Aviation Day


HO086                    Pan American Day, Week


HO088                    Parkinson’s Week, National


HO089                    Pest Control Month, National


HO090                    Poison Prevention Week, National


HO091                    Police Week


HO092                    Port Week, National


HO093                    Printing Week, National, International


HO094                    Pulaski Day, General


HO095                    Red Cross Month, Day


HO096                    Rural Health Week, National


HO097                    Safe Boating Week, National


HO098                    Safety on the Streets Week, National


HO099                    Saint Patrick’s Day


HO100                    Salesman’s Month, National


HO101                    Save Your Vision Week


HO102                    School Lunch Week, National


HO103                    School Safety Patrol Week, National


HO104                    Secretaries Week/Day


HO105                    Small Business Week


HO106                    Space Exploration Week


HO107                    Steel mark Month


HO108                   Steuben Day, Baron von (2 folders)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to the annual celebrations in honor of Baron von Steuben, the German general who assisted the American army during the Revolutionary War.


HO109                    Tennis Week, National


HO110                    Thanksgiving Day


HO111                    Trade Week, World


HO112                    United Nations Day, Week


HO113                    United Nations International Children’s Educational Fund Day


HO114                    Veteran’s Day


HO115                    Volunteer Firemen Week, National


HO116                    Volunteer Week, National


HO117                    Washington’s Birthday, George


HO118                    White Cane Safety Day


HO119                    Wildlife Week, National


HO120                   Women’s Equality Day (319 p.)


HO121                   Women’s Week/Day, Federal (4 p.)


HO122                   Women’s Week, National Business (82 p.)


HO123                   Women’s Week, National Council of Jewish [Empty File]


HO124                    Wright Brothers’ Day


HO125                    Young Audiences Week, National