[7.4 linear feet; boxes 1-15 & 2 OA Boxes]



Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                 DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code               Description


IN                          Indian Affairs   (7.2 ft; Boxes 1-15 & 2 OA Boxes)

This primary category contains material relating to Indian affairs such as: land development and use; guidance and assistance in economic and social matters; education and welfare services; reservations; resources management; law enforcement and relocation services. The material also concerns the Indian Health Service; cuts in federal Indian programs and services; urban Indian health programs; Title IV (Indian Education Program Evaluation, 1985-86); the Indian Education Act of 1972; oil and gas development on Indian lands; land leasing; Indian Claims Commission; land claims; water rights; Navajo-Hopi land settlement; disputes over federal, state and tribal jurisdictions; economic recovery; urban enterprise zones; religious freedom; American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978; House Concurrent Resolution 108; Reagan Administration Indian Policy; Presidential Advisory Commission on Indian Reservation Economies; “Operation Eagle”; hunting and fishing rights; civil rights; impact of federal Indian law on non-Indians and non-tribal Indians; investigation of Dr. Everett Rhoades, Director of the Indian Health Service; and legislation regarding Native Americans.